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Jun. 7th, 2008

Stuff + Sims pics

Finally finished reading the first of the Anita Blake books.  You know how it is when you know too much about something before you read or see it?  I think that's the case with these books.  I know too much. 

Slightly spoilery behind the cut )

I intend to keep reading, though.  I enjoyed it enough, and I'm curious to see what happens next.  We'll see when she tips the scales.


Dr Who this week--great episode.


And now for pictures - Harry/Draco and Blaise/Theo.

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May. 24th, 2008

A loss and Indy 4 review

Let's see...

Robert Asprin died Thursday.  I think I was introduced to him by the graphic novel of Myth Adventures done by Warp Graphics and Phil Foglio in the 80s.  The books are clever and fun, and I really do wish that someone would buy up the rights and make a movie out of the first one.  They seem perfectly suited for movie material.  If you haven't read them and like humor/fantasy, I highly recommend them.

Saw Indy 4 today.  Quiet crowd.  Missed a small bit toward the end cause I had to run to the Ladies, but nothing vital, I think.  Not the best of the series, but at the moment, I do think it's better than Temple.  Raiders, Crusade, Skull, Temple, in that order, I think.  It's not the most brilliant movie ever, but if you go with an open mind, and a love of Indy, it's worth the money and the trip.  There's plenty in the story to make an Indy fan smile.  Will definitely be buying when it comes out on DVD.

Spoilers beneath the cut, and probably in the comments )

I think that's enough, really.  I did enjoy it.  And I wasn't expecting it to be stellar, so I think that helped.  A good film if you like the series.

Dec. 1st, 2007

State of the Elf

So...even though I've posted just about every day in the last month, most of it has been story-stuff rather than other stuff, so I thought I'd update everyone.

Got some serious bunnies in the last month.  SS/SB/RL with a Tonks side, SS/RL (yes, really) post DH with Teddy in attendance, DM/SM fic for someone's xmas gift because she deserves it, and something like three or four non-fairy tale H/D ideas.  Including a 12 days of Christmas thing, which I have informed my brain is not going to happen...  In particular, working on a post-DH story with [info]kabal42 that could be tons of fun. 
For now, though, my #1 priority is D_D's KK fic...I think we're almost done...
Still have it in mind to do Epilouge Kid drabbles...

Watching Bedknobs and Broomsticks and then Narnia today with hubby...as soon as we come back from the store. 
Sister's working on a books list for the Zygote...  That's been fun. 
I'm really beginning to hate the holidays, though.  Or maybe its just that side of the family.  Every time I get an email from one of them, I get tense.  To the point where I'm starting to avoid email in general...  No clue what to do as far as gifts, given that all the major people in my life aside from my sister either don't want them, or are so distant as to give me no clue what they might want. It's kind of making me ill.  I wish I were more ahead.  And that I had the skill, equiptment and time to just make everyone new scarves or something...
Been reading a lot.  Both fic and books.  Just finished the Dexter books.  Will probably post a review of all three this weekend.  But the short version?  If you like the show, read the books. :D

New game, here at IJ: [info]founders_legacy.  Ad to follow soon.  4th year AU.  We're having fun so far.  Game officially starts the first of January.  I've taken on Draco ([info]draconis_m) and Blaise ([info]blaise_z), of course.
Also, doing a half-writing, half-rp project with a friend surrounding an idea we've had for a while.  It's called [info]shadowhunt if people want to give it a look.  Post-DH, Hestia Jones sets up a sort of bounty-hunter service.  We've got four characters: Hestia, Charlie, George and Blaise.  There will be slash and adult humor.  It's a closed game, but people are quite welcome to watch.  We'd love opinions.  We're not going to run it like a traditional RP, but there will be threads that will grow over time.  And we'll probably post threads for people to comment on after them, particularly when we're looking for input on who they should go after next, or things like that. :)

Found a new toy I've been spending too much time with: Wordie.  There under elfflame, if folks want to look at my word-lists and/or suggest additions. :)

Okay, so my reaction to the new uproar yesterday was, "Uh huh.  And this surprises you?"  This morning, it's more, "goddamn it!"  I refreshed the page I keep my lj open on, not noticing that it had logged me out, so all the fest entries were not only hidden behind a cut, they had an extra page to get to content.  Except when I logged in, it wouldn't let me see either the page or the "are you over 18" page any more...just errored out.  I figured it out, but still... 
Mostly, I'm just glad that's not my main journal any longer.  I can't wait to see what happens when the first person gets closed down because of these...  So done with this.  Been done with it since August.  So why hasn't it effing gone away yet?

Aug. 6th, 2005

Forgot to update this meme...

So no one guessed any of my books here, aside from the obivious...

So here are the answers--
1. Lady Blade, Lord Fighter - Sharon Green.  Fantasy/Romance.  Lots of swordfighting and sex...if you like that sort of thing. ;)

2. Dragon Prince - Melanie Rawn.  First of a set of series set in a fantasy world based vaguely on Celtic words and ideas.

3. Daughter of the Empire - Janny Wurts.  The first book in a companion series to the Riftwar Saga by Raymond E Feist.  A fantasy world based on feudal Japan.

