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Apr. 28th, 2013

Elf's Big Post of Doom - Life update, fandom and more

* So I know it has been forever since I've posted much beyond fic here. I rarely post more than once every few months now, but I am still here and I do read through my flists here and at LJ, but I spend more of my time at Tumblr. If you have one, and would like to follow me there, I'm elfflame there, too. I am also at Polyvore as elfflame, if anyone has an account there. I haven't been doing as much there recently, but I still glance in there from time to time and get bursts of creativity there. I love it.

* Family is doing well. Mom seems happy in the new place, and the kids love having my parents right there. Niece is always running down to spend time with her, and now that nephew is more mobile, he's doing so, too. Dad went on a ski trip about a month ago and decided to pretend to be a stunt skiier and did a 360 off an icy mogul on the slope and dislocated his shoulder. The prognosis from the doctor is that it is healing, but he did break it a little as well. They're muddling along, though it's a great deal harder now that he only has one arm to use. At least sis and brother-in-law are right there.

* Work! I have been working. I was at the very end of my rope, and thinking I would have to do some things I really wasn't looking forward to when my temp place finally called with a job. I am now working for a company in Eastlake, just south of the University Bridge, and the job I was initially doing was right up my alley. Then someone in the department decided to retire, so they felt me out about doing that job, so now I have a definite permanent job. We just have to wait for my contract with the temp place to be up before they hire me on permanent. Co-workers are great. Lots of great people to talk to. And the job itself is pretty brainless, so that's fine. Means I can think of other things while I work. Like stories. The scary part of the job is coming up in about two weeks, when we send out a mass mailing. I get to scan in and update the department on what we've gotten back. But currently we're in the off time, so I've been able to do the other job, which has been nice.

* One of the co-workers brought in her new laptop last week to show me Scrivener. I knew of it from all the jabber on the NaNoWriMo boards about it, but I'd never tried it myself, because I figured I couldn't afford it. Turns out it's $40, which is definitely doable, and there are some major selling qualities... So I downloaded it Friday night, and spent a good portion of yesterday playing with it and putting in info for my Nano from 2009, which was the first original Nano I've done. The story has a few major flaws, so I'm going to use the original more as an outline and guide of where to take the new one. Still not finished inputting everything for it into the program, but I have plans to set up a bunch more. But my plan is to play with it on the weekends (you get 30 non-consecutive days free, a major selling point on its own) until I get offered perm at my job, then buy it.

* Speaking of Nano, I still haven't finished my Nano for this last year. I'm well over 60k now, and I "won," so it's mostly just been trying to get myself to finish it. Still love it, though. And I am getting toward the end. I think I have 10-15k left at least... That's the next project that gets put into Scrivener.

* And one more NaNo note...my previous Nano, the second set of H/D fairy tales, is incomplete here on IJ, and still unedited. Not sure if I want to finish posting the rest at this late date, unless I'm specifically asked. So we'll see. I've been working on editing my NaNos with Wolfish Cat, and we just finished the first set of H/D fairy tales, so next comes the Sultan's Slave. :) Looking forward to that one.

* Cats are still around, though the girl seems to want to be hurt, because she keeps waking me very early in the morning. Anyone have advice on stopping that, because the lack of sleep is really starting to wear on me. Boy is slowing down, which worries me, but he hasn't had one of his attacks in years. Knock on wood that he won't.

* TV: Still watching a lot of tv. Mad Men, Grimm, and Castle are my most-favorite these days. Still haven't caught up with Supernatural. And watch way too much reality tv. Would really like that trend to go away. I think unless something great happens on Revolution soon, I'll stop watching that one. Just...nothing there. It's too bad, too. And Defiance isn't a whole lot better. The alien Malfoy family is...yeah... Looking forward to seeing White Collar and Warehouse 13 again. And I know that Haven was renewed, too, though that probably won't pop up for a few more months. Getting towards the end of Season 3 of Glee with Foodie. Enjoyed Matt Bomer, and loved Unique...but then I loved Alex on the Glee Project (I did say I watched a lot of reality TV, right?), so it was great to see him again. He and Damion were my top two, and I couldn't stand the other two. Foodie and I generally watch two episodes of whichever show and a movie, but with Doctor Who on right now, we've been watching that instead and rounding out the evening with some Red Dwarf. It's been great fun rewatching the show. More so because she's never gotten to see them in order like this before. :) Reminds me of the 90s when I got to see it at Norwescon...

