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Feb. 25th, 2007

New community!

Tired of not knowing where to pimp your stories?  Or being yelled at for pimping them too many places?  Come pimp away at [info]hpficlist.  We have threads for all the major ships, and you don't even have to join to pimp.  Just leave a comment in the thread for the appropriate ship, and readers can find your stories!

Tired of never finding stories for your favorite ship?  Or at least none that you haven't read already?  Hate stumbling across a community for your favorite ship, only to find that there's nothing there?  Come look at [info]hpficlist.  We've tons of ships, and chances are, we'll have at least a story or two to share you haven't seen before.

Pimp, Rec, Search...[info]hpficlist is an idea based on the "...cruisin'..." threads at Fiction Alley, except done on Livejournal.  If a ship doesn't exist, it can be easily requested, and the more requests we get for a ship, the faster it goes up, so tell all your friends, and pimp, pimp, pimp!

Feb. 15th, 2007

[No Subject]

Holy crossover...  Hubby got me Beauty and the Beast's first season for Valentine's Day, so I've been watching episodes for the past few days.  Does anyone remember that the name of the old spiritual lady is Narcissa?  I was amused.

Also, I will be closing the Ship Poll tomorrow, so if anyone wants to participate who hasn't, go do so now.

And, is there anyone out there who is interested in helping out set up or maintain [info]hpficlist, just nudge me and I'll send you an invite.  If you already volunteered and have yet to join, I sent invites to the four people who volunteered.  There are two locked posts there already dealing with how things should be set up.  Please leave your opinions.

Feb. 12th, 2007

[No Subject]

So, [info]dorrie6 just posted a ship master-list that had me thinking.

Back when I first got into the fandom, I spent a lot of time over at Fiction Alley, looking through their ship-lists for new stories to read.  Heck, it's where I found most of the Harry/Draco classics I've read.  But so many of us moved over here, that it makes me wonder if it wouldn't be a good idea to have a community much like that here at livejournal, using ship master-lists as a sort of base-template.  Each entry would be a master list for one ship.  Not recs, but people posting links to their own stories that fit that ship, as comments, and with a specific format outlined in the entry above.

Threads could only be started by mods, and there would be a master ship-list at the top so that people could find the ship they were looking for easily.  Maybe a request thread as well, so people could ask for new threads to be started.

What do people think? 

I would be willing to start something like this this week if I thought people were interested, and if I had a couple or three volunteers to help me.

: Community created - [info]hpficlist