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Fic: Marauderteers, Gen, PG13 Chapter 9

TITLE: Marauderteers
AUTHOR: Elf Flame & Foodie
SUMMARY: The Marauders take a trip to Disneyland in the Summer of 1977.
A/N:  This was done as a round robin between myself and Foodie.  Each chapter follows the same pattern.  Each one of the Marauders gets a point of view for part of the story.  The order, in case it's not obvious, is James, Sirius, Remus, Peter.  No slash at all here, sorry.
The story has ten chapters.  I will be posting one a day, and any concrit would be highly welcome.

9 -Always Something Going on in the Park


It was getting late.  James and Sirius decided to go on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride again before meeting up with Remus and Peter, since the ride exit would drop them off right near the entrance of the restaurant they would be meeting in front of.  And Sirius had been clamouring for a water ride ever since the submarines.  At least this in one, James knew he wouldn’t have to do the splashing himself.

As they got into line, James couldn’t help noticing the two girls ahead of them.  One was blonde, and horribly giggly, but the other reminded him of someone very specific.  She had long, dark red hair, and wore a leaf-green minidress.  His breath caught in his throat.  It couldn’t be her, right?  Why would she be here?  Her friend glanced at the two boys as they moved forward in line, and then whispered in the redhead’s ear.  The redhead turned back to look, and James was able to breathe once more.  Brown eyes.  Not her.  But she was pretty.  And he could see that Sirius was eyeing her friend.  He stepped forward and stuck out his hand.  “Hi.  James Potter.  This is my friend Sirius Black.”

“Samantha Doyle,” the redhead responded, shaking his hand.  “My friend here is Jennifer Lorrie.  You two by yourselves?”

Sirius grinned.  “Well, we’re here with our friends, but they’re a bit wimpy when it comes to the good rides, so we let them go do what they wanted while we did what we wanted.  We’re meeting them after this for dinner, though.”

Samantha looked disheartened by this.  “Oh.  Well, I hope that your girlfriends are having a good time, at least.”

James and Sirius looked at each other a few seconds before falling against each other laughing.  When James managed to take a breath without breaking into giggles, he shook his head.  “Not that kind of friend.  We’re all mates from school.  Peter and Remus are just not as…adventurous as we are,” he grinned.

Both girls brightened considerably at this.  “Oh,” Samantha grinned.

Jennifer finally spoke up.  “Are you English?”  Sirius and James nodded.  “God, I just love your accents!”


“Yes, we are from England,” Sirius confirmed, flashing Jennifer his most suave smile, “And I must say, there’s nothing I love more than an American accent.  What a perfect coincidence then, that we’d run into each other this way.”

The foursome boarded a boat, Jennifer sitting next to Sirius in the back, while Samantha sat up front next to James.  Sirius and Jennifer exchanged pleasantries during the boat’s lazy drifting down the night-time river scene.  Neither was paying any attention to the ride and both were caught off guard when the boat made its first long drop to the level below.  Jennifer screamed and jumped onto Sirius’s lap.  “Don’t be scared, I’ve got you,” he said in a soothing tone while nuzzling her ear.

Sirius didn’t notice the rest of the ride, for once she had calmed down, he leaned in to kiss her, and they spent the remainder of the time on the boat snogging.  Jennifer seemed to be right up Sirius’s alley, for she’d allowed him to get his hands under her blouse and had undone her bra before the ride ended without any protest.  He was too excited to be going so far with her to care about how small her chest was.  He just kept wondering if there was a way to take her back to the Jolly Roger Inn with him to have some more fun with her.

When the ride ended, the four stepped off the boat and walked outside to talk some more while waiting for Remus and Peter to arrive.  It seemed, from the disheveled state of James’s shirt and glasses, that he’d done his share of snogging on the ride as well.  “So, are you girls in college or high school?” Sirius asked, after thinking hard to remember how the American school system worked.

Jennifer giggled.  “We’re in junior high, but we’ll be going to high school next year,” she replied.  “What about you?  You must be in high school.”

Sirius was stunned.  Junior high?  That must be what, second or third year at Hogwarts.  Jennifer must have been twelve or thirteen.  “How old are you exactly?” he asked cautiously.

“Twelve, but I’ll be thirteen in two months,” Jennifer replied.

“And I’m already thirteen,” Samantha added.

All the colour from James’s face drained as he looked over at Sirius.  They’d had no idea they were so young, and while they had been a lot of fun, Sirius didn’t want this girl’s father coming after him with a shotgun, like he’d heard was the American custom in such instances.  If he’d had any clue as to how young she’d been, he wouldn’t have made any moves on her at all. 

“I see…well…Oh, I think I see our friends coming.  You’ll have to excuse us, ladies.  It was good to get to know you, but we have to go,” he said politely but firmly while grabbing James’s arm so they could as far away from them as possible could.  “Did you have any idea?” he hissed at James.  James shook his head vigorously while glancing over his shoulder to see if the girls were following them.

“They’re gone,” he finally announced after a minute.  The two boys let out a dual sigh and sat down on a bench to collect their thoughts.  “We need to be more careful, mate,” James said.

“Yes, we do,” Sirius replied, trying to get his mind off of what had just happened.


Remus and Peter had ridden the train twice round the park before getting off on Main Street and walking through the castle.  They’d even discovered that you could go into the castle, and that there was a set of dioramas about the princess who lived there.  They were sweet, but not at all what Remus remembered the fairy tale they were based on being anything like.

After exiting the castle, they hurried to meet Sirius and James, who were lurking outside the restaurant, making some of the other customers look rather nervous.  When they saw Remus and Peter, they broke into huge grins. 

