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Aug. 18th, 2007

[No Subject]

God...still in the (very long and tedious) process of tagging everything, and came across my first-ever ship-list.  And I feel like I have to make an annotated copy... :D

cut for length and rather minor spoilers for DH )
The major missing piece here is Blaise, actually.  Not on there at all.  And if he had been, it likely would have been Seamus/Blaise, instead of Blaise/Draco, or Lucius/Blaise, or somesuch.  Oh, and Regulus!  God...  Not to mention all the Cest I read these days... :D

Nov. 18th, 2005

Drabbles for OTP Meme

So almost no one guessed any of my OTPs, but I did write a few Drabbles, so I thought I'd share them. 

If you'd like to guess and get a drabble of your own, the list is here.

[info]drusillas_rain guessed Harry/Draco, and asked for a BTVS drabble with the ship of my choice, and the prompt "November rain"
100 Words exactly.

November Rain )

Foodie, my co-author and main beta, got a bunch right, but I'm keeping the ones she guessed to myself, since she didn't post, so they're still up for grabs...
She requested six drabbles:

Serenity Spoiler Warning for both of the next two drabbles, just to be sure!

Kaylee/Simon -Their first child, gender of your choice, has just been born.

115 Words

Fatherhood )

Inara/Mal - Inara rejoins Serenity, with newfound bravery to admit her feelings...

114 Words

A Time for Everything )

Troi/Riker - Riker tells Troi how he feels about her relationship with Worf

141 Words

Them )

Janeway/Chakotay - Chakotay tries to convince Janeway to take the vacation she really needs

141 Words

Time Away )

Ginny/Neville - Nev botches up their first Christmas together as newlyweds

150 Words

The Disastrous Christmas )

Remus/Tonks - Missing scene: how Remus came to terms with her feelings for him at the end of HBP

131 Words

Coming to Terms )

Woah, I wrote in 1 fandom that I haven't in ages, and two that I've never written in...  I'm scared now...

Feb. 11th, 2005

<lj comm

What are your five favorite relationships and why?

So, I've answered this before in this post, but I think I'll go into further detail in some ways.

More blathering on shipping... )

Nov. 20th, 2004

Ooooh, new stuff to do!

Found myself a new community:[info]fannish5

What are your five favorite relationships in your fandom(s)?

Well, my only active fandom is Harry Potter, and I'm into Slash more than Het, so ye be warned. :D

My five + )

Nov. 19th, 2004

Questions for my HP friends

So, I find myself curious about my HP friends out there.  Specifically those of you who read and/or write HP fanfic.  I just have a few questions, you don't have to answer, but I'd love to get to know you all better.

1 - Favorite HP character
2 - Favorite Canon ship (by this, I mean any ship that has at least one of the couple thinking about the other in this way.  So, to me, Neville/Ginny is canon, cause he took her to the Yule ball, as is Ron/Luna, because she obvously likes him, but Severus/Lily is not, because there is no canon proof)
3 - Favorite non-canon het ship
4 - Favorite slash ship
5 - Favorite (or at least a favorite) fic in the fandom, and why (links would be nice, too. :D)
6 - Favorite fic that you have written.

for me the answers are:

1 - Draco.  Far and away, for some reason, though after him comes Snape, then Lupin, and then distantly, Sirius.
2 - I suppose, given my rules, I'd have to say Neville/Ginny, even though I know they'll never end up together. :)
3 - Draco/Hermione.
4 - Draco/Harry, followed by Snape/Sirius and Snape/Remus. :)  I'm a slasher at heart.
5 - Currently, I would have to say Blood Magic by GatewayGirl.  She kept me on the edge of my seat for 80+ chapters!  I never got bored with this fic.  I was always excited when I saw new chapters go up.
6 -
Snapshots - one of the easiest to write plots I have ever come up with.  Which is not to say it was easy to write, simply that I had it all in my head before I ever got it on paper.  Usually I have a much more murky idea of how the plot will work out.  This one just...flowed. :)

Look forward to hearing all your answers!

Aug. 14th, 2004

New fic: Flowers and Notes - Neville/Ginny

Title: Flowers and Notes
Rating: PG
Pairing: NL/GW
Summary: Neville has decided the time has come to tell her his feelings.

The heart hides far too easily )

Aug. 1st, 2004

My ships

So, at the moment, the ships I enjoy most are:
Het -
    & Neville/Ginny
Apparently I like the hopeless cases... ;)

Slash -
    Lucius/Remus (very hard to find, but always surprisingly lovely)
    Harry/George (even harder to find than LM/RL)
Gee, think I like the Marauders or something? ;)