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Fannish 5!

I haven't done this in ages, but I can't resist. :D

If you could resurrect/bring back five characters, who would they be?

Harry Potter:
1. Severus Snape
This one...I can't even begin to say how much this upset me, despite the fact that I expected it.  It wasn't just that he died, or that he's one of my top two favorite HP characters, but also how she did it.  It's a useless, painful, senseless death.  You will never be able to convince me that death couldn't have been done in a way that actually *meant* something.
2. Remus Lupin
Again, an expected death, but even more senseless than Severus's, given than it happened offscreen.  Just telling us he died?  Oh, well, no loss, who cares... O.o  Are you kidding me?  The last of the Marauders gets an effing nothing death for no more reason than having the stupid bloody group to go with Harry into the woods?  Why?  There was no reason.  None at all.  But then, she never did give him a chance.
3. Regulus Black
One of the true tragedies of the series.  And really, another useless death, which she's far too good at.  She's not good at making us believe these deaths *had* to happen.  Just to make us sympathetic to the people she wants us to be.
4. Sirius Black
See the above for sensless death.  This was the first of the books I'd read right after it came out.  So I knew about the death in this book.  I was expecting it to actually *be* something.  Instead, I had to read it several times to realize what had happened.  Stupid, and manipulative. :S
5. Tonks
Ditto senseless.  See Remus above for the offscreen element.  I really hate how she manipulated these two, and because of it, I cannot stand Remus/Tonks as a pair.  The only good thing to come out of that all is Teddy, because I do adore him.

Or....ignoring DH
1. Regulus Black
See above.
2. Sirius Black
See above.
3. Cedric Diggory
For once, a senseless death that at least makes sense.  We needed to see the senselessness of this all.  Still manipulative, but if it had been the only one, it would have been an excellent use of this sort of death.
4. James Potter
One of two great moments of James Potter's life was protecting his wife and child.  But this is not only a Gryffindor, but a man who had to know the danger they were in.  I can't believe that he'd be so easily disarmed and killed.  I would have liked to see him raise his son.  Harry deserved that, at least.
5. Lily Evans
I struggled with this one.  I think this was the one perfect death in the entire series.  With reason, and motive, and affecting the whole flow of the series.  Without Lily's death, Harry could not have survived.  But it would have been wonderful to see Harry raised by her.

Non HP
Buffy - Tara
Now, Joss...here's the king of the painful death.  Just when you think everything's going to be okay....he kills the least likely character.  Even when it is the likely character, it's still horribly painful.  Tara was one where it was the most painful death for all the characters, and drove Willow completely out of her mind, which just made the death even more painful.
Firefly - Wash
Joss again.  No shock.  This one was one of those where you thought everyone was safe because there had been a Big Death.  But then...  So hard.  To see it.  To hear her reaction to it.  Especially hearing her voice break.  Makes me tear up just thinking about it.
Merlin - Igrane
This one's a good deal like Lily, except in this case, I could see Uther taking her place--not that he would.  The only other obvious option would have been Will, but I like the idea of Arthur with his mother rather than his father.  Could have been facinating to see.
Babylon 5 - Marcus
Unlike Talia, whose death happens offscreen, or the few other deaths in this series, Marcus's death tugs at me every time I think of it.  It's unfair, and makes me sad.  Not the least of which because he's my favorite character.  Or the fact that Ivanova would never have returned his regard, no matter what.
DS9 - Jadzia
Hands down, Jadzia was the main reason I watched this show.  The Trill have been fascinating to me since they were first introduced on Next Generation.  And Jadzia was so full of life.  I found her just fascinating.  I wanted to see and learn so much about her and the Trill.  Instead, they continually sold her short, and after the third season, not a word was said about the Trill.  I can't blame her for wanting off the show.  But it didn't make the death any less painful.


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