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Sep. 9th, 2012

Rant on my least-liked fandom opinion

A Note: I know that not everyone hates Joss, I just had an epiphany, and needed to get this out. Comments are most definitely welcome, because I know I'm not the best at stating my opinion, and I know others can and will state it better, but I will cut comments if I feel they are being abusive/missing the point.

I've seen rants about Joss Whedon and feminism before. Specifically how some think he's not as feminist as fans seem to think he is. )

Apr. 27th, 2011

A mini update and a rant

For those whom I have not told yet, I'm getting a divorce.  Things are still ongoing, and he's not being a total arse; I am not okay, but I am coping.  And I do have support.  Anyone in the Seattle area, if you know of an office job that doesn't involve answering phones *PLEASE* let me know...I really need one so I can stay in my apartment.  Thanks.

And now on to the rant.

I know some of the people who follow me here know my feelings about gender identity, but if you don't, here's what I think in a nutshell.  People are people, whatever bits they have, and shouldn't be forced to conform just because they look a certain way, or were born with certain bits.  You should be who you feel you are, not who people want you to be.  Simple as that.

That said, I've seen this growing trend, both at Polyvore and at Tumblr, for gender-swap, and I'm really not fond of it, but usually I can just scroll past and ignore it.  Despite my stated feelings above, it does nothing for me, and just feels more like wish fulfillment on the part of the fan than anything else.

But I do have to say that some really bug me for one important reason: taking a character of colour and making them white is NOT okay.  Ever.  For ANY reason.  I don't care how much you like your choice, it just feels wrong.

I'm not going to name names here, or point to a specific post, but I just saw a set at Polyvore which cast a white actor as a black actress's male version.  And he's an actor I adore.  But he's WHITE.  Perhaps if the other in the pair had been a black actor for a white actress, it might not bug me so much, but this seems to be a constant trend, and I really just had to say this to get it off my chest.

Both of the shows I can think of where I've seen this sort of thing have been the sole non-white character in the show, or as near to such as can be, which only makes this sort of thing worse.

I don't care if people link to this, in fact, please feel free to do so. I'd open comments if I knew I wouldn't get spammed to death by the bots, but if I get a request, I will.  I'd definitely love to know why people out there like this sort of thing, and what on earth would motivate them to cast a white character in place of a black, because otherwise it smacks of bias, even if not a conscious one.

ETA: Comment settings have been changed, but unless I have you friended, they won't show up until I've seen them and allow them to be posted. Again, this is to save me from the spam-bots, though I will delete comments that are racist/do not add to the conversation.

So please link this anywhere you feel the need.

Apr. 7th, 2010

Theme for the day:

Acceptance.  Particularly when it comes to sex.

Sex isn't about right or wrong.  Sex is about consent and two people coming together to enjoy themselves together.  Anything two consenting adults do together should be between those two and no one else.

The reason I bring this up is twofold:
Savage Love's first letter in the column today about a girlfriend telling her boyfriend he needed to be "cured" for being intrigued by the idea of pretend rape.  In no way was he saying, "I want to rape someone."  He was saying, "I wouldn't mind pretending."  And her immediate assumption that this is a negative thing and can only be seen as such just shows how judgmental she is.  It doesn't change his curiosity about the idea.  And telling him she can "cure" him of it tells him he's sick and wrong and shouldn't share his wants with her.  These sorts of things often are what lead to the more extreme forms of acting out just to express these needs.  Granted, I doubt this one will, but still, it's that sort of thinking that causes these kinds of issues in the extreme. When your partner shares something like that with you, the best way to shut them down is act like they're disgusting, or worse, sick. The only way to really deal with it is to try to listen, and do your best to get past your own prejudices before discussing it with them.

And then there was this post in Male Submission Art that shows just how extreme things can get when seen by outsiders.  A private and loving moment between two people gets labeled as "Predatory" and "Pedophile" by others, and denounced as wrong and immoral, simply by those who feel that either males should never be in a submissive role, or that BDSM in general is evil, or even those that think pornography itself is evil.

