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Mar. 22nd, 2010

[No Subject]

So, trying something new for a bit in an attempt to get myself to post more.  I have a bunch of different things I'd like to post about, but moving (a little) away from fandom.  Slightly more personal, but still doing my at-least-monthly fic and also doing more pic-spams and lists for people to enjoy as well.  I'd love to get back to my Seattle posts.  So wish me luck.  We'll see how this goes. :)

Plans for the week:
* Call temp agency to get back on the books, if they'll have me
* Possible Jaye Davidson picspam
* Start thinking about next month's D_D
* Read Foodie's second chapter
* Type up my grandmother's story of my grandfather's life and post to Genealogy blog

I've been trying to get my cooking mojo back.  I've never been a great cook, but I used to be okay at it.  Now I suck.  So I've tried a recipe that was quite good.  Very basic, and actually worked out quite well.  Still trying to get the hang of timing, but I think I'll get there.  Just need to get around to doing it.  Might try something this week, or I might wait until next week, but if I find good stuff, I'll definitely share it here.

Johnny Weir...Though I didn't talk about it here, I'm one of the many who fell for him shortly before/because of the Olympics.  I adore him, and I've loved seeing the Johnny-love all over my flist, though it was hard to watch the men's skating because he wasn't given a fair shake.  I don't know where this sudden urge for "Maleness" in men's skating came from, but it's obviously an attempt to rewrite history, because men's skating has always been a little swish.  And I love that Johnny went through all that with not only a smile, but he was fantastic.  Maybe not gold-calibur, but I think he did better than some of those who scored above him.  So in his honor, a Johnny quote--"Out of ugly, I think the most important thing to do in life is make something beautiful."
And a picture of Johnny on the ice with his beautiful pink tassel:

That's all for now.  See you all on the flip side. :)

Oct. 27th, 2009

Request for source help

My NaNo this year takes place in New York City.  Now, I've only visited once, but there are some resources online I can use.  Still, it would be nice to have a go-to person for information that might not be easily found.  I doubt I'll be asking too often, but I might like someone who knows the city well to read the story afterwards and help punch things up a little to make it more believable as far as place feeling.

Is there anyone out there who lives/used to live in NYC who would be interested in helping that way?

The story itself is an Arthurian modern-day mystery story, with a dash of slash and a bit of discussion of past-lives and how they work.

Feb. 11th, 2009

[No Subject]

Anyone out there tonight who has time today or tomorrow to beta my Daily Deviant for me? I have to post Friday. Is only about 1000 words, but it's Rodolphus/Blaise. Just a touch of dark, though, and kinda sweet, really.

*blinks puppy-dog eyes*

Please? I'll return the favour, if it's needed.

Dec. 6th, 2005


I have a fic I'd like someone to beta for me, and my regular beta that I know would look at it for me isn't currently online. I'd like to get it posted today or tomorrow, if anyone's up to it. It's Femmeslash, Hermione/Ginny/Fleur. Not even sure if it's PG13 or R, really. But edging towards adult. Please, please, please?

Oct. 17th, 2005

My to do list

Finish my three H/D Author bios
Write another 1000 words of Unclaimed Bonds
Write up the notes for NaNoMo fic
Write up outline for NaNoMo fic
Start writing up Lucius/Harry story pieces (got to get ahead of the curve...)(two finished) :D

ETA: Anyone up to betaing the [info]fanfic100 fics for me? They're pretty short.

Aug. 23rd, 2005

General fun and oddities... And GIP

Up to 57 icons now...  No idea if I'll ever use them all, but I'm having great fun finding them.  And if you want shippy ones?  Go check out [info]gutterqueen's icons.  They look like this, and I love them.  She's now got over 100...

Was watching L&O:SVU last night.  One of the early episodes.  And one of the characters was interviewing a witess on the stand.  But instead of saying "frottage," which I believe is what he meant, he said "fromage..."  O_O  Maybe I missed something, or maybe it was just that it was one of the early episodes, and bad quality, but yikes...  What a mistake to let through.  Even the CC had it as Fromage.

And I just have to say how much I adore being in this fandom right now.  All the fannish love in the last couple days was absolutely lovely. :D

And I love my beta, Foodie, too.  Cause she gets all my in-jokes, and puts them in her story.  And I definately don't tell her enough.  I doubt I'll ever live down the scene I wrote where Snape drugged her character to keep her from being a Gryffindor and running off and hunting down Draco to eviscerate him for abducting her children. :D

Still need a good general Remus icon, and I'd love a Remus/Harry icon, but most are still a bit squicky...

Haven't been writing nearly enough lately.  Working on my (first!  omg!) threesome fic for DA's birthday.  With actual Snarry in it.  I mean separate from the threesome, they have to come together before they can be a threesome...  It's kind of wigging me out.  This is like the third fic idea I've had with Snarry in it, but it's the first where I've written more than a few words, and the others weren't about them really coming to like one another.  It was more lust.  I'm scared...  Anyone want to hold my hand while I write that stuff?  The Narcissa/Snape stuff has stopped coming along.  She's still so fragile, I don't want to have Snape push too hard.  But she keeps pushing herself, so I'm not sure if it works or not. :S  Everything else is on the back burner till I finish DA's birthday fic, I think.  Though Captive Bonds keeps trying to rear its head... :D  Snape seems to want a voice in everything I write right now.  Hmmm...


Jan. 3rd, 2005

Anyone willing to beta some stories?

I have a couple of stories I'd really like to post, but I'd like someone to check them both over first.

The first is Harry/Draco, and is less than 5000 words

The second is George/Harry, and is under 1000 words.

I'd be more than willing to reciprocate...