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Dec. 12th, 2007

The Drabbles from the Movie Quotes meme

For [info]mimiheart: I actually haven't read any epilogue era kid fics. (Outside of them being mentioned in adult fics that are epilogue era.) So... no het and surprise me.

273 words

Belonging )

For [info]kabal42: H/D
1755 words

Collecting Potter )

For [info]magic_helmet: epilogue-kid Snape/Potter

590 words

A New Friend )

For [info]thepinkrabbit: Malcest - Lucius watching Draco do something random and just contemplating their relationship.

405 words

His Own )

For [info]fodirteg: Something about the Sword of Griffindor (w/ Epilogue kids?)

589 words

In the Trophy Room )

For [info]real_life_rosy: Snape/Black/Lupin or Snupin

326 words

Castle on a Cloud )

For [info]foodie: The last thing Snape saw was Harry's eyes...and then the world went dark. When he opened his eyes again, he saw four sets of eyes looking down at him. He's now lying down on the floor of Serenity, with Inara, Kaylee, River, and Zoe looking at him. What are his first impressions of him, and their greetings to him?

457 words

A New Life )

For [info]flavoured_glass: SS/LE, Thread

169 words

Not His )

For [info]snapesgirl: SS/RL

858 words

Living Again )

For [info]stonegrad: Lucius/Potter

298 words

Malfoy Allure )

For [info]kaykayen: H/D

322 words

It Didn't Happen )

For [info]ceria: epilogue kids

239 words

Moving On )

For [info]facecat: H/D

833 words

Draco  )

Dec. 1st, 2007

State of the Elf

So...even though I've posted just about every day in the last month, most of it has been story-stuff rather than other stuff, so I thought I'd update everyone.

Got some serious bunnies in the last month.  SS/SB/RL with a Tonks side, SS/RL (yes, really) post DH with Teddy in attendance, DM/SM fic for someone's xmas gift because she deserves it, and something like three or four non-fairy tale H/D ideas.  Including a 12 days of Christmas thing, which I have informed my brain is not going to happen...  In particular, working on a post-DH story with [info]kabal42 that could be tons of fun. 
For now, though, my #1 priority is D_D's KK fic...I think we're almost done...
Still have it in mind to do Epilouge Kid drabbles...

Watching Bedknobs and Broomsticks and then Narnia today with hubby...as soon as we come back from the store. 
Sister's working on a books list for the Zygote...  That's been fun. 
I'm really beginning to hate the holidays, though.  Or maybe its just that side of the family.  Every time I get an email from one of them, I get tense.  To the point where I'm starting to avoid email in general...  No clue what to do as far as gifts, given that all the major people in my life aside from my sister either don't want them, or are so distant as to give me no clue what they might want. It's kind of making me ill.  I wish I were more ahead.  And that I had the skill, equiptment and time to just make everyone new scarves or something...
Been reading a lot.  Both fic and books.  Just finished the Dexter books.  Will probably post a review of all three this weekend.  But the short version?  If you like the show, read the books. :D

New game, here at IJ: [info]founders_legacy.  Ad to follow soon.  4th year AU.  We're having fun so far.  Game officially starts the first of January.  I've taken on Draco ([info]draconis_m) and Blaise ([info]blaise_z), of course.
Also, doing a half-writing, half-rp project with a friend surrounding an idea we've had for a while.  It's called [info]shadowhunt if people want to give it a look.  Post-DH, Hestia Jones sets up a sort of bounty-hunter service.  We've got four characters: Hestia, Charlie, George and Blaise.  There will be slash and adult humor.  It's a closed game, but people are quite welcome to watch.  We'd love opinions.  We're not going to run it like a traditional RP, but there will be threads that will grow over time.  And we'll probably post threads for people to comment on after them, particularly when we're looking for input on who they should go after next, or things like that. :)

Found a new toy I've been spending too much time with: Wordie.  There under elfflame, if folks want to look at my word-lists and/or suggest additions. :)

