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Jan. 18th, 2010

More sims blather, this time with pictures!

So, I thought I'd post pictures of how everyone turned out...  There will be minor slash, behind the cut.

Sims 2 fannish sims, Elfflame style, latest version )

Jan. 8th, 2010

Sims Slash Talk

So, my frustration with Sims 3 is growing daily.  It's really a cruddy program.  And upgrading it only makes it more so.  So I've moved back to Sims 2.

Sims slashy talk behind the cut, and lots of meandering babble in general about the Sims I've made )

Oct. 10th, 2009

Very long-delayed update

So...I have been writing my little heart out. Finished off my Bottom!Draco Fairy Tale fest fic and sent it off with plenty of time to spare. Then I started on my Ownfic, and discovered I had a massive fic on my hands. Managed 10k, then got clobbered with the worst flu I've had since I was a kid. Managed to recover, but my fic got sent in about a week late because of it.

Now I just have to focus on getting ahead on things before the end of October so I can do NaNoWriMo. I don't think I'll manage. I have at least 4 fics to do in the next three weeks. Wish me luck!

Sims blather with slash and MPreg involved )

Jun. 7th, 2008

Stuff + Sims pics

Finally finished reading the first of the Anita Blake books.  You know how it is when you know too much about something before you read or see it?  I think that's the case with these books.  I know too much. 

Slightly spoilery behind the cut )

I intend to keep reading, though.  I enjoyed it enough, and I'm curious to see what happens next.  We'll see when she tips the scales.


Dr Who this week--great episode.


And now for pictures - Harry/Draco and Blaise/Theo.

Picture-heavy behind the cut )

May. 18th, 2008

New slashy sims! H/D, Blaise/Theo

Been playing sims more.  Boys are in their second year at College, now.  And everyone's happily in love and doing well. :)  Just started snowing today, so I've taken a lot of pictures of the boys at play.  Beware.  This post is picture-heavy.

First up:
Blaise & Theo )

Harry and Draco )

Draco in the snow (no slash) )

Harry's Snowman )

The great pillow fight )

Harry and Draco's snowball fight )

And that's all I have for now. :D

May. 1st, 2008

New Sims 2 pics

So, I started from scratch, because Pets was driving me bonkers, so I got rid of it, so the boys are starting in college. :)

Pictures behind the cut )

Still need to get Harry and Draco on the smooch-track, and then I'll get all four married and start them on their families. :D

Jan. 18th, 2007

[No Subject]

Part the first: Anyone else want me to pick my favorite of your icons here?

Part the second: More opinions about my own icons would be appreciated.

Part the third: have been doing a lot more Simming since I got my new computer.  Pictures can be found here.  Yes, they are generally slashy.

Harry, Draco and their two children (ETA: Yes, [info]kabale, there are new pictures there of the kids... :D), a bit of Blaise and Hestia, The Hobgoblins as created by [info]littlecup, and a group of male sims at University from the Marauders days.


Dec. 8th, 2006

[No Subject]

Pictures for [info]kabale

Harry's hair... (picture-heavy) )

Slashy Sims!

So, new computer.  And with that new computer, new Sims.  Hubby got me OFB (which always makes me think of OBHWF...) and Pets.

Tried to do a new Harry/Draco, but they ended up having all girls, and I wasn't too happy with that. (nor was Draco...)  So I started again. 

So I present...The Hogwarts Elite (okay, so it's only three of them, but more and I start losing track.)

The Hogwarts Elite: Blaise, Draco and Harry (warning - picture-heavy) )

Mar. 25th, 2006

More Moonlight Sims

Tonks )

Sirius )

Miles )

The Weasley Brothers )

Harry )

Remus )

Moonlight stuff --

Icons that might be of interest to the werewolves of the moonlight crew...

And Moonlight!Sims pictures:

Only three so far.  they're kind of small.  I'll try to make bigger ones if I can.

Blaise and Cordelia )

Severus )

The Malfoys )

Note on the final picture--I did *not* choose that pose, that's just how the program does the first photo of "married" people.  And Draco's outfit will be changed as soon as I grow him up.

