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Jul. 25th, 2011

A Snippet of Seven Years of Entries

Since this year marks my seventh year on journals (started at LJ, came here in 2008), I thought I'd do one entry from each year I've been here, and do commentaries on the entries themselves. These entries were just ones that stood out as a way to show my fandom change over the years I've been here. Most have something to do with fic in some way.

July 27, 2004 )

May 6, 2005 )

April 20, 2006 )

August 24th, 2007 )

October 2nd, 2008 )

June 14th, 2009 )

January 12th, 2010 )

May. 25th, 2011 )

And that's it…a small snippet of seven years of fandom life. Not bad. :)

May. 25th, 2011

Slight Update

So I've spent the past month or so uploading all my fic, HP or not, to AO3. My page is here, and complete minus my NaNoWriMos that need editing (in other words, all but the first, Chrysalis, have not been posted).

It's nice to finally have all my fic in one space. Definitely making me feel like I need more Merlin fic, though... ;)

I do have a few unfinished works there:
* Traditions, which I started for Advent Drabbles, then stalled out on, which I might pick up this coming year for the same comm.
* When the Snow Melts, which is Severus/Narcissa, and therefore hard for me to finish because it's het. It's actually also part of a larger story, but I cut out the other storyline. Still, if I can add one more chapter, I might be able to finish this bit, at least.
* Five Times Out, which I have every intention of finishing. The story's complete in my head, I just have to do it. I'm more than halfway, now. Even have another 500 or so words of the next chapter completed now. H/D, but no longer canon as of HBP, I think...
* There's also Making Up Is Hard to Do, which Snapesgirl and I never finished for the Snupin anniversary, which we should definitely get back to if we can.

I've also got a couple of fics I plan to do sequels for, as the story isn't quite finished yet:
* The Golden Prince Series has at least one more chapter coming, possibly two, possibly more. Depending on how inspired I get.
* I might possibly do another sequel to Canines and Stags, if the bunny bites.
* Veridian has a lot more story coming. I do know how and why Harry became what he did, and Draco's only just broken with his father...lots of story to go on this one.
* Velvet Captivity never truly finished, and I have a few dots that do need connecting, so I might come back to this to do that. I also plan to go through them very carefully and post a timeline there so that people can read it in that order instead, if they so prefer.

There may be others, but those are the ones that stand out to me right now. I also need to go through the tags I've used, and try to be a bit more consistent, but with 300 fic (even if many are drabbles), I kind of got lost in the uploading.

I definitely need to write up some feedback there. It's a great site, but there's some features I'd love to see, and still a few problems with a couple of things on the upload end.

Aug. 11th, 2007

[No Subject]

So, ficlist updated to January of last year....still have about a year and a half to go...

Linked all the chapters for Winter's Thaw and Chrysalis, after much annoyance.  Not looking forward to doing it for other linked fics.

Have a ton of duplicate entries which I'll also have to go back to delete, but not until I'm finished with the ficlist, I think.

And for those who don't know, there's an IJ love-meme here. *hugs [info]eeyore9990*

Jun. 16th, 2006

Fic: When the Snow Melts 2: First Bud

Title: When the Snow Melts
Author: Elfflame
Pairing: Severus/Narcissa, past Lucius/Narcissa, past Lucius/Severus.
Summary: After Lucius's death, Severus takes the time to open Narcissa's eyes to a world her husband denied her.
Rating: NC-17 eventually (R this chapter)
A/N: An AU where Lucius died shortly after his Lord.  Originally part of a larger series, but works much better without the rest.  The title comes from my favorite Anime, Fruits Basket: “Q: When the snow melts, what does it become? A: Spring.”  This is about Narcissa’s “blossoming,” hence references to Winter and Spring. I hope you all enjoy it.  Huge thank you to Foodie, who betad this for me, despite huge arguments about this first chapter in particular.  I think it’s much better for it. :D
Dedication: To the lovely [info]princessjessia, for your birthday.  Hope you have a lovely day, hon.
Disclaimer: Not mine, but for the idea.

