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Dec. 8th, 2015

Kinky Kristmas Comment Kink fest

So [info]daily_deviant is doing something a little different this year for Kinky Kristmas. Since we've got a big anniversary coming up in March, the mods have decided to tone it down this Christmas, so instead of separate fics, there's just a comment porn fest going on over at this post. All Members were allowed to offer 3 prompts for Members and Watchers to fill. Each can be filled once by Members and once by Watchers.

I've been incredibly lucky this year. All three of my prompts have been filled, and one of them has been filled twice.

Dance With Me by [info]sweetsorcery, Lucius/Draco, crossdressing.

Postwar Incubus by [info]bonfoi, Kingsley/Blaise, incubus magic.

Blurred Lines by [info]lq_traintracks, Draco/Teddy (others implied), Daddy!kink.

Desperate Impulses by [info]gracerene, Harry/Teddy, Daddy!kink.

All of them are wonderful, and so much more than I ever expected this year.

still hoping to find some to fill myself, but I've had trouble finding some I'd be up to.

But if you haven't checked it out, run don't walk, and check out the fest. Maybe even join in!

Feb. 13th, 2008

Fic: First There Are Kisses - Kingsley/Blaise - R

Title: First There Are Kisses
Author: [info]elfflame
Characters: Kingsley/Blaise with mention of others
Rating: R
Summary: Blaise wants someone. But does he want them enough?
Warnings: Erm…very very slight dub-con?
Kinks chosen: Satyriasis
Word Count: 4407
Author's notes: Written with huge help from both Ceria and Wolfish Cat, both in helping develop the bunny, and in keeping it going. A very different story from my original intent, but I quite like it. Title from the lyrics of the Crying Game: “First there are kisses/Then there are sighs…” I couldn’t resist. It’s always been Blaise’s song for me.

One day soon I’m gonna tell the Moon… - “The Crying Game” – Boy George )