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Jul. 24th, 2011

My Muses

So I did another set of posts on Tumblr--the RP characters I have that stand out more than the rest (and/or feed me stories).  Thought I'd cut and paste them here as well.

Harry Potter Muses:
HP Muses )

Merlin Muses:
Merlin Muses )

Narnia Muse:
Narnia Muse )

These are just the ones who speak to me most often.  I have tons more who I play/have played/written, but nearly always in conjunction to at least one of the above.

Jun. 25th, 2011

Just Cause...

It fits WAY too well...

Explanation first.  When I decided to take on a younger Rab, I decided to go with someone who had younger options for photos, though I kept Stuart Townsend as my Older (late twenties to early forties) Rab.  I ended up going with Jonathan Rhys Meyers because he smirks so perfectly, and he's been doing movies for a good while now so there are some lovely younger shots of him, and some lovely smut of him as well. ;)

When [info]wolfish_cat picked up Rodolphus Lestrange in the first game we played them in, the previous player had been using Colin Farrel for him, so she kept using him, but after a while, we agreed that Viggo Mortensen worked better for him, though when we played them younger, she kept Colin for his younger self.

We've played with a number of different Death Eaters over the years, a Lucius or two, a Rookwood, a couple of different Severuses, even an Evan or two.  We also ended up creating one of our own, mostly out of whole cloth and one of the "extra" names we had--Thorne Wilkes (Pansy's Uncle, though we've also played him as her younger brother).  Thorne's PB is Hans Matheson, a little something to keep in mind.

So I got to chatting with [info]snapesgirl today about JRM and how pretty he and Henry Cavill are in the Tudors (I have a feeling some of you will guess where this is going...), and she admitted that she sees Henry as her version of the younger Ro.  I couldn't help but agree.  In rl, he and JRM are actually the reverse ages of Rab and Ro, but...it fits.

So I asked [info]wolfish_cat about it tonight (well, this morning for her, and I guess it is even morning for me right now...if not dawn yet), and we agreed--it's just too good not to use him.  So Colin is going by the wayside.

And as we were looking around for pictures of the boys together in the Tudors, we came across this little picture:
Large Picture behind the cut )

Isn't it perfect? :D

Jun. 15th, 2011

Picspam: Old Tyme Boyz

So [info]wolfish_cat and I have been playing Phineas Nigellus and a few of his family together, and I decided to share them.

The Old Tyme Boyz )

Jun. 5th, 2010

One more thing for Draco's birthday

My Draco, aka Boyd Holbrook:

picspam behind the cut - image-heavy )

Mar. 29th, 2010


It's very hard for me not to call this a Blaise picspam, because I have used Jaye Davidson as my Blaise for so very long.  Despite the fact that Jaye only ever did two movies, those two movies and a few photo shoots have given me a wealth of shots that I adore.

Even before HBP, I thought of him as Blaise, though at the time, I figured he'd be a bit too dark-skinned.  No longer.  Now, he's perfect.  Granted, he's not the Blaise most see, but he did an excellent haughty look in Stargate, and he's got a very regal bearing in both that and Crying Game.  And either way, I highly recommend both films.

My love for this boy knows no bounds, and I can never decide if it's a tragedy that he decided to leave acting after only two roles, or he did us a favour because this all we'll really ever see of him.  Either way, it's made finding shots of him on the net difficult at best.  Feel free to save these, or to look through my photobucket account for more here.  And if you want more, or icons, I do have quite a few, if anyone is interested.

And now, onto the picspam!

Jaye Davidson Pics under the cut )

Sep. 13th, 2008

Birthday again

A different year, a different attitude. One step away from 40, and somehow, I just feel calmer all of a sudden.

Landmarks in the past year:
Got a new job. The first "real" job I've had in over ten years--since I went back to school.
My sister had her baby. Whom I adore like nothing else. Spent yesterday with the two of them. She is the happiest baby... I love them both. :)

Other than that, nothing's really changed much. Still write slash, still do too much at once. I'm trying to be more pragmatic about it, though.

