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Dec. 10th, 2013

K_K Rec!

My gift at Kinky_Kristmas posted today, and I absolutely LOVE it. If you like vampires and the Malfoy (and Black) families, definitely go read.

Title: Blood-Red and Bitter-Sweet
Characters/Pairings: Regulus Black/Scorpius Malfoy
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Included: Vampirism, bonding
Other Warnings/Content: Biting
Word Count: ~3,245
Summary/Description: Lucius Malfoy probably believed that he'd won their game of Death Eater one-upmanship. Regulus Black was determined to prove him wrong.
Author's Notes: I hope this hits your kinks just so, dear recipient.

Blood-Red and Bitter-Sweet )

Jan. 8th, 2012

KK 2011: The Problem with Malfoy

So Kinky Kristmas reveals went up this morning, so I can admit to writing The Problem with Malfoy for [info]celandineb.

I was incredibly lucky this year and got three gifts, all of which were lovely.
How to Stop Sibling Rivalry by [info]kinky_kneazle, Teddy with both Potter brothers, plus a side of Harry/Draco/Blaise.
Taking Charge by [info]alafaye, which was Harry/Draco/Blaise.
And Of Daydream Draughts and Standing Stones by [info]uniquepov, which was Snape/Draco, George/Draco.
I definitely recommend them all, especially if you enjoy the pairings.

And for those who haven't gotten to my fic yet, I'll repost it here. :)

Kristmas Wish Fulfilled for: Wish # 18
From: [info]elfflame

Title: The Problem With Malfoy
Characters/Pairings: Harry/Draco, Harry/George/Draco
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Included: voyeurism/exhibitionism
Other Warnings/Content: workplace sex, blowjobs, light bondage
Word Count: 2237
Summary/Description: Draco and Harry have been seeing each other since shortly after Draco started to work for George, and it's really beginning to drive him spare. He's not even sure which of them he wants more.
Author's Notes: Thank you to my usual beta, who will remain nameless for now. I hope this works for what you wanted, recipient. I had a lot of fun with it.

The Problem With Malfoy )

Dec. 17th, 2011

Must-read KK fic.

You seriously need to go read my gift-fic over at Kinky Kristmas.  It's brilliant.

Of Daydream Draughts and Standing Stones
George/Draco and another

A story about George and Draco starting to heal after the war and the losses they endured.

Dec. 5th, 2010

[No Subject]

Quick rec.  My [info]daily_deviant gift went up today.  Draco/Scorpius.  I highly recommend it. :D

The Love of Family
Rating: NC17
Kinks/Themes Included: disguise and first time, incest
Other Warnings/Content: masturbation, cross-gen, dirty talk, sex toys, infidelity (consensual)
Word Count: 14,700
Scorpius enlists Al's help to seduce the illicit object of his affection.

If you like this pair at all...go read this.  I just adore it. :D

Oct. 8th, 2010

Fandom 30 Day Meme part 5-8

Very very behind because my trip had me offline for two days, and I'm still catching up on some things, so catch-up time on this now:

5 –If you have ever had a character try to push their way into a fic, whether your "muse" or not, what did you do about it?
Kingsley Shaklebolt. He was supposed to have a small part in my first NaNoWriMo, but as soon as he showed up, he started bossing me around. I ended up having to add stuff in the editing process to integrate him better into the story.

6 – When you write, do you prefer writing male or female characters?
I used to be afraid of writing guys. Then I got into slash, and never looked back. I barely write female characters any more. It's a bad habit I really need to get out of.

7 – Have you ever had a fic change your opinion of a character?
I was going to say I wasn't sure, then I remembered a little fic I read ages ago: Time out of Place by Cosmic. She's the one who made me fall for Draco, and I've never looked back.

8 – Do you write OCs? And if so, what do you do to make certain they're not Mary Sues, and if not, explain your thoughts on OCs.
No. For a very good reason. When I wrote Elfquest fic, I wrote almost exclusively OC's paired with the main elves. I know one *can* write OCs in a reasonable and interesting way, but there are so many characters in Harry Potter, there's really no need. You can find almost any sort of character to fill any role you need.
Not that I hate OCs--I have quite a number of HP OCs that I've RP'd. I just think there's generally little need to in fic.

