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Sep. 12th, 2005

Life Update

So, birthday party yesterday...

Bought too much food, but [info]oni_anne made us all lumpia, which we quickly devoured, and there were tons of games.  It was just great seeing everyone, and getting to talk.  I would have liked to play a few more games, but oh, well.  Maybe another time.

Bought a cheesecake, which was barely touched, but it's gone to a good home... ;D

I'm slightly bummed that I didn't get the cake I wanted, but I have no rl slasher friends, so I would have been the only one enjoying it.  Maybe someday...


Hubby's birthday today. We went to Patty's Eggnest for breakfast, then came back, and he opened his presents. Hubby seemed to be quite pleased with them, if a little concerned that I got him the same thing his mother might have. Guess we'll see tonight. Then he spent about an hour or so playing Ratchet and Clank 3. But he says he's not allowed to play any more of that until he's finished 2. He wants to finish it by the time 4 comes out in the next couple of months.

Gah. Can we just stop the world now? I really don't want to be 36. 35 was bad enough. If anyone cares, I'll probably be hiding from the world tomorrow, except for dinner with my folks.

Also, starting to pack for Cali. :) This should be fun, though I'm a bit skittery at the thought of getting on an airplane... I haven't been on a plane since 92. But it should be fun. Leaving Wednsday night, coming back Monday. I'm just trying to decide how much stuff that is. :)


As I'm going through my old recs to post them to the recs journal, I'm finding broken links, so if anyone knows the location of any of these fics, I'd be most appreciative... If you know the author's taken it down permenantly, that knowledge would be appreciated as well.

Missing Fics -- Please Help )

That's everything at the moment. There may be more later.


Also, I am slowly posting my fics over at:

If any of the authors on my flist would like an invite, let me know. I'd love to see you there. It's a multi-fandom archive, so more than just HP is welcome. :D

Aug. 22nd, 2005

Missing fics!

Does anyone know where to find a copy of Franthepheonix's Waiting for Draco?  She says she no longer has a copy, and if anyone knows where a finished version was, I'd be forever grateful...

Also, Rough Ride by Mariner....  The link I had seems to be dead.  Does anyone know where I could find that?

Aug. 29th, 2004


Life's been kind of nuts, lately.  Haven't been doing too much writing, really.

Should focus on the next chapter of FH, but it's at one of those fiddly stages, where nothing exciting is happening, and dang that's just hard to write.

Tried to write a Draco-sorted-into-Ravenclaw fic, but since we know so few Ravenclaws, it didn't end up too different from FH... :(  Not okay.  One thing I try to do with my fics is at least have an original idea.  Draco's Draught was a fic I wanted to read, but didn't seem to be out there, so I wrote it.  And Snapshots and Precious Silver were both stories I hadn't seen done.  Which means when the story starts feeling stale, I have to figure out if I'm really being original or rehashing.  Lately, all it feels like I'm doing is rehashing...  :(

But I will try to write today, honest...

Also, if anyone on my FList knows this fic, I really want to find it again, but I can't recall who it's by, or what the title is.  It might be by Seeker, tho.  Snape stumbles across a new secret room shortly after the end of the war, and discovers that one wall is a one-way window into the Prefect's bathroom, where he sees Harry and Draco enjoying themselves together.

ETA Just found it. Disciplinary Authority, by Seeker. I love it when I'm right... :D