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Jul. 13th, 2011

Fic: A Touch of Seduction - Remus/Regulus, NC-17

Title: A Touch of Seduction
Author: [info]elfflame
Characters/Pairings: Remus/Regulus
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Fingering, specifically as an end in and of itself rather than as preparation for further penetration or in accompaniment to oral sex
Other Warnings: Remus is sixteen here, which makes Regulus either fifteen or fourteen, depending on your preference of when he was born… So basically, Teen/Teen chan.
Word Count: 1439
Summary/Description: Remus decides to get revenge on Sirius—by using his brother.
Author's Notes: I was inspired by conversations with [info]alisanne this past week about how she'd gotten into this pair, and I couldn't resist using them for this prompt, which is a personal favorite kink of mine. I hope I did it justice. Thank you to [info]wolfish_cat for the beta job. <3

A Touch of Seduction )

Dec. 15th, 2010

Fic: The Stranger in the Mirror - Remus/Regulus (Draco), Harry, PG13

Bottom!Draco's latest Fest is over, so I'm sharing my fic now.

Title: The Stranger in the Mirror
Author: [info]elfflame
Prompt: #238 - Narcissa wants to protect her cousin from death, so she casts a special curse on him that will reverse his age until he is a newborn. With Lucius consent they play the pretence that the baby in her arms is actually the new Malfoy heir, and not the deceased Black one.
The spell, however, has a loophole, and it will break the moment the subject reaches the age he had when it was cast upon him.
On Draco's seventeen birthday, his hair turns black, his eyes freeze and he realizes his cousin has been keeping him hidden all this time. However he must go back to his brother and his lover before it is too late and he can lead them to the missing Horcruxes.
Pairing(s): Remus/Draco (Regulus)
Summary: A face appears in the remaining fragment of the mirror Sirius gave Harry, and he sets out to find out who it was.
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, Remus Lupin et al do not belong to me, but to the very rich lady who lives up in Scotland. No infringement intended, no money is being made on this story.
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 4543
Author's Notes: This is a distinct takeoff of part of the original prompt. The prompter requested it be his 17th birthday, but I made it 18th instead, and only went a little bit AU. I hope that otherwise, this story will please. I absolutely loved the idea of Draco and Regulus being the same person, and couldn’t resist this. Thank you to [info]wolfish_cat and [info]ceria in betaing, planning, and general hand-holding. Adore you both.

I thought I loved him, but he had to break my heart for me to know what true love really is. - Anonymous )

Aug. 13th, 2009

Fic: Come Home, Regulus Black - Remus/Regulus, R

Title: Come Home, Regulus Black
Author: [info]elfflame
Characters: Remus/Regulus
Rating: Rish
Warnings: Shmoop?
Kinks chosen: Personal ads
Word Count: 3272
Summary: After the war is over, Remus places an ad in hopes that an old friend will see it.
Author's notes: For my sweet Kit, who gifted me with this bunny. I seem to be caught on this idea, and just couldn’t resist. The smut is minimal, but it is there. I hope folks enjoy.

A kiss makes the heart young again and wipes out the years. - Rupert Brooke  )

May. 10th, 2009

Fic: LMOM # 10: Slices of a Werewolf’s Love Life: Mourning Together Separately - Sirius/Remus, R

Title: Slices of a Werewolf’s Love Life: Mourning Together Separately
Author: [info]elfflame
Rating: R
Pairing: Sirius/Remus, Remus/Regulus
Kink(s) : Fairly vanilla sex
Challenge: Lusty Month of May 2009
Word count: 312
A/N: A sad one here, folks. Thanks to [info]kabal42 for glancing at it for me. I would have made it longer, but it works.

