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Dec. 16th, 2005

Happy Birthday, <lj user

I adore [info]geoviki's stories, particularly the ATBT universe, which seems to be ever-expanding, and utterly gorgeous.  For recs, I will say check out this entry, and to it would add the sequel of ATBT, Delicate Sound of Thunder, which is equally as gorgeous.  I hope you're having a fabulous day, [info]geoviki, and many happy returns! :D

Dec. 14th, 2005

Happy Birthday <lj user

[info]titti is someone I have known about for a long time.  In fact, without her, my Snack obsession wouldn’t have gotten the proper care and feeding it deserves, because she is the one who maintains and runs the best Snack Archive out there: The Thin Line.  I have spent so many hours there enjoying myself.  And without her, that just wouldn’t have been possible.  Thanks to her, the amount of Snape-fic out there is that much larger and easier to find, because not only does she run The Thin Line, but she also runs the Snape/Weasleys Archive, and she even writes Snape-fic herself.  I hope you all will join me in wishing her the very best of birthdays.  Hope you have a wonderful birthday, Titti!  You deserve it. :)


Finding the Way – Titti

Severus/Draco.  Two-part fic.  After the war, Snape and Andromeda try to help Draco deal with his losses.  – NC-17

A very different Snaco fic that actually show a Draco who, while not being “evil,” still made it through the war without joining in, while remaining very pureblood in focus.  I love the end of this piece, and how much like Lucius Draco has become by that point.


The Fascination of What’s Difficult – Titti

Severus/Draco/Bill.  Snape loses his powers in the war due to a spell cast by Lucius Malfoy.  Draco decides to hire Bill Weasley to remove the charm that caused it.  Bill discovers that the two Slytherins are more fascinating that he would have thought.  – NC-17

Not a pairing I’ve seen anywhere else, but absolutely gorgeous.  I love caretaker!Draco, and Bill and Snape are just wonderful in this piece.

Dec. 11th, 2005

Happy birthday, <lj user

Happy birthday to Cruisedirector, who’s been on my flist for a good long time now.  Even better, she not only shares a Harry Potter obsession with me, but Star Trek as well.  When I first realized that she was the same person who did Janeway/Chakotay fics in the Voyager fandom, I was thrilled.  She always keeps me up-to-date with Star Trek info, and her HP fics are always a joy to read.  Particularly her Snupin, which is utterly lovely.  I hope you all will join me in wishing her the very best of birthdays by dropping her a birthday review.


All Right

Severus/Remus.  One-shot.  Remus falls asleep in Snape’s quarters one night, and Snape comes to a realization.  – PG

I love the softness of this fic.  There’s a sadness here, but a hope for positive change.  She writes Snape’s POV very well here.



            Gen.  One-shot.  Draco comes to his father for comfort one night.  – PG

There was a time when I didn’t believe in “Good father Lucius,” but I can’t deny that it calls to something in me.  This fic is so lovely, I just have no words for it.  Lucius and Draco are both perfect.

I was sure I'd rec'd more fics of hers than that, but I urge you to go check out her stuff.  You won't regret it. :)

Dec. 2nd, 2005

Happy birthday, <lj user

Cluegirl so owns me…  I rec’d her tons before I even really realized I had.  She’s becoming one of those who can write anything and I’ll read cause her name’s on it.  I adore her so very much.  She gets the dark themes just right, and her romance, while soft, is never fluffy, and always just perfect.  I love her Severus, I love her Lucius and I’d sleep with either of them in a heartbeat.  I hope you all will join me in wishing her the very best of birthdays this year by dropping her a birthday review for one of her stories—there’s plenty to choose from. :)  Happy birthday, hon.  Here’s to many more, both birthdays AND fics. :D

Many many good fics behind the cut )

Aug. 24th, 2005

Today on <lj user

I have posted a special birthday edition of [info]elfflame_recs today in honor of [info]saoni's birthday.  All the posts aside from the explanation post are friends-locked, so you will need to friend the journal, and let me know so I can friend you back before you can see them.  Aside from [info]saoni's own fic (rec'd below if you're interested...), I have rec'd 8 Lucius-slash pieces.  All favorites of mine.  I know she's interested in Lucius slash, so I hope she enjoys... :D  And I hope you all will too.  I'll probably be offline for much of the day, but I will check back on tonight, and should be here until 11:30 or so, if anyone wants to be friended.