Okay, so my reaction to the new uproar yesterday was, "Uh huh.  And this surprises you?"  This morning, it's more, "goddamn it!"  I refreshed the page I keep my lj open on, not noticing that it had logged me out, so all the fest entries were not only hidden behind a cut, they had an extra page to get to content.  Except when I logged in, it wouldn't let me see either the page or the "are you over 18" page any more...just errored out.  I figured it out, but still... 
Mostly, I'm just glad that's not my main journal any longer.  I can't wait to see what happens when the first person gets closed down because of these...  So done with this.  Been done with it since August.  So why hasn't it effing gone away yet?

Aug. 24th, 2007

Intro/update post

So, this is in my brain right now, so I feel the need to post it.  Just a little intro for those of you who don't know me, or don't know me well.  Most of this will come as little shock to those who do, however. :D

Writing )

Reading )

Um...so...there's the tip of the iceburg for you.  I'd love to hear what you think/write/read. :D

Jan. 28th, 2007

Fandom appreciation

Part 2: Favorite Ships

I've put a list together of some of my favorite ships, and some great fics for each ship.  I tried to go with newer fics, but if I couldn't find something from the last year, I went with my favorite fics, period, so there are classics here as well as long-time favorites and new ones.  Enjoy!

My OTP - Harry/Draco )
My OT3 )
Other OTPs - SS/SB, SS/DM, SS/LE )
My Secondary OT3 - SS/DM/HP )
Other great Ships, Slash, Het, Femmeslash, and Threesomes )

Jul. 6th, 2006

And the winner is...

So, here's the one that was the winner, and I'm qute pleased, so I'm going with it.  I also added a few others.  I couldn't resist.  Partucluarly the Snape Fanboy one. ;)

So, I seem to be in an icon mood, and I've downloaded a program that will allow me to make animated ones. (If anyone wants a link to the program, just holler and I'll post it)

I've got a little list of icons that I want to make or find:
  • Remus/Harry of some sort - I haven't found any art with these two that I'm particularly fond of, at least not enough to make an icon out of, and I really don't want a channish icon, thanks... :S
  • Shakespeare.  I could probably go find a Joseph Finnes icon from the beginning of Shakespeare in Love and use that...
  • Harry/Draco xdressing.  Should be easier to find an picture I like, just have to choose and get permission
  • My OT3: Sirius/Severus/Remus.  *smirks* And now I can actually make one that'll very much make me happy.  Just have to decide the cast exactly. ;)
*sighs* New programs are dangerously evil.

I do have a dilemma, though, and hopefully people will have advice to offer.  I have an icon I've always loved:

It was made by [info]sunshine_icons, and they made each of the Marauder's messages, so I asked if they knew how to do animated, and she said she didn't.  Well, that was about two years ago now, give or take, and I think the journal has gone defunct.  I made myself a new icon using the originals that does what I want, but I don't want to use it without letting the creator know somehow.  I've posted a message at the original post, but so far no response.  Should I use the icon, and just credit [info]sunshine_icons with the original, or should I wait a bit longer and see, or should I try to make my own shots and make a new icon?

Nov. 27th, 2005

Chattin' about OT3's

So, I had so much fun chating with everyone about their OTPs, I wanted to know if anyone else had an OT3--one true threesome.

I've always been drawn to Sirius/Severus/Remus.  I love all permutations of the triangle, and when they come together, it's just electric. 

I do have others I search out, but none that ever approach my love for that threesome-- Sirius/Harry/Remus, or Severus/Harry/Draco, or Severus/Harry/Remus, or Harry/Draco/Ron seem to be my other favorites.

And while we're on the subject, does anyone have any idea if there's an archive just for threesome fics?  Cause when I'm in the mood, I can never seem to find any that I haven't already read.

Also, now that I've actually broken through the threesome barrier and written a couple of threesome drabbles, has anyone else written any, and if so, do you have a favorite of your own you'd like to rec?  Always on the lookout for good threesome smut. :D