1 - Winter's Thaw

First Bud )

Apr. 20th, 2006

[No Subject]

I need pushing to write again. So I have a deal for you. I have ten fics That I'm working on that I need pushes on. I won't tell you the titles, just the pairings and the general setting. You tell me which you want a cookie from, and I'll give you two or three paragraphs from that fic.

They are:

1> Genfic. AU, Harry's second year at Hogwarts.
2> Lucius/Blaise. Fifth year fic.
3> Harry/Draco, Severus/Remus. Postwar fic.
4> Harry/Draco. Postwar fic.
5> Severus/Draco, Harry/Draco, Severus/Harry, Severus/Draco/Harry. Post-HBP, would be seventh year, but not, to post-war.
6> Severus/Narcissa. Post Voldemort's first fall
7> Severus/Remus. Postwar
8> Harry/Draco, Harry/Bella, Severus/Remus. Post-HBP, would be seventh year, to post-war.
9> Draco/Hermione. Seventh year, Pre-HBP canon, Crossover with Labyrinth.
10> Draco/Hermione, Ron/Hermione, Draco/Other female. Post-war.

There you go. Make your choice. I'll post when I'm home. :D

Mar. 19th, 2006

Fic: When the Snow Melts 1: Winter's Thaw

Title: When the Snow Melts
Author: Elfflame
Pairing: Severus/Narcissa, past Lucius/Narcissa, past Lucius/Severus.
Summary: After Lucius's death, Severus takes the time to open Narcissa's eyes to a world her husband denied her.
Rating: NC-17 eventually (PG13 this chapter)
A/N: An AU where Lucius died shortly after his Lord.  Originally part of a larger series, but works much better without the rest.  The title comes from my favorite Anime, Fruits Basket: “Q: When the snow melts, what does it become? A: Spring.”  This is about Narcissa’s “blossoming,” hence references to Winter and Spring. I hope you all enjoy it.  Huge thank you to Foodie, who betad this for me, despite huge arguments about this first chapter in particular.  I think it’s much better for it. :D
Dedication: To the lovely [info]princessjessia , without who I would not have even bothered, most likely. :D
Disclaimer: Not mine, but for the idea.

Winter's Thaw )

Dec. 12th, 2005

WIP Meme

Okay, maybe not a meme, but [info]violet_quill did it, so I'm hopping on the bandwagon. :D

So the meme is this: Post a snippet (sentence, paragraph, whatever) from every in-progress fic you have at the moment.

Yeeps, this should be interesting.  I'll post a paragraph from each:

Prequel for What's Done Is Done (LM/RB) )

Five Times Out, Chapter 3 )

In Limine (HP/DM, Postwar) )

Unclaimed Bonds (SS/DM, HP/DM, SS/HP, SS/DM/HP) )

Winter Flowers (JP/NM, SB/RL, SB/SS, AU) )

Captive (SS/RL, Postwar) )

Temptation's Price (HP/DM, based on Tristan & Isolde) )

This doesn't include the latest bits of Velvet Captivity, of course, and I think everyone interested has already read Chrysalis, though I am working on a rewrite... :)

Aug. 10th, 2005

Writing update and stuff

So, I've actually been writing the past two days, more than a thousand words each day.  And the Narcissa/Snape story might be coming to a close, if I can just get them to agree to do it already.  I'm hoping to be thoughroughly detailed, as he's basically reteaching her, so...  OMG, I'm writing Het Smut! :D

Redid some tags last night.  I now have tags for Finding Harry, The Silver Cycle, What's Done Is Done, and Winter Flowers (of which the Sev/Nissa bit is a part, which needs its own name, as I'm thinking that will be the name of the universe it's set in...).  The entries tagged include any entries where I talk about the fic idea in general, any mentions of posting them somewhere, any cookies I posted, and any chapters that were posted here on lj.  Those, along with the True Revenge Universe (which was finished before I joined LJ), and the Lost Love Universe (ditto), are my most involved stories to date.  Most of the rest are one-shots or co-authored, and have little to do with each other.

