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Nov. 6th, 2012

Election & Nanowrimo

Despite everything, I really was worried Romney would win, but he did not, thank god. I'm so relieved, it left me crying when I saw Obama's victory tweet.

But Washington's election was huge this year, too. Governor (still to be decided, but currently Dem winning), Senator & Congressmen stayed about the same, but then we had a ton of ballot issues. Some of these things (including the Governor above) are too close to call right now, and we do an all mail-in ballot here in Washington, so it may be some time before they're determined.

* Marriage Equality Passed.
* Marijuana Legalization Passed (and won't that be interesting to see how that works out...?).
* Charter Schools is neck and neck. I personally want this as far from my state as it can get. The Seattle school system sucks, but taking money away from it for schools that won't help inner city kids will not help.

So I'm holding my breath on the Governor and the Charter schools bill, but other than that, it has been a very good night.

Got 1800+ words today. But I'm very behind on posts, so I'll just start where I am, I think. Currently at 14364, but very happy with where I'm going. Have a whole little slang dictionary I've been writing up as I go to reference when I need to reuse words.

Latest favorite quote: They settled on either side of the double bed in the room, and Gabriel found his thoughts turning to unpleasant thoughts which made his stomach churn. He was so distracted that he half jumped from his skin when Ethan spoke.

"I didn't mean to upset you tonight. I just…find myself curious. I'm sure I'd never have pulled off that getup well at all. You looked…perfect," he said softly.

Gabriel looked over Ethan, really letting himself look for the first time since they'd met. Aside from Ethan's swathy skin and rough appearance, the only thing he could see that might work against Ethan trying the same were his shoulders. "I don't know…the right blouse, and I'm sure you could manage. With a proper clean-up, that is."

Ethan snorted, then shook his head. "No, thank you," he said. "I don't fancy being a doxie."

Gabriel felt his cheeks heat. "Is that what you thought I was? A doxie?"

Alarmed, Ethan shook his head. "What? No, I just meant...well, that's what I would look like, if I tried."

Gabriel looked away. Everything felt all jumbled together right now. Why did Tinely have to insist Ethan come with them, anyway? It was too confusing. And annoying.

Jul. 26th, 2011

Another step in the right direction

I just have to say this.  How can anything that makes someone this harmlessly happy be a bad thing?

Jan. 28th, 2011

Never Forget

Today marks the 25th Anniversary of one of the worst disasters in NASA history.  There have been others when we have lost several people, and even, ultimately, one where we lost people returning from orbit, but none of them touched us so deeply as that day.  That day, one of us was going into space.  That day, most of us watched as Crista McAuliff waved before getting on board the Challenger.  Teachers everywhere paused their classes so their students could watch.  This was a learning experience.

It turned out to be a very different learning experience than expected.  We learned to be scared.  We learned that Astronauts aren't safe.  That they can't be safe.  We learned that they are as mortal as we.

The nation pulled back after that.  Scared to make the same mistake again.  It took us three years to finally allow a new Shuttle to go up.  I remember sitting between college classes, listening as it did.  I remember crying because I was so relieved that this time, it made it.

We should never forget them.

The Shuttle is to space flight what Lindbergh was to commercial aviation.
— Arthur C. Clarke

Let's face it, space is a risky business. I always considered every launch a barely controlled explosion.
— Aaron Cohen, NASA administrator

This is a day we have managed to avoid for a quarter of a century. We've talked about it before and speculated about it, and it finally has occurred. We hoped we could push this day back forever.
— John Glenn, first American to orbit the Earth, regards the explosion of Space Shuttle Challenger, the New York Times, 29 January 1986

All of a sudden, space isn't friendly. All of a sudden, it's a place where people can die. . . . Many more people are going to die. But we can't explore space if the requirement is that there be no casualties; we can't do anything if the requirement is that there be no casualties.
— Isaac Asimov

We have to stay here and there's a simple reason why. Ask ten different scientists about the environment, population control, genetics and you'll get ten different answers, but there's one thing every scientist on the planet agrees on. Whether it happens in a hundred years or a thousand years or a million years, eventually our Sun will grow cold and go out. When that happens, it won't just take us. It'll take Marilyn Monroe and Lao-Tzu, Einstein, Morobuto, Buddy Holly, Aristophanes .. and all of this .. all of this was for nothing unless we go to the stars.
— Jeffrey Sinclair, Babylon 5

The dream is alive.
— John Young, after landing the first Space Shuttle STS-1 at Edwards Air Force Base, 14 April 1981

Apr. 7th, 2010

Theme for the day:

Acceptance.  Particularly when it comes to sex.

