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Nov. 2nd, 2012

Update on Me and NaNoWriMo

I know I've been pretty silent this year. Here's what's been going on.

* Still no job, but I've been slowly selling off my Magic cards, which has helped somewhat.

* Parents moved in with my sister and her family into a huge place in Eastern Seattle right next to the Arboretum in Montlake, if you know the Seattle Area. It's a gorgeous house. Mom and dad have a nice little downstairs apartment that's about the size of their old house's main floor, and tons of storage space for everyone, so they're not really missing the downstairs at all. Even better, Mom has an elevator so she no longer has to deal with stairs, which was becoming an increasingly difficult issue, so we're all glad of that. Sis is now working on getting her to stop driving, as the MS is slowly getting worse, and it's taking her longer and longer to get to the car. We've started bi-weekly dinners, which has been nice. More time with all of them, which I am bad about, so it's a perfect excuse to see them all and stay updated. Sis and the family will be heading down to brother-in-law's family for Thanksgiving, which is their norm, so I'm going to help mom and dad with thanksgiving in the main house, and I'm going to try to make mashed potatoes in sis's crock pot. Wish me luck...

* Also in family news, my grandmother passed away this summer. She was my last living grandparent, and I will miss her, but I was never as close to her as I was to my other grandmother who died in 2010. We had a lovely service at their church in Bellevue, and her pastor, who was just about to retire, was able to do the service. It ended up being the last she did at the church, so it made it doubly special. I did a slideshow of pictures of grandma's life, which was wonderful, and everyone wanted copies, so I'm doing slideshows of all the grandparents for the family for Christmas. Except that every time I see the shots of my grandfather who died in 91, I start crying. Makes it hard to go through the photos. But I'm getting there.

* I am not a business person, and don't know how to sell myself, so despite posting some signs, I have yet to get a bite on my genealogy business. If anyone has some extra money laying around, and are curious about their family history, I'd certainly love to help. Comment below, and we can talk. :)

* I have, however, gotten a couple of nibbles from the folks in my building about cat-sitting. For those who don't know, I have two cats, and have lived with cats since my junior year of high school. I love them. It's one reason we moved into the building, that it was cat friendly. Apparently the manager has been watching people's cats (and a few other small animals) for free, but it's driving her up the wall, especially with how picky some people are, so she asked me to help, then suggested I offer a service. Some people are still taking advantage of her and saying they can't pay, but...well, at least this way, she's got someone to shove them at now. So I have one job over the Thanksgiving week watching two cats who are very sweet (well, once's sweet and one's feral, so doesn't get on with anyone but her owner), and then another around Christmas. Feeling pretty good about all this. Not a *ton* of money, but might be enough to round out to my rent at the end of the month, especially if I sell off a few more cards.

* The current TV season has been a bit depressing. No more Eureka, Fringe is ending, way too many reality tv shows, and the one hope I had for the season, Revolution, is kind of a bust... Sci Fi has one show I might try, but that doesn't start until next year. And...Elementary is not working for me. So...it's all left me kind of meh. And then, of course, we have Who (Gaaah!), Downton (*sobs*), and Misfits (not sure about that season opener...), which have at least been more interesting than the American TV shows this season. Oh, and Merlin, which is also as depressing...It's frankly been hard to watch, though Mordred is pretty, at least.

* On the other hand, I have been watching Buffy season 4 (my favorite) and Angel season 1 with Foodie, which has been great fun. So many great episodes this season...we just watched Hush last week. All time best ever. I can't wait to see what she thinks when Oz returns...Or what she'll think of Lorne, but I guess he doesn't show until next season. I've definitely missed him in this one. I think it could have used his charm.

* And in other TV news...I've been watching Supernatural. I'm still not *hooked* hooked, but I am enjoying it. My description to others is that it feels sort of like the Hardy Boys to Buffy's Nancy Drew. :) And I came across a comment on Tumblr that I quite agree with today: "It's nothing like I expected, but exactly as described." Heh.

* Oh, yes, and Nano. I'm doing another original piece this year, so it's not been posted anywhere online. I wouldn't mind feedback, though, if people are interested. I've got two people I'm emailing the story as I go, section by section. The story is a Steampunk world adventure using archetypes I'm familiar with, which is to say, based on favorite characters/RP characters. There's more to it than that, of course. If you're not sure, but curious, my profile is here, and I've posted a snippet and blurb about the story.

* Fanfic is now on the back burner, because life is just too stressful at the moment. I stopped at D_D sometime earlier this year, but I do have a story I'm about to send in for K_K this year, and I also have a story for the Lucius Big Bang that should be going up sometime this month, so keep your eyes out for those. Otherwise, I'm trying to focus on job-hunting and original writing, so...wish me luck.

