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Jul. 3rd, 2011

Recs--now all in one post!

I bet you thought I'd forgotten how to do these!  It's been a while, so this is at least the last six months worth, so many of these have been rec'd to heck and back, but...  Here goes. :)

Merlin Fic:Merlin fic )

Harry Potter fic: Harry Potter fic )

Narnia Fic (OMG, I can't believe it...another fandom.  Just one, though.): Narnia Fic )

Dec. 27th, 2010

Recs post!

So I haven't done a recs post in an age, so I thought I'd do one as a sort of end-of-year thing.  Some of these are very new and haven't even been revealed yet, and some are years old.  Should be a bit of something for everyone.  Enjoy!

HP fic:
Hot Pursuit - Naadi
Harry/Draco.  Art, but with a story.  Harry chases Draco around the world.  Naadi does it again.  Anyone who knows her stuff can tell you--she's not just a great artist, but also an excellent story-teller.  - PG13

The Stupendous Snupin Film Club - Anon at Snupin Santa
Severus/Remus.  Art, not as much story as above, but very fun.  Remus decides to introduce Severus to Muggle cinema.  Definitely a bit crack-ish, but well worth it. :)  - PG

Merlin fic:
Piecing Together the Cracks - Bewarethesmirk
Gwen/Morgana, others implied.  Gwen tries to deal with her Lady's absence.  Written for last year's Solstice Fest.  - PG13.

The Difference Between Us - Nahara
Merlin/Arthur.  Arthur is sent to another kingdom to discuss diplomatic relations, but as the country has not outlawed magic, Uther doesn't trust him, so he insists Arthur disguise himself, and that Merlin take his place as "Prince."  Some fun moments in this, and not crakish at all.  - PG13

And yes, there will be a lot more than this, this is just the non-adult fic.  I will get the adult recs up as soon as I can manage.

Apr. 11th, 2010

Sunday Recs post

I really haven't been reading much, but I do have a few recs for the other post, so do stick around... :)

Also have something else to babble about which I will post soon. Stay tuned, folks!

Mar. 1st, 2010

February Rec Day!

Yeah...I meant to post this yesterday, but I'm so distracted these days, I totally forgot.  So here are the recs from the fic I've read in the last month or so.

No non-adult recs, but the adult recs will be following shortly.

Jan. 17th, 2010

January Rec Day

Still have way too many fest fics unread, and nothing to post for the non-adult portion of my recs today, but quite a few adult recs. :)

Stay tuned for that post.

Dec. 13th, 2009

December Recs

Possibly will manage this once more before the end of the month, though I'm not going to guarantee it.  Most of the fics in this batch are from before the fests started.

All Merlin-fic on the non-adult post, here.

Merlin Fic:
See You on the Other Side - devilluck
Arthur/Merlin.  Merlin helps Arthur prepare for his coronation.  - PG

Underneath the Haze, One Thing Still Remains - Thoughts_artist
Arthur/Merlin, Arthur/Vivienne.  Spoilers for season 2.  Arthur doesn't understand why it feels as though something is missing.  - PG

Visiting Hunith - Rurounihime
Arthur/Merlin, Lancelot/Gwen.  Hunith sees them change each time they visit.  - PG13

Nov. 1st, 2009

November Rec Day!

And I actually have quite a few fics to rec.  Mostly adult-rated, of course.

For the Public Good - Blamebrampton
Harry/Draco.  Post-war, long one-shot.  When London goes into a time of crisis, the Minister sends two of his best people to help out the Prime Minister of England.  - PG

OMG, I am so behind on this because everyone and their mother rec'd this back when it came out last year, but--read it if you haven't.  It's amazing.

The Boy Who Baked - unknown
Harry/Draco.  Post-war, long one-shot.  Instead of becoming an Auror, Harry decides to indulge his creative side, and ends up becoming one of the best bakers in Wizarding England.  - PG13

Sep. 27th, 2009

Sunday Rec Day!

Again, with no non-adult recs to show for it.  But 4 adult recs (3 HP, 1 Merlin) will follow.

Hope everyone's having a lovely weekend.  And if you're not... *hugs tight*

Aug. 16th, 2009

Sunday Recs

Except not here. Will post the Adult Recs as soon as I can get them up, though there are only three...