Aug. 12th, 2005

Happy Birthday, <lj user

PhoenixSong, aka [info]mijan , is the author of one of the best Harry/Draco stories out there.  It is a story I stumbled across back in the early days of my slash obsession, and one of the first chaptered stories I found that was OOTP compatible.  It is still one of the very best, in my opinion.  PhoenixSong is a true Harry/Draco supporter.  She is friendly and fun to talk to, and her stories and art are always wonderful to find.  I hope you will all join me in wishing her the very best of birthdays, and leaving her a birthday review. :D



Harry/Draco.  Post OOTP.  Draco takes his revenge on Harry.  He has found the perfect way to prove his value to Lord Voldemort.  Bring him the one thing he’s always wanted…Harry.  This is the most canon Draco I think I’ve read in a fan-fic.  WIP  – R


Back at Hogwarts, the teachers and students are frantic to know what happened to Harry.  *Caution* This will give away a bit of the ending, so if you don’t want spoilerish things for Eclipse, don’t read.  – PG13

PhoenixSong’s epic.  This is the one to read if you don’t believe in this pairing.  The two have been slowly but surely coming to understand each other throughout the fic, and it has been worth every second of time she has taken crafting it; each chapter is always worth the wait.  This is THE most canon Draco I have ever read, and she actually did get a few details of their sixth year right.  Particularly Draco’s task (though her version of the task is different), and Harry’s newfound understanding of his long-term rival.


Only Your Shadow

Harry/Draco, sort of.  Draco tells his father that Harry will be going into Hogsmeade, then decides to see his foe’s downfall for himself, so he follows him into town, only to discover some very surprising facts about the Boy Who Lived.  – PG13

Similar to Eclipse in idea, but much simpler and shorter.  And the “magical journal” idea just makes this story work.  You can almost see Draco’s reactions to each revelation.



Harry/Draco.  Draco got the job offer he wanted, so he wants to do something a little different tonight.  Harry’s not so sure.  The best story I’ve ever seen about overcoming a phobia.  – NC-17

This is a subject you just don’t see dealt with much in fic, or at least not in HP fic, and PhoenixSong not only handles it well, but weaves it so carefully into the story that it feels like it should be canon.  I’d love to see more of this Harry and Draco.  They seem fascinating. 



Severus/Harry/Draco.  Post-Hogwarts.  The war’s over, and Harry’s teaching at Hogwarts, and asks for a guest speaker on potions.  Draco can’t get there fast enough.  But will he be able to admit his feelings?  - NC-17

One of my favorite trios, and handled particularly well.  I’m not much for the Snape/Harry angle, but the idea that Harry really wants Draco, and that Draco wants the same, but neither know it is wonderful to read.  And Snape…you can almost see him smirking at them behind his hand. :D 


Aug. 4th, 2005

Happy birthday, <lj user

[info]ellid is a recently found lj friend.  She writes one of my top three favorite ships: Snupin.  And does it in ways that never fail to capture my attention.  The little details she uses are always wonderfully chosen, and perfectly fitting with the story she’s writing.  I hope everyone will join me in wishing her a lovely birthday, and many happy returns, by leaving her a happy birthday review. :)

Follow Your Nose – Ellid

Severus/Remus.  Snape sets up a little treasure hunt for his lover. – NC-17

Sensory details fic.  The details in this just make the fic, and what a lovely little surprise for Remus, I might add. :D


Love Letters – Ellid

Severus/Remus.  Remus is in London finishing off his book, and bored, so he begins owling Severus. – R

Letter fic.  I love letter fics.  Especially smutty letter fics.  And the little details she gives about the book Remus is trying to get finished are just great.


New York Minute – Ellid

Severus/Remus.  Snape is supervising Slytherin Quidditch Tryouts when he gets some terrifying news.  Warning: deals extremely realistically with the 9/11 attack.  Do not read if details of the devastation upsets you greatly.  – R

I love this fic.  But I have to say I’m very glad that I didn’t read it closer to the actual date of this tragedy, or it would have been too much for me to take.  Snape’s reactions in this are so perfect, and so heart-rending that you just want to cry for him.   


