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Aug. 18th, 2007

[No Subject]

God...still in the (very long and tedious) process of tagging everything, and came across my first-ever ship-list.  And I feel like I have to make an annotated copy... :D

cut for length and rather minor spoilers for DH )
The major missing piece here is Blaise, actually.  Not on there at all.  And if he had been, it likely would have been Seamus/Blaise, instead of Blaise/Draco, or Lucius/Blaise, or somesuch.  Oh, and Regulus!  God...  Not to mention all the Cest I read these days... :D

Mar. 4th, 2007

A Remus/Harry Rec/Resource List

 10 fabulus Remus/Harry stories )

5 Incredible Remus/Harry Authors )

2 Wonderful Remus/Harry Artists )

Webpage Resources )

Livejournal Resources )

Listings )

Jan. 28th, 2007

Fandom appreciation

Part 2: Favorite Ships

I've put a list together of some of my favorite ships, and some great fics for each ship.  I tried to go with newer fics, but if I couldn't find something from the last year, I went with my favorite fics, period, so there are classics here as well as long-time favorites and new ones.  Enjoy!

My OTP - Harry/Draco )
My OT3 )
Other OTPs - SS/SB, SS/DM, SS/LE )
My Secondary OT3 - SS/DM/HP )
Other great Ships, Slash, Het, Femmeslash, and Threesomes )

Jul. 6th, 2006

And the winner is...

So, here's the one that was the winner, and I'm qute pleased, so I'm going with it.  I also added a few others.  I couldn't resist.  Partucluarly the Snape Fanboy one. ;)

So, I seem to be in an icon mood, and I've downloaded a program that will allow me to make animated ones. (If anyone wants a link to the program, just holler and I'll post it)

I've got a little list of icons that I want to make or find:
  • Remus/Harry of some sort - I haven't found any art with these two that I'm particularly fond of, at least not enough to make an icon out of, and I really don't want a channish icon, thanks... :S
  • Shakespeare.  I could probably go find a Joseph Finnes icon from the beginning of Shakespeare in Love and use that...
  • Harry/Draco xdressing.  Should be easier to find an picture I like, just have to choose and get permission
  • My OT3: Sirius/Severus/Remus.  *smirks* And now I can actually make one that'll very much make me happy.  Just have to decide the cast exactly. ;)
*sighs* New programs are dangerously evil.

I do have a dilemma, though, and hopefully people will have advice to offer.  I have an icon I've always loved:

It was made by [info]sunshine_icons, and they made each of the Marauder's messages, so I asked if they knew how to do animated, and she said she didn't.  Well, that was about two years ago now, give or take, and I think the journal has gone defunct.  I made myself a new icon using the originals that does what I want, but I don't want to use it without letting the creator know somehow.  I've posted a message at the original post, but so far no response.  Should I use the icon, and just credit [info]sunshine_icons with the original, or should I wait a bit longer and see, or should I try to make my own shots and make a new icon?

Mar. 23rd, 2006

Drabble written for <lj user

349 Words

Marked )

Mar. 10th, 2006

Drabbles in honor of Remus Lupin's birthday

My third-favorite character, and yet he always seems to get pushed to the back when I try to write fic.  I have had a few Remus story ideas over the years, but haven't managed to write them.  So, I present to you, Remus-drabbles. :D  I hope you all enjoy.

[info]inell requested Remus/Hermione, Desire, and this picture as a prompt

273 Words, PG, vague Remus/Hermione, vague Ron/Hermione, vague Remus/Tonks

getaway )

[info]rubytuesday5681 requested remus and sirius, a snowy day (and gryffindor scarves)
384 Words, PG, Gen-ish

Surprises )

[info]ragdoll requested Remus, Bill, chocolate
196 Words, PG13, Remus/Bill

Chocolate )

[info]kyiana requested Remus/Severus, ocean
479 Words, PG, Remus/Severus

Hope for a new beginning )

[info]millieweasley requested Remus/Tonks, candles
101 Words, Remus/Tonks

A Birthday Wish )

[info]chaeldub requested Remus and Harry - Remembering Sirius.
350 words, PG13, Remus/Harry, Remus/Sirius and James/Lily mentioned

A Birthday Tradition )

Sep. 9th, 2005

Memeage gacked from my love, <lj user

Look at your LJ "interests" list. If you have less than 50 interests, pick every fifth one. If you have between fifty and seventy-five interests, pick every seventh one. If you have over seventy-five interests, pick every tenth one. If you have fewer than ten, pick all of 'em. List them on your LJ, and tell everyone exactly what it is about these things that interests you so much.

Mine )

Aug. 23rd, 2005

General fun and oddities... And GIP

Up to 57 icons now...  No idea if I'll ever use them all, but I'm having great fun finding them.  And if you want shippy ones?  Go check out [info]gutterqueen's icons.  They look like this, and I love them.  She's now got over 100...

