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Apr. 28th, 2013

Elf's Big Post of Doom - Life update, fandom and more

* So I know it has been forever since I've posted much beyond fic here. I rarely post more than once every few months now, but I am still here and I do read through my flists here and at LJ, but I spend more of my time at Tumblr. If you have one, and would like to follow me there, I'm elfflame there, too. I am also at Polyvore as elfflame, if anyone has an account there. I haven't been doing as much there recently, but I still glance in there from time to time and get bursts of creativity there. I love it.

* Family is doing well. Mom seems happy in the new place, and the kids love having my parents right there. Niece is always running down to spend time with her, and now that nephew is more mobile, he's doing so, too. Dad went on a ski trip about a month ago and decided to pretend to be a stunt skiier and did a 360 off an icy mogul on the slope and dislocated his shoulder. The prognosis from the doctor is that it is healing, but he did break it a little as well. They're muddling along, though it's a great deal harder now that he only has one arm to use. At least sis and brother-in-law are right there.

* Work! I have been working. I was at the very end of my rope, and thinking I would have to do some things I really wasn't looking forward to when my temp place finally called with a job. I am now working for a company in Eastlake, just south of the University Bridge, and the job I was initially doing was right up my alley. Then someone in the department decided to retire, so they felt me out about doing that job, so now I have a definite permanent job. We just have to wait for my contract with the temp place to be up before they hire me on permanent. Co-workers are great. Lots of great people to talk to. And the job itself is pretty brainless, so that's fine. Means I can think of other things while I work. Like stories. The scary part of the job is coming up in about two weeks, when we send out a mass mailing. I get to scan in and update the department on what we've gotten back. But currently we're in the off time, so I've been able to do the other job, which has been nice.

* One of the co-workers brought in her new laptop last week to show me Scrivener. I knew of it from all the jabber on the NaNoWriMo boards about it, but I'd never tried it myself, because I figured I couldn't afford it. Turns out it's $40, which is definitely doable, and there are some major selling qualities... So I downloaded it Friday night, and spent a good portion of yesterday playing with it and putting in info for my Nano from 2009, which was the first original Nano I've done. The story has a few major flaws, so I'm going to use the original more as an outline and guide of where to take the new one. Still not finished inputting everything for it into the program, but I have plans to set up a bunch more. But my plan is to play with it on the weekends (you get 30 non-consecutive days free, a major selling point on its own) until I get offered perm at my job, then buy it.

* Speaking of Nano, I still haven't finished my Nano for this last year. I'm well over 60k now, and I "won," so it's mostly just been trying to get myself to finish it. Still love it, though. And I am getting toward the end. I think I have 10-15k left at least... That's the next project that gets put into Scrivener.

* And one more NaNo note...my previous Nano, the second set of H/D fairy tales, is incomplete here on IJ, and still unedited. Not sure if I want to finish posting the rest at this late date, unless I'm specifically asked. So we'll see. I've been working on editing my NaNos with Wolfish Cat, and we just finished the first set of H/D fairy tales, so next comes the Sultan's Slave. :) Looking forward to that one.

* Cats are still around, though the girl seems to want to be hurt, because she keeps waking me very early in the morning. Anyone have advice on stopping that, because the lack of sleep is really starting to wear on me. Boy is slowing down, which worries me, but he hasn't had one of his attacks in years. Knock on wood that he won't.

* TV: Still watching a lot of tv. Mad Men, Grimm, and Castle are my most-favorite these days. Still haven't caught up with Supernatural. And watch way too much reality tv. Would really like that trend to go away. I think unless something great happens on Revolution soon, I'll stop watching that one. Just...nothing there. It's too bad, too. And Defiance isn't a whole lot better. The alien Malfoy family is...yeah... Looking forward to seeing White Collar and Warehouse 13 again. And I know that Haven was renewed, too, though that probably won't pop up for a few more months. Getting towards the end of Season 3 of Glee with Foodie. Enjoyed Matt Bomer, and loved Unique...but then I loved Alex on the Glee Project (I did say I watched a lot of reality TV, right?), so it was great to see him again. He and Damion were my top two, and I couldn't stand the other two. Foodie and I generally watch two episodes of whichever show and a movie, but with Doctor Who on right now, we've been watching that instead and rounding out the evening with some Red Dwarf. It's been great fun rewatching the show. More so because she's never gotten to see them in order like this before. :) Reminds me of the 90s when I got to see it at Norwescon...