Sorry they're so blurry.  Hopefully I'll be able to do better resolution in future.

Oct. 13th, 2005


So, current wordcount, after about three day's writing: 3190.  Not stellar, to be honest.  But the story itself does seem to be coming along...  Draco's not too pleased, but he seems to be cooperating.  Harry's acting a bit strange, though.

Anyway, at this rate, not sure I'll make it to NaNoMo this year.  Maybe next, if not this year.  I do think it's a worthy challenge.  Maybe I'll talk to the person I'm doing this for, and see what she thinks.  Cause I seem to be getting a lot of positive feedback about that story idea.  And I'd love to do it, too. :)


Can anyone tell me why Harry/Hermione is the Ship That Will Not Die?  Geh.  Why is it that people are so stuck on it?  And wth do the movies keep encouraging it?  Drives me nuts, all these Harry/Hermione shots I've seen for the new movie.


I finally had my first natural Sims death in my Slash neighborhood last week.  Remus Lupin, spouse of Lucius Malfoy, and father of Nicholas and Kiran, passed away shortly after breakfast.  His was not the happiest of beginnings, but he was well loved and will be missed by his friends and family.  Remus and Lucius's son Nicholas along with his husband, Theron Snape and their child, have moved into Lucius's house with him, so that Lucius will not be too lonely.  Lucius is currently working on his memoirs, The Death Eater and the Werewolf.

One of the ideas I had for one of my original Sims families was a girl who would slap any female she saw wearing her dress.  It was lots of fun, but I never got very far with her.  Well, last night, Foodie and I sent Teecie Orendes (daughter of Lucius and Foodie's OFC) and James Lupin (son of Remus and Tonks) to University, so we made some of the friends we'd created for them in our story, Percy and Penelope's twin daughters, Patty and Paige, Oliver Wood's son, Daniel, and our token Slytherin -- Zeren Travers.  He was originally created to be one of the boys Teecie dated when Draco insisted upon having a coming out ball for her, but he's grown to be so much more.  He's sort of Draco-gone-good. ;)  Except that he's still very Slytherin.  Anyway, in Foodie's current writing, James and Teecie have broken up for a number of reasons, and Zeren, being the Slytherin he is, has decided she's the one for him.  So I'm looking forward to having the two boys in college together, and hating each other.  It's been so long... :D

Mar. 20th, 2005

New Sim idea

So, Foodie and I have come up with a new idea...  Surreal Life Sims HP style. :D

We're going to set up the first HP neighborhood I made with three new households, and put random gatherings of HP characters in them:
Household 1: Ginny, Remus, Sirius, Lily, Luna, Neville, Tonks, & Blaise.
Household 2: Arthur, Draco, James, Snape, Hermione, Fleur, Narcissa, & Penelope.
Household 3: Albus, Fred, Hagrid, Lucius, Molly, Cho, Susan, Bella.

We're going to set them all up at the same age, get them jobs, and let the game run. :)  We'll be taking pictures, so hopefully I'll have fun pix to show.

Mar. 6th, 2005

More sims stuff

So, I have several lj friends who sim HP as well:
[info]cloudlessnights, who is doing at least book one of HP chapter by chapter.  (Some of these poses are amazing!
[info]blacksatinrose, who has started with the Marauders' generation and is working her way along...
and [info]theladyfeylene, who started with Voldemort and Peter! :D

Great fun, and lots of pictures. 

There's also a community: [info]hp_sims, which is host to even more HP sim crazyness.  Go check it out!

Sims update!

It finally works!  I'm so happy. :D

Spent last night redownloading objects, as I deleted all the old ones cause I was sure they were all from before people fixed them.  So I have some new objecst along with the stuff I had before.

Actual Sims goings-on )

Mar. 3rd, 2005

Sims 2 University and Current Reading

K, starting with the good stuff:

Have been reading A Year Like No Other at work, and am really quite blown away.  It's not Severitius, but it has some aspects of Severitus, most specifically the Snape/Harry bonding.  Very much enjoying it.

