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Aug. 31st, 2010

Close of another summer

I should be writing, but instead I'm stressing. My brother-in-law's wedding is Saturday, and the whole family is pretty tense. Hubby's family isn't one for big gatherings, so it makes it hard not to stress when they do have them.

So instead of doing what I should, while I wait for my brunch to cook, I'm going to write about something I've meant to for at least two years now. The Summer Festival season in Seattle.

Seattle's festivals tend to center around three happenings at the Seattle Center on the edge of Downtown Seattle: Northwest Folklife Fest, which happens Memorial Day Weekend at the end of May (the last weekend in May, I believe); Seafair, which is a month-long festival in late July and early August which includes a number of activities I will detail below; and Bumbershoot music festival on the weekend of Labor Day (the first weekend in September, which marks the end of summer, because most schools start session that next week).

Folklife Fest started 1971 as a way to encourage folk arts, and to give people access to those traditional arts they might not otherwise have access to. It was located at the Seattle Center from that very first Festival, and was so popular that it became an annual event that only grew each year. It now has its own foundation, which organizes the event each year, and is one of the biggest events at the Seattle Center each year. Hundreds of muscicians come to play, joined by hundreds of artists and craftspeople who come to sell their art.

Seafair started as a way to celebrate Seattle's Centennial in 1951. As Seattle was well-known for being a community of boaters and sea business, they decided to use that as the focus for the event. Business and community leaders worked hard and in 1950, the first Seafair was celebrated. That first Seafair included many of the main-stays of the festival even today, including local parades, races, a "royal" family created for the events, the Torchlight Parade (which starts at the Seattle Center and works its way through Downtown Seattle from there, ending at Memorial Stadium), and even the Seafair Cup awarded at the hydroplane races. Even the Seafair Pirates attended that first Seafair. Events have grown to include other things as well. The Milk Carton Derby has become the opening event of the festival, where everyone is invited to make a craft and try to get it across Green Lake. The Blue Angels have also been incorporated into the hydroplane races, giving a show over Lake Washington the Saturday the races take place, giving all the spectators (and many of Lake Washington's neighbors) a spectacular show. Even the Bite of Seattle, which takes place at the Seattle Center, has begun to be part of the festivities if not a recognized part of the festival.

Bumbershoot, like Folklife, started in 1971, but unlike Folklife, it had a much rockier start. It's late-summer timing meant that many years, the festival was rained out, and it was only a new group taking over putting on the festival in the early 80s that saved it. They added a fee to get into the festival (still the only one that charges for the full event), and added a lot of high-end acts to the festival. The current mix of well-known local and international acts is highly popular, and has made it one of the longest-running regional musical festivals.

And to conclude, I just have to say that I love living here. There's so much to do, and it always shocks me when people say that they don't have anything to do. As we say about the rain here in Seattle, "If you don't like it, stick around for a few minutes." ;)

Mar. 22nd, 2010

[No Subject]

So, trying something new for a bit in an attempt to get myself to post more.  I have a bunch of different things I'd like to post about, but moving (a little) away from fandom.  Slightly more personal, but still doing my at-least-monthly fic and also doing more pic-spams and lists for people to enjoy as well.  I'd love to get back to my Seattle posts.  So wish me luck.  We'll see how this goes. :)

Plans for the week:
* Call temp agency to get back on the books, if they'll have me
* Possible Jaye Davidson picspam
* Start thinking about next month's D_D
* Read Foodie's second chapter
* Type up my grandmother's story of my grandfather's life and post to Genealogy blog

I've been trying to get my cooking mojo back.  I've never been a great cook, but I used to be okay at it.  Now I suck.  So I've tried a recipe that was quite good.  Very basic, and actually worked out quite well.  Still trying to get the hang of timing, but I think I'll get there.  Just need to get around to doing it.  Might try something this week, or I might wait until next week, but if I find good stuff, I'll definitely share it here.

Johnny Weir...Though I didn't talk about it here, I'm one of the many who fell for him shortly before/because of the Olympics.  I adore him, and I've loved seeing the Johnny-love all over my flist, though it was hard to watch the men's skating because he wasn't given a fair shake.  I don't know where this sudden urge for "Maleness" in men's skating came from, but it's obviously an attempt to rewrite history, because men's skating has always been a little swish.  And I love that Johnny went through all that with not only a smile, but he was fantastic.  Maybe not gold-calibur, but I think he did better than some of those who scored above him.  So in his honor, a Johnny quote--"Out of ugly, I think the most important thing to do in life is make something beautiful."
And a picture of Johnny on the ice with his beautiful pink tassel:

That's all for now.  See you all on the flip side. :)

Feb. 13th, 2010

State of the Elf

Been forever since I used that header, so I figured it was more than about time...

