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Sep. 8th, 2005


I'm wiped.  Just posted 16 recs over at my recs journal today, all adult...  And all have either Remus or Severus or both in them. 

And I was even more excited last night when I finally checked out The Archive, and [info]nimori had posted Blaze of Noon there (which I keep wanting to type Blaise... :P), which I absolutely adore, so that's in my recs today.

Getting ready for my party Sunday.  Cake's off, cause it's so expensive, and money's getting a bit tight, and I'm the only one who'd really appreciate it anyway...  But I'm looking forward to spending time with everyone, particularly [info]firesika, who I haven't seen for a very long time.  Think we've got enough food coming, and I know we'll have plenty to play. :D

Also, getting ready for my trip to Cali. :D  That should be lots of fun.  [info]maydela and I are planning on checking out the Winchester Mystery House, which should be fun.  And she's talking about getting Nightlife while I'm there so I can drool about it.  Then I'll have to come back and get myself a job so that I can afford a good upgrade to my computer so I can actually play it... ;D

And, I need to work on my absentee ballot this weekend, since I won't be back until the day before the primary...

Busy, busy.

Sep. 5th, 2005

At <lj user

I've made eight rare-pair recs over at my recs journal today if anyone is interested.  I specifically went for non-canon rare pairs, but there should be something for everyone.  Weasleys, Malfoys, and Marauders. :)  However, most of them are Adult-rated, so if you haven't friended the journal, you won't be able to see them unless you ask me to friend you back first.  Which I will more than gladly do.


Sep. 4th, 2005

Sunday Recs

Well, this is where I'd normally post my Sunday non-NC-17 recs...but I have none.  I think between working on my recs journal, the hurricane, and other things going on in my life, there wasn't much I really managed to read this week.  There are NC-17 recs, but those, as always, will be posted in a friends-locked post. 

I do have other info to impart, however, so bear with me.  Starting next weekend, I will be adding my HBP spoiler recs to my regular rec posts, instead of posting them separately.  They will still have warnings, but they may not be under an lj cut, so be warned.

Lots of recs up now at [info]elfflame_recs, both new and old.  I hope you'll give it a glance.  :D

Aug. 24th, 2005

Today on <lj user

I have posted a special birthday edition of [info]elfflame_recs today in honor of [info]saoni's birthday.  All the posts aside from the explanation post are friends-locked, so you will need to friend the journal, and let me know so I can friend you back before you can see them.  Aside from [info]saoni's own fic (rec'd below if you're interested...), I have rec'd 8 Lucius-slash pieces.  All favorites of mine.  I know she's interested in Lucius slash, so I hope she enjoys... :D  And I hope you all will too.  I'll probably be offline for much of the day, but I will check back on tonight, and should be here until 11:30 or so, if anyone wants to be friended.

Aug. 21st, 2005

Rec Journal: <lj user

So, I've decided I'm going to post 8 entries per day over there until I've gone through all my recs on my list.  Then I'll just update on Sundays.  Much easier for me in the long run.

So, two each of my gen, het, slash, and group fics.  Today I rec'd some of my all time favorite fics, only one of which was under an R rating...  Still, there's lots more to come.  I'm also cleaning up as I go, finding better links if I can.  I hope everyone likes the format...

Reclist update

So, I have uploaded a new version of my reclist up at Malfoy Saga.  Topics this update: Trios, Altered States, AU & AR, Senses, Dirty Talk, UST, and Voyurism.

I have decided that this will be my last update this way.  I'm going to start up a Recs journal which will have all the recs I have done, and all the ones I will do.  This will allow me to give a much greater detail of information on each fic  I will still be doing all my Sunday Recs.  I'll post the name of my new journal once I've got it started.  I'll be posting the older fics from my list about ten at a time.

ETA: The new recs journal is [info]elfflame_recs.