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Magic card interest, anyone? (signal boost requested)

So, back in the golden days of Yore, in the early days of my marriage, my husband and I collected Magic the Gathering Cards. We even played them, too. But we stopped because they kept changing the rules and the cards and...it was just too expensive a hobby to keep up.

So these cards have been sitting in boxes and card-protectors since about the mid-nineties, gathering dust. My ex let me keep the cards in our split of our things, so I've been working on getting them sorted so I could sell them. I also used a bunch of price guides and cheat-sheets to determine exactly what it was that I had.

I have the equivalent of about four long boxes full of cards, all loose, plus a few other random things. And while I was going through them, I remembered how much I used to love creating themed decks out of the cards. I made a dragon deck, and an Elfquest deck among others.

So I was wondering if there was any interest out there in purchasing a pre-made deck out of my cards. I'm thinking 60 cards, and would be willing to gear them to a fannish theme based on what I have.

I have been selling a few on Ebay (expensive cards that I've pulled from the dross), but I still have several hundred more, so if there's something specific you want, just let me know. I would prefer these to go to folks I know, and would certainly be more interested in getting rid of groups of cards at once than trying to deal with them all separately. The Ebay sales are currently over, so I need to set those up again, but feel free to drop me a line to ask me what I have. I'm working on typing up a (very long) database of everything, so hopefully I will be able to answer any questions needed, and I can always skim through what I have if people have specific requests.

Whether you're interested in single decks, random cards, specific cards...whatever, I'd love to sell these, so any interest would be greatly appreciated.

Even if you're not interested, if you could please signal-boost this to your own Flists? I really want to get this out to as many fannish gaming-interested people as possible, as this is currently what is keeping a roof over my head at the moment.
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