Sex isn't about right or wrong.  Sex is about consent and two people coming together to enjoy themselves together.  Anything two consenting adults do together should be between those two and no one else.

The reason I bring this up is twofold:
Savage Love's first letter in the column today about a girlfriend telling her boyfriend he needed to be "cured" for being intrigued by the idea of pretend rape.  In no way was he saying, "I want to rape someone."  He was saying, "I wouldn't mind pretending."  And her immediate assumption that this is a negative thing and can only be seen as such just shows how judgmental she is.  It doesn't change his curiosity about the idea.  And telling him she can "cure" him of it tells him he's sick and wrong and shouldn't share his wants with her.  These sorts of things often are what lead to the more extreme forms of acting out just to express these needs.  Granted, I doubt this one will, but still, it's that sort of thinking that causes these kinds of issues in the extreme. When your partner shares something like that with you, the best way to shut them down is act like they're disgusting, or worse, sick. The only way to really deal with it is to try to listen, and do your best to get past your own prejudices before discussing it with them.

And then there was this post in Male Submission Art that shows just how extreme things can get when seen by outsiders.  A private and loving moment between two people gets labeled as "Predatory" and "Pedophile" by others, and denounced as wrong and immoral, simply by those who feel that either males should never be in a submissive role, or that BDSM in general is evil, or even those that think pornography itself is evil.

Lately, it feels to me like acceptance is declining.  Of those who are different.  Less about looks now, due to laws, but more when it comes to these less tangible things--who one should be allowed to love, to touch, and even more, how that touching should be done.  One would think that some of the recent scandals in the Republican ranks would lead them to be more accepting, but if anything, it has made things worse.

No solutions here.  I wish I had one.  It saddens me to see.

Mar. 17th, 2010

Quote of the day

Nobody should have to apologize for what gets them hot. But just because you find someone unattractive doesn’t give you license to be a dick.

Oct. 23rd, 2008

Vote, vote, vote

If you don't, you're only letting them win. Yes, there are good reasons to abstain, but abstaining from this election would be like abstaining from a vote where your job at your company would be decided. This is your future. Care.

Links for Seattleites/Washintonians:
* The Stranger Election Control Board Endorsements (good for a laugh even if you're not from the state, actually. At least, bits are.)
* Seattle Times Voter's Guide - will actually make up your ballot for you based on your street, zip, and city. Gives a side by side comparison of all the races and candidates available.
* 2008 Video Voter's Guide - Doesn't feature all the races, but has several of the more important ones.

And, of course, most candidates have their own websites these days, so if that's not enough, look them up. You'll find them. Even if they don't have their own websites, look at newspapers. Read what they've been saying.

In fact, wherever you live, read up on the candidates. Not just what they're saying, but what they've done in the past, and read between the lines about their plans for the future. Who do they have connections with? Who helped on their campaign?

And if this is your first year? Check and make sure that you have everything you need, and that you actually appear on the lists. And if not, find out why not. Don't let them take your vote from you. If you're a citizen, you have every right to vote, no matter what they say.

And if that won't convince you, listen to him:

ETA: Obviously, this is directed at those on my flist who live in the states or can otherwise vote in the Election on the 4th. Though everyone outside the states is more than welcome to laugh, goggle or otherwise smirk at us. :)

Oct. 14th, 2008

In the news

I'm not the sort who normally does this kind of thing, but I just have to link to this case. A father and stepmother abused their two children, giving them only the minimum food and water they needed to survive. The girl is 14, but news reports say she's under five foot, and around 50 pounds.