* Future plans: hearing possible whispers of Lubricus, which I would absolutely adore going to if it happens, but I'm nowhere in the loop on that one, and I don't know if I'll be in the middle of a mailing when it happens, so I might not be able to get the time off. I'm also hoping to go back to Norwescon, given that I haven't been to one since the late 90s. I miss it. It would be fun to actually go to panels, and meet some of the locals I know from LJ. :)

* Genealogy is going well... I had another distant cousin contact me, this one from one of the skimpy branches of my family tree, so that made me very happy. I'm looking forward to more contact with her. As of this moment, my family tree file has more than 4600 individuals in it, most of whom were hand-entered by me. I've been being more diligent about recording where information came from, and it's all starting to really pull together. I love doing it, I just hate my brick walls... Particularly the German Jewish contingent. Every time I start to look into that branch, I just get very depressed. I'm lucky. My grandfather's father got them out of Germany in 33, but there were some extended family members of his wife's family who might not have been so lucky. If anyone is interested in reading more, or would like help with their own family tree, just let me know. I love talking about this stuff, and helping others get set up.

* Kindle: I've been reading more. Still mostly fanfiction, but slowly leaking into original works I've been able to find here and there, and the occasional actual book, but I prefer my Kindle because it's small and easy to use, and I don't have to deal with heavy books in my bag, or how badly I'm battering paperbacks. I did find myself a toy that helped me to find more fanfic (and original fic), if anyone is interested: Fan Fiction Downloader. It only helps with certain sites, but one of them is FF.net/Fictionpress, so between those and AO3, there's a ton of fic to read. I think the next thing I'll likely do with it is either connect to the library or buy myself a copy of Hunger Games. I've still not read it, and I really need to. That series and the Percy Jackson books are at the top of my list. Not sure what I'll read beyond that. Any suggestions, folks?

And that's all, though I'll probably do that AO3 meme that's been floating around. Since I didn't do it at year-end this past year.

Jul. 25th, 2011

A Snippet of Seven Years of Entries

Since this year marks my seventh year on journals (started at LJ, came here in 2008), I thought I'd do one entry from each year I've been here, and do commentaries on the entries themselves. These entries were just ones that stood out as a way to show my fandom change over the years I've been here. Most have something to do with fic in some way.

July 27, 2004 )

May 6, 2005 )

April 20, 2006 )

August 24th, 2007 )

October 2nd, 2008 )

June 14th, 2009 )

January 12th, 2010 )

May. 25th, 2011 )

And that's it…a small snippet of seven years of fandom life. Not bad. :)

Seven Years Ago Today

I made an LJ for the first time.  It's been quite the experience.

Date created: 2004-07-25 07:55:51
Date updated: 2011-07-24 21:11:00, 17 hours ago
Journal entries: 2,079
Comments: Posted: 14,331+6,027 - Received: 12,985+5,786

Adjusted Top Ten Commenters:
1 - [info]snapesgirl
2 - [info]kabal42
3 - [info]foodie
4 - [info]wolfish_cat
5 - [info]ceria
6 - [info]snapelike
7 - [info]lilydahlia
8 - [info]turtle_avenger
9 - [info]alisanne
10 - [info]abaddon

Who comments the most on this journal? )

Plans for later.  But now that the thunderstorm here seems to have passed, I think it's back to bed for me. :P

Jul. 25th, 2010

LJ-Aversary Today

Another year...  Six years now.  In some ways, it doesn't seem that long, but in others...it really does.

Stats, if anyone's interested:
Date created:2004-07-25 07:55:51
Date updated:2010-07-17 21:35:25, 1 week ago
Journal entries:1,963
Comments:Posted: 5,105 + 12,979 - Received: 4,975 + 14,103
Top Ten below (when I remove myself and aliases):

So...any of you ten want an Icon? :)

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Jan. 20th, 2010

[No Subject]

Just an FYI--I seem not to be getting any comments to stuff on my journal these days. No clue how long it's been going on, so if you haven't gotten responses from me, that is why. I am not ignoring people, I promise.

