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Jul. 12th, 2007

Friend update

Bleh.  Forgot to add this to the last post, but I'll do it here.

Went through my user info page yesterday before we left for the movie, and friended those who didn't look like reading journals (or trolls) and who had Birth YEARS on their info in some form.  If you have me friended, and are of age, but don't want that info in your user info, you are more than welcome to nudge me and let me know, but I won't friend back unless I know it.  Especially after Strikethrough.

After DH is over, I will probably do a culling of those who haven't used their journals in a while.  Particularly those I don't recognize.  Nothing personal, I just have too many again, and would rather keep the number under 500 if I can.

Sep. 24th, 2006

Shipping Frending Frenzies

For those of you who would like others of like ship, there are two shipping Friending Frenzies going on at the moment.

The first is a Harry/Draco frenzy being hosted by [info]bookshop.

And the second is a Snupin frenzy being hosted by [info]lupin_snape.

It's a great way to pad out your flist with people who enjoy the same ship/kinks/characters you like.  I highly recommend it if you've got space. :D

Jul. 15th, 2006


Need more friends?  [info]inell is doing a multi-fandom friending meme.  Go join in! :D

Oct. 24th, 2005

Today and stuff

So, I got almost nothing done today, though I did friend a bunch of people at [info]mctabby's, and managed to write about 500 words in the next bit of my Lucius/Harry fics.

So, I am now well over 100 Friends.  Yeah, this scares me.  So what do I do when I'm scared?  Apparently something even scarier.  I've only done something like this once before, And I know I'll get a heck of a lot more responses this time, so be kind....

I am willing to write drabbly fics for everyone.  What I need: Pairing (I only do HP, but if you ask really nice, and it's a fandom I know well, I might do others...), prompt and/or picture.

And, if you're new here, I forgot to point out my lj rec-aversary going on this week.  I've been posting recs in my journal for a year now, and am celebrating by offering themed recs to anyone who wants them.  Go Here for the details. 

Fandom Friending Frenzy

I thought I'd plug this, since I made some great friends there last year.  If you're new in fandom, or want to expand your flist, or want your flist at skip1000....  Go Here.

Go on, you know you want to.

Oct. 23rd, 2004


So, I don't think I ever really did this, and seeing as how I just put my name into the Fandom Friending Frenzy over at [info]mctabby's lj, I thought I should post this somewhere people can actually see it..

My biggest current fandom is Harry Potter.  It is probably the most involved I have ever been in a fandom before.  I read & rec, and I write Fan Fic like mad.  But I love it.  I honestly have trouble remembering life before HP.

Beyond HP there is LOTR.  This has always been a background note in my life, even though I only just managed to finish the series.  I tried to write a Frodo-fic once, but I never finished it.  I think that was pretty much the extent of my time in the fandom, though I do read the occasional fic.

Elfquest is probably the last fandom I went as nuts over as HP.  I went through a period where all I did was create characters, make lists, and draw elves.  (my only fan-art ever, I think.)  If you like LOTR, and elves, I highly recommend it if you've never checked it out.  This was the very first fandom I ever wrote fan fic for, though I had no idea that that was what it was called, and every story had at least one Mary-Sue in it, so none of it was worth publishing online.

Star Trek is the only other Fandom I actually still claim (even though I no longer watch...) that I have written finished fan fic for.  My co-author and I wrote a two-part Janeway/Chakotay romance fic, the first part was called Captainella, and the second was Neelix in Boots.  It was lots of fun, but I look at it now and just see how flawed it was.

Beyond that, I read the occasional Buffy or Forever Knight fic, and I also consider myself a fan of Star Wars (the first three films only, really),  and V, the original 80's mini-series, though  I hear that they're working on a remake.  I also currently watch Lost, and consider myself a fan.  But that's so new, and I'm not sure how deep I'll get into it.

To everyone here from [info]mctabby, hello!