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Mar. 12th, 2012

Lucius Big Bang!

I've avoided these in the past as too much work, but  last year for NaNoWriMo, I was considering doing a Lucius POV for one of my earlier works, so I think I'm going to do it instead for this. :)

Wish me luck!

Oct. 15th, 2011

[No Subject]

Anyone working on NaNoWriMo this year who wants a spreadsheet (for Excel), check these out.

Also, a word of warning to those who don't know, I do NaNoWriMo every year, and most years, it gets posted here in my journal as I go.  Which means a mass of unedited fic.  You have been warned.

This year, I've decided to do more H/D fairy tales.  Different take than last time, but like last time, I'll be doing the fairy tales first, then doing the over-story once they're done.  It should be fun. :)

Oct. 27th, 2010

Master Post of OMFG aka formerly known as State of the Elf

So long since I wrote one of these, but I need to get this first part up her, so I might as well add the rest, too.

1 - NaNoWriMo next month (Or should I say Monday?), so this journal will again be taken over by an unbetad post-as-I-write-it story.  This year, I'm doing Merlin/Arthur (or Arthur/Merlin?), fanfic merging Merlin with Sword in the Stone.  Should be fun, so I hope people will follow along.  And feel free to leave beta-type comments.  Any suggestions are more than welcome for the editing process once I've completed the story.

2 - Because of the above, I've been trying to finish all my fic before Monday, which I'm not doing very successfully.  I've gotten fairly far with both my November D_D and my K_K, but neither is quite close enough to being finished to make me happy yet.

3 - Spent the "Weekend" (Sunday morning to yesterday afternoon) with my sister working on a few projects, which was great fun.  One super sekret project for Christmas, and also working on getting niece's dollhouse painted.  We managed to get the whole thing minus the roof primed, and painted and floored two rooms, so we got a LOT accomplished, but I was exhausted when I got home last night.  Still, it was fun to do.

4 - Been working on learning languages, and made up a new Tumblr for it, if anyone's interested: Glossology.  Right now I'm only covering Welsh, Danish and German, but I'd love more input if anyone's curious or knowledgeable. :)

5 - Games - Managed to play Civ V at sis's house...not sure what I think.  It is better than 4, definitely, but I think I'd need to play a few more time to be sure whether I like it or not, but right now I'm leaning towards "still too much like 4".
Bought myself a new game a few weeks ago: Etrian Odyssey III.  It's a simple little game, but I'm enjoying it.  if you've played either of the others, you'll probably really enjoy it.
Also got to watch sis play DeathSpank yesterday.  I was a fan of the original Lucasfilm games, Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island games, so it was fun to see something new by the team behind them.  I may have to get the XBox 360 version for myself.

6 - Genealogy has been my life of late when not writing up my fanfic.  I've managed to find a few records that prove more ancestors in my family tree, so I've been having a great time.  I've been the family genealogist since 1991, shortly after my grandfather's death, but this is the first year I've managed to really sort things out and do more than just get the latest information.  I have to say, I've been having a great time with it, but it is VERY time consuming.
I also got the first five seasons of the UK Who Do You Think You Are from hubby for my birthday.  So many great episodes, but my first-watched episode is still my favorite: Stephen Fry. (link to the first part, the others can be found under "suggestions".)

7 - Been playing with cooking a lot more of late.  I made a deep dish pizza and a taco casserole along with several different versions of chicken, my favorite of which was a lovely Peruvian grilled chicken.  I highly recommend it, if  you're interested.

8 - Ship anniversaries - I played slightly when posts went up at H/D for their anniversary, and hopefully I'll get to play a bit more, and I'm looking into something to celebrate Snupin as well, despite my usual inability to write Snupin.  I'm curious to see what other ships will get mentioned as far as anniversaries go, though I'm sure most were written within those first two years.  At least for ships like Sirius/Remus, Lucius/Harry, etc.

I have probably missed things on my list, but that's enough for now.

Feb. 13th, 2010

State of the Elf

Been forever since I used that header, so I figured it was more than about time...

