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Nano #47: Draco the Storyteller: A Gift of Great worth

Title: Draco the Storyteller: A Gift of Great worth
Author: [info]elfflame
Characters: Harry, Ron, Robards
Rating: PG
A/N: Harry decides to do Ron a favour and take over his duties guarding Malfoy for a year..

A Gift of Great Worth

"A whole year dealing with Malfoy? It's got to be a bad joke! Why me?"

"Ron, calm down…" Harry watched his best friend pace in his cubicle. "You know that we don't get to choose assignments. Hell, we're lucky they're letting us train despite not finishing our NEWTs."

"I don't care. This is Malfoy we're talking about! He's the one who broke the law. Why am I being punished for it?"


Before Harry could attempt to further calm Ron, Robards appeared. "Weasley, I need you to go down and collect Malfoy from the cells and escort him home. You can pick two others, but I rely on you to make sure that he can't get into any trouble. If he does, it will be on your record, and I doubt you want to start your career with that sort of black mark. Are we clear?"

Obviously Robards had heard everything. Both Harry and Ron winced. "Yes, sir," Ron said, sounding dejected.

Before Robards could say anything, Harry decided to step in. He knew Ron would never make it through a year dealing with Malfoy without there being some sort of issue. At least he knew Malfoy had a reason to stop goading him. He hoped. "Sir…maybe…Ron could take my assignment? I'd be more than willing to switch with him…if…that's allowed?"

Robards raised an eyebrow, then regarded Harry for a moment. "Are you sure that's what you want, Potter? I thought you would have had your fill of him after everything you went through for them…?"

"I did, sir, but I did it because it was the right thing to do. And…I don't mind." Really, aside from a few nights a week at the Leaky Cauldron with Ron, and a game night with the blokes once a month, Harry didn't have much to do with his nights these days, anyway.

He and Ginny had decided to wait to get back together until she'd finished at Hogwarts as well, and Harry'd found himself not minding more than he'd expected. He tried not to dwell too much on what that might mean. So that meant he was all alone most nights. Might as well put them to something useful until she'd finished school and he had to give it more in-depth thought…

"Well…so long as you don't mind…I suppose you've already demonstrated that you can keep your dislike of the family to yourself. Very well. But Weasley should accompany you today." He turned to Ron. "And Weasely? The next time you don't like an assignment? You might want to talk to me…in private? These cubicles aren't sound proof."

Ron's ears went red, and he nodded, mumbling an apology before the man left, then looked at Harry. "You didn't have to do that, mate…"

Harry shrugged. "Really, I don't mind. And this way, you can spend more time with Hermione." He grinned and winked.

Hermione was back at Hogwarts, working with McGonagall so she could finish studying for her NEWTs. Harry's assignment had been to patrol Hogsmeade each day for the next few months, until the Ministry was more certain that no new attacks would start now that most of Voldemort's followers were dead or punished.

It was an easy assignment, and Harry knew it. He was sure he'd only been assigned that because of who he was, and his role in taking down Voldemort. But he hadn't really wanted it.

Ron, on the other hand, could use it to meet up with Hermione, and Harry knew they'd both like that. At least, when Ron could pry her away from her books.

After a moment, Ron smiled. "All right, mate." He clapped Harry on the shoulder. "Thanks."

"Any time, Ron. Just…you owe me one, all right?"

Ron nodded. "Absolutely. Just let me know…next round of drinks when we go out?"

"Oh, I'd say it'll be a whole lot more than that," Harry answered with a grin that grew wider at Ron's wince. This might be fun. Not that he'd make Ron suffer too long. Or ask too much. After all, he really didn't mind. He might not like Malfoy any more than before, but hopefully, he wouldn't be near as much of a prat as he had been in school.

The two got a couple of the junior Aurors who had no current mission to go down with them to the cells, where Harry talked to the man in charge.

"Here to pick up prisoner Draco Malfoy, sir," he said smartly.

The man stared at him for a moment before realizing he was, then looked down at the book listing the names of current prisoners in the cells. "Didn't realize they'd be sending you, Potter," the man said.

Harry could only be grateful he hadn't known. It sounded as though the man would have wanted media attention or something, he was so sullen about it. "Last minute switch. Is the prisoner ready to go?"

"Yeah, just need you to sign him out, and then we can go release him." He turned his book, pointing to the appropriate line, and held out a quill.

"Right." Harry signed, then looked up to see the man fumbling with his keys.

"Just need to find the right one…" He looked over a few more before smiling. "Ah, here we go."


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