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Mar. 29th, 2006


God, I haven't done one of these in forever.  Yoinked from a few people on my list.

What type of Fae are you?
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Sep. 8th, 2005

New Fic: Thoughts on the Lost - Elfquest Fandom

Title:Thoughts on the Lost
Rating: PG for implied character death
Pairing: Skywise/Fox Fur
Word Count: 252
Disclaimer: Skywise and Fox Fur do not belong to me, but to a lovely couple named Pini.  No infringement intended
Summary: Skywise thinks about his lost lovemate.
A/N: So, [info]fluffyllama started a new archive, and I have joined, and since I suggested Elfquest (which I haven't written in more years than I can remember), I decided to write a drabble today.  All of the Elfquest stuff I wrote before was very MS-heavy, so I definately wanted to start from scratch.  But I've always been fond of the Skywise/Fox Fur ship, so I always hated the idea that she was dead.  So I wrote a little piece.  I hope people will give it a glance...

In the still of the night )

Mar. 4th, 2005

<lj comm

Name five fannish races [species] you find yourself drawn to, and why you are drawn to them.

1) Elves.  Not really even sure where this one started, to be honest.  Between Tolken, and Elfquest, definately though.  I just love them.  Particularly tall, willowy and noble.

2) Trill.  The idea of how the symbiot has such an extended lifespan, and shares the memories of each of their previous hosts with the current one.  I like the sense of continuity it brings.

3) Vampries.  Again, not sure where this came from, but I was into them before I ever heard of Anne Rice.  I'm just pleased that she wrote the books, because it's meant an excess of information and stories about them.

4) Dragons.  Not the stupid, town-stomping ones, but the highly intelligent, misunderstood creatures that could hold a conversation with a human.  If they felt the inclanation.

5) Pegasai.  Horses with wings.  How can you go wrong?  (plus, it's an inside family joke that I'm a pegasus, and my sister is a unicorn...)

So, I just noticed, reading these, that I seem to like extremely long-lived races....I think that says something about me, doesn't it?

Oct. 29th, 2004

OMG! (No, I did NOT cheat!)


To which race of Middle Earth do you belong?
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