Need to do an update of my 100 in 1001 days list.  It's been just over a year, and I've managed some things, and failed at others.  Also thinking of doing a detailed list of the new movies I watched in the last year...  Also had thoughts about doing mini-game reviews and/or more Seattle entries, too, if there's any interest for either?  What do folks think?

Writing--Haven't been doing enough, but I have some fun ideas, including another HP memory loss fic, and the Merlin/Arthur Sword in the Stone fic, now complete with Season 2 spoilers, I think.  I also need to start editing my Nano Story...It's going to require a major rewrite, but I am looking forward to that now that I have enough paper to print it all out.  More than 80 pages worth, even squashed a bit.  And I have been keeping up with my D_Ds, and I have an idea chosen for my D_D for next month.  Should be fun to see what people come up with.  It's going to be a great anniversary.

Merlin news--Season three has been approved in the UK, so I'm looking forward to that, and Sy Fy has picked up the series, starting with Season 1.  So now most folks should be able to catch it, if they haven't already.  Wondering if NBC will be picking up season 2 this summer or not.

I've also been watching more British TV.  Demons, which is...okay, but not great.  And Law and Order: UK, which I'm already quite addicted to.  I've watched about 75-80% of the total American shows, if you include them all.  I doubt I've missed more than a small handful of the original series itself.  It's made watching the UK show quite interesting.  I love Jamie Bamber and Freema Agyeman in it, and I'm enjoying the other actors as well.  I will say I had a bit of trouble getting used to the idea of CPS meaning something other than Child Protective Services, but I love seeing the differences between the American and the British System of Justice.

Been spending too much time on my FB playing games, still playing a number of households in Sims 2, and I also got myself a couple of new games last week. King's Bounty: the Legacy, which is based on the original game that became Heroes of Might and Magic, which is okay, but a bit sluggish; and Style Savvy, which is incredibly addicting, and I have played every night since I got it. :) I highly recommend it if you like fashion games.  I have also had vague thoughts that it might be fun to play a Star Wars Universe RPG, but I don't like online RPG, so I'm not sure that there's anything that will appeal.  I don't suppose anyone out there has played any?

Also did a major upgrade of my living room.  Our movies were getting harder and harder to find because we have so many DVDs, so I resorted them, and we added a bookshelf from my sister for Christmas which I've turned into my reference library.  Took a bit of rearranging to get it close to my desk, but I like the way things turned out.  I feel at least a little bit more in control.  Able to find things that were scattered all over the place before.  It's nice.

So how is everyone else out there? 

Dec. 8th, 2009

Holiday drabble/ficlet offer

So....not up for full fic-length stuff, but I really should try to write something this month.  So I offer to those who are still reading this journal the chance to get a Holiday drabble from me.

I am willing to do only HP or Merlin, though I might be interested in others in certain circumstances.  I need up to five characters and/or pairings to choose from, and a few different prompts of a word, saying, or picture, two or three of them at least.

Go for it. :)

Nov. 29th, 2009

Good things post

So that I can get out of the snarky attitude that suddenly hit about an hour ago...

1) Another NaNo down, with the epilogue left to go.

2) [info]wolfish_cat should be back this week. *clings to her*

3) Another season of Merlin is likely.

4) 1/2 of the 2 most stressful holidays is dealt with.

5) All my writing for the next month is done!
5.1) Firefox tabs all cleared away for a new gathering of tabs starting the first
5.2) Reading list -
* HD_Holidays
* Snapelyholidays
* [info]daily_deviant's Kinky Kristmas
* [info]lupin_snape's Snupin Santa
* Camelot Solstice
* Harry_Holidays
* HP_Yule_Balls
(there are probably more as well, but OMG, isn't that enough?)

Nov. 8th, 2009


So, still here.  Sorry to those who I haven't been able to talk with.  Way too much going on, trying to get my NaNo written, but I'm getting somewhere.

Check this out:

14276 / 50000 words. 29% done!

Still have to finish off my D_D, but so far, so good. :)

Hope everyone out there is doing well.