Got sick this past weekend, so I've spent most of this week at home, trying to cough up a lung or something, but I've been able to distract myself with a new game: Spore. It's a lot of fun. I've only made it through the first two levels so far, but I'm looking forward to finding out more about the game, and I've already started three different races. :) If you're a Sims or Sim City fan, I highly recommend it.

Finished my D_D. Just waiting on one beta before I post it. Not what I'd intended to write, but I like it. I think others might, as well.

Plans for my boys today - Harry and Draco are renewing their vows in a legal ceremony today... And I think one of my other boys will be happily distracted as well. We'll see. :D

Thank you to everyone who has so far wished me a happy birthday, and thank you to Ceria and Snapesgirl for the special presents. I enjoyed them both very much. :D

Apr. 4th, 2008

State of the Elf again

* Job is...nuts.  They've been getting twice the work I'm able to do in a day.  And have no one else doing it.  And I'm scrambling to be able to do as much as I am.  Plus, I'm not really doing it the way they want to end up having it be done.  Someone else does a bunch of lookup and callbacks that I couldn't do yet because I didn't have access to the relevant system yet.  So eventually they want to have three of us doing the lookup, callbacks, and entering all at once.  Which would slow things down incredibly much.  I don't think they're quite cognizant of that just yet. :P

* Have been wibbling back and fort on a reclist of Anj classics.  So...the question is, would there be any call for it, or does it seem redundant or silly, and I should just keep my big yap shut?

* Have not been playing in my games at all of late.  I suck.  Mostly because I can't really at work without feeling like I'm breaking rules, and by the time I get home, I'm wiped.

But I have been able to rp a bit through email and a few private rps... 

Harry and Draco have been together since September of 2006, and got married in 2007 (realtime).  One private ceremony with just very immediate family (Lucius, Severus, Sirius and Remus) in the Netherlands where it was legal for males at the time (the rp took place in 2002 at the time, I think), and one public ceremony several months later in the summer that was just for show.  And now that we've moved them to "today," Harry's asked him again, now that it's legal for men to be able to marry each other in England.  So he's been working on that.

And my Blaise has finally gained a Theo.  We set it up that they were together in school a bit and then separated by the war.  And now they're engaged to be married.  My Blaise is very much of the "love doesn't exist" mindset because of his mother, but his friends and lovers have convinced him otherwise, and so now he's shocked, but very happy.  It's odd, but sweet.

* Writing - finished my HP Vamp fic, but for the editing, which will begin this weekend.  Need to start my D_D, and have ideas for another fic as well that wants to push the D_D right out of the way.  And if I finish all that, I might claim another prompt at HP Vamp.  Oh, and I have drabbles to do, too. :)  And I have this amazing fic idea that I *have* to find the time to do, too.

* Also…have been having an idea that I’d like to do one of those “commentary tracks” for one of my fics.  Anyone have any preferences for which?  I might do a poll at some point.

* [info]hd_worldcup.  If you’re not watching, why not?  I haven’t had much chance to read what’s been posted so far, but I have enjoyed what I’ve read.

* Politics - I'm starting to get annoyed with both candidates.  I was so thrilled when they both ended up as frontrunners, because I thought it meant we could avoid the “vote for me because I’m a …” argument.  Why they couldn’t just run on the issues…  Well, I suppose I know: they’re too close in most beliefs, so they need better ways to separate themselves.

* Have been considering switching my default icon to something different.  Not sure to what yet, though.

Feb. 18th, 2008

My Role in Fandom

So...this is something I've been meaning to re-do for ages now.  But especially since the move to IJ in August.

My number one priority in fandom is, has and always will be, fic.  Writing it, and still occasionally recing it.  I post the 13th of every month to [info]daily_deviant, and participate in random fests here and there.  And, on great occasion, I write something just because it desperately has to get written.