* Future plans: hearing possible whispers of Lubricus, which I would absolutely adore going to if it happens, but I'm nowhere in the loop on that one, and I don't know if I'll be in the middle of a mailing when it happens, so I might not be able to get the time off. I'm also hoping to go back to Norwescon, given that I haven't been to one since the late 90s. I miss it. It would be fun to actually go to panels, and meet some of the locals I know from LJ. :)

* Genealogy is going well... I had another distant cousin contact me, this one from one of the skimpy branches of my family tree, so that made me very happy. I'm looking forward to more contact with her. As of this moment, my family tree file has more than 4600 individuals in it, most of whom were hand-entered by me. I've been being more diligent about recording where information came from, and it's all starting to really pull together. I love doing it, I just hate my brick walls... Particularly the German Jewish contingent. Every time I start to look into that branch, I just get very depressed. I'm lucky. My grandfather's father got them out of Germany in 33, but there were some extended family members of his wife's family who might not have been so lucky. If anyone is interested in reading more, or would like help with their own family tree, just let me know. I love talking about this stuff, and helping others get set up.

* Kindle: I've been reading more. Still mostly fanfiction, but slowly leaking into original works I've been able to find here and there, and the occasional actual book, but I prefer my Kindle because it's small and easy to use, and I don't have to deal with heavy books in my bag, or how badly I'm battering paperbacks. I did find myself a toy that helped me to find more fanfic (and original fic), if anyone is interested: Fan Fiction Downloader. It only helps with certain sites, but one of them is FF.net/Fictionpress, so between those and AO3, there's a ton of fic to read. I think the next thing I'll likely do with it is either connect to the library or buy myself a copy of Hunger Games. I've still not read it, and I really need to. That series and the Percy Jackson books are at the top of my list. Not sure what I'll read beyond that. Any suggestions, folks?

And that's all, though I'll probably do that AO3 meme that's been floating around. Since I didn't do it at year-end this past year.

Jun. 27th, 2012

Arthurian Things post #7 - Guenevere

So every little girl is supposed to grow up wanting to be Guenevere, right? She's the fairy-tale princess of the story, after all. She gets her newly-crowned king, her father is the one who gives him the round table, and she even gets to fall in love with the second most eligible man in the land, and have him love her back. What's not to like? Everyone loves her. But I never did.

I loved Vanessa Redgrave in Camelot. She was wonderful, but that was to be expected. She was from one of the great acting families of England. How could she not be perfect? And I love Angel Colby in Merlin, too. She's sweet, and when they let her be, she really adds something to the story. Too bad the writers don't know how to do a long-term plot without selling their characters short.

But for me? Neither of them get past my dislike of the character's part in the stories overall. In fact, Vanessa played right to them, and Merlin's Gwen is falling into the same trap. I've always had a dislike for the character, but it took me until college to really realize why. She's glorified in every Arthurian story as this beautiful (usually golden-haired) perfect match for Arthur. She's the most beautiful woman in the land, so with no other reason, she must be his wife, right? What does it matter what she does after that, because that's after happily ever after?

It bugs me. Because Lancelot's not her only conquest. she's always flirting with the other knights. The movies less so than the stories, but it's there. Yes, Lancelot is her "other" "true love," but that doesn't stop her from denigrating the knights who don't adore her and wait on her hand and foot to curry favour with her. And it certainly doesn't stop her from flirting with as many of them as she can.

In college, I read one of the Lays of Marie de France. A story called Lanval. Lanval is a young knight who comes to Arthur's court, and when the Queen tries to flirt with him, he avoids her passes, making her angrier and angrier. And when she learns he's in love with a faerie, she finds a way to come between them, nearly parting them forever. Now this is a story written by a nun, but even so, it shows a medieval view of the queen and at least part of how they saw her at the time. As someone who craved the attention of men.

If it were only one conquest, I might look on her more favourably, but it's not. Time and time again, Guenevere is shown as unfaithful to Arthur. In some of the earlier tales, Mordred is not Arthur's son, but Guenevere's lover, who then abducts her to try to steal England from Arthur. It is Guenevere who suggests Gawain be forced to marry the lothly lady, in order to curtail his flirting with the ladies of the court. Yes, this one can be seen in a more positive light, but when you read the texts, invariably, Guenevere comes off as sounding rather annoyed or jealous, and not at all interested in protecting any other women so much as punishing Gawain.