Nov. 1st, 2009

NaNo Day one

Is officially a success, though I was hoping to get more done. But given how much I did today over all, I'd say I'm doing pretty good.

Word count: 2219

So about 500 words ahead of target for 50k by November 30th.

Also managed to do Recs, the Prophet, edit my K_K and sent that off to the Mods, and got another 250 done on November's D_D. Not to mention brunch with my folks, and watching the latest episode of Merlin with [info]kabal42.

Overall, a good day, so I'm feeling pretty confident. *crosses fingers*

And one more number:
[info]rpwrimo: 1615
From three threads. Not bad. :) At that rate, I'll be at 50k there at the end of the month, too.

Oct. 10th, 2009

Very long-delayed update

So...I have been writing my little heart out. Finished off my Bottom!Draco Fairy Tale fest fic and sent it off with plenty of time to spare. Then I started on my Ownfic, and discovered I had a massive fic on my hands. Managed 10k, then got clobbered with the worst flu I've had since I was a kid. Managed to recover, but my fic got sent in about a week late because of it.

Now I just have to focus on getting ahead on things before the end of October so I can do NaNoWriMo. I don't think I'll manage. I have at least 4 fics to do in the next three weeks. Wish me luck!

Sims blather with slash and MPreg involved )

Jul. 25th, 2009

Good bye, job

So, as of 5 PM yesterday, I am now officially unemployed.  My own doing, and I'm glad I did it.  I know it was the right choice.  I loved the people there, but the job was only getting more and more stressful. 

I spent a lot of time yesterday saying good bye to everyone.  Got lots of hugs and lots of presents, and plenty of joking "how dare you"s from folks.  The thing is?  I wasn't there that long.  I started back in July of 07, but it took me until February of 08 (with a few-months-break in between there) to become an official employee.  But I've made more friends there than I ever have any place else I've ever worked.  I'll miss seeing them every day, and talking to them.  It made the day quite bittersweet.

Ended up having a plant, a balloon, and three bags to take home (one my usual bag I carry with me every day, but still...).  Luckily I'd made plans with [info]turtle_avenger last night, so she picked me up, and we went to Red Robin's for supper, then went to see a girlyflick, "The Ugly Truth." :D  I spent a lot of time covering my face in embarrassment for the characters, but it was fun and light and a perfect way to end the day.

Now I just have to remind myself to do my own work every day.  I have a number of long-neglected chores to get to, and two big fics to write, not to mention the usual D_Ds and plotting for my Nano this year...Maybe even a Merlin fic or two.  So I will still be busy, but easier to get to--I think. :)  I'm going to force myself to get out of the house at least every other day, just for my own health, because I tend to be disinclined to move, which is very not good for me... :P

Bought myself a new pasta maker--for cooking in the microwave.  Haven't tested it yet, but here's hoping.  Helps that I'll only be making it for myself.  Means that there won't be a lot of boilover to deal with. Wish me luck!

Also--saw HBP a week ago Friday.  Still getting my thoughts together about it.  I'll be seeing it again Monday, so I'll probably post a proper review then. :)

Jun. 14th, 2009

Party at my place!

*blows noismaker*

I have just, and finally finished tagging everything in this journal that needs tagging. Uuuf.

So...to celebrate, I'm offering Drabbles.

HP and Merlin are most welcome, other fandoms I'm willing to try: Buffy, Firefly, Trek, YN. But I do reserve the right to refuse to do a character or pairing. These days being in fandom means picking what I enjoy rather than fighting through something I hate.

So? Who's first?

Feb. 11th, 2009

[No Subject]

Anyone out there tonight who has time today or tomorrow to beta my Daily Deviant for me? I have to post Friday. Is only about 1000 words, but it's Rodolphus/Blaise. Just a touch of dark, though, and kinda sweet, really.

*blinks puppy-dog eyes*

Please? I'll return the favour, if it's needed.

Dec. 26th, 2008

Fic year in review

All the fic below can also be found by looking at my fic list tag.

End-of-the-year Fic Wrap-up )

First lines of each month meme:

Take your favorite first line from one fic written each month.  