Modding -
I am an editor at [info]potter_prophet, which I contribute to each Sunday.
I mod the asylum [info]blaise_zabini, which accepts all fic, art, icons meta or other entries having to do with the dark-skinned Slytherin.
I also mod [info]hp_nano, which is a gathering place for those in the HP fandom participating in the yearly NaNoWriMo Challenge in November.

RP -
I co-mod the game [info]founders_legacy, where I play Draco and Blaise.
I also RP in a slightly different form at [info]rp_bad_boyz as Rabastan and Blaise.
And there's also still an older Draco in my head who snuggles with K's Harry.

Then there is [info]true_revenge, which [info]foodie and I have been slowly posting all our stories that started with a simple little idea I had about how Lucius might have proposed to Narcissa.

And [info]shadowhunt, which is the beginning of a pseudo-rp surrounding an idea [info]foodie had where Hestia Jones starts up a bounty-hunting agency after the war.

Then there's something that's not strictly fannish, but which I haven't mentioned in my journal until now--[info]writing_linkz.  It's nowhere near complete, and probably never will be.  It's invite-only to join, but anyone is free to watch.  Mostly, it's a place where I stash links that I think will be helpful in my writing.

Feb. 11th, 2008

"It was twenty years ago today..."

Okay, actually, it was only two, and it was sometime around the fifth of last month that I first started Roleplaying two years ago.  I was forcibly reminded of it this morning when I went to post a Blaise-fic at [info]blaise_zabini (come on, you know you want to post there!), and realized that I'd written it with the gal playing Draco in that first game for [info]inell's birthday that year.

I have not regretted any of it, despite some of the angst my characters have put me through.  So many lovely characters, too.  And so many games.  Moonlight, Suivre, Ab Dissimilis, Gaywarts...and now Founder's Legacy.

I'm not normally a very social person.  It takes a lot for me to speak up around strangers.  But with RP, I've discovered this whole group of friends I never would have had without it.  People who I can't imagine not speaking to as often as I possibly can.  I think you know who you all are, but let me say here and now, that I adore each and every one of the people who I have played with in those two years.  You've given me some amazing times, and I'm so glad to have met you.  And I hope to go on playing together with you for a good long time.  *hugs you all*

Dec. 29th, 2007

State of the elf

Let's see...probably one more story to come this year, so I'll wait to do the Fic year in review.  Probably Tuesday while I watch all of the Lord of the Rings for the New Year.

No other takers for my Music poll?  I know it might seem a bit daunting, but really, just go with your gut instinct.  The more choices we have later, the better. :)

Commenting.  Link to [info]kabal42's post yesterday, and to mine from several months back.  I think it's time to get that meme going again, and I think I also want to post a new New Year's meme, though of a different sort than last year.  I only hope it's as successful as that one was.

[info]founders_legacy officially starts Tuesday.  Daunting, but exciting.  Starting with a bang, too...  The Halloween feast in Harry's Fourth Year. :D  Should be fun.

As for Ms doesn't know when to stop, Yes, I saw the new stuff about the next gen.  I'm actually of two minds about it, as I am with all the stuff in DH, really.  I always know when i've gone fannish nuts because I start writing lists.  I have a program, Family Tree Maker, and couldn't resist putting them all into a slightly more visual format.  So, here for download is all the major families that have more than two members that are connected easily.  If people have the program, I'd also be willing to upload the base file.  This one is in PDF format so that anyone with Acrobat can read it.  Any additions (canon only, please) are more than welcome.  :)

Christmas went better than expected.  And the last of everything has been done now, so all that's left is my grandmother's birthday tonight (THAT side of the family, unfortunately...) and New Years, which should be nice and quiet. :)  Hubby bought me a DS, so I've been playing with that a lot.  I'm quite enjoying that. :D  Particularly a game called "My Word Coach," which apparently also has French and Spanish versions.  If they ever do a Welsh one, I'm so there... :D

Still have some writing to do, of course.  Bonking Tonks is due the 9th, and I haven't started on that or my D_D for next month.  Still, I have ideas, so hopefully I should be able to do them this week...