Was watching L&O:SVU last night.  One of the early episodes.  And one of the characters was interviewing a witess on the stand.  But instead of saying "frottage," which I believe is what he meant, he said "fromage..."  O_O  Maybe I missed something, or maybe it was just that it was one of the early episodes, and bad quality, but yikes...  What a mistake to let through.  Even the CC had it as Fromage.

And I just have to say how much I adore being in this fandom right now.  All the fannish love in the last couple days was absolutely lovely. :D

And I love my beta, Foodie, too.  Cause she gets all my in-jokes, and puts them in her story.  And I definately don't tell her enough.  I doubt I'll ever live down the scene I wrote where Snape drugged her character to keep her from being a Gryffindor and running off and hunting down Draco to eviscerate him for abducting her children. :D

Still need a good general Remus icon, and I'd love a Remus/Harry icon, but most are still a bit squicky...

Haven't been writing nearly enough lately.  Working on my (first!  omg!) threesome fic for DA's birthday.  With actual Snarry in it.  I mean separate from the threesome, they have to come together before they can be a threesome...  It's kind of wigging me out.  This is like the third fic idea I've had with Snarry in it, but it's the first where I've written more than a few words, and the others weren't about them really coming to like one another.  It was more lust.  I'm scared...  Anyone want to hold my hand while I write that stuff?  The Narcissa/Snape stuff has stopped coming along.  She's still so fragile, I don't want to have Snape push too hard.  But she keeps pushing herself, so I'm not sure if it works or not. :S  Everything else is on the back burner till I finish DA's birthday fic, I think.  Though Captive Bonds keeps trying to rear its head... :D  Snape seems to want a voice in everything I write right now.  Hmmm...


Feb. 11th, 2005

<lj comm

What are your five favorite relationships and why?

So, I've answered this before in this post, but I think I'll go into further detail in some ways.

More blathering on shipping... )

Nov. 20th, 2004

Ooooh, new stuff to do!

Found myself a new community:[info]fannish5

What are your five favorite relationships in your fandom(s)?

Well, my only active fandom is Harry Potter, and I'm into Slash more than Het, so ye be warned. :D

My five + )

Nov. 3rd, 2004

Happy meme to improve the mood

Sorry, folks, it's all slash, so if you're not into that, you're out of luck.

Gacked this from [info]scribbulus_ink:
In your journal, rec a story that you re-read for comfort when you need to feel better because it gives you warm fuzzies, a story you read recently that was scorchingly hot, and a long story that you re-read because you can lose yourself in it. It can be any pairing, any rating, any fandom.

So, being that I'm into so many ships, that I'm going to rec one from each of my top five favorite ships, and just to stick it to those who think gay sex is the all time evil, I'm making them all  NC-17. :D

For HP/DM -

Firelight – Keshu

Draco discovers Harry alone in a room late at night, and they duel, and Draco decides to use the Imperious curse on Harry. – NC-17

For  SS/SB -
The Curse of Passion – Jade

Snape and Black are cursed, and must have sex with each other to be cured.  – NC-17

For SS/RL -

Cake – Minx

Lupin had cake for desert.  Snape is intrigued.  – NC-17


For SS/DM -

As in a Dream – Nope

Draco wants to stay at Hogwarts to become an apprentice in Potions.  Why does Severus want to send him away?  – NC-17

And last but never least, for RL/HP - 

In the End – Anise

                Remus and Harry both believe the other’s in it for the sex.  – NC-17

Enjoy! :D

Oct. 14th, 2004

More about writing...

So, people out there in HP-reader-land, which would you most be interested in me finishing, aside from Finding Harry & The Silver Cycle?

The sequel to Snapshots - DM/HP
Untitled Veela!Draco story - HP/DM
Strangers Till Now - DM/HG, crossover with Labyrinth
Winter Flowers - AU - what if James Potter survived the night Voldemort attacked, and Lucius Malfoy died soon after? - JP/NM, SB/SS, SS/NM
Draco Black - Draco takes a new name summer between sixth and seventh years - HP/DM
Untitled Prequel to Snapshots - SS/RL
Untitled post-war convicted!Draco saved by Harry & Snape story - HP/DM, SS/RL, lots of others mentioned
Untitled post-war Remus angst story - RL/HP, SS/DM, SS/HP (dear god, I might actually write snarry!)
Untitled final piece to the True Revenge Saga - no ships, told from Draco & Adriana's povs
Untitled Snape takes care of Draco fic - SS/DM, mention of LM/SS
Untitled H/D Tristan & Isolde take-off, Dark post-war, Voldemort's side won - HP/DM, SS/RL, LOTS of others

So,  do let me know if any sound interesting...I'm trying to decide what will get done, and what will get discarded.  The more votes I get for something, the likelier it will get written.

Aug. 1st, 2004

My ships

So, at the moment, the ships I enjoy most are:
Het -
    & Neville/Ginny
Apparently I like the hopeless cases... ;)

Slash -
    Lucius/Remus (very hard to find, but always surprisingly lovely)
    Harry/George (even harder to find than LM/RL)
Gee, think I like the Marauders or something? ;)

Jul. 31st, 2004

:P Much closer to home this time.

[harry + lupin]