And now for a Draco-babble.  To those who are new here, or don't know me well, Draco is the character I find myself going back to again and again.  His family issues fascinate me, and I see him as a very vulnerable person that desperately needs someone who really cares about him.  As such, he almost always has a role in my stories, whether it be major or minor.  The Snape/Narcissa bit has him as a toddler (which I hope I'm doing okay, cause I'm not really a kid person, and hence haven't spent much time around kids that age), the Snape/Lupin bit will probably have him and Harry come to visit once or twice, Finding Harry has him as Harry's "twin" brother, and the other three stories feature Draco in a leading and eventually romantic role. :D  So, if you'r here for the fic, beware if you don't like Draco.  That is all. :D

ETA: should I have tags for Gen, Het and Slash as well? What does everyone think?

Aug. 9th, 2005

Current writing projects....

Actually did some real writing today.

Looks like I'm only going to write the Snape/Narcissa part of my long Winter Flowers AU, but it's smut, even more, it's het smut, so that should make people happy, right? :D

Temptation's Price is my Harry/Draco Tristan & Isolde piece, and seems to be coming to me quite well today.  Bleh.  Dark mood cause of my period, I think.

Captive is the current title of the Snape/Lupin piece that started out as the prequel to Snapshots, but is now HBP-compliant, so they're no longer in the same universe.  It will probably still contain a bit of Harry/Draco, though. :D

And I'm also starting to rework In Limine, which may actually work better with some of the bits I'll have to change to make it HBP-compliant.  But I think it'll be better for the story in the long run. :)  (Hey, [info]turtle_avenger, have you glanced at the old version yet?  Cause if not, you might as well toss it, cause it's all going to have to change anyway.)

And a final kernel of a pre-HBP that I'm now totally revamping (it's practically a completely different story, except for the story device), which will be SS/DM, HP/DM, SS/HP, and SS/DM/HP.  With MPreg.  Be scared.  Be very scared.  Dark Angel really wants to see it, so it may actually get written...

Jul. 17th, 2005

So now that that's over...

I still need to go through my fics and ideas and see what "survived."  I have one fic out to be beta'd (went out friday, so my confidence is not high, but I'll get it posted eventually.), What's Done Is Done, which I was planning on changing a certain Malfoy member's name to reflect, and then realized I'd have to change too many other minor details, so its staying.  I'll just post a "Pre-HBP canon" label on it. :)

Past that, I will be working on FH 2.  I've got a nice big plot to wrap my head around (I'm going to combine 2 & 3...  Wish me luck), and I think I've got most of the plot-points figured out. 

I've also drug Winter Flowers out of mothballs - it's James/Narcissa, Sirius/Severus.  It's got hints of Bastard!Lucius in it, and a bit of Severus/Narcissa and Sirius/Remus as well.  We'll see.  Looking at it now, I may have to toss it.  But if so, I might pull the Sev/Narcissa bits from it and post them.  I was rather fond of those parts. :)

Also, I have an idea for an H/D Tristan & Isolde Dark!Future fic.  And it works eerily well now.  I'm scared.  I thought that one would be the first to go. ;P

Oh, and if Foodie agrees, we might start another round-robin soon, and if not, I may wind up doing the fic myself.  I need a "Twins meet the remaining Marauders" canon fic.  The scene where Fred and George realize that Remus and Sirius are Moony and Padfoot. :)

Not sure what will happen yet with our TR AU series, though...

From now until at least September, I will be posting two sets of recs.  One that is pre-HBP canon, and one that is post.  That way anyone not wanting to be spoiled doesn't have to wade through the recs or even simply pass them by.  All of the Post-canon recs will be behind lj cuts to prevent any possible spoilers for those who don't want to see them. :)

Anything else I need to cover?

May. 6th, 2005

WIP meme

Gacked from [info]beren_writes.

