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Oct. 28th, 2006

Recs requested by my flist -

Very long Rec list behind the cut )

Last call!

If you would like recs, I've still a spot or two open.  Claim one now before it's too late!  I will be doing my Blaise/Draco list for tomorrow, and starting on [info]lucius_recs for Monday, and then I'll be doing them, so that means I won't be doing them until at least noon. 

Come on, you know you need something to read.

Oct. 26th, 2006

[No Subject]

Anniversary recs will be posted in one massive list Saturday night, but I still have up to four spots open for the next two days.  If you'd like to request something, go here to comment on what you'd like to have rec'd.

Oct. 8th, 2006

Second Rec-aversary!

So, time to do my Anniversary recs once more.  Come the 22, I'm going do do my normal recs on Sunday, but I will also be celebrating by taking requests.  Any pairing or character you would like to see, between the 22 and the 28th.  I will make a post on the 22, and you will be able to request what you wish.  Always wanted to read a certain pairing or character but never knew where to start?  Like a certain kink, or a certain cliche?  I've got a ton of recs, and I'll do my best to respond with at least three and at most five recs for whatever you come up with.  But a caveat--there are some pairings, characters and kinks I really don't touch, so I have little or no recs with those pairings.  So, if you would all be so kind as to think of two or three requests, I would be appreciative.

So start those lists, people!  You've got two weeks to think about it. ;D

Oct. 28th, 2005

Today's Anniversary Recs

Forgot to post these earlier...  I still have three spots open for tomorrow, last call!

[info]anavrinny requested fics with Pansy as a non-clingy-idiot.

My Recs:
Beneath You – Cinnamon - R - Harry/Draco, but also Ron/Pansy.  Though she's not portrayed in the best of lights here, she's quite instrumental in helping out at the end.
The Shadow of His Wings – Mirabella - R - Harry/Draco, but also some Draco/Pansy, along with others.  The first H/D fic I've found that actually portrays her in a positive light while still pitting her against Harry.
Platinum and Pearls - The Treacle Tart - R - Severus/Draco as told through Pansy's eyes.

Oct. 25th, 2005

Rec-aversary reminder

So, no new recs today, as I've gone through all of the requests so far, but I want to keep it open all week, particularly given the new people on my flist, so if you want to join in, please, don't be shy!  The post with the rules is here.

Come on, I'm friendly.  Free recs!  All for you! :D

Oct. 24th, 2005

Today's Anniversary Recs:

[info]theladyfeylene requested recs focusing on the ladies of HP.

My Recs:
The Prefect's Portrait - Arsinoe de Blassenville - PG - Hermione Granger discovers a hidden portrait and strikes up a conversation with Harry's mum before she was Harry's mum.
Susan and Harry - Friendship and Secrets - The Breeze - PG13 - Susan isn't in love with Harry, but she is his friend.
On the Mating Habits of Homo Sapiens Lycanthropus – StarryGazer - PG13 - Hermione decides to study Professor Lupin's mating habits. (Severus/Remus)
Guessing Games – Casira - NC-17 - Tonks and the twins play a game.
The First Step - Inell - PG - Luna tries to help Hermione get over the loss of her lover during the war.  Hermione/Luna, past Hermione/Pansy.

[info]ragdoll requested Tonks without Remus, Bill without Fleur, or Het Neville.

My Recs:
Accidental Magic & Man to Man – Dryad - PG - Neville likes Hermione, but she's already got a boyfriend.
True Colors – Thistlerose - R - Bill notices something unusual about Tonks.
The Respectability of Jewelry – Skylark97 - R - (Remus/Bill) Bill's got a bit of a crush. 
Lessons in Christmas Cheer – Flora - NC-17 - (Severus/Bill) Snape's alone on the Holidays, so Bill tries to cheer him up.

[info]sang_dencre requested Truth or Dare and skirt!Draco, along with club!Draco (which I think I have, but couldn't find), and Seamus/Draco, which I do not have.

My Recs:
Corruptela Vox – Constant Vigilance - NC-17 - While playing Truth or Dare with their friends, some interesting truths about Harry and Draco come out.  Parseltongue!Sex.
Skirting the Issue – Marks - NC-17 - (Harry/Drac0) Harry gets trapped into playing a game of Truth or Dare, and Draco shows up at just the right time.
Subtle Nuances– Rosesanguina - NC-17 - (Harry/Drac0) An undercover mission leads Harry to notice a few things he hadn't before about his partner.
In Want of a Wife – Isis - NC-17 - (Severus/Draco) Snape has to go to a family gathering, but he's got a problem.  He told everyone he was married.
Double or Nothing – Flora - NC-17 - (Charlie/Draco) Charlie finds someone surprising on the street.

I will be taking rec requests all week, so feel free to request some recs if you haven't yet!  The post is Here.

Oct. 23rd, 2005

Today's Anniversary Recs:

[info]tracy_loo_who requested Blind!Harry, with a Harry/Draco leaning...