Also currently rereading Dragon Prince, which may well be my all-time favorite book.  For those into Slytherin politics, this is a great book (or even the whole series, if you're up for it) to read.  Roelstra IS Lucius Malfoy, and the intrigues that Prince Rohan sets up for the Raiella is so Slytherin and wonderful to read again now that I've read Harry Potter. :)  I do recommend the books to anyone who's into fantasy.  Particularly if they're into intrigue.

In Sims news... )

Feb. 20th, 2005

Second try: I made Icons!

Tried this once before, see if I can get it to work this time...now that I'm not trying to connect to Yahoo. :)

Harry/Draco Icons:
1)    2)

Malfoy Family Saga/True Revenge Icons:

1)    2)     3)     4)

All made from pictures I took in Sims 2, based on stories by myself and my co-writer, Foodie. Most of the characters are actually hers. The TR Icons are:
1 Teecie Orendes (daughter of Lucius and Adriana) and James Lupin (son of Remus and Tonks)
2 Lucius Malfoy and Adriana
3 James Lupin as a child, sleeping on the couch
4 Teecie Orendes as a toddler

I don't know if anyone will want them (they are my first try, after all), but if you do, please comment and give credit, though the second is much more important than the first, thanks.

Jan. 15th, 2005

Well, it's back up, and I have nothing to show for it...

Yes, while I should have been taking this time to finish the next chapter of Finding Harry, I instead played with my Sims.  I created Lily, Narcissa, and Bella, and will be making Tonks and Ginny, as well when I get around to it.  Also spent a great deal of time playing with a new program that allows you to see what a sims file is for. :)  very important when you have as many files as I do.

At the moment, I only have three recs for tomorrow, so I will probably spend a great deal of time working on reading older stuff that I have in my overflow bookmarks.   I hope to have some great recs for you all tomorrow. :)

Sep. 28th, 2004

Life as a sicko...

Apparently, I should feel proud of myself.  I recently posted Snapshots, my all-time favorite of my own Harry/Draco fics, over at Fiction Alley.  Been getting lots of great reviews.  But today, specifically, I got two reviews that both said that they never read MPreg cause it squicked them, and they still read the entire piece. :D

Maybe I should go back and post PS.  I'm equally as proud of it.  I'd love to see what kind of reaction it'd get at TDA.  Hmmm...

Currently on chapter 19 of Lacoon's Children, the sequel to Stealing Harry.  The website went down between 18 and 19, so I went to the lj about it and am slowly reading my way through it. :)  Very cool.  I'm definately friending it when I get caught up.

Sims stuff here...not all slash, either. )

Now, if I could just get rid of this cold.

Sep. 25th, 2004

A new Sims 2 post...now with almost no Slash content! :D

Made Malfoy Manor last night.  Don't know if anyone's played with the basement-building feature, but it's dang cool. :D  I'll have to play with it some more when I do Snape Manor.  So, the Manor is three levels, ground, with all the public spaces, second floor with the semi-private spaces, including study, library, and guest rooms (you can actually have people spend the night!  How cool is that?).  And the top floor, which has all the family bedrooms, and a playroom for the kiddies.  I haven't touched the attic, but there is space there to make one.  I have built the basement, though.  I will be at the very least building the Malfoy dungeons. :)  Anyway, the manor ended up being worth more than 230,000 simoleans.

I can't wait for people to start making wallpaper and floor coverings.  I was so sick of having almost no choices for each room.  I swear, I only used like three or four floors for most of the house.  :(

Restarted the Weasleys.  Bill's nose was just too wierd, and they were all so upset...  Next time I'll just start with the nanny as soon as Bill is born.

I also made Celeste Travers's family's house this week (Sirius's mother).  Just a single level, but I made it pretty big.  And it's just her and her folks, so they're pretty happy.  Got her into private school, so now I just need her to meet Orion. :D  So that they can go steady.

Bought myself the hint book.  Wasn't going to do it, but I wanted to see what was in it, and immediately came across a fact that I didn't know that was useful, so I had to.  It was helpful for building the basement, though the instructions are also on the web.  And it confirmed that you can write novels for cash, so I will be having Bill and Remus become authors.

More specific Slash content here, so don't read unless you like. )