Take any currently unfinished fics you have and write the first line/paragraph from each.

Just so's people don't want to slaughter me... ;) )

And, just so we're clear, the further down you go, the less likely it is that the story will ever get written.  Course, opinions might make me change my mind... ;)

Nov. 4th, 2004

Writing meme!

Gacked from [info]fleshdress:

If you happen to be working on some creative writing project, fanfiction or NaNoWriMo or what have you, post exactly one sentence from each of your current work(s) in progress in your journal. It should probably be your favourite or most intriguing sentence so far, but what you choose is entirely your discretion. Mention the title (and genre) if you like, but don't mention anything else -- this is merely to whet the general appetite for your forthcoming work(s)...

Cut, because I'm working on so many )

Oct. 14th, 2004

More about writing...

So, people out there in HP-reader-land, which would you most be interested in me finishing, aside from Finding Harry & The Silver Cycle?

The sequel to Snapshots - DM/HP
Untitled Veela!Draco story - HP/DM
Strangers Till Now - DM/HG, crossover with Labyrinth
Winter Flowers - AU - what if James Potter survived the night Voldemort attacked, and Lucius Malfoy died soon after? - JP/NM, SB/SS, SS/NM
Draco Black - Draco takes a new name summer between sixth and seventh years - HP/DM
Untitled Prequel to Snapshots - SS/RL
Untitled post-war convicted!Draco saved by Harry & Snape story - HP/DM, SS/RL, lots of others mentioned
Untitled post-war Remus angst story - RL/HP, SS/DM, SS/HP (dear god, I might actually write snarry!)
Untitled final piece to the True Revenge Saga - no ships, told from Draco & Adriana's povs
Untitled Snape takes care of Draco fic - SS/DM, mention of LM/SS
Untitled H/D Tristan & Isolde take-off, Dark post-war, Voldemort's side won - HP/DM, SS/RL, LOTS of others

So,  do let me know if any sound interesting...I'm trying to decide what will get done, and what will get discarded.  The more votes I get for something, the likelier it will get written.

Starting to feel the crunch

Okay, even though they haven't yet announced a date for book 6, I'm starting to feel the crunch.  The main problem being that all my stories seem to be long ones.

So, as of now, my main focus is on Finding Harry & the Silver Cycle, just because they're actually posted out there.

Beyond that, I'd like to finish my Veela!Draco story, Strangers Till Now (Draco's being an ass, and doesn't want to cooperate.  I think he's just protesting that it's het. ;) ), and Winter Flowers.  I don't know that I'll ever finish the sequel to Snapshots.  The fic was so perfect on its own, and I'm thinking a sequel could kill it.  I might write the SS/RL prequel, though.

I also have several stories I'd like to start before it's too late.  We'll see....

Sep. 6th, 2004

To do

I HAVE to write today.  I've been doing almost no writing lately.  Mostly because I don't really like the chapter of FH I'm working on.  It feels meeningless.  Maybe I should skip it and just move on to classes restarting.  Hmmm.

And I've worked on none of the other stuff still in progress.  All I've been posting lately is my ficlets that Foodie and I work on.  Though "Please Not a Ferret" got a lot of attention.

I should work on Strangers Till Now, and I haven't touched Winter Flowers in over a month, I think.  At least that has slash in it, so I could enjoy it if I did.  But I seem to be on a Draco kick...

Oh, well, here goes nothing.

Aug. 18th, 2004


So, anyone who's read more than one of my fics on FF.net knows I mainly do Draco.  He always seems to be my default character.  Aside from my latest craze of doing het ficklets, most of my fics have Draco in them somewhere, and most often as one of the main characters.

I was thinking just now how different they are.
I have slash Draco and straight Draco, though I tend to slash him more often then not.  I actually quite enjoy doing Draco fics in first person, too, though I haven't done any lately.  I am working on a sequel to Snapshots, but it's not coming along too well, so....