Lately, it feels to me like acceptance is declining.  Of those who are different.  Less about looks now, due to laws, but more when it comes to these less tangible things--who one should be allowed to love, to touch, and even more, how that touching should be done.  One would think that some of the recent scandals in the Republican ranks would lead them to be more accepting, but if anything, it has made things worse.

No solutions here.  I wish I had one.  It saddens me to see.

Jan. 14th, 2010

Perhaps your definition is different than mine...

So, here in the states, we've got this series of commercials for the corn industry giving corn sweetener a better name. The basic premise goes something like this:

"Ew, why are you eating that? It has corn sweetener in it!"
"Yeah, so?"
"See? It's good for you. In moderation."

Okay, now, putting aside the fact that this is a way for corn growers to make more money off their excess corn rather than diversifying their crops, which would be better for their land anyway, there is no way to have it in moderation--not when it's in almost anything that has sweetener in it...

I really have a problem with how the FDA "protects" us. Instead of having food additives proven good for human consumption first, their rule seems to be more along the lines of "If it hasn't proven to be bad for you, it must be fine to use." How many food products have proven to be bad for us in the past few years? Between trans-fats and corn sweeteners, you couldn't buy a pre-made product that didn't have at least one or the other.

On the good end, we've also been getting a new commercial for a butter substitute that mentions Denmark's trans-fat ban, so maybe we're getting somewhere?

Oct. 14th, 2008

In the news

I'm not the sort who normally does this kind of thing, but I just have to link to this case. A father and stepmother abused their two children, giving them only the minimum food and water they needed to survive. The girl is 14, but news reports say she's under five foot, and around 50 pounds.

My take, aside from pure disgust that things like this still happen? This is the kind of thing that will continue to happen until we live in a world where every child is precious. And while some people do see their children that way, there are far too many parents having too many children in a world filled with too many people and too many distractions. In a world where people are still being forced, whether by law or peer pressure or parent pressure to have children that they are in no way ready to have, you end up with children who are neglected, who then have more children that they can't handle.

Perhaps the situation isn't quite as one-to-one as that, but I can't help but believe it's a good part of the problem.

I'd much rather see a child abandoned at a church or hospital, where someone can take care of them, as happened last week (the mother was subsequently arrested for abandoning the child) than something like this, where the mother has some very obvious issues that were ignored by the husband because he either has his own disassociative issues, or because he really didn't care. And as for CPS...obviously, as long as you make above a minimum income, they don't bother to look too hard. And that disturbs me as much as the rest. Obviously training wasn't enough in this instance. Maybe it's easy to say that now, but...

Still, at least they managed to save the kids before one of them died.

Jun. 10th, 2008

[No Subject]

So, I don't know how many of you are aware of it last night, but Senator Kucinich had a speech on the house floor last night, ending at midnight his time detailing 35 reasons why George W Bush should be impeached.  The only news media that showed it at all was CSpan.

Let's not forget the media circus surrounding the (non) impeachment of Bill Clinton, whose major crime there was having sex in the White House with someone other than his wife, then lying about it.

And yet George Bush, who has ignored our needs for 7 plus years, ran our country into the ground, and ignored the fact that people were dying in Louisiana and New Orleans because he needed National Guard to fight his war for him is going to get away scot free because everyone thinks it's better to bury it under the carpet.  This war is something most people with common sense know has little to nothing to do with 9/11, and everything to do with the Bush administration's own personal agenda.  And anyone who thinks oure people dying in another country halfway around the world when people here are dying in floods because we don't have enough Guards to man the choppers can go elsewhere to comment, thanks.

Not even NPR has had a thing to say about this, which really upsets me, because they are one of the news sources that seems least influenced by "what the others are doing."