Jun. 28th, 2008

HP Vamp Fic: Guarding Malfoy

So, the HP Vamp reveal is up. And I wrote this for it -

Title: Guarding Malfoy
Author/artist: [info]elfflame
Pairing: Harry/Draco (Draco/Harry?)
Rating: Rish
Warnings: jealousy, angst and the eensiest smidge of blood-play
Disclaimer: The characters are not mine. I make no money. Please don’t sue.
Original request/Bunny:
Pairing(s): Severus Snape/Charlie Weasley (or Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter)
Maximum rating: NC17
Scenario: There's a new vampire in town and everyone's scrambling to become their blood donor and bonded mate. Charlie (or Harry) just wants a chance with the man he's been in love with for what seems like forever.
Cool things: Lots and lots and lots of suitors :D, just a dash of angst if possible
Squicks: scat, felching, wandplay, non con, extreme bdsm, ron/hermione, sirius/remus (should they think about making it into the picture)
Notes: As soon as I saw this, I got this humungous bunny. And then life got in the way. Perhaps someday I will write the full version of this fic, though I rather like it as it is. I don’t generally write Harry-fic. Usually Draco is the one who speaks to me. But this, I just couldn’t resist. Thank you to [info]ceria & [info]kabal42 for the beta help.

It's choice - not chance - that determines your destiny. – Jean Nidetch )

Also, a rec for the piece made from my prompt - Remembered Fire by Oldenuf2nb.  So rich, and so brilliant.  Five chapters of excellent H/D Vamp fic.  Just go read it.

Apr. 4th, 2008

State of the Elf again

* Job is...nuts.  They've been getting twice the work I'm able to do in a day.  And have no one else doing it.  And I'm scrambling to be able to do as much as I am.  Plus, I'm not really doing it the way they want to end up having it be done.  Someone else does a bunch of lookup and callbacks that I couldn't do yet because I didn't have access to the relevant system yet.  So eventually they want to have three of us doing the lookup, callbacks, and entering all at once.  Which would slow things down incredibly much.  I don't think they're quite cognizant of that just yet. :P

* Have been wibbling back and fort on a reclist of Anj classics.  So...the question is, would there be any call for it, or does it seem redundant or silly, and I should just keep my big yap shut?

* Have not been playing in my games at all of late.  I suck.  Mostly because I can't really at work without feeling like I'm breaking rules, and by the time I get home, I'm wiped.

But I have been able to rp a bit through email and a few private rps... 

Harry and Draco have been together since September of 2006, and got married in 2007 (realtime).  One private ceremony with just very immediate family (Lucius, Severus, Sirius and Remus) in the Netherlands where it was legal for males at the time (the rp took place in 2002 at the time, I think), and one public ceremony several months later in the summer that was just for show.  And now that we've moved them to "today," Harry's asked him again, now that it's legal for men to be able to marry each other in England.  So he's been working on that.

And my Blaise has finally gained a Theo.  We set it up that they were together in school a bit and then separated by the war.  And now they're engaged to be married.  My Blaise is very much of the "love doesn't exist" mindset because of his mother, but his friends and lovers have convinced him otherwise, and so now he's shocked, but very happy.  It's odd, but sweet.

* Writing - finished my HP Vamp fic, but for the editing, which will begin this weekend.  Need to start my D_D, and have ideas for another fic as well that wants to push the D_D right out of the way.  And if I finish all that, I might claim another prompt at HP Vamp.  Oh, and I have drabbles to do, too. :)  And I have this amazing fic idea that I *have* to find the time to do, too.

* Also…have been having an idea that I’d like to do one of those “commentary tracks” for one of my fics.  Anyone have any preferences for which?  I might do a poll at some point.

* [info]hd_worldcup.  If you’re not watching, why not?  I haven’t had much chance to read what’s been posted so far, but I have enjoyed what I’ve read.

* Politics - I'm starting to get annoyed with both candidates.  I was so thrilled when they both ended up as frontrunners, because I thought it meant we could avoid the “vote for me because I’m a …” argument.  Why they couldn’t just run on the issues…  Well, I suppose I know: they’re too close in most beliefs, so they need better ways to separate themselves.

* Have been considering switching my default icon to something different.  Not sure to what yet, though.

Mar. 2nd, 2008

[No Subject]

Just watched a new show, and I have to know...has anyone else out there seen it?  Being Human. Vampire and a Werewolf rent a flat that turns out to be haunted by the ghost of a girl who died there.  Rather cute, and has lots of potential.  I can't wait to see more.

Feb. 18th, 2008

My Role in Fandom

So...this is something I've been meaning to re-do for ages now.  But especially since the move to IJ in August.