Need to do an update of my 100 in 1001 days list.  It's been just over a year, and I've managed some things, and failed at others.  Also thinking of doing a detailed list of the new movies I watched in the last year...  Also had thoughts about doing mini-game reviews and/or more Seattle entries, too, if there's any interest for either?  What do folks think?

Writing--Haven't been doing enough, but I have some fun ideas, including another HP memory loss fic, and the Merlin/Arthur Sword in the Stone fic, now complete with Season 2 spoilers, I think.  I also need to start editing my Nano Story...It's going to require a major rewrite, but I am looking forward to that now that I have enough paper to print it all out.  More than 80 pages worth, even squashed a bit.  And I have been keeping up with my D_Ds, and I have an idea chosen for my D_D for next month.  Should be fun to see what people come up with.  It's going to be a great anniversary.

Merlin news--Season three has been approved in the UK, so I'm looking forward to that, and Sy Fy has picked up the series, starting with Season 1.  So now most folks should be able to catch it, if they haven't already.  Wondering if NBC will be picking up season 2 this summer or not.

I've also been watching more British TV.  Demons, which is...okay, but not great.  And Law and Order: UK, which I'm already quite addicted to.  I've watched about 75-80% of the total American shows, if you include them all.  I doubt I've missed more than a small handful of the original series itself.  It's made watching the UK show quite interesting.  I love Jamie Bamber and Freema Agyeman in it, and I'm enjoying the other actors as well.  I will say I had a bit of trouble getting used to the idea of CPS meaning something other than Child Protective Services, but I love seeing the differences between the American and the British System of Justice.

Been spending too much time on my FB playing games, still playing a number of households in Sims 2, and I also got myself a couple of new games last week. King's Bounty: the Legacy, which is based on the original game that became Heroes of Might and Magic, which is okay, but a bit sluggish; and Style Savvy, which is incredibly addicting, and I have played every night since I got it. :) I highly recommend it if you like fashion games.  I have also had vague thoughts that it might be fun to play a Star Wars Universe RPG, but I don't like online RPG, so I'm not sure that there's anything that will appeal.  I don't suppose anyone out there has played any?

Also did a major upgrade of my living room.  Our movies were getting harder and harder to find because we have so many DVDs, so I resorted them, and we added a bookshelf from my sister for Christmas which I've turned into my reference library.  Took a bit of rearranging to get it close to my desk, but I like the way things turned out.  I feel at least a little bit more in control.  Able to find things that were scattered all over the place before.  It's nice.

So how is everyone else out there? 

Oct. 23rd, 2008

Vote, vote, vote

If you don't, you're only letting them win. Yes, there are good reasons to abstain, but abstaining from this election would be like abstaining from a vote where your job at your company would be decided. This is your future. Care.

Links for Seattleites/Washintonians:
* The Stranger Election Control Board Endorsements (good for a laugh even if you're not from the state, actually. At least, bits are.)
* Seattle Times Voter's Guide - will actually make up your ballot for you based on your street, zip, and city. Gives a side by side comparison of all the races and candidates available.
* 2008 Video Voter's Guide - Doesn't feature all the races, but has several of the more important ones.

And, of course, most candidates have their own websites these days, so if that's not enough, look them up. You'll find them. Even if they don't have their own websites, look at newspapers. Read what they've been saying.

In fact, wherever you live, read up on the candidates. Not just what they're saying, but what they've done in the past, and read between the lines about their plans for the future. Who do they have connections with? Who helped on their campaign?

And if this is your first year? Check and make sure that you have everything you need, and that you actually appear on the lists. And if not, find out why not. Don't let them take your vote from you. If you're a citizen, you have every right to vote, no matter what they say.

And if that won't convince you, listen to him:

ETA: Obviously, this is directed at those on my flist who live in the states or can otherwise vote in the Election on the 4th. Though everyone outside the states is more than welcome to laugh, goggle or otherwise smirk at us. :)

Sep. 28th, 2008

Seattle Post #2

Three-way tie.  I was thinking about asking for a tiebreaker, but I decided to just do them all.  This one will go beyond Seattle a bit more, because there are some wonderful animal attractions in the greater Seattle area that I have to include.

