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May. 26th, 2012

Fandom Loss

For those who haven't heard yet, [info]leni_jess passed away this past Thursday. Her family posted a note on her journal here.

I never got the chance to meet her, but I always admired her writing, and the fact that she was constantly on the move. She definitely lived a full life. The fandom will be a bit quieter with her gone.

May. 24th, 2008

A loss and Indy 4 review

Let's see...

Robert Asprin died Thursday.  I think I was introduced to him by the graphic novel of Myth Adventures done by Warp Graphics and Phil Foglio in the 80s.  The books are clever and fun, and I really do wish that someone would buy up the rights and make a movie out of the first one.  They seem perfectly suited for movie material.  If you haven't read them and like humor/fantasy, I highly recommend them.

Saw Indy 4 today.  Quiet crowd.  Missed a small bit toward the end cause I had to run to the Ladies, but nothing vital, I think.  Not the best of the series, but at the moment, I do think it's better than Temple.  Raiders, Crusade, Skull, Temple, in that order, I think.  It's not the most brilliant movie ever, but if you go with an open mind, and a love of Indy, it's worth the money and the trip.  There's plenty in the story to make an Indy fan smile.  Will definitely be buying when it comes out on DVD.

Spoilers beneath the cut, and probably in the comments )

I think that's enough, really.  I did enjoy it.  And I wasn't expecting it to be stellar, so I think that helped.  A good film if you like the series.

Mar. 31st, 2008


I came home today ready to play and make icons, and now all I can do is stare in shock at my flist. 

If any of you have not heard yet, Anj, aka Anjenue, aka Rosesanguina died this weekend.  I wasn't particularly close to her at the end, but there was a time there when I talked to her fairly regularly.  Just comments in each others' journals, but I considered her a friend.  I'm a bit in shock, and horribly saddened.  She was one of the sweetest people I'd met in fandom.

My thoughts are with her family and those who knew her.

For more information, see Nimori's post here.

And there is an LJ group for remembering her here.

I just want to say, in the wake of other posts on my filst, that you all mean so much to me, and sometimes we don't think to say that sort of thing enough, so I'm saying it now.

Jul. 20th, 2005

Not the best of mornings

Woke up and got a call from hubby that there had been a murder in the apartment last night.  I've only had something similar happen once before, and that was someone killing themselves, so I'm feeling rather ill about the whole thing.  I don't know any details, but I'm having trouble dealing, really.

And then, just a few minutes ago,[info]cruisedirector posted a link to this.

I'm still trying to assimilate it.  Star Trek is the one I consider my first fandom.  Jimmy Doohan was a part of my life as I grew up, just like William Shatner, DeForest Kelly, Leonard Nemoy and the rest.  I don't know what else to say, but that it feels like I've lost something important.  Sleep well, Jimmy.

And anyone who wants to cheer me up is way more than welcome to do so...  I could really use it.

Feb. 21st, 2005

So long, FM Busby

FM Busby was a local writer who I discovered in the 80's.  His science fiction was classic science fiction at its best.  I particularly enjoyed the Hultzen Saga, and all the related books, All These Earths, and the Breeds of Man.  His characters were always fascinating, and his technology well-thought-out.  I never felt I was reading a technical manual, even when the explanations went over my head.

I know he'll be missed.

News article about his death.

Dec. 29th, 2004

Rest Well, Jerry

So, I am a huge fan of Law and Order.  I actually watch all of the shows, not just the original.  And I was quite looking forward to a show where Jerry Orbach would be featured a bit more.  Unfortunately, today I heard the news that this wonderful man is gone.  I will miss him.  I think he was one of the reasons I have watched the show for so long. 

News story link.

For anyone who does not recognize his name, here is his IMDB bio.

Oct. 11th, 2004


Let's see...

A fond farewell to yet another piece of my childhood.  Christopher Reeve was one of my earliest idols.  I'm pleased that he was able to survive as long as he did after his accident.  I'm sure the work he did furthered spinal cord health a great deal.  He will be missed.


Went out to lunch with a good friend today...Hi Anne! :D  She requested a list of my "safe" fics.  So, here is a list of all my non-slash, not too hot-and-heavy fics:
  • True Revenge  -  Detailing the marriage of Narcissa Black to Lucius Malfoy.  *warning: not a nice fic*
  • Lost Love  -  Some very slight slash here (a kiss), but the main pairing in this is Ron/Hermione, and it's post-Hogwarts.  Ron disappears the last week of their seventh year of Hogwarts.  How does Hermione deal with it, and will she forgive him when he returns?
  • Fred's Worst Day  -  George isn't speaking to Fred.  How can Fred fix it?
  • Dragon's Tears  - The fourth Part in the True Revenge saga (Parts two and three can be found at Foodie's FF.net account)  Draco decides to take revenge on his father for deserting him and his mother. *warning: not a nice fic*
  • Letters  -  A follow-up to Dragon's Tears.  Draco finally reads the letters his father sent to him the last few years he was at Hogwarts. 
  • Green Eyes  -  James and Lily are called to Hogwarts to talk to the newest Order member.
  • Secrets Kept  -  Lily is certain her boyfriend is being blackmailed by the rest of the Marauders.
  • Flowers and Notes  -  Neville decides it's time to let Ginny know how he feels.  Can be seen as a prequel to Lost Love
  • Please, Not a Ferret  -  Draco decides to become an animagus.
  • Dear Sirius  -  Hermione convinces Harry to write a letter to Sirius.
  • Mae Govannan Severus Snape  -  Snape is required to attend a masquerade.  Dumbledore sends him a costume to wear.
  • Finding Harry  -  My epic.  What if Harry had been raised not by the Dursleys, but by a wizarding family, and someone that Dumbldore would never have approved of?
Whew.  That's it, I think.  Well, of the finished pieces... :D  The links are all to FF.net, though many of the smaller pieces are avaliable at my lj as well. 

If anyone's interested, I can provide pairings for each, but most of the stories are rather self-explanitory, and some are purposfully vague in discription cause I want you to guess. :D


In other news, today my hubby and I have been married for twelve years.  We got some very simple bands the first time through, but after twelve years, I decided I deserved something special, so we got me a ring today.  It's white gold, and the stone is an amethyst.  I have to wait a few months for it, but it's worth it. :D