I just haven't been reading much in the last two months. Hopefully that will change soon.

I'll do an update post shortly.

Jul. 5th, 2009

July Rec Day!

First Sunday of the month. I only have four recs this month--it really hasn't been great for reading. Just one is non-adult. Will post the others in a moment.

Because the World Is Round - Dollygrip
Arthur/Merlin, touch of Morgana/Gwen. Reincarnation fic. Every time, they find one another. - NR, but feels about PG13

Jun. 14th, 2009

June Rec Day!

HP fic:
One Day It Will Please Us to Remember Even This - Geoviki
Harry/Draco.  One-shot.  Postwar.  Draco has a problem that only Harry can help with.  - PG13

The Thread Measurer's Apprentice - Sansa
Harry/Draco.  Oneshot.  Post-war.  Draco receives a letter that saves his son's life.  When he finds out who sent it, he wants to know what it means.  - PG

Promenade - Dysonrules
Harry/Draco.  Oneshot.  Post-war.  Harry takes lessons to learn to finally dance properly.  - PG13

Merlin fic:
Four Things One Should Know About Merlin (and One Thing Nobody Knows About Arthur) - Adelagia
Merlin/Arthur.  Oneshot.  Arthur knows perhaps a bit too much about Merlin for his own comfort.  - PG

The Gift - Lilithilien
Merlin/Arthur.  OneShot.  Futurefic.  Things don't have to shine to be worthy of being given.  - G

Not, But Then Again - Justthismorning
Merlin/Arthur.  OneShot.  Arthur doesn't like who he is.  But having Merlin near helps.  Gender!Fic.  - PG

Bringing Up Baby - Oxoniensis
Arthur, Merlin.  OneShot.  Something's happened to turn Merlin into a baby.  Arthur's never particularly cared for babies...  - G

May. 3rd, 2009

May Rec Day!

All Merlin Fic this week.

Not Quite Mary Poppins - Claire Debonair
Arthur/Merlin, past Arthur/Sophia. Present-day AU. Merlin becomes a nanny for Arthur's son. And things happen. - PG13

The Gravest of Miracles - Rurounihime
Arthur/Merlin. Two-part fic. Arthur's brooding about something. And Merlin would do anything to help him. - PG13

Apr. 5th, 2009

Rec Day!

Two HP recs, both adult to follow.  All the non-adult stuff I have is Merlin today.

The Path We Take - Iamlolweasel
Arthur/Gwen, Lancelot/Gwen, Merlin/Arthur.  AU One-shot.  Morgana leaves Camelot, but not before warning Arthur against marrying Gwen.  What follows is two versions of what might happen.  - PG

A Little Fire to Warm - Janne_D
Merlin/Arthur, Gaius.  One-shot.  Arthur fell in the water.  Gaius shows Merlin how to warm him.  - PG13

Five Times Uther Knew Merlin Was Using Magic and Chose to Ignore It - Vail_Kagami
Uther, Merlin, Arthur.  One-shot.  Uther knows.  But sometimes the consequences of acting on that knowledge are too high.  - PG

We're a Storm in Sombody Else's Teacup - Lady Paperclip
Arthur/Merlin, Merlin/Will, Arthur/Lancelot, Lancelot/Gwen.  Modern AU chaptered fic.  In order to get Gwen to forgive him for not telling her about his magic, Merlin attends a meeting of people with Freaky Unnatural Powers, and meets Morgana.  Everything changes. - PG13

Mar. 1st, 2009

Sunday Rec Day

First Sunday of the month--means it's Rec Day. Except I've got no non-adult recs to show for it, and barely any HP. But I do have several Merlin recs.

Adult post to follow. :)

Feb. 1st, 2009

February Rec Day!

So, once upon a time I used to do regular weekly recs on Sunday. Things have changed, though, and I'm afraid I've let things stack up quite a bit. But according to my to-do list (see last entry), it's time to try this again. This time, dropping the number of times I rec down to once a month.

Most of the recs I have for today are fairly (read at least a month or more) old, but I did enjoy reading them.

As always, I post in two categories--G-PG13, and R and NC-17 (which seem to be most of my recs).