In short stories or long, and even in the movies, whether it is only Lancelot or others she focuses on, she's the one seeking out this attention. She wants it. She craves it. And she will do anything to have it. And with Lancelot, she's cast in the role of Eve, and her bite of the apple destroys Camelot. See that how you will, and a case can be made for that being the medieval view of the day--that no woman can be a positive influence, but at least Morgana, even in the depths of her malice, stands up for herself and her people. Guenevere seems to stand for the type of woman who thinks she deserves whatever she wants, and damn the cost. That or the spoiled little rich girl who doesn't know any better and goes about her innocent and merry way, destroying all she touches because she refuses to see the result of her actions.

I was so excited to see such a different sort of Guenevere at the beginning of the Merlin series. Here was a girl who wouldn't be playing the spoiled princess, right? But I was wrong. With each season, my expectations have been crushed just a little bit more. Especially the past two.

I worry about this coming season of Merlin because the writers seem to be forgetting the premise of this show, and they've completely taken all obstacles out of the way for Arthur and Gwen. They didn't have to fight to get past them. They're just gone. One wonders if they'll just bring back Nimueh at the end of the season and let her trap Merlin in the Crystal Cave, and rename the show...because they seem to slowly be forgetting why the bromance between Merlin and Arthur was even there, and are slowly replacing that with Arthur and Gwen. And I worry that Gwen will become the very embodiment of everything I have always hated about the character, more focused on herself than on the girl I know she could be, if she'd been written right this time.

It's really too bad, too, because I love these actors, and when the story is on point, it's amazing. But sometimes, it's just really hard to watch.

So yeah, that's my rant about Guenevere. What do you think of the character? Do you prefer her or Morgana, or another female character from the stories entirely?

Apr. 30th, 2012

Arthurian Things post #6 - Morgana le Fae

I can't recall where, exactly, my love for Morgana came from. It was definitely before I was aware of Mists of Avalon, because I remember playing with others in the SCA, and when we played at being in Camelot, I always wanted to be Morgana. Part of it was the fact that evil characters are just more interesting. All Guenivere did was sit around and eat bonbons or need to be rescued. Or macked on any Knight who let her... :P

Mists of Avalon only increased my love for her, and made it difficult for me to watch things like Excalibur, where she's so unrepentantly evil with no obvious reason other than peevishness. Which isn't to say I didn't love her in Excalibur (hell, how can you not love Helen Mirren?), it's just that her reasoning leaves a lot to be desired. Plus, a Morgana without dark hair just seems wrong.

Then there was Helena's Morgana. I only watched the Merlin Mini-series once. She was a kind of freak (not surprising, given it was Helena), so that made her difficult to watch as well. Even though I was ready to love her version to the ends of the earth.

I was quite glad when the Mists Mini-series finally made it to TV, though it really didn't do justice to the story. The book has so many little details, it would have been hard to get them all in. Juliana Margoles was all right, but I'm not a fan, and this didn't make me one, either. It was just a lackluster version of a great book.

So it wasn't until BBC's Merlin came on the air that I finally saw the Morgana I truly loved: Katie McGrath. Katie brings everything to the table--looks, style, grace, and a seeming understanding of a lady and how she would hold herself. No, the show's not perfectly medieval, but I adored her. I only wished the writers had been willing to more slowly develop her evil, instead of forcing it the way they did and making it seem almost comical.

Even so, Katie manages to shine, when Morgana is truly feeling things, as opposed to plotting or leering evilly. You can see her heartbreak at losing Gwen, or her anger at Uther for what he's done to her and others. Her confusion over her powers in the second season was especially well-acted, and if they'd moved slower at the end of that season, I could easily see her sink into vengeance and madness.

There is one honorable mention here, too. Eva Green's Morgan in the Stars series, Camelot. Though she was unrepentant in her evil, we could not only see her suffering, but her reasoning, even if it was flawed. I had high hopes for her character. Too bad the series was cancelled in the first season...

I think the reason I prefer Morgana over others is that as a character, there's so much to draw from. Depending on the legends you choose, she can have up to nine (yes, nine, there is a mention in a legend or two) sisters, not to mention her brother. And Mordred, whether nephew or son, is always an excellent ally. Not to mention her sister's other sons (of which Gawain is my particular favorite).