Draco's Draught - First person, first HP fic I ever did, and it shows.  H/D.  Kinda whiny, wimpy Draco, really.

Drawing the Circle - Third person, oneshot.  Clueless!Draco.  Fun to do, but nothing exciting.  Again, H/D

Snapshots - First person again, another H/D.  My favorite of my H/D fics.  I've been told it's not unlike 50 First Dates (Which I don't exactly consider a complement, since I'm not particularly fond of Adam Sandler, and the movie looked reduculous.)

Dragon's Tears - First person, my first Het Draco, though he doesn't really have any love interest, but part of a larger story arc, so I know he is.  And Letters, a kind of Post-Script one-shot in the same universe.

Precious Silver - Well, not so much a Draco fic, but sort of.  And my first pairing of Draco with anyone but Harry... :D  At least two more stories planned in this Arc.

Finding Harry - Another Het Draco.  AU.  Might end up with Hermione in this one.  :)

In One Blow - My most recent.  Third person again.  I think this might be the most canon of my Dracos, really.  Definately not het.  H/D & S/D :D


Stuff I'm working on with Draco in it:
Sequel to Snapshots, again, will be first person.  This one has Bastard!Lucius in it.
Sequel to Precious Silver, entitled Tarnished Silver.  Third person, and this really will be Draco, as well as the pseudo-draco in Precious Silver...  The whole Arc will have a decided Sev/Draco bent to it. :)
Strangers Till Now, Crossover with Labyrinth.  Draco doesn't seem to be cooperating much for this one.  It's Draco/Hermione, so Het again, but he doesn't seem to be wanting to say much...
Winter Flowers, which isn't so much a Draco fic, as has Draco in it a fair deal.  If I can manage to write a believable toddler...
Five Times Out, which is third person, and again H/D....
And, unfortunately, a Veela!Draco fic, which is H/D, what a shocker....

You know, sometimes I wish my muse wasn't blonde... ;)

Jul. 30th, 2004

To do this weekend

Must seriously contemplate finishing Xmas FH chapter. Desperately needs to be posted. :(

Work on DM/HG fic. Should at least be able to get the boys to the Goblin Realm...

Make headway on at least one other fic: TS, WF, 5TO, even the sequel to Snapshots. Sigh. Of course, the likelyhood of finishing any of them is remote to nill... :S

Start working on Hubby's birthday presents. Just over a month away...

Find a good Remus Lupin Icon for the LJ. Have decided, since all I'd do with a paid account would be to max out my Icons, that I will just stick with the three for now, but that means they should be my three favorites, right? So, I've got my Draco, and an okay Snape, but I still need a Lupin. Any help would be appreciated...

Install new browser. Hubby AND sister both tell me I should, so I suppose I could try it. But the only reason I started using IE in the first place was that Netscape crashed on me cause I had too many sub-folders in my bookmarks. :( I guess we'll see if any other browsers can handle it, huh?

Jul. 27th, 2004

Current update

So, I'm currently working on several fics.

Finding Harry, a gen AU fic which is incomplete up at FF.net, and I desperately want to be done with, even though I know I never will be.

Tarnished Silver, which is Snape/Draco and Snape/sorta OC...If you've read the first one, you'll understand. This one just doesn't want to write as easily as the first did. It always seems to help when I have a final line to write for. :(

Strangers Till Now, a Labyrinth crossover which is Draco/Hermione. This one seems to be coming to me quite well today at least. Jareth is so much fun to write.

My Veela!Draco story, which I still desperately need a title for, but work on periodically, which is Harry/Draco. :D My next bout of writing I get to Pansy bash. :)

Winter Flowers, which is: James/Lily, Sirius/Remus, Severus/Narcissa, James/Narcissa, and Sirius/Severus. If I can manage to get them all to cooperate, anyway. Oh, and a major AU.

And something I'm currently calling Five Times Out, which is Harry/Draco.

Now, if I could just focus on one long enough to finish one...God, why do I keep writing chaptered fics?