Part One | Part Two | Part Three A | Part Three B | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven | Part Eight

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May. 6th, 2009

Fic: LMOM # 6: Slices of a Werewolf's Love Life: Taking Revenge - Remus/Regulus, R

Title: Slices of a Werewolf’s Love Life: Taking Revenge
Author: [info]elfflame
Rating: Hard R
Pairing: Remus/Regulus
Kink(s) : Corruption, blowjobs, and reference to sex
Challenge: Lusty Month of May 2009
Word count: 538
A/N: This one is actually my favorite Remus pairing, though they really had no chance in canon. Plus…if that’s what Sirius does for watching his friend, what would he have done for fucking him? ;)

Part One | Part Two | Part Three A | Part Three B | Part Four

Remus Lupin excelled at bad ideas )

Dec. 30th, 2007

End-of-year fic round-up & meme

Fic in review can be found by looking at my fic list tag.  I'm not quite up to doing that a second time. ;)

Counts )

The Meme Questions )

Sep. 16th, 2007

Fic: Tea and Hospitality - Remus/Regulus - R

Title: Tea and Hospitality
Author: [info]elfflame
Characters: Remus/Regulus
Rating: R
Summary: After escaping the cave, Regulus goes to the only person he thinks will help him.
Warnings: dub-con
Kinks chosen: Bondage, oral sex
Word Count: 2101
Compliant to: DH, but only in a minor way
Author's notes: Last year for my birthday, I did these two, and it was the first time I’d actually written them in a fic together. This will be my fourth, all of which have been published here at D_D. More than any other pairing I’ve written here aside from Harry/Draco. This is basically my response to DH, more so than the AU I wrote, which was started well before DH came out. I hope people like it. The Remus here is rather dark, so just be forewarned. I was supposed to post this on my birthday, but I totally spaced. Mostly because of this glorious picture by [info]artisticentropy. ;) So thank you to the lovely mods who allowed me to post today…

I know how men in exile feed on dreams of hope. - Aeschylus )

Aug. 13th, 2007

Fic: After Silence - RL/RB - NC-17 *DH Spoilers

Title: After Silence
Author: [info]elfflame
Pairing: Remus/Regulus
Rating: NC-17
Theme/kink: AU
Warnings: wall!sex?
Word Count: 3913
Summary: After the dust settles, Remus goes to find out just who Stubby Boardman is.
Compliant to: DH with AU elements
Notes: I started this a long time ago, inspired by [info]littlecup’s Regulus, who she and I had decided had become the rock star Stubby Boardman, hence his visual similarity to Sirius Black. spoiler for DH here and in the story )Huge thanks to [info]ceria_talesin for the beta job. Thank you for making this fic better than it would have been.

After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music. - Aldous Huxley )

Jul. 27th, 2007

Drabbles - *minor DH spoilers*

[info]faerie_lullaby: Remus/Regulus
Regulus had always just been Sirius' younger brother, nothing more, completely opposite in their thoughts, but oh so the same when it came to looks. To Remus, he seems almost untouchable, the perfect son of a Slytherin family, cold and haughty, and getting what he wants. But Remus wants to prove to him that you don't always get what you want.
267 words, PG13

A Lesson -  )

[info]westwardlee: request has DH spoilers )
324 words – R

Choices -  )

May. 13th, 2007

Fic: A Passing Dream

Title: A Passing Dream
Author: [info]elfflame
Characters: Lily, Remus/Regulus, a bit of imagined Remus/Lily/Regulus, and also some assumed James/Lily (though not smutty)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Um, starts during Remus’s sixth year, and Reg is two years younger, so…teen/teen chan?
Kinks chosen: Gay Men
Word Count: 1313
Summary: Lily stumbles across something in the halls she never would have suspected – Regulus Black giving her fellow Gryffindor Prefect a blowjob.
Author's notes: This started out just as a random image, but then it turned kind of angsty on me. Sorry about that, folks. Thank you to [info]littlecup and [info]snapesgirl for looking it over for me.

All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream. – Edgar Allan Poe )

Sep. 13th, 2006

Fic: The Hiding Room

Title: The Hiding Room
Author: [info]elfflame
Characters: Remus/Regulus
Rating: Hard R?
Warnings: Chan (Reg is 15, Remus 17)
Kinks chosen: Lingerie
Word Count: 2043
Summary: Remus finds something unexpected one night when he goes to hide from the world in the Room of Requirement.
Author's notes: Today’s my birthday, so I decided that I’d write a ship that’s been close to my heart of late. It didn’t turn out as sweet as I’d hoped, but here it is. I hope people like it. Inspired by [info]littlecup, whom I adore very much, and betad by [info]littlecup and [info]xanateria. Thank you both so much.
Also, I meant to get this up just a tad earlier, but between a certain surprise and my net freaking out on me, I've been a bit distracted.  It's up now, though.  I hope you all enjoy. :D

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