Oh, yes.  And I am now permanently Insane. :D  Got my permanent account yesterday or the day before...can't recall for sure.  But it feels nice.  :)  Even with the issues here, I have confidence that this will be a much more comfortable long-term home for my fandom life.

Dec. 16th, 2007

The PB list

This list is opinionated, selective, subjective, and will likely never be complete.  That said, I am also ALWAYS open to suggestions on the characters listed here. :)  Who do you like/use/have seen used for these characters?

Starting with my pups, in order and by game:
Blaise Zabini )

George (and Fred) Weasley )

Padma (and Parvati) Patil )

Draco Malfoy )

Remus Lupin )

Severus Snape )

Rabastan Lestrange )

Wow...looking at all that...I think I'll stop there.  I do have opinions on other characters.  Just...those are the ones I've played, and therefore feel strongest about.  Maybe I'll do a second bit at some point.  Mostly I just needed the distraction.

Dec. 10th, 2007

Links because I can, and miscellaneous things

Link one: The Ten Doctors (Dr Who, that is...)
A comic strip featuring all ten doctors, and most of his companions as well.  If you're a fan of the old series as well as the new, this is a great read.

Link two: My favorite house-icon maker has made a new batch of icons with His Dark Materials quotes.

Link three: [info]florahart has compiled the IJ stats for the big surges since May.  And yet, the site is still running quite smoothly...  Unlike others I could name...

To Do List:
Advertise [info]founders_legacy @lj
George reply to Hess
Blaise reply to Fred
Post Movie Drabbles

Post PB list
Write Tonksathon fic
Start next D_D fic
Write out first chapter of collab with [info]kabal42
Back up old RPGs at GJ before it's too late
Create Asylum for boys to play in

I'm sure I've forgotten something...

Dec. 9th, 2007

An invitation:

My new game:

Founders Legacy – an AU 4th Year RPG on Insanejournal

* What if Gideon Prewett had survived the attack that killed him and his brother?
- how would it affect his sister and her family?
- how would he be, if he were still alive, but had lost his brother?
* What if Arthur and Molly had divorced before Ron was ever conceived?
- how would Harry deal if one half of his support system--Ron--had never existed?
- how different would the Weasley boys be if Arthur remarried--Blaise Zabini's mother?
- how different would Hogsmeade be if Gideon and Molly ran the Three Broomsticks instead of Rosmerta?
- how would the twins be different if they grew up with different names, not even meeting until the Hogwarts Express, never knowing the other existed before that moment, and were subsequently sorted into different houses?
* What if Bellatrix had had a child?
- how would she be different if she escaped being sent to Azkaban--because she had to raise her son?
- how would she respond if Andromeda had divorced her Muggleborn husband, and was trying to reconnect with her sisters?
* What if Harry's circle had included Slytherins?

Founders Legacy )

If you would like more information, please contact us at founders.legacy@gmail.com

Dec. 1st, 2007

State of the Elf

So...even though I've posted just about every day in the last month, most of it has been story-stuff rather than other stuff, so I thought I'd update everyone.

Got some serious bunnies in the last month.  SS/SB/RL with a Tonks side, SS/RL (yes, really) post DH with Teddy in attendance, DM/SM fic for someone's xmas gift because she deserves it, and something like three or four non-fairy tale H/D ideas.  Including a 12 days of Christmas thing, which I have informed my brain is not going to happen...  In particular, working on a post-DH story with [info]kabal42 that could be tons of fun. 
For now, though, my #1 priority is D_D's KK fic...I think we're almost done...
Still have it in mind to do Epilouge Kid drabbles...