Creature Attractions )

Museums )

and a bit about Music )

And I've probably missed a number of things, but I think that's a good starting place for now, don't you?

Sep. 25th, 2008

More about Seattle

Poll #2383 What Seattle subject should I cover next?
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Sep. 11th, 2008

Things to do in Seattle

So, [info]dacro had this idea to share information about the places we live after coming down here to the states and dealing with some idiots who had no clue BC even existed, apparently.  So I've had these lists on my hard drive for a while now, and I thought I'd share a bit of my knowledge about Seattle with those who would like to visit, and anyone else who's interested.  Any requests or suggestions for future lists are more than welcome.

~Things to do while you’re visiting Seattle short-term~

1) View Seattle from the top of the Space Needle – eat at the restaurant if you can afford it, otherwise you can eat at the Seattle Center Centerhouse or the EMP
2) Visit the Science Center & check out one of the Imax films that are playing, then go to the EMP and look around there. Don’t forget to check out the Sci-fi museum. You can even eat supper there.
3) Ride the Monorail from the Seattle Center to Westlake Center and shop – it’s easier to park near the Seattle Center.
4) Shop at the Pike Place Market and get coffee from the Original Starbucks shop. Don’t forget to go watch the fish-throwers!
5) Visit the Waterfront – see the Aquarium, eat at Steamers or Ivors, ride the waterfront trolley & don’t forget to visit Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe. And while you’re on the waterfront, don't forget to pick up some smoked salmon.
6) Visit Woodland Park Zoo
7) Take a daytrip to Tillicum Village on Blake Island & have smoked salmon
8) Take the Underground Seattle Tour
9) Go to any of Seattle’s great MuseumsSAM, MOHAI, SAAM…the list goes on. Then go to one of Seattle’s fabulous restaurants before taking in a show at one of Seattle’s many playhouses
10) Go to the Locks and watch the boats and look at the fish go through the ladder.

Oh, and before I forget--each of the above points are generally a half a day to a day's worth of activities on their own.

Sep. 7th, 2008

Seattle Icons!

Seattle Icons behind the cut )

Mar. 28th, 2008

Tagged by [info]snapesgirl

A. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
B. Tag seven people to do the same.
C. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag "whoever wants to do it."
I don't tag.

  1. There are 14 years between when I started my AA and when I finished my BA, because I took a ten-year break.
  2. I am the oldest grandchild on both sides of my family.
  3. I worked for one of the top ten companies in the Northwest for 3 years as a temp, but I would never accept a real job offer from them.
  4. I met my husband in ninth grade, but we didn't start dating until the last week of our senior year.  We've been married for more than 15 years.
  5. My favorite color is purple.
  6. I am a tab fiend.  I have several extentions for firefox that have to do with tabs, and at any one time, I have multiple rows of tabs open in my browser, several of which I never close.
  7. I have lived in Seattle all my life, and I can't imagine ever living anywhere else.

Mar. 1st, 2008

State of the Elf

Soo...  many things.  Again.

* Grandmother moving this weekend.  Didn't actually do anything cause I have no car, and so have no way of transporting her, just realizing that she's much further away from me now.  Moved across the water to Bel-Red Road over in the East side, if you know where that is.

* Job front - Meant to announce this before, but with job stuff and the Cup fic which I've been struggling to do, I haven't had the time.  I am now a real employee at the place I've been working on and off since July.  about two months there, then a couple not, then back in late November, I think it was.  And I've been there ever since.  It's  a bit odd.  I hadn't realized how long it had been since I'd had a "real" job.  I quit my last back in 95 to go back to college.  Just kind of wierd.  But it's good, so far.  We'll see how stressed I get.

* Writing -
Cup fic is done, and in the editing process.  Lots of helpful people, so I'm very excited.  Could well be my best fic ever.  Okay, maybe not, but I'm very fond of the bunny, even now, and saying that after having finished it?  Not usually the case, so I'm feeling good about it.
D_D for this month has been started.  Starring Blaise again, shockingly enough.  Usually Draco doesn't let anyone else go more than a month at a time, but he's shockingly happy and sated these days. ;)
HP Vamp is having their Free Range fest again, and I have several bunnies I'm thinking of claiming.  I just really need to remind myself that I can't.  Maybe one or two at the most, and certainly not until I have at least 1000 words done for D_D.