But most of all? I love the incestuousness between she and Arthur (when it's there--I tend to gravitate toward those stories that have it). I love the angst, danger, and evil inherent because of that liaison, which is why I tend to prefer her as Mordred's mother over Morgause. And, deep down, I believe that Morgana both hates and loves Arthur, and it is that confusion that drives her to fight against him time and again.

So...who's your favorite Arthurian Character, and why?

Apr. 29th, 2012

Arthurian Things post #5 - Favorite Arthurian book pt 2

So yesterday, I covered the Mabinogion, which is the best-remaining source for early Welsh Celtic folklore. Today I'm going to cover my other favorite (semi-)Arthurian book, the Celtic Heroic Age.

This one is unfortunately not available online except to buy, but I do highly recommend it. There are several editions, so there's no need to buy this version, which is now out of print, but I linked to my version of the book here.

When I finally made it to the UW, I knew I wanted to do an English degree, though I considered a few things before I settled on it for sure. One of the earliest classes I took outside my degree was a Celtic History class. This was one of many books I bought for the class. It's a source of translations of original historic documents detailing the Celts, starting with a couple ancient Celtic transcriptions, and working its way through what we could consider post-Arthurian Britain, if you believe that there was truly a man who became the legend that is King Arthur.

This book was one of my first experiences with secondary sources, and is as close as I have been able to get to primary sources on Arthurian history, given I do not read or write the languages the early tales were all written in.

In truth, the book has very little to do with Arthur, but there are a few passages about him in the Gododdin, which was an elegaic poem set in Northern England in the post-Roman age. It details the losses of a fight between the Britons and the Saxons in the kingdom of Strathclyde, apparently in or near the modern-day city of Glasgow. It is one of the few texts that reveals Arthur's name in a possible historical context. He is mentioned only in passing: "[Gorddur] used to bring black crows down in front of the wall/of the fortified town--though he was not Arthur--/amongst men mighty in feats/in the front of the barrier of alder wood..." He is used more as a descriptor than anything else, someone to compare the fallen man to. But there nevertheless.

There are other random passages in other sections of the book as well, and having such early record (all the sources in the book are pre-medieval, even if the translations are not) of Arthur only gives credence to those of us who think he may well be based in fact.

The book itself holds a cherished place in my library, and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in the Celtic people. There's a ton of fascinating stuff in it.

Anyone else have any good non-fiction Arthurian sources?

Apr. 28th, 2012

Arthurian Things post #4 - Favorite Arthurian book pt 1

So [info]kabal42 suggested I do a post on my favorite Arthurian books. I have two, though both are only tangential to Arthurian lit. I'll do one today and one (hopefully) tomorrow (I do keep forgetting to do these posts...bad girl).

So the first I'll cover is the Mabinogoin (pronunciation for those interested: Mah-bin-oh-gee-in).

This is my copy, though there are at least as many versions of it as there are Arthurian legends. I've linked it to an online version, for those who are interested in reading it, though I'm not sure how long the link will be good for.

The Mabinogoin is a collection of Celtic (mostly) Welsh tales from the ages before and around the early Medieval period. Because of the timing of these tales, King Arthur is often mentioned, because by the Norman conquest of England, he was a popular folk hero in a dark time, so minstrels would connect their stories to him in order to make them feel more heroic, and in some ways, more real.

I remember getting copies of some version of these tales when we went to England when I was in 5th grade. I have no clue where they went, or if my parents still have them, but I remember coming home and just devouring them like candy. I think these and the English Fairy Tales and More English Fairy Tales books are the beginning of my love affair for Fairy Tales, but the Arthurian connection in the Mabinogoin always lingered in my mind as well.

The various editions generally cover 11 tales (some adding other Welsh tales, some taking out others) that focus on Celtic heroes and romances from ancient Britain. The texts were likely originally transcribed by welsh or English monks who had heard them as youths, though no one is entirely sure of their true origins, as with most myth and legend.

Of the legends generally included are two particular tales:  Culhwch and Olwen, and The Dream of Rhoabwy, both of which mention Arthur, though neither focuses on him as a character. Rather, they focus on others in the time of Arthur, who have some tangential connection to him.

Tomorrow, I'll cover a more historical work: The Celtic Heroic Age.

