May 2016


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A mini update and a rant

For those whom I have not told yet, I'm getting a divorce.  Things are still ongoing, and he's not being a total arse; I am not okay, but I am coping.  And I do have support.  Anyone in the Seattle area, if you know of an office job that doesn't involve answering phones *PLEASE* let me know...I really need one so I can stay in my apartment.  Thanks.

And now on to the rant.

I know some of the people who follow me here know my feelings about gender identity, but if you don't, here's what I think in a nutshell.  People are people, whatever bits they have, and shouldn't be forced to conform just because they look a certain way, or were born with certain bits.  You should be who you feel you are, not who people want you to be.  Simple as that.

That said, I've seen this growing trend, both at Polyvore and at Tumblr, for gender-swap, and I'm really not fond of it, but usually I can just scroll past and ignore it.  Despite my stated feelings above, it does nothing for me, and just feels more like wish fulfillment on the part of the fan than anything else.

But I do have to say that some really bug me for one important reason: taking a character of colour and making them white is NOT okay.  Ever.  For ANY reason.  I don't care how much you like your choice, it just feels wrong.

I'm not going to name names here, or point to a specific post, but I just saw a set at Polyvore which cast a white actor as a black actress's male version.  And he's an actor I adore.  But he's WHITE.  Perhaps if the other in the pair had been a black actor for a white actress, it might not bug me so much, but this seems to be a constant trend, and I really just had to say this to get it off my chest.

Both of the shows I can think of where I've seen this sort of thing have been the sole non-white character in the show, or as near to such as can be, which only makes this sort of thing worse.

I don't care if people link to this, in fact, please feel free to do so. I'd open comments if I knew I wouldn't get spammed to death by the bots, but if I get a request, I will.  I'd definitely love to know why people out there like this sort of thing, and what on earth would motivate them to cast a white character in place of a black, because otherwise it smacks of bias, even if not a conscious one.

ETA: Comment settings have been changed, but unless I have you friended, they won't show up until I've seen them and allow them to be posted. Again, this is to save me from the spam-bots, though I will delete comments that are racist/do not add to the conversation.

So please link this anywhere you feel the need.


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