4. Silverthorn - Raymond E Feist.  The third book in the Riftwar Saga.  Classic fantasy quest.

5. If you don't know, I ain't telling. ;D

Jun. 16th, 2005

30 days and counting...

For those of you who know me personally, I will now apologize, because most likely, the only thing I will be able to concentrate on is a certain book that is shortly to be released.  I will not, however, pretend that it is not. 

As for writing...Well, I've worked my list down to a chosen few fics, which may or may not get done within that time.  There shouldn't be any surprise fics (Draco's birthday) in the next thirty days.  I hope.  So, on to the list:
Primitus Conspicio - H/D - Harry and Draco are placed under a curse by Lucius.  Based on the movie Ladyhawke.
Five Times Out - H/D - Vaguely PWP, Draco takes to following Harry to a club while wearing disguises so he won't be recognized.
Snape's Son - Gen - The war is over, and Snape discovers something new to give his life meaning at the deathbed of Albus Dumbledore.
Strangers Till Now - Draco/Hermione - Draco sends Hermione on a little visit to see his cousin -- the Goblin King.  Based on Labyrinth.
Still untitled Veela!Draco story - H/D - After the war is over, Draco decides to act on something he's wanted for a very long time.

Two of those are chaptered, or at least exceptionally long fics, so I'm not too sure I'll finish them in time, but we'll see.  The most likely to be finished are PC and SS.  Now just to sit and actually do it.

In reading news:
Currently reading the sequel to Silver Metal Lover by Tanith Lee, called Metallic Love.  I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoyed the first.
As far as fic goes, I'm currently reading Per Solum Lacuna By Words Alone, which is an utterly gorgeous Harry/Draco anonymous correspondance (through journals) fic.  I don't think it's completed (yet), but as it's taken me this long to even catch up, I think it's a fabulous read.  I can't wait to see what happens when they begin to realize who they've been talking with. :D
Other than that, it's just been the usual bits and pieces on my flist, though I have been surprisingly drawn to the classic literature retold as HP stories lately: Great Expectations, and Severus Snape and the Ghostwritten Romance (Cyrano de Bergerac) particularly stand out as stories I'd highly recommend.  If anyone out there has similar works, I'd love to read them. 

That's all for now. :)

Mar. 3rd, 2005

Sims 2 University and Current Reading

K, starting with the good stuff:

Have been reading A Year Like No Other at work, and am really quite blown away.  It's not Severitius, but it has some aspects of Severitus, most specifically the Snape/Harry bonding.  Very much enjoying it.

Also currently rereading Dragon Prince, which may well be my all-time favorite book.  For those into Slytherin politics, this is a great book (or even the whole series, if you're up for it) to read.  Roelstra IS Lucius Malfoy, and the intrigues that Prince Rohan sets up for the Raiella is so Slytherin and wonderful to read again now that I've read Harry Potter. :)  I do recommend the books to anyone who's into fantasy.  Particularly if they're into intrigue.

In Sims news... )

Sep. 29th, 2004

Treated myself today...

Went to B&N at lunch to see what I could find, cause having a cold sucks, and I needed to improve my mood.  (Though some of the lovely conversations I had with people about Fannish stuff while I was home sick yesterday were lovely...)  Anyway, I found myself a book by my favorite Radio Psychologist, Dr Joy Browne. 

Back when I quit my job before going back to school, I used to get up in the morning with my husband, or shortly thereafter, and try to write.  Original stuff at the time, though maybe if I'd been into slash then, I might have been more productive. ;)  Anyway, her show came on the air about nine, so I would turn it on and listen as I wrote.  She never takes anything from her callers, and she knows when to cut them off.  She can be mean, but I've never known her to be so unless the caller has been rude to her.  She's always great at getting to the point, and never talks down to anyone.  I can't say that my life particularly improved while listening to her, but knowing that answers could be clear-cut if they were carefully thought out made me feel a bit better.

I stopped listening to her when I started school, but I did try to go back to listening to her program once I graduated.  Unfortunately, by that time, the station that was playing her show kept messing with the time she was on, and cutting it shorter and shorter.  I've missed the way she always managed to get right to the point.  So, I bought her book, Getting Unstuck.  It's really reminded me just how enjoyable her show was.

Jul. 26th, 2004

Currently reading...

So, at the moment, I am currently reading...

Seeker to Seeker -
Now, I've heard a lot about this fic, so I figured it was about time that I actually read it. And it's pulling me along well enough, but I can't see why it's an H/D classic. :S It's plot isn't really that great, and though the boys are gradually coming to like each other, the events seem more like a bunch of excuses for the boys to have sex...Which I'm not knocking. I mean, I do read PWP fics. But for a longer fic, I was just hoping for a bit more growth, I guess...

Gold Tinted Spectacles -
I read this once before on Schnoogle, but I recently discovered Beren's NC-17 version as well, so I'm rereading. I really like the Harry and Draco in this, despite the fact that they're a bit OOC. They're believably so, and I love the way they interact.

Fool's Fate, by Robin Hobb -
My hubby got me the latest book of the Tawny Man series, but it's been a while since I read more than a few chapters in a real book, so it's a bit odd to suddenly be carrying this book around. I'd forgotten just how twisted some of the complications are for these characters. Hobb's such a great author. :)