Oct. 31st, 2008

A bit of a warning:

Starting tomorrow, I will probably be posting at least once or twice a day until the end of the month. For the third time, I will be writing H/D for NaNoWriMo, and hopefully I will win this time the way I did the two previous times I did it.

The story this year will be something I've mentioned before--Sultan!Harry and slaveboy!Draco. Not based on any real kingdom, but with a sort of arabian theme. Harry's kingdom has recently come out of a war, and Draco was the son of one of his enemies. This is going to be AR, therefore, the two did not know each other until they meet in the story, and I have several other threads of romances running through the story. Snape/Blaise, Ron/Hermione, and Sirius/Remus in particular. Also, I will be aiming for going NC-17 in this one, unlike previous NaNo.

I'd love comments, encouragement, and etc as I go, and I hope people will enjoy.

Oct. 25th, 2008

I am a writing fool

So...I meant to post this last night, but I never got around to it. Was too distracted.

Nano starts next Saturday, and I still have three stories I need/want to get to before that. It's not going to happen. So my priority this weekend was my Snapely Holiday (which is now finished--yay!) and November's D_D, which is something I've wanted to write for a while now.

So, I really haven't been ignoring people, I swear. I'm just incredibly nuts out of my head busy. And unfortunately, the next month is going to feel much the same. I'm going to shoot for at least 1000 words each weekday, and 3000 to 5000 on weekends. Don't know if I'll manage, but I have to try.

Now off to take a quick break before I start on my D_D.

Sep. 20th, 2008

To Do before 11/1

I have a great idea for NaNo this year, but first I have several stories I have to write, and if any of them aren't mostly finished or completely so by then, then I'm not going to let myself. Because work + NaNo = no other time for anything.

Fic list:
October D_D (H/D, Plugs)
Kit's Birthday
November D_D (Genderplay)
Snapely Holidays

Ceria's Birthday
December D_D


Aug. 17th, 2008


Deepest Sender still not updated. :P

Working on HP_Creatures fic--now at 9500 and counting.

Actually considering doing a holiday fest this year--[info]snapelyholidays. Even HD_Holidays didn't tempt me as much the first year... Danged if I know why.

Still need to do my babble from the alphabet meme.

Work still sucks.

Icons for my [info]turtle_avenger here.

That is all--for now.

Aug. 9th, 2008

Round robin choose-it-yourself adventure Harry/Draco story

So, here's what I have. Try to keep responses under 500 words, and do make sure you read the previous entries before responding, to keep the story a bit more flowing.

There will be two threads--the first is the signup list, the second is the response to the story. The signup list is a tag list--just put your name in and wait for someone to tag you. Once you've been tagged, you reread through what's been done, then post your response. When you've written, go back to tag thread, and tag the person who's next on the list. That way, we won't overlap, and everyone will know whose turn it is next. :)

No actual smut in my section, but feel free to go as high in rating as you like. :D Warning--unbetad fic ahead.

Locker rooms were really quite unhygienic... )

Aug. 3rd, 2008

Upgrades suck

Meh. So...I made the mistake of waiting to upgrade to Firefox three until I was sure all my extensions worked. Seems like the smart thing, right? Wrong. I waited just long enough for them to already add on a digit. So on one computer, I have firefox 3.0, which works just fine with all my extensions. On the other? The one I use for most of my online play? 3.0.1. Which is incompatible at the moment with the latest version of Deepest Sender, which is what I use to post almost all my entries on lj and ij. I'm feeling quite distinctly lost without it, and I am not a happy camper.

I'd started on the info from the meme, and closed it, thinking DS would save the information I'd written, but it didn't. And it won't let me post to any journal but my own, as the usual drop-down is not working. And LJ-cut tags don't seem to be working as well. I'm sure he'll upgrade it soon enough. I'm not the only one having the issue, but obviously I should have downloaded it before this weekend, and I'd have been just fine.

Anyway...review of Dark Knight still to come. And meme babble. And I'm working on my HP Creatures fic. As well as thinking about my D_D, though I haven't written a word. But it will be very very shmoopy.

And how are you all?