The Democratic leaders in Washington have backed off from this (because it makes their jobs more secure, I guess?), so it's up to someone "on the fringe" to do something about it.  I think Kucinich, who far too many write off as out of touch, is incredibly brave to do this, and deserves more than to be ignored for it, like he will be.

I just feel that I need to say something, because if the news isn't going to do it, we have to.  Please, if you have an opinion on this, call your senators, and your congressmen, and tell them that this needs to be examined, not pushed aside.

A moment-by-moment blog from last night.
LA Times article
Article on Kucinich's own site, with video of the actual proceedings. (you might need to reload a few times.)
CBS News article
And an article in a political blog showing how others are dealing with the action. Apparently suggesting Bush needs to be Impeached is "causing a fuss." 

Jun. 1st, 2008

Commenting, Gender-change & LJ

Commenting on Anon fests and con-crit -
Commenting and con-crit )

Gender-change vs genderplay and squicks vs warnings -
Labels )

LJ vs IJ -
Last but not least--LJ's new stance on non-photographic pictures of underaged people.  Yeah, whatever.  I've been through too much this year.  I'm here, and I'm staying.  As far as I noticed, there was never an apology to anyone who was hurt, they were made out to be criminals for posting pictures, and frankly?  I'm thinking of dumping all of LJ, really.  Every time I read my flist there, I just get more angry.  I'm tired and worn from the battles I've gone through in the last year, and I'm not going back.

Feb. 17th, 2008

Apparently it's rant time

Rant about archives )

Sep. 1st, 2006

This week's <lj comm

What five characters have been underutilized in canon?

  • Remus Lupin.  I mean, seriously, he disappeared for a whole book!  He's hardly mentioned in Goblet, and in Order he's brushed off more often than not, though he does have a few scenes.  Nor are things much better in HBP.  But the one that always bugs me is that Harry just totally forgets about Remus for about 90% of Goblet.  And even more, where the hell was he for the twelve or so years before POA, even?  It really smacks of a last-minute choice that he played absolutely no role in Harry's years growing up.  Even if the Dursleys'd never let him see Harry, all he'd have to do is visit him at school.  Always bugged me.
  • Neville.  OMG, every time I think she's actually going to give him the time he deserves, she undercuts him again.  I don't know if this is by plan, because she wants to reveal his secret at the last moment, or what, but god, I'm so sick of it!  End of SS/PS, he gets to not only stand up to the trio, but gets points for it.  Then nothing.  For three books.  Sure, he's there.  He's a joke.  Then, GOF.  She shows us his past.  But again, it's nothing but a red herring, and mostly forgotten about after the reveal.  And in Order?  He actually grows as a character, but then in HBP, he's sold short once more.  WTF?  She just can't seem to give him his due.  It really annoys me (As if you couldn't tell... :P)
  • Blaise Zabini.  Okay, here's a name she gave us in Harry's first year, and she waited until his sixth before we got to meet him?  Don't get me wrong, I know there were plenty of random names throughout the series, and more important characters, and I know the only reason we got to meet him at all was because he's got such a fanbase, but still.  Better use of characters would be nice.
  • Bill and/or Charlie Weasley.  Why have seven siblings if you've just got them for background?  Percy's important because he shows that just because a family's liberal doesn't mean all the children will be.  The twins are important because they lighten the story and provide very important information that Harry might not otherwise be able to access, and Ron's the sidekick, and Ginny's the Girl.  But Bill and Charlie just seem extra.  I suppose they provide two views on what it's like in the adult world of witches and wizards once someone leaves Hogwarts, but then why do we need two?  Don't get me wrong, I think they're great characters.  Just extremely under-utilized.  And I'd love her to use them properly.
  • Name me a female, and she's probably been underused.  Or not used well, at least.  Particularly Narcissa and Tonks.  JK had the chance here to create a powerful, strong, well-rounded female character, and she simply hasn't managed it.  It's very frustrating, and I think it's part of what makes the Slash in this fandom so much more intriguing.  Who wants to bother with Characters that are wimpy or whiny or pushy?  I'd rather have two well-rounded characters that are fascinating to me already.
And I think I'll leave my rant at that.  Cause... yeesh.