But for now, I'll leave with a question: What's your favorite Arthurian work? Or works, if you have more than one.

Mar. 12th, 2012

Book Review: To Say Nothing of the Dog by Connie Willis

To Say Nothing of the DogTo Say Nothing of the Dog by Connie Willis

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I stumbled across this book a year or two ago looking for something new to read, and while I'm not the fastest reader, I have to say this one kept my attention. Often I set a book down and don't come back to it for days or even weeks or more, which makes getting back into the story difficult, but this one had no problem pulling me back in each time.

It's one (very small) part science fiction (due to the aspect of time travel), one part mystery, one part historical (covering mostly victorian times, but also the attack on Coventry in World War II), one part farce, and one part romance. That description might lead you to wonder how such a storyline could even work, but somehow, Willis makes it work, and you can't help but enjoy the mystery, as well as the wry humor of the main character, Ned, who is hiding out in the Victorian era to keep away from a madwoman who wants him to find one of the most hideous artifacts of all time.

Even when the characters are comical, they lend so much to the feel of the time Ned is in, and his quest to figure out what happened to the Bishop's Bird Stump gives the story a sense of urgency that might not have worked with any of the other aspects of the story.

If you're a fan of soft science fiction, or romance that features plot (and a central male character over a female one) over passion, I highly recommend this. Even more if you're a fan of science fiction and mystery, because that is exactly what this is. A sci-fi mystery with a twist.

I look forward to reading my way through the rest of her works. If they're all as fun as this one, I know I'll enjoy them.

Jul. 5th, 2011

8 Favorite Books, Round 2

Again, in no particular order here:

Phantom by Susan Kay )

A Little Princess by Frances Hodgsen Burnett )

A Princess Bride by William Goldman )

The Hobbit by JRR Tolkein )

Valley of the Horses by Jean Auel )

The Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare )

The Last Unicorn by Peter Beagle )

The Liveship Traders by Robin Hobbs )

Jul. 1st, 2011

8 Favorite Books

So I made a bunch of posts on my Tumblr about some of my favorite books, so I thought I'd copy and paste them here as well, for people on my f-list to peruse. :)

Breeds of Man by FM Busby )

Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman )

The Dragon Prince by Melanie Rawn )

Lady Blade, Lord Fighter by Sharon Green )

Contact by Carl Sagan )

Harry Potter by JK Rowling )

Daughter of the Empire by Janny Wurts )

The Handmaid's Tale )

Dec. 6th, 2010

Photospam: Mah Bichez

I've got a group of characters whom I adore that all fit into a certain mold but which still have a great deal of variation in between, and since female characters never get enough love, I felt the need to share them today, because seeing a photo of one of them just made me grin, almost manically.

I call them "mah bichez" affectionately, of course.  Every single one of them has a dark edge to them, and most are the "bad guys" in their universe, or at least one.

Bad Girls behind the cut )

Of course, those are just the ones who came to mind today, and definitely the ones at the top of my list.  Who would you add?

Dec. 4th, 2009

Fannish 5!

I haven't done this in ages, but I can't resist. :D

If you could resurrect/bring back five characters, who would they be?

Spoilers for DH, also Buffy, Firefly, Babylon 5, and DS9 )

Jun. 7th, 2008

Stuff + Sims pics

Finally finished reading the first of the Anita Blake books.  You know how it is when you know too much about something before you read or see it?  I think that's the case with these books.  I know too much. 

Slightly spoilery behind the cut )

I intend to keep reading, though.  I enjoyed it enough, and I'm curious to see what happens next.  We'll see when she tips the scales.


Dr Who this week--great episode.


And now for pictures - Harry/Draco and Blaise/Theo.

Picture-heavy behind the cut )

Dec. 1st, 2007

State of the Elf

So...even though I've posted just about every day in the last month, most of it has been story-stuff rather than other stuff, so I thought I'd update everyone.

Got some serious bunnies in the last month.  SS/SB/RL with a Tonks side, SS/RL (yes, really) post DH with Teddy in attendance, DM/SM fic for someone's xmas gift because she deserves it, and something like three or four non-fairy tale H/D ideas.  Including a 12 days of Christmas thing, which I have informed my brain is not going to happen...  In particular, working on a post-DH story with [info]kabal42 that could be tons of fun. 
For now, though, my #1 priority is D_D's KK fic...I think we're almost done...
Still have it in mind to do Epilouge Kid drabbles...

