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Fic babble

Have just finished updating my fic-list for the month and year, so I thought I should do the usual year-end roundup.

I only managed one fic this month, as I have been focusing more on RP than anything else online, but because of the holidays, not even enough of that.  Hopefully now that they're over, I can get back into the swing of things.

A note to those who have me friended that I have not friended back - I will not friend if you are underage or have no age-statement, and I don't check things as often as I used to because of other obligations.  If you are of age, please leave me a post here (or elsewhere) stating that you are, and I will friend you back.  I f-lock anything NC-17 related in this journal, though if you don't wish to friend me for whatever reason, I also post all my fics elsewhere. 
My [info]daily_deviant fics (the ones I always post on the 13th of each month) are all avaliable at that community, tagged with my name, so they are easy to access.
I also post all my [info]50_smutlet pieces at that community each time I post.
Beyond that, I tend to post to a community for the character(s) most involved in the story, the ship involved in the story, and if appropriate, [info]hpslash.

So, on to my fic stats for the year:
Total number of fics: 60 (OMG!)
Gen: 1 (actually a rewrite, but never posted here before)
Het: 18
Slash: 49
Femmeslash: 1
Blaise/Draco and Harry/Draco tied with 9 fics each this year, though the Blaise/Draco was often the background pairing to another, or part of a threesome.
Lucius/Severus was second-most with 5 (Thank you, [info]lysa1 for the inspiration... ;D)
Lucius/Narcissa (always a background pairing) and Sirius/Remus were next with 4 each.
Blaise/Hermione, Lucius/Draco, Miles/Blaise and Remus/Tonks were next with three each.
And so many more, both as background and foreground pairings...  But can you tell my focus was on the Slytherins this year? :D

You know, I used to look at [info]inell's numbers and wonder how she did it... No wonder life's been insane this year.

And the meme:

Favourite: Of Canines and Stags, because it's very close to my heart, and every time I read it, it reminds me of two very special people who I adore.  Without [info]amberry and [info]littlecup, it would never have been written.  *squeezes both*

The Best: Perfect, because it's the first fic that's ever come to me fully formed and actually come out on paper much like I imagined it.  I love the flow, and it still feels like my fic.

Most underappreciated by the universe: In my opinion, Hooked.  It was the first time I wrote Lucius/Harry outside my Velvet Captivity series, and an extremely different feel.  I'm not sure if it's just the pairing, or what, but I got two reveiws on it.  Leaves me disinclined to finish the rest of my series...

Most fun to write: Each Other to Forgive.  There were a few problems with it, but the writing process, once I stumbled across this storyline, was so smooth...  I do torture Draco so...
Oh, but for alternate fun, I loved writing Something More, because I wrote it with [info]amberry's help as a thread between our two boys, and while it isn't perfect, it was lots of fun, and I learned a ton about both our boys in the process.

Sexiest: Enticing Seduction.  Oh, these two going after Harry?  Yeah.  Very nice. :D

"Holy crap, that's wrong even for you": All in the Family.  Not one, not two, but three implied/explicit incestuous relationships in this one.  Yeah, this year I crossed that line...  And not only that, but dub-con as well.

Fic that shifted my own perceptions of the characters: The Game.  Before that, I just really didn't write Lucius Het.  For me, he's always the married man who only married for appearance's sake, and to get an heir.  But I discovered in writing this, that I really enjoy him with Tonks.  It just works.

Hardest to do: Seduction's Prey.  I started and stopped this so many times, I was beginning to wonder if I'd ever manage to finish it.  In fact, I think if it hadn't been for [info]ldybastet's birthday, it might not have ever been so.  I'm glad I did, though.  The finished product is lovely.

Biggest disappointment: Moving Up - Drag Queen Remix.  I had so much fun rewriting this, telling it from Draco's point of view, but apparently it wasn't that thrilling, because almost no one reviewed it.  I don't know if it was the crossdressing, or that it was a remix, or what.  I suppose it's good that I had fun with it, at least...

Biggest surprise: Chrysalis.  Not that people liked it.  But that so many hadn't read it yet when I started posting the rewrites this year.  The fan reaction to it blew me away.  I'm so glad people liked it.

Most telling: The Tale of the Golden Prince.  It not only shows my love of fairy tales to excellent effect, it also shows you just how much I adore my Slytherins, even when they're dark and less than pleasant.  I really should work on the next part of this story.  Maybe for [info]daily_deviant for January...