* Cable guy was here today, and after much hassle with finding a modem that would work, we are connected again.  All I can do is hope that this will be the end of our random cut-offs when we're trying to load pages or chat with folks.

* Have someone new that's kind of been percolating in my head since JKR made the Post-warts family trees: Lorcan Scamander.  I don't know why he specifically is calling to me.  Possibly the geeky name.  He's pretty different from most of my usual muses.  Not sure if anything will come of it, but you never know...

* Posted all my H/D stuff over at Skyhawke now, aside from unpublished.  So there's a ton there, now, and the ratings system seems interesting to me.  I've stuck most of my drabbles in Ship-related "stories," one chapter per drabble, just to keep from having a hundred teensy little stories on my page, but anything over 500 words has its own story.  I'm not so good to sticking to under 500, I've noticed. ;)  So...the question is, what ship should I do next?

* A request: Have been reading chaptered stories at work, but it's getting hard to find things I should have read that aren't long-one shots (rather prohibitive with the amount of time I have to read, so anything over 10,000 words as a one-shot is too much.).  So...  I'd love suggestions.  Particularly H/D, or next-gen, though Regulus seems to be popping up in my mind a lot lately.  I don't suppose there are any chaptered fics about him?

And how is everyone else out there?

Mar. 2nd, 2007

List time!

1 - Didn't like [info]hp_fridayfive or [info]fannish5 today, so no entry there...

2 - Huge hugs to [info]littlecup, who had her baby yesterday.

3 - Job news--went to an interview for a temp job today.  I'll be working in the tallest building in Seattle (formerly known as the Columbia Center) on the 34rd floor.  I'm working for a real estate insurance company.  A bit nervous about it, because it could be stressful, but we'll see...  Means I'll be more available during the weekends now.

Mods for [info]hpficlist, I'll still be available in the evenings if there are problems.  But I'll likely take Saturdays or Sundays for my day until this is over.

RP people, particularly those of you outside the states, I'm afraid this means most of my gaming will be in the evening as well, or weekends.  If there's a particular plot you would like to do, just let me know, and we can talk it out in emails at the very least.  I will try to stay active as much as possible.

4 - Speaking of [info]hpficlist, it's been kind of quiet the last few days, but there are lots of links to follow, and I'm about to go add a few more ships I saw that could be added...  Please come check us out?  It won't be much of a resource without links to follow, right?

5 -*whines* I want season 4 of QAF, already!  And Sims: Seasons, too!  Oh, well, at least I'll have job money I can use for it... :D

6 - Still planning on doing a book review, just not sure what and when.  But it is coming.

Oct. 2nd, 2004

The Mountain

Having lived in the state of Washington all my life, and old enough to remember all of the first furore over Mount St. Helens, I have to wonder what is up.  I know (a small amount) about geology, and the steam coming from the mountain, while intriguing, is really nothing to get as excited about as the media seems to want to be. 

I guess I just wonder if it's being covered quite as much outside Washington as it is from inside the state, and if so, what, exactly, are we being distracted from?

Yes, this is something to watch, but it's nowhere near the level of importance of say, a presidential debate, or an earthquake, or a war that is still going on in the middle east....

Science Fiction Museum

Hubby and I went to the Science Fiction Museum last night after work.  Not sure what I was expecting.  Maybe a room with some memorabilia, or something.  But it far exceeded my expectations.  We had a great time.  There wasn't enough of anything, though, so everyone should go, so that they can expand. :)

They had some interesting media exibits, including a Hall of Fame database of authors, with information about each of the authors, and why they were included; and a "ship yard" where you could look up famous ships from tv, movies, and even books.  The displays were an excellent compellation of books, posters, media, props, setpieces, and even creatures.  I was actually plesently surprised at some of the movies that were included.

I think that the thing that impressed me the most, though, was just how much books were included as part of the overall exhibit.  Because without books, the exhibit most likely would never have happened.  And most of the real changes in Science Fiction have always come from books, and still continue to even now.

I can't wait to see what they come up with to improve this place.  We had a great time, and definately intend to go back, dragging as many people with us as possible.
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Aug. 6th, 2004

Have to share this...

Here in Seattle, we have an artwalk the first Thursday of every month, and my parents often go.  Apparently there is an interesting exhibit going on at the moment involving superheros..

Update...  I messed up the link this morning, but it should be working now...
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