My Recs:
As a Bat – PotterMalfoy24 - PG - the first year at Hogwarts, so currently gen, but the author says it will be H/D...
As I See You - Plumera - NC-17 - Harry's not strictly blind in this, just pretending, but Draco is, so he wants to know what it's like.  Companion piece to Draco in Darkness.
Closure - Juxian Tang - NC-17 - Postwar Harry/Draco.  Harry's been blind since the end of the war.
A Different Way to See Me - Jamie2109 - PG - Draco shows Harry that just because he's blind, doesn't mean he can't see.

[info]millieweasley requested Femmeslash or Weasley, so I gave her a mix:

My Recs

Addicted To – Mieko Belle - R - Pansy/Hermione, but it's one-sided.
Art – Mieko Belle - PG - Hermione/Padma.  again, one-sided.
Untitled (I could make her happy) – Flora - NC-17 - Marietta/Cho.  another one-sided (do you think I have a thing for angst? ;) ).
Broken Fate – Qwi_Xux - PG13 - Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny.  The Trio's kids from the future come back in time to change their own fate.
I’ll Kiss You – Violet Quill - NC-17 - Bill/Tonks.  Tonks is sent on a training excersize with a guy she's had a crush on forever.
Memories– Arionrhod - PG13 - Remus/Bill.  Remus takes time to mourn the loss of his friend, and discovers he's not the only one who remembers him.

And [info]lysa1 requested Lucius/Severus

My Recs:
Parting Gift – Sparrowhawk - NC-17 - Snape coming home from Hogwarts for the last time gets a little present from his year-mates.
The Visit – Fluffyllama - R - Snape plays a game with a friend.
Vert de Grice – Anise & Moshes - NC-17 - Dark and sad.  Hanky warning on this one.  Severus goes to see Lucius a final time.
The Potions Master and the Brute – Mags - PG13? - AU based on Beauty and the Beast.
Nothing Left to Release – Rose Whispers - R - Severus's memories of Lucius.  Another hanky warning, here.

There will be more tomorrow.  Keep those requests coming!  Pimp this out to your friends!  If you don't know what's going on, go Here, and make your request!

Oct. 22nd, 2005


I cannot recall when I first started keeping a rec-list, so I have decided to comemmerate my anniversary of when I first began to rec in this journal.  Which is the 24th of October.  So, this coming week, in honor of my anniversary, I will be taking requests for fics to rec.  Pairing, character, kink, whatever.

Da Roiles...
  1. First come, first served.  I will be recing a selection each day, depending on how many people request recs.
  2. I would like to limit each person to three to five recs (unless I utterly lose my mind, or only a couple of people request recs)
  3. Please provide a few choices for me, just in case.  There are some ships that I rec only rarely, or not at all.
  4. Feel free to let me know if I've missed the bus somehow.  I'd be more than willing to rec something else.
My goal is to get everyone at least three stories they've not read before for their requests.  I may not suceed, but I will try.

I will start filling the first set of recs tomorrow as soon as I've finished posting my Sunday Recs.




Oct. 9th, 2005

Recs Anniversary coming up!

So, come the 23, I'm going do do my normal recs, but I will also be celebrating by taking requests.  Any pairing or character you would like to see, between the 23 and the 29th.  I will make a post on the 23, and you will be able to request what you wish.  I'll do my best to respond with at least three and at most five recs for that pairing or person.  But a caveat--there are some pairings I really don't touch, so I have little or no recs with those pairings.  So, if you would all be so kind as to think of two or three characters or pairings, I would be appreciative.

So start those lists, people!  You've got two weeks to think about it. ;D

Aug. 12th, 2005

Blah blah blah...

Geh.  In a blah mood.  Probably cause it's that time of the month.  Can't seem to write at the moment, too distracted by other things.  Tried to play Bard's Tale, but I keep dying.

And apparently my stories aren't interesting...

Still need more votes on what I'm going to do come October, and other opinions on my rec-list in general.  Please go here and tell me what you think. :)  I'll give Sev/Narcissa cookies if you do....  Oh, and the reccing free-for all is winning, so unless you don't like that idea, you might want to start thinking of a pairing... :D

Aug. 7th, 2005

Recs Anniversary coming up!

Seems to have been a success, so a few questions to those who are here for my recs:

1) Should I be separating R fics with the NC-17 fics?

2) Are there other bits of information you would like on the fics I rec, and if so, what? (Length, genre, pov, etc)

3) Do you want a quick (2-5 sentences at most) review of each fic?

4) Pick your favorite of these for my Rec-Anniversary

    a) All-time Top Ten Recs

    b) Five best Recs of Gen, Het, Slash and Trios

    c) A reccing free-for all - everyone gives me a pairing they'd like stories for, and I will rec up to three stories for that pairing (if I have/can find them).

    d) Other - let me know what you'd like to see...

I'd really like to do something special.  I'm leaning towards C, myself...