Jul. 24th, 2011

My Muses

So I did another set of posts on Tumblr--the RP characters I have that stand out more than the rest (and/or feed me stories).  Thought I'd cut and paste them here as well.

Harry Potter Muses:
HP Muses )

Merlin Muses:
Merlin Muses )

Narnia Muse:
Narnia Muse )

These are just the ones who speak to me most often.  I have tons more who I play/have played/written, but nearly always in conjunction to at least one of the above.

Dec. 6th, 2010

Photospam: Mah Bichez

I've got a group of characters whom I adore that all fit into a certain mold but which still have a great deal of variation in between, and since female characters never get enough love, I felt the need to share them today, because seeing a photo of one of them just made me grin, almost manically.

I call them "mah bichez" affectionately, of course.  Every single one of them has a dark edge to them, and most are the "bad guys" in their universe, or at least one.

Bad Girls behind the cut )

Of course, those are just the ones who came to mind today, and definitely the ones at the top of my list.  Who would you add?

Nov. 23rd, 2010

[No Subject]

Time for another happypost.

Dan Radcliffe fesses up to the truth.

Brian: ...Then you turned around.. and you smiled.. and that's when I knew why Debbie calls you sunshine. (QAF, season 2)
No one can ever tell me he hadn't already loved him from the end of season one.  With poetry like this...he never *needed* to say the words.

Phelps Twins
Just cause

This Post.

Bill/Harry! (DH1 spoilers!)

I may be a diehard Arthur/Merlin shipper now, but this post makes me tear up.

This series of pictures still (Merlin season 3 finale spoilers) (And OMG, look in Arthur's hand... *sighs*)

This beautiful man (who has since been dubbed Cygnus :D)

Feb. 13th, 2010

State of the Elf

Been forever since I used that header, so I figured it was more than about time...

Need to do an update of my 100 in 1001 days list.  It's been just over a year, and I've managed some things, and failed at others.  Also thinking of doing a detailed list of the new movies I watched in the last year...  Also had thoughts about doing mini-game reviews and/or more Seattle entries, too, if there's any interest for either?  What do folks think?

Writing--Haven't been doing enough, but I have some fun ideas, including another HP memory loss fic, and the Merlin/Arthur Sword in the Stone fic, now complete with Season 2 spoilers, I think.  I also need to start editing my Nano Story...It's going to require a major rewrite, but I am looking forward to that now that I have enough paper to print it all out.  More than 80 pages worth, even squashed a bit.  And I have been keeping up with my D_Ds, and I have an idea chosen for my D_D for next month.  Should be fun to see what people come up with.  It's going to be a great anniversary.

Merlin news--Season three has been approved in the UK, so I'm looking forward to that, and Sy Fy has picked up the series, starting with Season 1.  So now most folks should be able to catch it, if they haven't already.  Wondering if NBC will be picking up season 2 this summer or not.

I've also been watching more British TV.  Demons, which is...okay, but not great.  And Law and Order: UK, which I'm already quite addicted to.  I've watched about 75-80% of the total American shows, if you include them all.  I doubt I've missed more than a small handful of the original series itself.  It's made watching the UK show quite interesting.  I love Jamie Bamber and Freema Agyeman in it, and I'm enjoying the other actors as well.  I will say I had a bit of trouble getting used to the idea of CPS meaning something other than Child Protective Services, but I love seeing the differences between the American and the British System of Justice.

Been spending too much time on my FB playing games, still playing a number of households in Sims 2, and I also got myself a couple of new games last week. King's Bounty: the Legacy, which is based on the original game that became Heroes of Might and Magic, which is okay, but a bit sluggish; and Style Savvy, which is incredibly addicting, and I have played every night since I got it. :) I highly recommend it if you like fashion games.  I have also had vague thoughts that it might be fun to play a Star Wars Universe RPG, but I don't like online RPG, so I'm not sure that there's anything that will appeal.  I don't suppose anyone out there has played any?

Also did a major upgrade of my living room.  Our movies were getting harder and harder to find because we have so many DVDs, so I resorted them, and we added a bookshelf from my sister for Christmas which I've turned into my reference library.  Took a bit of rearranging to get it close to my desk, but I like the way things turned out.  I feel at least a little bit more in control.  Able to find things that were scattered all over the place before.  It's nice.

So how is everyone else out there? 

Nov. 29th, 2009

Good things post

So that I can get out of the snarky attitude that suddenly hit about an hour ago...

1) Another NaNo down, with the epilogue left to go.

2) [info]wolfish_cat should be back this week. *clings to her*

3) Another season of Merlin is likely.

4) 1/2 of the 2 most stressful holidays is dealt with.

