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Nano #45: Draco the Storyteller: Heart of Gold

Title: Draco the Storyteller: Heart of Gold
Author: [info]elfflame
Characters: Harry, Draco, Not-Moody
Rating: PG13
A/N: Harry finally faces Moody's impostor.

You Have No Power Over Me

The guards led Harry into the great hall of the castle, large enough to hold the populace of Hogsmeade, though at the moment, all it contained were guards, and at the foot of the dais where a throne stood, two people, prostrate before the steps.

Draco clung to the man as he walked up the steps of the dais, ignoring the people completely before settling on the gaudily ornate throne, then looking down at Harry.

"So, Harry…you thought you could take my prize from me? You thought I would just let you get away with it? After all my plans?"

Harry glowered at him, ignoring the butt off a spear against his back. There was no way in hell he was going to kneel. And he wasn't going to dignify the man's question with a response, either. Let him do all the talking. At least, until he could get his hands on the lamp.

Unbidden, his eyes dropped to where the man still clutched the lamp in his hand. "Yes, I know you want it back, boy. But It was never yours to begin with, was it? Now…be a good boy and apologize, or I'll be forced to use it on you next…"

"And use up your wishes?" Harry asked. "I mean…you obviously used one on Draco. And there was one to make this castle, so that leaves one more. Are you really going to waste it getting vengeance on me, Fletcher?" Even if it wasn't the man's name, he had nothing else to call him, so it would do.

The man snarled. "I'm not Fletcher! The name is Bartemius. And you'd best remember it, boy. I'm the one who's taken everything from you."

"You haven't! You couldn't even take Draco from me without the lamp! And soon, you'll find it's not enough."

Bartemius began to chuckle, the sound growing to a laugh that filled the huge room with echoes of his amusement bouncing back at Harry from every angle. He calmed himself after a short time, then waved to the guards, two of whom nudged the prostrate forms to stand.

"Harry…you really think I'd waste a wish on just taking Draco from you? Do you truly think me that simple? Oh, no…I used my magic on him. And…on his parents, as well. Do you honestly think that the Duke would allow you to take his only heir away, when he'd met you bare hours before? No…no, that was my doing. Oh…he fought me…" He turned to the man, who Harry could now see was the Duke. "Didn't you, Lucius…?" He drew out the name, and Harry saw a shiver go through Draco's father, though his face remained as placid as when he had first risen.

"No, this lamp…I will only use for things far beyond my magic." He made a huffing noise. "You really had it summon you beasts to impress Draco? Wasn't that a bit…common? Oh, that's right…you are, aren't you?" He smirked, sliding a hand down Draco's side, and now Harry could see Draco's face was as blank as his parent's.

Harry's stomach sank. If it were true, that meant that Bartemius knew far more dark magic than Harry would even allow himself to use. And with two more wishes, the lamp could help him do anything he wanted. Even live forever.

"Yes…you see what a foolish thing it was, going against me, Harry? Now, you have truly lost everything."

"Not everything." Both men turned to Draco, who had just taken a step away from Bartemius. And in his hand? The lamp.

"Draco, be careful!" Harry shouted at the same time Bartemius shouted. "Don't touch that!" He reached for the lamp, but Draco held it further away.

"No? That's really not wise, bluffing like that. That spell…whatever it was…that…that was the Genie's doing." He glanced at Harry, before turning back to Bartemius. "I don't know what you told it, but I remember feeling odd. And it was only after you summoned the genie. But…perhaps we could ask it?"

Harry wasn't sure whether to be elated or worried that Draco was free. What if Draco had realized that everything Harry'd told them was a lie? If he had, that would mean he wasn't any better off than with whoever this guy was having the lamp, really. Maybe he wouldn't be killed straight away, but he doubted spending time in the Duke's dungeons would be much fun.

Bartemius seemed frozen in place, and Harry could see that Draco knew more than he'd wanted him to understand. Maybe they could still stop him, then. "Draco…be careful…" he warned him.

Draco met his eyes. "Can you undo this?" he asked.

Harry wasn't sure. "I can try."

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