My number one priority in fandom is, has and always will be, fic.  Writing it, and still occasionally recing it.  I post the 13th of every month to [info]daily_deviant, and participate in random fests here and there.  And, on great occasion, I write something just because it desperately has to get written.

Modding -
I am an editor at [info]potter_prophet, which I contribute to each Sunday.
I mod the asylum [info]blaise_zabini, which accepts all fic, art, icons meta or other entries having to do with the dark-skinned Slytherin.
I also mod [info]hp_nano, which is a gathering place for those in the HP fandom participating in the yearly NaNoWriMo Challenge in November.

RP -
I co-mod the game [info]founders_legacy, where I play Draco and Blaise.
I also RP in a slightly different form at [info]rp_bad_boyz as Rabastan and Blaise.
And there's also still an older Draco in my head who snuggles with K's Harry.

Then there is [info]true_revenge, which [info]foodie and I have been slowly posting all our stories that started with a simple little idea I had about how Lucius might have proposed to Narcissa.

And [info]shadowhunt, which is the beginning of a pseudo-rp surrounding an idea [info]foodie had where Hestia Jones starts up a bounty-hunting agency after the war.

Then there's something that's not strictly fannish, but which I haven't mentioned in my journal until now--[info]writing_linkz.  It's nowhere near complete, and probably never will be.  It's invite-only to join, but anyone is free to watch.  Mostly, it's a place where I stash links that I think will be helpful in my writing.

Oct. 11th, 2007

Fic rec!

[info]kabal42 wrote me the most gorgeous fic...  It's Harry/Draco, and based on V for Vendetta, and she really did an amazing job.  Everyone should go read it.

Say Just Words to Me

Sep. 9th, 2007

[No Subject]

My HD Remix piece went up today, only the third of the fest, and it is the most beautiful thing.  It's based on my story, Snapshots (picture links to art by Hill), which is one of those stories I'm most proud of.  This fic blows it out of the water by a mile.  I read it with tears streaming down my face.  The writer did such a fantastic job.  Please go tell her how amazing she is.  This fic deserves a million comments.


And if my guess is correct as to who the writer is, I'm even more squeeful... :D

Aug. 30th, 2007

Part of my fandom history

When I first started reading HP fanfic, I didn't consider myself a slasher.  I only read het or gen, and kept it at that.  Of course, the prevalence of slash in HP fanfic made it impossible to ignore, and so I began stumbling over slash fic with more and more frequency.  Finally, after reading the third or fourth piece, I decided to just get it over with, and went to search out some of the "big" fics of the time.  Now, this was in 2003, and fandom was probably reaching its peak. 

The first of the stories I found, was, of course, Rhysenn's Irrisistable Poison.  It was that and another fic that inspired me to start writing my own fic, and I always look back on it fondly.  Unfortunately, soon after she wrote IP, she stopped writing the pairing, and so when I saw that she was doing a new post-DH canon fic picking up after the last scenes of DH, but before the epilogue, I was thrilled.

And when I read The Debt, I was even more thrilled.  Even without this fic, I would love her, but the final chapter made me weep.  Not because it was sad, but because she took her own most famous scene, and worked it for this new canon, and the scene is so good...  The story left me smiling and teary in the best way possible.

I feel like I'm saying good-bye to something, but I'm not.  I guess it's more that it just feels like things are coming full-circle.  If you're a fan of Rhysenn's or IP, you should definitely give it a read.  And if you've never read IP, I highly recommend it, and I promise you'll get so much more out of The Debt if you read IP first.

Aug. 4th, 2007

[No Subject]

Yes.  Just yes.

Read it.

Fiction vs Reality - JKR convicted of fictional murder

Jul. 3rd, 2007

State of the Elf

Someone please remind the bunnies that I have too much to do as is, and that I do NOT need another fest, and that I DON'T write het?  *clobbers the Lucius/Tonks bunny that jumped on me the moment I read Violet's post at [info]erotic_elves*

Nerves going utterly insane.  This month is going to go so fast....
11 - Oder of the Phoenix released
13 - D_D regular post date.
15 - D_D Farewell fic due
21 - Deathly Hallows released
22 - Elf's brain goes splewy.
Not to mention all the threads going on at each game this month.  At least AD is fairly calm.  First month back at school, so I don't have to do TOO much...  But I have a huge birthday, and Christmas... *sighs*

Have been playing (too much) over at Kongregate.  Anyone else have an account there?  Some of those games are seriously addictive.