Watching Bedknobs and Broomsticks and then Narnia today with hubby...as soon as we come back from the store. 
Sister's working on a books list for the Zygote...  That's been fun. 
I'm really beginning to hate the holidays, though.  Or maybe its just that side of the family.  Every time I get an email from one of them, I get tense.  To the point where I'm starting to avoid email in general...  No clue what to do as far as gifts, given that all the major people in my life aside from my sister either don't want them, or are so distant as to give me no clue what they might want. It's kind of making me ill.  I wish I were more ahead.  And that I had the skill, equiptment and time to just make everyone new scarves or something...
Been reading a lot.  Both fic and books.  Just finished the Dexter books.  Will probably post a review of all three this weekend.  But the short version?  If you like the show, read the books. :D

New game, here at IJ: [info]founders_legacy.  Ad to follow soon.  4th year AU.  We're having fun so far.  Game officially starts the first of January.  I've taken on Draco ([info]draconis_m) and Blaise ([info]blaise_z), of course.
Also, doing a half-writing, half-rp project with a friend surrounding an idea we've had for a while.  It's called [info]shadowhunt if people want to give it a look.  Post-DH, Hestia Jones sets up a sort of bounty-hunter service.  We've got four characters: Hestia, Charlie, George and Blaise.  There will be slash and adult humor.  It's a closed game, but people are quite welcome to watch.  We'd love opinions.  We're not going to run it like a traditional RP, but there will be threads that will grow over time.  And we'll probably post threads for people to comment on after them, particularly when we're looking for input on who they should go after next, or things like that. :)

Found a new toy I've been spending too much time with: Wordie.  There under elfflame, if folks want to look at my word-lists and/or suggest additions. :)

Okay, so my reaction to the new uproar yesterday was, "Uh huh.  And this surprises you?"  This morning, it's more, "goddamn it!"  I refreshed the page I keep my lj open on, not noticing that it had logged me out, so all the fest entries were not only hidden behind a cut, they had an extra page to get to content.  Except when I logged in, it wouldn't let me see either the page or the "are you over 18" page any more...just errored out.  I figured it out, but still... 
Mostly, I'm just glad that's not my main journal any longer.  I can't wait to see what happens when the first person gets closed down because of these...  So done with this.  Been done with it since August.  So why hasn't it effing gone away yet?

Jul. 21st, 2007


I will take a while for me to be coherent about it, I think.  Expect a more detailed post tomorrow.

First I have to go back to Wednesday and scan my flist--if it'll let me go back that far...

Beware to those who haven't finished--there may end up being spoilers in the comments... (yes, this is an invitation to pick my brain about it...

Jul. 20th, 2007

See you on the other side!

It's currently a quarter after 9 my time, and I will be going down to get my copy in about two hours or so.

I will be checking in only once tomorrow to post my Farewell fest fic at [info]daily_deviant, but otherwise I won't be back until I've finished the book, likely sometime on Sunday.  I definitely won't be more than glancing at my email until then.

Hope everyone's enjoying it!

Mar. 16th, 2007

Today's <lj comm

HP Friday Five )

fannish Five )

Mar. 2nd, 2007

List time!

1 - Didn't like [info]hp_fridayfive or [info]fannish5 today, so no entry there...

2 - Huge hugs to [info]littlecup, who had her baby yesterday.

3 - Job news--went to an interview for a temp job today.  I'll be working in the tallest building in Seattle (formerly known as the Columbia Center) on the 34rd floor.  I'm working for a real estate insurance company.  A bit nervous about it, because it could be stressful, but we'll see...  Means I'll be more available during the weekends now.

Mods for [info]hpficlist, I'll still be available in the evenings if there are problems.  But I'll likely take Saturdays or Sundays for my day until this is over.

RP people, particularly those of you outside the states, I'm afraid this means most of my gaming will be in the evening as well, or weekends.  If there's a particular plot you would like to do, just let me know, and we can talk it out in emails at the very least.  I will try to stay active as much as possible.

4 - Speaking of [info]hpficlist, it's been kind of quiet the last few days, but there are lots of links to follow, and I'm about to go add a few more ships I saw that could be added...  Please come check us out?  It won't be much of a resource without links to follow, right?

