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Fic: Marauderteers, Gen, PG13 Chapter 10

TITLE: Marauderteers
AUTHOR: Elf Flame & Foodie
SUMMARY: The Marauders take a trip to Disneyland in the Summer of 1977.
A/N:  This was done as a round robin between myself and Foodie.  Each chapter follows the same pattern.  Each one of the Marauders gets a point of view for part of the story.  The order, in case it's not obvious, is James, Sirius, Remus, Peter.  No slash at all here, sorry.
The story has ten chapters.  I will be posting one a day, and any concrit would be highly welcome.

Woo hoo!  This is it folks.  Hope you enjoyed.

10 - Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow


Peter and Sirius insisted upon watching the parade and the fireworks again that night, and James and Remus weren’t exactly opposed, so, after paying their bill, they hurried to find a good spot along the parade route that would give them a good view of the fireworks after.

The parade was just as spectacular as it had been the previous night.  They cheered and whooped at their favourite floats, and Remus had to restrain Sirius from running out onto the parade route several times that night.  James laughed when the princess Sirius had tried to pick up passed by and Sirius turned away, red-faced.  He clapped him on the back.  “You’ll get over it, Padfoot.”

Sirius growled at him, but soon he was back to enjoying the parade with the rest of them.

About halfway through the parade, James pulled Remus aside so they could talk without the other two overhearing.  Not that they were paying attention to anything but the parade…  “Remus, I’m thinking the holiday is over.  Don’t you agree?”

Remus laughed quietly for a moment.  “I think the world just came to a stop.  James Potter being mature?”

James shoved at his friend, but he began to laugh as well.  “Yeah, well, the past year did teach me a few things…”

Remus snorted.  “Like what?  Never leave Sirius alone for a second?”

The two sobered.  It certainly hadn’t been the best of years.  The usual war with the Slytherins had already been out of control before Sirius’s little “prank” on Snape, and after…  If they wanted to have any hopes for their final year, perhaps it was time to grow up a bit.

Shaking himself out of introspection, James turned to Remus.  “So, will you help me convince Sirius tonight that it’s time to go home?  You know that he’d stay right up to August thirty-first if we let him.”

Remus grinned ruefully and nodded, then the two turned back to watch the rest of the parade.


Sirius made a point to watch the people around him at the parade.  So many little children were laughing and cheering for their favourite characters as they made their way down the parade route.  It made him feel warm inside to see their happiness.  When he looked more carefully at the parade itself, he couldn’t help but be impressed with the ways Muggles thought of to do things without magic.  How could the lights on their cloths be lit when he could see no way that they were plugged in?  He’d read about a few Muggle inventions over his years at school, and electrical lighting had been one of them.  But he thought he’d read that lights always had a plug.  However they’d done it, it was utterly fascinating.

He’d never known Muggles could have such amazing forms of entertainment without any magic whatsoever.  It gave him a whole new respect for them.  When the parade ended, he turned to see his friends smiling behind him.  “So, do we want to watch the fireworks from the same place as last night?  We’d better go now if we do,” he said while turning to walk towards the castle.

“Wait!” James called out as he walked up to Sirius.  “We need to talk.  Remus and I were talking and we think two days here has been enough.  We’ve seen everything and done everything.  We don’t want to get bored of this place and leave here feeling disappointed, right?  It’s better to go off while feeling satisfied and happy, wouldn’t you agree?” he asked quietly.

“But…but…I don’t want to go back home yet,” Sirius replied.  “This has been so much fun.”

“But school starts in a couple weeks, mate,” Remus jumped in.

“And it’s not like the park is going anywhere.  It’ll still be here for another trip sometime,” Peter chimed in.

Sirius looked at his friends and knew there was no way to convince them to stay any longer.  If he insisted on staying, he would end up staying all alone, which would be no fun at all.

By the time they made their way to the castle to watch the fireworks, Sirius had made up his mind.  He sighed sadly before speaking.  “All right, we can go.  But…let’s make a promise to do this again, all right?  We’ll be leaving school after this year and getting jobs and all that, so we’ll probably be busy for a while, but let’s all agree, that in five years from now, we’ll come back.  And if we’re married with kids by then, we’ll bring our families, too.  How does that sound?”