ETA: Fixed. Apparently they were just being sent to my junkmail folder. :P

If you commented and I haven't responded to something, feel free to nudge me again, here or there.

Oct. 24th, 2009


Don't you hate it when the thing stopping you is always the simplest thing?  It's figured out.

Still stressed, but less so.  Would really like nothing else to explode on me today.  Or the next week or so even...

No Love

So, after trying and failing to install a mood theme, I'm giving up after three days.

I'm really upset about it, because it was the first time I'd really tried, and I was really looking forward to having my own Katie McGrath mood theme.

I already had all sorts of plans for making my own, too, because I disagreed with the maker's choices on many of the moods.  And maybe another for Arthur/Merlin with [info]kabal42.

So, yeah, really not in a good place right now.

I'm going to go hide over there ====>
At least, until the latest Merlin episode is available and [info]kabal42 is on.

May. 25th, 2009

New Layout

With a great deal of help from my dear [info]kabal42, I have a new Merlin layout. The banner was found by him, and was made by threeeyespei over at livejournal. I couldn't resist. And it fits the new Complete Style here at IJ. Kabal did all the colour-tweaking, and added the banner for me, as that was something I didn't know how to do. Thank you, hon. :)

Check it out and tell me what you think! [info]elfflame

May. 15th, 2009


[info]squeaky has finally figured out what was causing comment rot. At least, he's pretty certain he's got it. He asks that anyone who experiences any new comment rot or similar issues to let him know asap in his post here.

Jun. 1st, 2008

Commenting, Gender-change & LJ

Commenting on Anon fests and con-crit -
Commenting and con-crit )

Gender-change vs genderplay and squicks vs warnings -
Labels )

LJ vs IJ -
Last but not least--LJ's new stance on non-photographic pictures of underaged people.  Yeah, whatever.  I've been through too much this year.  I'm here, and I'm staying.  As far as I noticed, there was never an apology to anyone who was hurt, they were made out to be criminals for posting pictures, and frankly?  I'm thinking of dumping all of LJ, really.  Every time I read my flist there, I just get more angry.  I'm tired and worn from the battles I've gone through in the last year, and I'm not going back.

Dec. 29th, 2007

State of the elf

Let's see...probably one more story to come this year, so I'll wait to do the Fic year in review.  Probably Tuesday while I watch all of the Lord of the Rings for the New Year.

No other takers for my Music poll?  I know it might seem a bit daunting, but really, just go with your gut instinct.  The more choices we have later, the better. :)

Commenting.  Link to [info]kabal42's post yesterday, and to mine from several months back.  I think it's time to get that meme going again, and I think I also want to post a new New Year's meme, though of a different sort than last year.  I only hope it's as successful as that one was.

[info]founders_legacy officially starts Tuesday.  Daunting, but exciting.  Starting with a bang, too...  The Halloween feast in Harry's Fourth Year. :D  Should be fun.

As for Ms doesn't know when to stop, Yes, I saw the new stuff about the next gen.  I'm actually of two minds about it, as I am with all the stuff in DH, really.  I always know when i've gone fannish nuts because I start writing lists.  I have a program, Family Tree Maker, and couldn't resist putting them all into a slightly more visual format.  So, here for download is all the major families that have more than two members that are connected easily.  If people have the program, I'd also be willing to upload the base file.  This one is in PDF format so that anyone with Acrobat can read it.  Any additions (canon only, please) are more than welcome.  :)

Christmas went better than expected.  And the last of everything has been done now, so all that's left is my grandmother's birthday tonight (THAT side of the family, unfortunately...) and New Years, which should be nice and quiet. :)  Hubby bought me a DS, so I've been playing with that a lot.  I'm quite enjoying that. :D  Particularly a game called "My Word Coach," which apparently also has French and Spanish versions.  If they ever do a Welsh one, I'm so there... :D

Still have some writing to do, of course.  Bonking Tonks is due the 9th, and I haven't started on that or my D_D for next month.  Still, I have ideas, so hopefully I should be able to do them this week...