Watching Bedknobs and Broomsticks and then Narnia today with hubby...as soon as we come back from the store. 
Sister's working on a books list for the Zygote...  That's been fun. 
I'm really beginning to hate the holidays, though.  Or maybe its just that side of the family.  Every time I get an email from one of them, I get tense.  To the point where I'm starting to avoid email in general...  No clue what to do as far as gifts, given that all the major people in my life aside from my sister either don't want them, or are so distant as to give me no clue what they might want. It's kind of making me ill.  I wish I were more ahead.  And that I had the skill, equiptment and time to just make everyone new scarves or something...
Been reading a lot.  Both fic and books.  Just finished the Dexter books.  Will probably post a review of all three this weekend.  But the short version?  If you like the show, read the books. :D

New game, here at IJ: [info]founders_legacy.  Ad to follow soon.  4th year AU.  We're having fun so far.  Game officially starts the first of January.  I've taken on Draco ([info]draconis_m) and Blaise ([info]blaise_z), of course.
Also, doing a half-writing, half-rp project with a friend surrounding an idea we've had for a while.  It's called [info]shadowhunt if people want to give it a look.  Post-DH, Hestia Jones sets up a sort of bounty-hunter service.  We've got four characters: Hestia, Charlie, George and Blaise.  There will be slash and adult humor.  It's a closed game, but people are quite welcome to watch.  We'd love opinions.  We're not going to run it like a traditional RP, but there will be threads that will grow over time.  And we'll probably post threads for people to comment on after them, particularly when we're looking for input on who they should go after next, or things like that. :)

Found a new toy I've been spending too much time with: Wordie.  There under elfflame, if folks want to look at my word-lists and/or suggest additions. :)

Okay, so my reaction to the new uproar yesterday was, "Uh huh.  And this surprises you?"  This morning, it's more, "goddamn it!"  I refreshed the page I keep my lj open on, not noticing that it had logged me out, so all the fest entries were not only hidden behind a cut, they had an extra page to get to content.  Except when I logged in, it wouldn't let me see either the page or the "are you over 18" page any more...just errored out.  I figured it out, but still... 
Mostly, I'm just glad that's not my main journal any longer.  I can't wait to see what happens when the first person gets closed down because of these...  So done with this.  Been done with it since August.  So why hasn't it effing gone away yet?

Nov. 15th, 2007

Here at the halfway mark

So...done for the day...

No further writing to show for it, but I can tell my brain's shut down.  Halfway wordcount at the halfway mark isn't so bad, though, right? :D

25607 / 50000 words. 51% done!

Yes, I've changed colors.  I figure its less glaring on the eyes of the color changes.  Besides.  I like it as a way of showing I'm more than halfway now. :D

Let's see...what have I been up to this month?  Got and lost a job (long story--short version?  I hate phones).  Quit Thanksgiving this year, then emailed an invite to Christmas Eve from which I've heard back from absolutely no one...  Have I told anyone here how much I hate dealing with that side of the family?  Working to make plans to go spend time with the sister after the new year, and before her baby is due.  Totally cool with the idea of being an auntie for the first time, though I suddenly realised how odd it will be that she'll be a mommie...

So, as stress relief, have been talking about a new game with a few people.  Could be fun.  So many people I've missed RPing with...  *snuggles them all*  I just really haven't been doing much at all. 
SG, if you have some time tomorrow, and need a break, I'd love to chat to you about it... :D

Project Runway--I feel like I waited WAY too long for the new season, but it was so worth it.  I think I'm really going to love this season.  Can't wait to see more. :D
Still very much enjoying Pushing Daises and Journeyman, too. :D  Not a bad season for a bad season.  I just hope they survive the strike.

Having connection issues with one of my computers.  Was fine yesterday afternoon, but went off to play a game for a few hours, and when I came back to my desktop, couldn't connect to the internet any longer.  Have had this issue before with this computer, so I assumed it just needed to be rebooted, which has always fixed it in the past, but when I started it up this morning, no dice.  I have no clue what could have caused it, as I have downloaded no upgrades (that I am aware of) in the 12-hour period before that, and it was just fine that day before that...  Anyone have any clues why it would act that way?