I've also been thinking of new ways to do my recs.  Still do the Sunday ones, but maybe only once a month...  But maybe themed groups, or something.  I think the pairing recs have gone by the wayside.

And apparently people really want to know what I think of Labyrinth. :D

Jun. 18th, 2007

Update of doom

I just seem to be so distracted these days, I rarely seem to post anything but fic or memes.  So a list of my life of late:

* On Spoilers!  I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again.  I don't want to be spoiled.  Please, please, please!  Put stuff under a cut for those of us who want to actually read the book without prior knowledge?  Thanks.

many many many other things behind the cut, to save my flist from teh ginormous post of doom )

And I think I'll stop there.  And maybe try to post more often? :P  Hope everyone is having a good day.

Feb. 12th, 2007

[No Subject]

So, [info]dorrie6 just posted a ship master-list that had me thinking.

Back when I first got into the fandom, I spent a lot of time over at Fiction Alley, looking through their ship-lists for new stories to read.  Heck, it's where I found most of the Harry/Draco classics I've read.  But so many of us moved over here, that it makes me wonder if it wouldn't be a good idea to have a community much like that here at livejournal, using ship master-lists as a sort of base-template.  Each entry would be a master list for one ship.  Not recs, but people posting links to their own stories that fit that ship, as comments, and with a specific format outlined in the entry above.

Threads could only be started by mods, and there would be a master ship-list at the top so that people could find the ship they were looking for easily.  Maybe a request thread as well, so people could ask for new threads to be started.

What do people think? 

I would be willing to start something like this this week if I thought people were interested, and if I had a couple or three volunteers to help me.

: Community created - [info]hpficlist

Jan. 28th, 2007

Fandom appreciation

Part 2: Favorite Ships

I've put a list together of some of my favorite ships, and some great fics for each ship.  I tried to go with newer fics, but if I couldn't find something from the last year, I went with my favorite fics, period, so there are classics here as well as long-time favorites and new ones.  Enjoy!

My OTP - Harry/Draco )
My OT3 )
Other OTPs - SS/SB, SS/DM, SS/LE )
My Secondary OT3 - SS/DM/HP )
Other great Ships, Slash, Het, Femmeslash, and Threesomes )

Jan. 27th, 2007

Fandom appreciation

Okay, so [info]inell has declared it fandom appreciation weekend, so I thought I'd do a little list of some of the people in fandom I rec the most, and my favorite fics of theirs.  Beyond that, we'll see. :)

20 of my most-rec'd fic authors )

Will try to do more general stuff tomorrow.

Forgive if there are errors.  It is late at night, and my eyes are crossing.  Will fix in the morning.

Night, all.

Dec. 3rd, 2006

[No Subject]

[info]scribbulus_ink wrote a drabble for one of my favorite minor pairings - Remus/Regulus.  It's so sweet.  Go look.

Jul. 10th, 2006

[No Subject]

So, the masterlist again.  I know a lot of people have gone off the idea, but I still think it's a good one.  I'd go through and make a list of my favorites that others have put on that still don't have enough votes, but omg, I read *way* too much, so that list would be immense.  So I'll just list the ones that I added that still don't have enough votes.

List one

Domine by [info]underlucius (LM/HP) - no votes.  Am I really the only person that likes this?
Punch Drunk Love by Mexx and Lex (DM/HG) - only one vote.
Coming Home by [info]rosesanguina (FW/GW/RL) - two votes.
Shade More than Man by Acamar (SS/SB, RL/HP) - only one vote.
Vert de Grice by [info]anise_anise & [info]moshes (LM/SS) - two votes.
The Visit by [info]fluffyllama (LM/SS) - three votes.
Without Rhyme or Reason by Kindli (HP/DM) - three votes.
As In a Dream by Nope Jr (SS/DM) Now has enough votes.
Wordplay by [info]rosesanguina (SS/DM) - two votes.

List two

The Long Road by [info]leni_jess (SS/HP, SS/HP/LM, SS/LM) Now has enough votes.
Parting Gift by [info]sparrohawk (LM/SS) - one vote.
August Twelfth by [info]sanj (RL/HP) - one vote only.
Blaise by Alchemia Dent (Blaise-centric) - three votes.

And the Gen List, to which I've added nothing, because I don't read enough gen-fic, though I have been keeping my eye on it and voting there when I see stuff I know.