Oh, yes.  And I am now permanently Insane. :D  Got my permanent account yesterday or the day before...can't recall for sure.  But it feels nice.  :)  Even with the issues here, I have confidence that this will be a much more comfortable long-term home for my fandom life.

Dec. 10th, 2007

Links because I can, and miscellaneous things

Link one: The Ten Doctors (Dr Who, that is...)
A comic strip featuring all ten doctors, and most of his companions as well.  If you're a fan of the old series as well as the new, this is a great read.

Link two: My favorite house-icon maker has made a new batch of icons with His Dark Materials quotes.

Link three: [info]florahart has compiled the IJ stats for the big surges since May.  And yet, the site is still running quite smoothly...  Unlike others I could name...

To Do List:
Advertise [info]founders_legacy @lj
George reply to Hess
Blaise reply to Fred
Post Movie Drabbles

Post PB list
Write Tonksathon fic
Start next D_D fic
Write out first chapter of collab with [info]kabal42
Back up old RPGs at GJ before it's too late
Create Asylum for boys to play in

I'm sure I've forgotten something...

Aug. 21st, 2007

[No Subject]

So, I hadn't seen one about yet, so I made a Blaise asylum.  It's [info]blaise_zabini, and all fic/art/graphics/meta are welcome there.  Didn't want him to get left behind over at LJ. ;)

Anyone interested in being a co-mod?

Aug. 16th, 2007

[No Subject]

Nowhere near done with my journal-fixing.  Almost done with the fic-linking, though...I'm in September of 2005, and working my way back.  So a year and two months.  I think I'll have it finished today.  And then I want to do some sort of fic-linking meme.  To show off all these great old fics that I'd practically forgotten...

Anyone have any links to good fic-memes?

Aug. 11th, 2007

[No Subject]

So, ficlist updated to January of last year....still have about a year and a half to go...

Linked all the chapters for Winter's Thaw and Chrysalis, after much annoyance.  Not looking forward to doing it for other linked fics.

Have a ton of duplicate entries which I'll also have to go back to delete, but not until I'm finished with the ficlist, I think.

And for those who don't know, there's an IJ love-meme here. *hugs [info]eeyore9990*

Aug. 9th, 2007

[No Subject]

I don't know who gifted me with the time, but thank you very very much.  You have no idea how much it's appreciated.  Put a smile on my face this morning.  If you'd like a drabble or anything, just nudge me.  I'd love to show my appreciation.

Is anyone else having issues with the tags here?  I click to add tags, but they don't actually add to the entry from the "edit tags" form.  Not sure if it's just the older entries or not, but I really don't want to have to tag everything by hand.  I'd never remember them all right... :S

Aug. 3rd, 2007

Weighing in

I feel beat up, tired, and just sick.  I'm ready for all of this to just be over.

As of now, I have two alternate journals:
Elfmun at Greatestjournal, which is my backup journal and RP journal, and probably won't get used too much for anything aside from RP purposes.
Elfflame at Insane journal, which is currently blank, but will become my default if fandom deserts entirely, I am deleted, or I'm still this upset come the end of December or March, or whenever it is that I'm paid till.  I am NOT giving them any more of my money.  And here's why: They don't refund.  They refuse.  It's in the contract.  And if you can pay to have them treat you this way?  Why stay?

So far I've heard of four suspensions, the two fannish artists that everyone's heard about, and two from my husband's flist...  And don't you love the coincidental way the strikeout coding changed the same day that they did this?  So that you can't tell they've been deleted unless you go looking for them specifically?  Not to mention that they just disappear from your friends-list on your user info page, and since most of us have 200-300 friends or more, one is easy to miss, unless we talk to them every day...

Henry Rollins on Freedom and the Internet (from my hubby.)
Fandom Tossed Feed
[info]fandom_flies - a community dedicated to creating a new fandom journaling service, and keeping track of where each of us goes.
And from Strikethrough: a list of links for different things to do to back up/make your new/old journal prettier/better. (flocked)

Jul. 23rd, 2007

[No Subject]

In regards to the LJ Buz stuff?

I have a GJ -- Elfmun.

But this is my home.  And I will be here until they find some reason to delete me.  If and when that happens, my sorry butt will probably be moving to JournalFen, unless I get convinced between now and then to get an insanejournal account.

Just sos you all know. :)