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Dec. 26th, 2008

Fic year in review

All the fic below can also be found by looking at my fic list tag.

End-of-the-year Fic Wrap-up )

Jul. 13th, 2008

Fic: Tied With a Ribbon - Lucius/Tonks, R

Title: Tied With a Ribbon
Author: [info]elfflame
Characters: Lucius/Tonks
Rating: R
Warnings: Non-con, blood play
Kinks chosen: Corset Piercing
Word Count: 1818
Summary: Lucius has a pet.
Author's notes: This is not a pretty story. Please pay attention to the warnings. If this sort of stuff squicks you, you will not enjoy this story. Thank you to Kit and Ceria for helping me out with this one. I don’t know what I’d do without either of you.

In silence man can most readily preserve his integrity. – Meister Eckhart )

Feb. 23rd, 2008

Fic: Unworthy - Lucius/Tonks - R

Title: Unworthy
Author/Artist: [info]elfflame
Rating: R
Prompt (the full prompt): writing prompt #9 - "Don't be ashamed to say he hurt you "
Pairing(s): Lucius/Tonks
Word Count: 2028
Warnings (if any): pseudo-incestual (uncle/niece, but not blood-relations), semi-AU
Disclaimer: The characters are not mine, the belong to JK Rowling and others. I’m only playing with them, and expect no money. Please don’t sue.
Author/Artist's notes: I love this pairing, don’t ask me why. I just do. So I had to when I had the chance. Written for [info]bonking_tonks, and never posted here, so I thought I would. But I do encourage everyone to go check out the great fic and art that was posted there last month. Some gorgeous stuff.

Don’t be ashamed to say he hurt you )

Sep. 22nd, 2007

State of the Elf & to-do list

It has not been the best of health weeks this week.  I won't go into detail, but I'm fine, just not feeling 100% yet, and then my time of the month surprised me because I was so distracted by the other.  Anyway, I am still here, and have way too much to do, but I thought I'd stop by and say "hi!" and wave as I pass by on the way to make my massive to-do list. :P

The reveals for the H/D Remix will be going up tomorrow, so if you haven't read and reviewed the pieces yet, I'd urge you to do so now! :)

By 10/4 - H/D - Marking Time - DH compliant with ep.
10/13 - H/D - heavy BDSM relationship
10/22 - Malcest piece

10/31 - MPreg fest piece (yes I like it, shuttup.)
11/1 - NaNoWriMo
11/13 - D_D - not explained yet
12/13 - D_D Kristmas Kollab
1/8 - Tonks-fest piece. :D  Lucius/Tonks
Finish tagging journal
Delete LJ versions of fics? (I'm still debating this)
Post fic to archives

Well, at least that list is smaller, right? :P

And now?  I write!

Jan. 28th, 2007

Fandom appreciation

Part 2: Favorite Ships

I've put a list together of some of my favorite ships, and some great fics for each ship.  I tried to go with newer fics, but if I couldn't find something from the last year, I went with my favorite fics, period, so there are classics here as well as long-time favorites and new ones.  Enjoy!

My OTP - Harry/Draco )
My OT3 )
Other OTPs - SS/SB, SS/DM, SS/LE )
My Secondary OT3 - SS/DM/HP )
Other great Ships, Slash, Het, Femmeslash, and Threesomes )

Feb. 28th, 2006

Fic: Why for <lj user

Title: Why
Author: Elfflame
Rating: R
Pairing: Lucius/Tonks
Summary: Her best friend wants to know why.
Warnings: dash of darkness, dash of incest
Dedication: To Jan, for your birthday.  It went a bit darker than I wanted, but I hope you like it anyway.  Hope you’re having a lovely day.
Disclaimer: Not mine, never will be.  *sigh*

It is not every question that deserves an answer. - Publilius Syrus )

Feb. 6th, 2006

More Drabbles!

One for [info]millieweasley, who requested "Lucius/Female(s) of your choice - preferably with a dom!Lucius, red."

Lucius/?, 377 words


The Game )

And one for [info]catsmeow2003, who requested Sirius/Lucius, AU to the veil scene, preferrably with Lucius saving Sirius (or sacrificing himself to save him, even), or at least trying to

Not an AU, and no saving, unfortunately, but this is what I came up with.

127 Words


This Was How It Went )