My take, aside from pure disgust that things like this still happen? This is the kind of thing that will continue to happen until we live in a world where every child is precious. And while some people do see their children that way, there are far too many parents having too many children in a world filled with too many people and too many distractions. In a world where people are still being forced, whether by law or peer pressure or parent pressure to have children that they are in no way ready to have, you end up with children who are neglected, who then have more children that they can't handle.

Perhaps the situation isn't quite as one-to-one as that, but I can't help but believe it's a good part of the problem.

I'd much rather see a child abandoned at a church or hospital, where someone can take care of them, as happened last week (the mother was subsequently arrested for abandoning the child) than something like this, where the mother has some very obvious issues that were ignored by the husband because he either has his own disassociative issues, or because he really didn't care. And as for CPS...obviously, as long as you make above a minimum income, they don't bother to look too hard. And that disturbs me as much as the rest. Obviously training wasn't enough in this instance. Maybe it's easy to say that now, but...

Still, at least they managed to save the kids before one of them died.

Sep. 19th, 2008

Political Meme

Just for the record

You are a

Social Liberal
(75% permissive)

and an...

Economic Liberal
(16% permissive)

You are best described as a:


Link: The Politics Test on Ok Cupid
Also : The OkCupid Dating Persona Test

Sep. 2nd, 2008

Sarah Palin

One warning to the Republicans on my flist--this is very anti-Republican. And as such, skewed in favor of Democrats. Feel free to pass this by. You're not likely to convince me not to be annoyed by this situation.

I've kept quiet about the elections for the most part, but after listening to NPR today, I had to say this. Already said it in a comment, though there's more here...

I have so many issues with this woman, but my main issue is that she's Republican. The party of White middle-to-upper-class men. And anyone who doesn't fit that image but still wants to vote for them had better sit down and shut up and just come along for the ride. They think nothing of a family with a disabled kid because the wife is the one who has to take care of it (in their view), and therefore it wouldn't be an issue for a candidate, right?

Granted, that's a very narrow view, but look at how many Republicans are non-whites or women.

Which isn't to say that a Democrat would have a much easier time of it if she ended up having a Downs baby, but honestly? I think she'd be far more realistic about it, she'd have more support from friends and family, and quite possibly would retire from office given the responsibility it would take.

I do admit, for all I know, her husband will be the one to take care of the child. But in even a modern-day Republican family, that still feels (to me) like too much to expect.

And if Palin can't see how much work having a Down Syndrome child will be, which she doesn't seem to, because she keeps saying how it will be no issue, she certainly has no right ever being Vice President.

And then there is her daughter. Leaving her daughter's choices in this aside, it's quite obvious that Palin wasn't available to be there during a time when she should have obviously been talking to her about these sorts of choices. I'm not talking about whether they were the right choices or not. But I can't believe that Palin or McCain, or indeed, any Republican could really think this makes her look good. To me, all I see is a woman who chose between politics and her family. And her family lost.

Even if I were a Republican, I couldn't see voting for her. She's not groundbreaking. She's a mess.

Jun. 10th, 2008

[No Subject]

So, I don't know how many of you are aware of it last night, but Senator Kucinich had a speech on the house floor last night, ending at midnight his time detailing 35 reasons why George W Bush should be impeached.  The only news media that showed it at all was CSpan.

Let's not forget the media circus surrounding the (non) impeachment of Bill Clinton, whose major crime there was having sex in the White House with someone other than his wife, then lying about it.

And yet George Bush, who has ignored our needs for 7 plus years, ran our country into the ground, and ignored the fact that people were dying in Louisiana and New Orleans because he needed National Guard to fight his war for him is going to get away scot free because everyone thinks it's better to bury it under the carpet.  This war is something most people with common sense know has little to nothing to do with 9/11, and everything to do with the Bush administration's own personal agenda.  And anyone who thinks oure people dying in another country halfway around the world when people here are dying in floods because we don't have enough Guards to man the choppers can go elsewhere to comment, thanks.

Not even NPR has had a thing to say about this, which really upsets me, because they are one of the news sources that seems least influenced by "what the others are doing."

The Democratic leaders in Washington have backed off from this (because it makes their jobs more secure, I guess?), so it's up to someone "on the fringe" to do something about it.  I think Kucinich, who far too many write off as out of touch, is incredibly brave to do this, and deserves more than to be ignored for it, like he will be.