Each of the boys mulled this over while watching the fireworks.  One by one, they all agreed to it.  Peter was the last to agree.  “I’m sure I’ll have nothing important going on then,” he replied grumpily during the finale. 

Sirius desperately wanted things to stay as they were, but he knew this was the time in their lives when things would be changing rapidly, and in some cases, they would be completely out of their control.  But perhaps not all the changes would be negative.  Sirius smiled sadly.  “No mate, you’ll probably be married to a nice girl by then.  Remus too.  James…will probably be married with at least one or two kids.  You’ll all probably have kids by then.  As for me…I’ll bring my latest girlfriend.  This will be a lot of fun,” he assured his friends, grinning.  “Trust me!” 


Though the idea had come from James, Remus, too, was ready to leave.  Sure, he’d promised to give Sirius a week, but really, two days was more than enough.  As they finished watching the parade, Remus wondered how Sirius would take it.  But he simply couldn’t afford to stay any longer—for a number of reasons. 

The disappointed look on Sirius’s face almost made him change his mind.  The only thing that kept him from caving was the fact that the full moon was coming, and he didn’t want to be here when that happened.  He doubted there would be any place that would be quite able to restrain a fully-grown werewolf here.  So he stood his ground, and watched Sirius come round to James’s point of view.

As they walked to the fireworks, the group was silent.  He knew the others were lost in their memories of what had happened over the past two days.  He knew he’d never forget it.  And as for the idea that they could all come back in five years…Well, you never knew, right?  Though Remus personally thought the idea that he might have kids was a bit optimistic on Sirius’s part.  Sure, James would.  He was made to have a family.  A whole group of boys.  Maybe seven, so he could have his own little Quidditch team.  And all with his messy black hair and glasses.  Well, maybe one or two with red hair.  After all, he knew that Evans didn’t hate James nearly as much as she let on.  Not that he was going to tell James that.

Remus was sure Sirius was right about Peter, too.  He just needed to find the right girl.  And Sirius would probably have a revolving door on whatever flat he bought himself after they left school.  He looked forward to seeing how many hearts Sirius would break over the years.

But Remus would be alone again.  How could he give his heart to anyone when he became a monster once a month?  And even if he did meet someone who could accept him for who he was, the Ministry regulations about werewolves mating and marrying kept him from being able to marry anyone.

Still, at least he’d have James’s, Peter’s, and eventually even Sirius’s kids to be “Uncle Remus” to.  Maybe that could be enough.

As they watched the finale, Remus allowed himself to forget, just this once.  For a few more hours, at least.  The fireworks helped.


Peter was both happy and sad to be leaving.  It would be good to get back to England and home, but he’d had so much fun at Disneyland.  Much more so than he’d ever imagined when he’d agreed to come on the trip.

When the fireworks ended, the boys slowly began their walk to the exit.  He saw how reserved Remus was.  Peter wondered what was wrong.  Perhaps it was what Sirius had said about what they’d all be up to five years from now.  It reminded him of his own uncertainty for the future.  He knew it was wishful thinking to believe that he’d be married to anyone.  Most likely he’d be alone and living in some small flat somewhere, not making anything of his life.  It was quite a depressing thought.  He wondered if anything good would ever come to him in the future, but seriously doubted it.  He wasn’t lucky in the way that James and Sirius, and even Remus were.

Peter hung back for a minute until he was walking next to Remus.  They walked side-by-side in silence while approaching the arches.  Finally he spoke, sounding more hopeful for the future than he really felt.  “Remus, mate, don’t give up hope.  Things are changing a lot in our world right now.  Things could work out for the best for all of us,” he smiled, assuring his friend.  Just because Remus couldn’t do certain things at the moment, didn’t mean he’d never be able to.  And though Peter had little enough hope for his own future, he could at least reassure his friend.

Remus smiled sadly as he looked up to see the arches they were walking through to leave the main part of the park.  As they walked toward the car park, he finally responded quietly.  “We can only hope so, right?”

Peter gently patted Remus on the shoulder.  “I guess so.”  With that, the four boys walked back to their hotel where they dreamed of the future and what it would bring.   


“Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy.”

-Plaque on one of the arches into Disneyland.