Jul. 30th, 2005

Happy Birthday, Neville Longbottom!

I think Neville was the first HP character I truly adored.  He was so sweet, and he deserved so much more than what he was getting...  I don't tend to see him in a slashy way.  For me, he and Ron just aren't gay in any form.  Neville's too shy, and Ron's too straight.  So here's a small list of non-slash Neville.  Hope you enjoy. :)

Neville Fics )

Jul. 12th, 2005

Happy birthday, <lj user

[info]arionrhod is one of the goddesses of Snupin, along with JayKay, aka [info]scribbulus_ink.  However, she wasn’t always focused on our two lovely professors.  At one time, she actually shipped Draco/Hermione as well, and she does occasionally drift into Remus/Bill as well. (who can blame her? :D)  But the best part about reading Arionrhod’s fics?  They leave you smiling every time.  Join me in wishing this lovely lady a very happy birthday by checking out her fics below and leaving her a birthday review or two.

Draco/Hermione and Remus/Bill Fics )

Supin Fics )

May. 30th, 2005

Happy birthday, <lj user

Linnpuzzle is a favorite fan-artist of mine, not simply for her HP stuff, but also because she draws in the Good Omens universe, which also puts a smile on my face, and in Elfquest, which is probably my second all-time favorite fandom after HP.  Love her expressions, and particularly the way she draws Remus. :D  So, join me in wishing this wonderful artist the happiest of birthdays.

Some of her lovely pix ) 


May. 6th, 2005

Happy Birthday, <lj user

Of all the fan-artists in the HP fandom I like, (and I like QUITE a few) I have to say Sherant is my favorite.  One, because she does my OTP so much, and how can I not love that?  And two, because each and every one of her pictures leaves me feeling—mostly horny, but, well, you know…  I love how she can make the characters (Harry and Draco especially) look so innocent and debauched at the same time.  And for me, her Draco is THE Draco in my head.  So, I hope everyone will join me in wishing this lovely lady a very happy birthday.


Some of my favorite pix )

Mar. 10th, 2005

Uber Remus Lupin recs, in honor of Remus's birthday

Severus/Remus )

Other Remus ships )

Mar. 2nd, 2005

Happy birthday, <lj user

It's [info]fiendling's birthday, and unfortunately, I'm not awake enough yet to do this glorious artist justice.  Fiendling does a lot of fun and silly art, including one of my all-time favorite Harry/Draco pictures, but also some beautiful if dark pieces.  Go check out Fiendling's art today and leave a happy birthday review!  :D

Qualm – Not work-safe.  Harry/Draco.  Obviously Harry’s been up to things he’s not too sure about…

A Night at the Opera – The Malfoys attend the Opera.  I love Draco in this one. :)

Be Your Valentino for You – Kissing and cross-dressing.  Harry/Draco.  The sweetest, soppiest H/D wedding art.  So sweet.  As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to use it for my desktop that month… :D  One of my all-time favotie H/D pictures.

Bill In Egypt – Bill Weasley pic set against the pyramids.

Draco the Butterfly – part of a larger series of HP characters in cute costumes.

Harry Fishing from the Moon – Just a sweet picture.

Initiate Snape – the raw power in this is amazing., and I just love the darkness of this piece.  Another favorite of mine.

Harry in the Moonlight – Lovely.

Kiss – Harry/Draco.  Love the facial expressions here.

Dance – Slightly not work-safe.  Harry/Draco.  Dancing.  Just a doodle, but one of my favorite doodles. :D

Dec. 16th, 2004

Happy Birthday <lj user

Happy birthday to [info]geoviki, aka Duinn Fionn, who has written what I consider two of the best H/D fics in the fandom:

Read about the fics,,, )

Dec. 14th, 2004

Happy late birthday to <lj user

So, I screwed up and wasn't paying attention to what I was looking at on my calendar, so I missed Nope's birthday yesterday.  Rally only have one fic to rec anyway, though it's a doozy. :D

As in a Dream – Nope

Draco wants to stay at Hogwarts to become an apprentice in Potions.  Why does Severus want to send him away?  – NC-17

This is THE fic that got me started on Snape/Draco.  I love it.  I couldn't tell you how many times I've read it.   Go check it out.