I will add, that before HBP, Snape would have been on this list.  And I quite love JK for giving us that, at least.

Aug. 19th, 2006

A writer's snark

So, I tend to do okay when I post stories that feature my OTP, but I'm such a multi-shipper outside of that that when I write something else, I tend to have problems with finding people either to beta the stories or who are interested enough to read it.  Sometimes even finding a spot to post can be difficult.

Specifically, I adore Blaise, but I know that others don't particularly feel the same, and I'm wondering if some of the pieces I'm writing for [info]50_smutlets will even be read by anyone.  It's a disenhartening thought, and one that, at times, makes it difficult to write my smutlets at all.  I mean, I know there's call for Blaise/Hermione or Blaise/Draco, and that people are usually interested in most Harry, Snape or Lucius pairings.  Or Weasley or Marauder pairings, even.  But beyond that?  I just have to ask.  Is there anyone who will be interested in a Miles/Blaise?  What about Regulus/Blaise?  Oliver/Blaise?  Hell, Kingsley/Blaise, even...

I just feel the need, sometimes, to create a support-group for us Blaise fans.  But we're such a diverse group, would that really even help?  Some of us are Het only, or prefer Het, while others of us are the reverse.  Some are pairing specific, while others will read any story if he's in it at all.  Some of us only prefer female or white Blaise, while others get upset if he's anything other than canon.  Not something that's easy to reconcile.

Other times, I think that what we need is a newsletter like [info]lucius_recs or [info]hd_prophet.  But with so much going on for me at the moment, I know I'd never be on the ball enough to keep it up for very long.  I honestly wish I was one of those uber-organized people who had time to do even half of what I thought about.  I don't know that I'm asking for help here, but I do think ideas as to what to do, perhaps volunteers as far as putting together a newsletter for Blaise, would not be turned down.  Or am I the only one interested in an idea of this sort?

Bleh. [/snark]

And how are you all today?

Jun. 26th, 2005

AU vs Non-Canon

Okay, I'm going into rant-mode here, so be forwarned.

One of the things that bugged me most when OOTP came out was all the authors suddenly labelling their stories AU.  I am a HUGE fan of AU, and this need to relabel their fics simply because they no longer fit with canon frustrated me greatly, because I had to dig out the true AUs from the non-canon fics.  And, in looking at most of the non-canonness in the stories relabeled this way, most were relabeled because of one of two things: Sirius and the Black family.  And in many cases, the differences, even if not so small, were still rarely the mainline of the story.  It was simply that the author had no knowledge of the new canon before writing their fic.

For me, an AU is a story that takes a different path from canon.  Harry raised by someone else, or sorted into another house, another character being raised by someone different, or sorted differently, etc.  These are purposeful changings of canon we know about to find out what could be different.  The changes are deliberate, and have a purpose in the story.  An AU is not a story where a small bit of the story (certain characters being alive, for instance) contradicts canon.  This isn't to say that "Sirius is alive" fics aren't AU, but if they were written before OOTP, I don't consider them such.  It is simply a detail that the fic writer was unaware would be wrong.

Now, I understand the need to let people know that a detail in your story is not canon.  But there is no need to relabel your entire fic because of it.  A simple note saying "This was written before the latest book, so some details (and here the author can go into minute detail if they wish) are different from canon," would be more than enough.

I'm really not looking forward to the rush of fics that will be suddenly labelling themselves AUs come July 17th...  Here's hoping there won't be too many.  </rant>

Mar. 28th, 2005

A bit of a rant

I am... )

Mar. 11th, 2005

Battlestar Galactica

First of all, a warning and apology to those who have no opinion on BSG.  I'm posting this without a live-cut because I don't want it to be passed by by those who do not like the show, because I think this is something that needs to be read, and I know they'd be unlikely to click on a lj-cut if I put it under one. So, if you honestly have no opinion on BSG, feel free to skip this entire post. Anything else I have to say about other things will go into another post.