I just feel that I need to say something, because if the news isn't going to do it, we have to.  Please, if you have an opinion on this, call your senators, and your congressmen, and tell them that this needs to be examined, not pushed aside.

A moment-by-moment blog from last night.
LA Times article
Article on Kucinich's own site, with video of the actual proceedings. (you might need to reload a few times.)
CBS News article
And an article in a political blog showing how others are dealing with the action. Apparently suggesting Bush needs to be Impeached is "causing a fuss." 

Apr. 4th, 2008

State of the Elf again

* Job is...nuts.  They've been getting twice the work I'm able to do in a day.  And have no one else doing it.  And I'm scrambling to be able to do as much as I am.  Plus, I'm not really doing it the way they want to end up having it be done.  Someone else does a bunch of lookup and callbacks that I couldn't do yet because I didn't have access to the relevant system yet.  So eventually they want to have three of us doing the lookup, callbacks, and entering all at once.  Which would slow things down incredibly much.  I don't think they're quite cognizant of that just yet. :P

* Have been wibbling back and fort on a reclist of Anj classics.  So...the question is, would there be any call for it, or does it seem redundant or silly, and I should just keep my big yap shut?

* Have not been playing in my games at all of late.  I suck.  Mostly because I can't really at work without feeling like I'm breaking rules, and by the time I get home, I'm wiped.

But I have been able to rp a bit through email and a few private rps... 

Harry and Draco have been together since September of 2006, and got married in 2007 (realtime).  One private ceremony with just very immediate family (Lucius, Severus, Sirius and Remus) in the Netherlands where it was legal for males at the time (the rp took place in 2002 at the time, I think), and one public ceremony several months later in the summer that was just for show.  And now that we've moved them to "today," Harry's asked him again, now that it's legal for men to be able to marry each other in England.  So he's been working on that.

And my Blaise has finally gained a Theo.  We set it up that they were together in school a bit and then separated by the war.  And now they're engaged to be married.  My Blaise is very much of the "love doesn't exist" mindset because of his mother, but his friends and lovers have convinced him otherwise, and so now he's shocked, but very happy.  It's odd, but sweet.

* Writing - finished my HP Vamp fic, but for the editing, which will begin this weekend.  Need to start my D_D, and have ideas for another fic as well that wants to push the D_D right out of the way.  And if I finish all that, I might claim another prompt at HP Vamp.  Oh, and I have drabbles to do, too. :)  And I have this amazing fic idea that I *have* to find the time to do, too.

* Also…have been having an idea that I’d like to do one of those “commentary tracks” for one of my fics.  Anyone have any preferences for which?  I might do a poll at some point.

* [info]hd_worldcup.  If you’re not watching, why not?  I haven’t had much chance to read what’s been posted so far, but I have enjoyed what I’ve read.

* Politics - I'm starting to get annoyed with both candidates.  I was so thrilled when they both ended up as frontrunners, because I thought it meant we could avoid the “vote for me because I’m a …” argument.  Why they couldn’t just run on the issues…  Well, I suppose I know: they’re too close in most beliefs, so they need better ways to separate themselves.

* Have been considering switching my default icon to something different.  Not sure to what yet, though.

Nov. 7th, 2006

[No Subject]

Go here to get the code to post this in your own journal.

What about you?  If you live in the US, have you voted?  Are you going to?  And if not, why not?  Cause I don't want to hear any complaints from you about our government if you're not even willing to participate in the process.  I don't care if you're black, white, brown, green, grey, or puce with yellow polka-dots.  It's a duty that everyone should take seriously.

Jan. 3rd, 2006

Pass it on...

Gacked from [info]femmequixotic in the desperate hope that it will work...

Don't you think Bush looks tired?

(If you get it, pass it on!)

Sep. 20th, 2005

My Politics Meme

Cut for those who don't care )

Sep. 8th, 2005


I'm wiped.  Just posted 16 recs over at my recs journal today, all adult...  And all have either Remus or Severus or both in them. 

And I was even more excited last night when I finally checked out The Archive, and [info]nimori had posted Blaze of Noon there (which I keep wanting to type Blaise... :P), which I absolutely adore, so that's in my recs today.