5) All my writing for the next month is done!
5.1) Firefox tabs all cleared away for a new gathering of tabs starting the first
5.2) Reading list -
* HD_Holidays
* Snapelyholidays
* [info]daily_deviant's Kinky Kristmas
* [info]lupin_snape's Snupin Santa
* Camelot Solstice
* Harry_Holidays
* HP_Yule_Balls
(there are probably more as well, but OMG, isn't that enough?)

Oct. 24th, 2009


Don't you hate it when the thing stopping you is always the simplest thing?  It's figured out.

Still stressed, but less so.  Would really like nothing else to explode on me today.  Or the next week or so even...

No Love

So, after trying and failing to install a mood theme, I'm giving up after three days.

I'm really upset about it, because it was the first time I'd really tried, and I was really looking forward to having my own Katie McGrath mood theme.

I already had all sorts of plans for making my own, too, because I disagreed with the maker's choices on many of the moods.  And maybe another for Arthur/Merlin with [info]kabal42.

So, yeah, really not in a good place right now.

I'm going to go hide over there ====>
At least, until the latest Merlin episode is available and [info]kabal42 is on.

May. 25th, 2009

New Layout

With a great deal of help from my dear [info]kabal42, I have a new Merlin layout. The banner was found by him, and was made by threeeyespei over at livejournal. I couldn't resist. And it fits the new Complete Style here at IJ. Kabal did all the colour-tweaking, and added the banner for me, as that was something I didn't know how to do. Thank you, hon. :)

Check it out and tell me what you think! [info]elfflame

Mar. 2nd, 2009

[No Subject]

To welcome my new Merlin friends, I'm going to follow in [info]kabal42's footsteps and do a little intro post about myself and my journal.

My main fandom (at the moment) is Harry Potter, and I know most (if not all) the folks I friended are in the fandom as well, so I thought I'd go into a bit of detail about who I am and what I do there before I move into the other bits about me and my journal.

I read, write, and rec, primarily, though I also RP here and there. Mostly in PSLs, though.

My ships in a bit more detail: I slash overall, though I do have a few het ships I enjoy. My OTPs are: Harry/Draco, Severus/Draco, and Severus/Sirius, and for het, Severus/Lily. Most of my favorite ships tend to be Slytherin-centric. I particularly focus on ships with Draco, Severus, or Remus, though I also have a distinct fondness for Lucius, Regulus, and Blaise.

I don't write as much fic as I used to, and mostly just one piece a month for [info]daily_deviant, though occasionally I do get inspired.

I also participate once yearly in NaNoWriMo, and have only missed one year so far. I will likely be doing an original piece this year, so it won't be posted here in my journal, but I might be gathering a small group together who are interested in reading it. It's a modern-day Arthurian story with a Morgana who has become "Morgan" in this life. Yes, there will be slash elements.

Merlin, however, is really calling to me. I even already have an idea for a (hopefully very smutty) Arthur/Merlin fic. And I do love Morgana, and all of the ideas they've introduced so far. I can't wait to see more.

A more comprehensive if slightly out of date view of my fandoms/fannish activities can be found in my user info.

As for who I am myself?

I live in Seattle, have all my life. Am currently married to my high school sweetheart. We've been married for 16+ years. We have two cats, Morgan and Sebastian. No kids. I'm not a kid person, really. Though I do occasionally babble about my niece.

I got my BA in English Lit, and occasionally contemplate going back to get an MA, except that the cost is daunting. That and the fact that I'm still not entirely sure what I'd do for an MA...

Overall? I watch too much TV, own too many movies, don't read enough any longer, and am highly addicted to my computer.

So that's me in a nutshell. I'm sure there are tons of things I've missed, but it gives you a good overview. :)

Feb. 24th, 2009


So...two things today.

I know I've been uber quiet.  Life's been kicking my butt in a major way.  I'd really like to be unstressed, but that doesn't appear to be likely to happen any time soon.

But...to reward myself for doing work homework this weekend, I got into a new fandom.  So, to make it easier on myself to find those in that fandom, I was thinking I'd make a filter, for when I want to read posts specifically about it.

Poll #3239 Merlin!
Open to: Friends, results viewable to: All

Are you a Merlin fan?

View Answers

11 (50.0%)

6 (27.3%)

What's Merlin?
5 (22.7%)

What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

View Answers

42 tickies!
4 (19.0%)

What are you talking about?
2 (9.5%)

I don't know....aaaaaaaaaah!
2 (9.5%)

Do you mean African or European?
16 (76.2%)

Also, I think my icons need a shakeup.  I did this once before, and I'd love help.  So...which are your top 10-20 icons of the ones I have now (the keywords are fine if you don't know how to/don't want to link to the icons) do you like best?  And what icons do you think I'm missing?

Jan. 12th, 2008

Old fandom meme, revived

Need to do this again.  New journal, things have shifted a bit, so time to re-list my fandoms:

Fandom rambling behind the cut because Elf doesn't know when to shut up )

Have I gone on long enough? :P