Okay, I've seen people complaining about BSG on my friends list.  Not a lot, but a couple, and I just have to say that I quite enjoy the new series.  I loved the original series, and the characters, but I have to say that it was not a stellar show.  Looking back on it now is even worse.  It was corny, and worse, it was a bad tv rip-off of a great sci-fi movie (and if you don't know which movie, then you really shouldn't be badmouthing the new series for being different from the original itself).

The original had an interesting idea, but it was basically Lost in Space.  The thing that made it work was that it had an amazing cast.  The stories weren't that spectacular, and the effects were frankly ridiculous, but it was fun to watch and I enjoyed it.  The early tries at advancing the series were horrendous at best, and painful at worst, and I was never able to watch for more than a few seconds without having to turn it off.  And it seems the rest of the world agreed with me, because they never lasted long.

I went into watching the mini-series thinking that it would be the same, and probably even more camp than the original, but found myself pleasantly surprised.  This new series, while ostensibly being the same, is something new entirely.  They took the original premise (yes, still Lost in Space, but perhaps a bit more guided?), and they re-envisioned it.  And that's what makes it good.

How would those "classic" Cylons have been ABLE to stand up to audiences who are used to terrors like the Borg?  The audience today expects something more from their villains, so they had to be made more interesting, more devious.  And they have been.  We have so far only seen a very few models.  And I firmly believe we will discover that Boomer is not the only Cylon in the command line.  They have made the Cylons more human, and at the same time, more chilling because of that humanity.  At times, it is almost like watching a young teenager who is acting like an adult, and therefore thinks that they should now rule the world...

I like that they have mixed up the characters; that though Boomer and Starbuck were men in the original series, they are now females.  I see nothing wrong with this.  I would like one big male star that could stand up to Starbuck, though, and I don't think Apollo is it.  I also like that they have decided that the character's names were not their real names, but their flight names.  Though I'm not entirely sold on this, because while the original names were a bit ridiculous, at least I liked them.  I'm not particularly enamored of the names they chose for the characters real names instead.

I have found myself fascinated with the similarities between this storyline and the original storyline.  There is still the same basic premise: a race of people who have been chased from their home by a race of cyborgs.  But that seems as though that's where the story changes.  Until I look deeper.  We have already seen Starbuck crash-land on a planet and "befriend" a Cylon (okay, she didn't befriend it, she redirected it, as it wasn't a humanoid, but still), and though Adama does have two sons, one actually died well before the mini-series even started.  There is one plotline that I'm watching very carefully, that didn't even occur to me until the President made Apollo her go-between when dealing with his father.  It has been a long time since I watched the original episodes, but I find that there are some striking similarities between her and the original Apollo's wife...  As I said, I'll be watching it closely.  I also like that while this isn't meant to be a sequel-series, it does have some of the hallmarks of it.  It gives the impression that this new series is simply overlaid over the old.  The old is still there, adding to it, but not the same. A sort of pre-history, almost, for this new series.

Now, I'm a canon-nut myself, and tend to go off on the smallest changes to things I love.  And like I said, I did quite enjoy the original series way back when.  I drooled over Starbuck and Apollo something fierce (in fact, the idea that Starbuck and Boomer are now girls gives me all sorts of slashy thoughts. :D), and I watched the show every chance I got.  I have been known to stop watching things because I think they're destroying canon (HP being a good example here, I'm really not sure I want to go see GOF this fall...), but I always give things a chance.  And if I can see the changes they've made (and yes, they're major) as good, perhaps they deserve another chance. 

I have one request of those who are disliking it because they have changed so much.  Don't think of this as the same show.  Think of this as a new show using some of the basic plotlines and names as a starting point.  They are not corrupting your favorite show.  They are creating a new one. 