5 -*whines* I want season 4 of QAF, already!  And Sims: Seasons, too!  Oh, well, at least I'll have job money I can use for it... :D

6 - Still planning on doing a book review, just not sure what and when.  But it is coming.

Feb. 2nd, 2007

And this week's <lj comm

Name five books that could be great movies.

Oh, dear.  This one I'll have to think much harder about.  Usually, the books I like don't make good movies, because the subtleties wouldn't come out too well.

One of my all-time favorite books, Lady Blade, Lord Fighter, ends in a cliffie, and though she wrote a sequel, the story is still unfinished after (OMG) 20 years.  And even if it were, it's rather...adult.  Lotsa smex.  So, a less-than good choice for a movie.

My other all-time favorite book, Dragon Prince, is so complex and so long that it would take two movies to do it justice.  And it's only the first part of a series of what ended up being six books.  My major worry there is that it would get dumbed down too much and turn into swords and sorcery, which was so not the point.  Never mind that I already cast Miranda Otto in one of the leading roles in my head...

So, let's see:
  1. Princes in Amber.  I'm still waiting for the Sci-fi channel version of this one to actually be shown, though it scares me that it hasn't.  If it's not even up to their standards... *shivers*
  2. The Vampire Lestat.  I would love to see this properly done.  It's my favorite of the series.  Yeah, the smex content is a bit heavy, but it's all implied.  And as much as I loved Stewart in the Queen of the Damned, that was NOT the Vampire Lestat.
  3. The Myth Series.  Now, here's a series that they could take from in any number of ways, and I'd still be pleased by the outcome.  It would be fabulous.  And they've got the effects to do it now, too.
  4. The Belgariad.  You'd have to find a company that was willing to do all five books, though.  Or at least merge them into three movies.  Yeah, it could be done, and it's not quite as complex as Lord of the Rings.  I'd love to see a cast-list.
  5. Good Omens!  OMG, how could I forget!  This movie NEEDS to be done.  And done right.  Give it to Gilliam, and let him play, damn it!  This one has been just past the rumor stage for about a decade now.  I want to see it.  Now.
Wow.  That wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.

But, just for balance, I present:
My 5 favorite books-to-movies (aka those movies I knew canon before I saw the movie) No, I'm not going to link them.  If you don't know what they are, go to IMDB, then get them from the library or the store, and watch them.
  1. Lord of the Rings series
  2. Chronicles of Narnia (granted, we've only seen the first, but it was fantastic)
  3. The Handmaid's Tale
  4. Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood
  5. James and the Giant Peach

Mar. 25th, 2006

Links and lists and stuff

Practically all I've been posting lately is fic, I know.  I don't suppose anyone is complaining, are they? :P  I do have a few things to share.  A couple of fun links, an important service announcement to those living in the US or two, and blather about my sims. :)

Linky one: Gnod Music Map - you enter in the artist or group, and it shows you a web of artists who are similar, or are liked by people who like that artist.

Linky two: Gnod Author Map - basically the same, but for authors.  JK Rowling is under Joanne K Rowling.  :D

Now, for those who are on my flist who are US citizens:

I can't say much more than what has been said on my list already, but if you're pro-choice, we're losing the battle, folks.  Write your representatives now if you don't want to go back to the way it was in the fifties and sixties...  Please?

And, if you're against the Patriot Act, here's a list of the few Senators that voted against it:

The ones to vote for in the future )

I'm pleased to say that at least one of my senators voted against it.  She'll be the one who gets my vote in the next election period.

And Sims blather... )

Sep. 8th, 2005

Looky Looky

Something to look forward to: Mapping the World of Harry Potter, Edited by Mercedes Lackey. :D

Aug. 6th, 2005

Forgot to update this meme...

So no one guessed any of my books here, aside from the obivious...

So here are the answers--
1. Lady Blade, Lord Fighter - Sharon Green.  Fantasy/Romance.  Lots of swordfighting and sex...if you like that sort of thing. ;)

2. Dragon Prince - Melanie Rawn.  First of a set of series set in a fantasy world based vaguely on Celtic words and ideas.

3. Daughter of the Empire - Janny Wurts.  The first book in a companion series to the Riftwar Saga by Raymond E Feist.  A fantasy world based on feudal Japan.

4. Silverthorn - Raymond E Feist.  The third book in the Riftwar Saga.  Classic fantasy quest.

5. If you don't know, I ain't telling. ;D