So without further ado, I present: Recs!

The If Sieve - [info]cest_what
Harry/Draco. Pre-DH compatible, chaptered.  Draco finds an old artifact that will help him change the way things turned out.  Too bad that it turns out like most of the rest of his plans--badly. - PG13

As Hard as It Gets - [info]auntbijou
Kingsley/Charlie, Charlie/Oliver. Postwar one-shot.  Charlie's not happy in his relationship, but his choice of how to deal with things doesn't go too well. D/s. - PG13

May. 25th, 2008

(Very long overdue) Sunday rec day!

What with life being insane, I haven't managed to do a rec day in quite some time.  I'd say I'd try to do it more regularly, but I doubt I'll manage.  I will, however, try to shoot for at least once a month if I can, to keep these numbers down a bit.

Two things before I continue with the two that will be recd unlocked.
One is that I've been playing with Delicious for some time now, and now that I'm at work all day, I've come up with a new idea of how to use it.  Now that I have to find a new way to store the stuff I like for recing later, I thought why not add a "recs" tag to it?  So I've added Rec and rating tags, so if anyone were to want to look at my recs (not that there's much there yet), they could go here to see them.  I intend to go back through all my recs at my rec journal and add them in.  Not sure if I'll keep the journal itself or delete it once I'm finished there.  I'll also be adding my Sunday recs, too.  So that eventually everything I recd will be linked there.  Easier retrieval, as it were.
And the other is that I have yet to get through most of the Cup fics.  I think I got through about a third of the prompts or so.  I will endeavor to read the others as well as soon as I can manage.

Deconstruction of an Architect - Dacro
Genish Snarry.  One-shot.  AU.  Severus finds himself being made into an architect to follow in his father's footsteps by a manipulative old man.  - PG13

- Annafugazzi
Harry/Draco, Draco/Astoria, Harry/Ginny, others.  One-shot.  Draco can't understand how Harry can be so blase about everything.  But he can't quit resist, either.  - PG13

Feb. 10th, 2008

Sunday Rec day!

So...I keep forgetting to do this, but I have a good selection this time, so that's something, at least, right?  This set will contain most or all of my Christmas Fest favorites.  (wow, it really has been too long...)

Wrapped Around - Osmalic
Gen.  One-shot.  The Marauders and Lily each spend a bit of time with Harry before that last Halloween.  - PG

41 Random Facts About James Potter - Xylodemon
Gen One-shot.  Facts about the first James Potter, just like the title says.  - PG

Dec. 16th, 2007

OMG, she's recing!

I know...it's been ages since I've done this.  But I do still read the occasional fic.  So...here's what I've collected since last time.  Lots of fest fics.  Most are probably Adult-rated, but I've got a few that aren't.

The Perfect Blend - Alisanne
Harry/Draco.  One-shot.  Harry and Draco try a spell meant to get rid of Draco's Dark Mark.  - PG

Unconventional - Terradine
Harry/Draco.  Two-part fic.  Harry and Draco are called to Hogwarts because their daughter is taken ill.  MPreg implied.  - PG

Oct. 7th, 2007

Recs time!

So, this seems to be shaping up to about once a month these days...  But at least this way, I have a bunch of recs for you. :) 

I won't be separating out the spoilers from the non any longer, but I will put warnings.  Still...read at your own risk if you haven't read the last book yet.

- Taradiane
Harry/Draco.  What do you do when the person you love doesn't remember they love you?  Past MPreg.  Based on my own fic, Snapshots, and utterly gorgeous.  - PG13

Sins of the Fathers - Blamebrampton
Scorpius/Albus, mentions of other pairings. *DH spoilers!* Scorpius makes a new friend upon starting at Hogwarts.  Based on Sansa's 20 Random Facts about Scorpius Malfoy.  WIP.  - PG13 (so far)

Sep. 9th, 2007

Sunday Rec Day!

Um...no non-adult fics to rec this week.  But I'd still like to link to this in case people haven't seen it.  Everyone deserves a bit of love. :)

If you can't see the rec post after this one, it means I don't have you friended back because I don't know who you are, or you didn't have an age statement.  Feel free to nudge this post to let me know how old you are, and I"ll friend you back.