And if you really don't like it, no one is forcing you to watch.

Oct. 7th, 2004

Rant time

Just found a new rec for one of my personal favorites of the fics I have written, Snapshots

Please ignore if you do not read my fics... )

Sep. 25th, 2004

Why I hate Kevin Sorbo

I am a huge fan of Kieth Hamilton Cobb.  The man is not only gorgeous, but talented and intelligent as well.  So I was thrilled several years ago when I heard he was going to be in a new sci-fi tv show based on one of Gene Roddenberry's ideas.  I read that he was heavily involved in the creation of not only his character, but also of his character's race--the Nietzscheans.  He read heavily for the role, and seemed quite excited about it.

Then I heard that Kevin Sorbo would star.  Now, at the time, I reserved judgment.  I had never watched Hercules, as I am a huge mythology nut, and had seen enough from the commercials to know that the changes they were making would annoy me.  In my head, I compared this new show -- Andromeda -- to another which I had recently become addicted to -- Stargate.  There were several similarities between the two.  A big lead star known for another series, in Stargate's case, Richard Dean Anderson from MacGyver; neither were network shows; and both were science fiction.

When I first heard about Stargate, I had my doubts.  After all, they wouldn't have the cast from the movie, and the story had seemed pretty final.  Plus, I had never liked MacGyver, so I was sure that RDA would annoy me.  I just didn't think it would be worth watching.  But it was.  From the beginning, they made certain to separate RDA's character from MacGyver, to the extent of making him a bit of an idiot.  It has even become a running joke on the show.  Even more important, though he was ostensibly the main character, he was not the only one to get solo episodes.  Not everything happened to his character.  The team meshed well because the other three main characters were allowed to grow.

So, in my head, I began hoping that Andromeda's success would echo Stargate's.  That is, that Kevin Sorbo's popularity would lead the show to high ratings, while allowing the other characters to take center stage from time to time.

And, in the first season, that seemed like a possibility.  Sorbo's character was not the only one showcased, and though the show had rough edges, there were possibilities.  Then, about halfway through the second season, Robert Hewett Wolfe quit the show.  He was one of the producers and writers of the show, and it was he who had the idea for the timeline.  When he left, it is my opinion he took some of the best ideas with him.  He cited creative differences.  That "they" (I have a guess who that might be) wanted a more action-oriented show, focusing more on Sorbo's character.  And they got it.  But in doing so, they ruined any chance of the show being any good.

The show went downhill from there.  Suddenly all the episodes featured Sorbo, and all the internal interactions between the characters were shallow at best.  This ultimately culminated with Cobb finally leaving the show.  Though I had stopped watching before Kieth's final episode, I was saddened by this.  He had seemed so pleased to be in the creation of the show, and I think he had high hopes for what could come of it.  To have another actor's ego cause the downfall of something he had a hand in creating must have been annoying at the least, and devastating at most. 

The final episode just aired recently.  All I can really say any more is that I'm pleased that it is finally off life-support, and has been allowed to die.  It had such potential at the beginning, and I will mourn that potential much more than the loss of the show itself.  And I know that I will never watch anything with Sorbo creatively connected to it again.

ETA Hubby just told me that it was NOT the last episode, and that they've been renewed for another season. Why can't it just die? :(

Heh. When I was spellchecking this, Sorbo came up as wrong, with the suggestion of SOB to replace the name. ;P

Aug. 10th, 2004

No Smoking Here, Please

So, can I declare a 10-foot no-smoking zone around me?  I'm sick of walking through clouds of smoke from smokers that just passed by.  How is it that people are still allowed to smoke around others without their permission, when if I were to do something of a similar nature, I'd most likely at the very least be ticketed for polluting, and could even be arrested for reckless endangerment?  Doesn't make sense to me.

Plus, it makes you smell nasty.