Getting ready for my party Sunday.  Cake's off, cause it's so expensive, and money's getting a bit tight, and I'm the only one who'd really appreciate it anyway...  But I'm looking forward to spending time with everyone, particularly [info]firesika, who I haven't seen for a very long time.  Think we've got enough food coming, and I know we'll have plenty to play. :D

Also, getting ready for my trip to Cali. :D  That should be lots of fun.  [info]maydela and I are planning on checking out the Winchester Mystery House, which should be fun.  And she's talking about getting Nightlife while I'm there so I can drool about it.  Then I'll have to come back and get myself a job so that I can afford a good upgrade to my computer so I can actually play it... ;D

And, I need to work on my absentee ballot this weekend, since I won't be back until the day before the primary...

Busy, busy.

Jul. 4th, 2005


You Are 33% American
America: You don't love it or want to leave it.
But you wouldn't mind giving it an extreme make over.
On the 4th of July, you'll fly a freak flag instead...
And give Uncle Sam a sucker punch!

Jun. 24th, 2005

Random things that have little to do with each other, but I felt I must post....

Gone through my entire journal, and tagged most of the entries.  I quite like the tagging feature.  It's far easier to use and change than memories. 

In going through and tagging everything, I discovered a few things.  One is that I have a lot more fics posted here than I thought.  Another is that, if Buffy (or Angel, I suppose) were still on the air, I would have a LOT more Buffy posts.  Apparently it's my second-favorite fandom.  I also realized that all of my fandoms outside of HP seem to be dead ones, pretty much.

Anyway, feel free to look about.  I tried to be fairly comprehensive. 

* * *

And now onto other things: Robin Hobbs fanfic rant.  I am a fan of hers.  She writes beautifully detailed worlds.  She is also not Anne Rice.  Both facts make me quite tolerant of her as a person.  I was also well aware that she doesn't want people doing fanfic of her worlds.  Now, I can understand a bit of this, as she's not someone who makes a ton of money on her writing.  And I was okay with this. 

But her arguments, while carefully thought out, strike me as bitter and unwilling to see any other side.  I also think she's going to lose more readers this way than anything else.  This won't gain her fans, that's for sure.  I won't repeat the same things everyone else has said, except to say that yes, I can personally atribute my improvement in writing to the fact that I have written fan fic.  And no, I didn't start out writing fan fic. 

I will also say that as original as her worlds are, even she has pieces of her worlds that can be traced back to Tolkein, Arthurian Legend, and even Celtic folktales.  Does that mean that her stuff should be torn apart because it is not 100% original?  I don't think so.  And I don't think she has the right to do the same to others.  She has a right to her opinions, but I do not think her opinions and reality quite jive.

And that's all I'm going to say about that.

* * *

Not-so-nice things going around this week. 

Government sucks.

People are obnoxious.

Why can't we just live in a world where we're allowed to live the way we wish, so long as it hasn't hurt others?  I'm ready for a new government: people who don't want to subdue the world just because they're not "like us," people who don't feel they need to control or use us simply because we're there, people who want to preserve the world, not just their way of life.  I hate being part of this country, because when I'm not in this country, I'm looked down on simply for being from this country.  I hate knowing that my political leaders know less about the world than they do about making war on it.  They make us look like bullies or idiots.  And I hate that more than anything else.

K, no more.

Here's hoping tomorrow will be better.

May. 8th, 2005

My politics Meme

I am... )

Nov. 14th, 2004

Well, I knew that...

You Are a Liberal for Life

You've got a bleeding heart - and you're proud of it.

For you, liberal means being compassionate, pro-government, and anti-business.

You believe in equality for every person, and you consider yourself universally empathetic.

Helping others is not just political for you ... it's very personal too.

Nov. 3rd, 2004

Political Rant--not political, don't read

First of all, I have to say… I LOVE my friends list.  Without it, I would have gone to work much more depressed, and much more certain that I must simply be out of step with this world.  All your hugs and reassurances this morning really helped.  And knowing that I wasn’t alone out there helped even more.

Now for the Rant... )