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Feb. 4th, 2006

January <lj comm

Rhysenn is possibly the best-known author in the H/D corner of fandom )


Rhysenn's H/D works )

Jan. 13th, 2006

Fic and general blather

So, I have all the books except for HBP in MP3 format, so I like to listen to them while I'm at work.  Not a big deal, right?  The problem being that it tends to cause my AU muse to act up.

I have a story, Finding Harry, which I worked on for something like a year and a half, so it's got a special place in my heart.  The story goes: cut for Finding Harry spoilers )

I had great fun with the fic, fixing some of the problems I have with canon, and making many of the characters stronger emotionally than they are in the books.  I really want to do a rewrite of the story before I move on to the next one, but when I listen to the books, I can't help but think of threads for the second.

I do have one major problem, though.  more FH spoilers )

I've even written an intro-paragraph for FH2: even more spoilers for FH )

So, I'd love people's opionions--on the fic, on the above problem, on things you always hated about the Harry Potter books.


Anyway, I was listening to POA today, and I always adore the Shrieking Shack scene for its detail about the Marauders' lives. 

And it made me wonder--what would their children have been like if they'd all "survived" the war?  I don't think they would have been able to permanently kill off Voldemort, but I can see them hiding from him long enough to take him down for a time, and survive to get married and have kids.  Harry with two living parents and a brother and sister...And Peter falling for Alice Longbottom after Frank dies in a raid.  Remus ends up with Narcissa after Lucius dies fighting against them. (Don't look at me that way, Lysa...)  And Sirius "makes do" for a time with Hestia Jones.  So there's all these Marauder kids, and Harry, Draco and Neville have been raised as friends--the Next Marauders. 

Is it totally a bad idea?


Randomness -

RPG is fun.  And addictive.  (I actually considered making FH2 one, but there lies madness)  Just wish I had access at work, cause we're all so far apart that by the time I get home, several of the main players are asleep, or should be, which means we get at most two or three responses a day.

[info]titti is redoing The Thin Line, and will be including all Snape/M Black pairings on the site.  It will be lovely to have easily accessible Severus/Regulus fics.

Posted The Proper Way (LM/RB) and Ribbons (HP/DM) over at the Archive.  Both NC-17.

Been reading a ton of Manga lately (Thank you, Anne... ;D).  So many Manga, so little time. :D  Some favorites?  Eriee Queery, Nana, Paradise Kiss, Alice 19th, Ceres...  I'm sure that's not all, but I'm very much enjoying what I'm finding, generally. :)


And a last bit.

My to do list for the weekend:
    Start [info]hd_directory bios
    Finish the first edit of Chrysalis
    Write two more sections of Velvet Captivity
    Edit Foodie's next chapter

Jan. 1st, 2006

<lj comm

I'm trying to decide if I should participate this time.

I still have a huge list of people I'd love to do bios for.  Though I've already hit the big marks.  The others are people I adore for one reason or another, but don't know as well, or don't do H/D exclusively, and therefor might be harder for me to pin down.

So, I need a nudge.  Should I do more?  What do people think?  Come on, I need your opinion.

Also, if you have *ever* written Harry/Draco fic of any sort, you really should put your name up at the directory, at the very least.

Oct. 31st, 2005

More <lj comm

Cosmic )

Duinn Fionn )

PhoenixSong )

And if any of you are H/D shippers, and don't know the [info]hd_directory, go check it out now.  There's still tons of bios to be written!

Oct. 17th, 2005

My to do list

Finish my three H/D Author bios
Write another 1000 words of Unclaimed Bonds
Write up the notes for NaNoMo fic
Write up outline for NaNoMo fic
Start writing up Lucius/Harry story pieces (got to get ahead of the curve...)(two finished) :D

ETA: Anyone up to betaing the [info]fanfic100 fics for me? They're pretty short.

Oct. 1st, 2005

So, I was supposed to do bios for the <lj comm

I have them here, but I'm not sure where to link them at the directory itself.  Only seen one bio so far...

Anyway, for anyone interested, here they are.

Beren )

Olivia Lupin )

Rurounihime )

That's everyone.

PS...  If anyone knows where I'm supposed to post these at the directory, I'd be eternally grateful.

Sep. 22nd, 2005

H/D Bios

Two down, one to go...  God, I hope these look okay.  Would anyone out there be willing to give them a once-over and let me know what what they think?  I don't know if I've said too much, not enough, or even if what I've said makes sense.  I'd love a second opinion.

I've finished [info]beren_writes's and [info]iridescent_ink's bios.  Now I just have to do [info]rurounihime...  Why is it that the author I feel closest to is the one I'm having the most trouble with?

Sep. 6th, 2005


So, I'm working on Olivia Lupin's Bio for the H/D directory.  If you read her fics, which would you say are her best-known?

I mean, I know which of hers are my favorites, but that's not the same thing...

Any help would be appreaciated.