Happy thoughts would be welcome, as my mood seems to be rapidly deteriorating at this point between family, computer and that time of the month.

Sep. 10th, 2007

[No Subject]

Gacked from a couple of folks on my flist, because I love this sort of meme:

1. Comment to this post with the name of a character that I have written in fic or RP.
(Blaise, George, Padma, Draco, Remus, Severus, Rabastan, Silas Burns (Youngest Hobgoblin), Corin Lupin (Au younger half-brother of Draco)
2. I will comment telling you the following:
a. What initially prompted me to like the character enough to write about him/her.
b. One of his/her best traits.
c. One of his/her worst traits.
d. How easy/difficult I find it to write the character.
e. The story/chapter/paragraph/phrase where I feel that I truly captured the character.
f. My plans (if any) to write the character in the near future.

Jul. 30th, 2007

A meme to lighten my mood a touch:

Gacked from all over my Flist:

List all the characters you play in various RP associations, and those who reply may ask whatever questions they wish of the listed characters. Replies will be in-character to those who reply.

my pups:
Blaise Zabini (post-war)
George Weasley (post-war)
Padma Patil (post-war)
Draco Malfoy (post-war)
Remus Lupin (marauders years)
Severus Snape (marauders years)
Draco Malfoy (early 90s)
Severus Snape (early 90s)
Rabastan Lestrange (early 90s)
Silas Burns (Hobgoblin - early 90s)
Rabastan Lestrange (marauders years)

Erm...that's all, I think.  Go at it. :)

Jul. 3rd, 2007

State of the Elf

Someone please remind the bunnies that I have too much to do as is, and that I do NOT need another fest, and that I DON'T write het?  *clobbers the Lucius/Tonks bunny that jumped on me the moment I read Violet's post at [info]erotic_elves*

Nerves going utterly insane.  This month is going to go so fast....
11 - Oder of the Phoenix released
13 - D_D regular post date.
15 - D_D Farewell fic due
21 - Deathly Hallows released
22 - Elf's brain goes splewy.
Not to mention all the threads going on at each game this month.  At least AD is fairly calm.  First month back at school, so I don't have to do TOO much...  But I have a huge birthday, and Christmas... *sighs*

Have been playing (too much) over at Kongregate.  Anyone else have an account there?  Some of those games are seriously addictive.

I've also been thinking of new ways to do my recs.  Still do the Sunday ones, but maybe only once a month...  But maybe themed groups, or something.  I think the pairing recs have gone by the wayside.

And apparently people really want to know what I think of Labyrinth. :D

May. 25th, 2007

[No Subject]

Something I did about a year and two games ago... )

May. 19th, 2007

[No Subject]

So, not that anyone reads this journal any more, given that I RP too much, but I am still here...

I'm just bursting with too much to do.  I've been setting up a new community for posting links to great icons for RP - [info]pbicons_dir.  It's already got a ton of stuff, and I and the two other  icon searchers are constantly adding more.  There are lots of actors, models and musicians there, and I'm always open to adding more.  Consider this your invitation. :D

I am still working on my 3some piece...  Hit a snag, and not sure where to go from there...  But I've hit 5000 words, I think.  Very glad I still have three weeks before I seriously have to start worrying about D_D again, cause I really want to get the 3some piece done before that.  Though I did forget that Draco's birthday is coming up.  I'd really like to continue my little tradition of a birthday story for him, if I can...  Any H/D suggestions would be welcome. :)

And now, instead of more actual content, I offer something memish.  I have 8 characters I've played over 4 games (well, more, but the others are either continuations, or didn't last long):
the character list )
So, my idea is this.  Ask my pup up to five questions, or ask them to write a letter to a certain character, and I'll do my best to come up with something for them. :)  I just want to get writing again, and they seem to be more vocal these days.