“Man, are we glad to see you guys!” Sirius grinned.

Peter looked curious.  “Why?  What’s up?  Did you run into that guy too?”

James looked confused.  “What guy?”

Sirius rolled his eyes.  “Let’s go get some food, and we can discuss it then, OK?  I’m starved.”

James shot Sirius a look, and Remus wondered what that was about, but shrugged, and led the way into the restaurant.  They managed to finagle a table overlooking the ride.  The items on the menu sounded mouth-wateringly delicious, but when Remus saw the prices, he nearly had a heart attack.  “Guys,” he hissed.  “There’s no way I can afford this.”

Sirius glared at him.  “I told you I’d pick up the tab for anything you needed on the trip, Moony.  Just order what you want.  It’s no big deal.”

Peter was totally distracted in trying to decide what he wanted for dinner, but James looked at Remus sympathetically.  Though he’d never been without funds, he understood Remus’s need to pay for everything he could.  Remus shrugged at him, as if to say, “What can you do?” and proceeded to look through the menu for something that wasn’t too expensive without making Sirius believe he was ordering light just to cut down on costs.

When the waitress returned to take their orders, Sirius and Peter were quick to order prime rib, and James ordered the crab dish that was on special that night.  When she turned to Remus, he couldn’t help but flush slightly as he asked for his Cobb salad.  He heard Sirius’s growl, but avoided his eyes by watching the next load of passengers on the ride sail by.


Peter had had a great day so far.  Remus was such a nice companion.  He never pressured him to do anything he wasn’t comfortable with.  The train ride had been so much fun.  There were plenty of sights to see, watching the park slowly drift by, and there were two attractions for the train itself.  One was a diorama of the Grand Canyon, which Peter assumed was somewhere in the States.  It was a beautiful sight.  They’d set up trees and deer and many other animals around the edge, depicting the natural life there.  Happy sounding music, which made Peter think of cowboys and indians, played in the background.

On the other side of the park, there was a diorama of the Primeval World.  This had scary, ominous music and showed dinosaurs living in a swampy rain forest.  There were volcanoes in the background.  It was dark and dreary, portraying a life that was far from where Peter wished to live his life.

The one thing in this diorama that didn’t scare Peter was the tiny hatching dinosaurs.  One of them was stuck in its egg and kept wiggling back and forth to get out, though it never did.  They rode around the park twice and the little baby never managed to get out of its egg.

Over the course of the afternoon, the boys rode on Peter Pan’s Flight and Pinocchio’s Daring Journey.  There was a part at the end of the Pinocchio ride when Monstro the giant whale that swallowed Pinocchio jumps out in front of the cars.  Peter squealed like a stuck pig.  Remus couldn’t help but laugh at this, though Peter denied that it had scared him, saying he’d just been joking. 

Afterwards, Peter and Remus had taken turns trying to free Excalibur from the stone in which it was embedded in front of King Arthur’s Carousel.  “I hear whoever gets it out gets to be king for the day or something like that,” he explained while tugging on the sword.

When they’d grown frustrated over not getting the sword, they turned away in time to see an old man in a violet robe and pointed hat sweep past.  He had a long silver beard, and Peter and Remus gazed after him in shock.  Remus turned to Peter.  “You don’t think…?”

Peter looked at his friend, wide-eyed.  “But what would he be doing here?”

Remus shook his head.  “No idea, mate.”

They moved to follow him, then watched startled as he turned and moved towards them.  It wasn’t Dumbledore.  But he certainly had looked like him from the back.  The two boys moved away from the stone, and the wizard stepped up to it, nodding jovially at them as they joined the crowd that had suddenly gathered.

The wizard began to call up each of the children, particularly waving forward the shy ones, and stepping aside to let them try to pull the sword from the stone.  Finally, a little red-headed girl, who had hidden behind her parents for several minutes while the wizard coaxed her out, reached forward and tugged at the sword.  It slid easily from the stone, and she looked up at it, amazed.  The wizard declared her queen for the day, and everyone applauded.

The two friends grinned at each other as the crowd broke up.  “How terrific was that?” Peter asked Remus.

“Incredibly,” Remus answered with a grin. 

They wandered for a bit after that, and Remus finally suggested they go to the art gallery in the rooms above the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.  Peter thought this sounded interesting and agreed easily. 

The gallery had frames of cells from animated movies that had been made over the years.  Each one had a caption under it explaining what it was and where it came from.  There were also pictures of Walt Disney, the founder of the park.  The gallery looked out over the Rivers of America.  It was so beautiful this time of day, calm and peaceful.  Peter was really glad to be able to see it from where he was.  It was quiet and he could look down on the rest of the people walking about the park.

The boys were hungry and stopped at a small snack shop in New Orleans Square where they bought beignets and strawberry daiquiris to drink.  They sat on a bench nearby and ate their food while talking about the day they’d had.  “I really loved the ride on the Mark Twain,” Peter said.

“I did too, and the train ride was great as well,” Remus replied.  When they were done, they spent the rest of the afternoon wandering in and out of the gift shops in the park. 

On the way back to the Blue Bayou, the boys walked through Sleeping Beauty’s castle, which they hadn’t known could be walked through.  There were dioramas telling the story of the princess and how she fell asleep and how her Prince Charming had woken her with true love’s first kiss.  It was quite a touching story. 

Peter and Remus then met up with James and Sirius and together they went to the restaurant and enjoyed dinner.  Peter’s prime rib was so sweet and tender it practically melted in his mouth.  The jacket potato was incredibly light and fluffy, and drowned in butter and sour cream. 

Peter looked up, startled, when Sirius told them about the girls that they had met on the ride shortly before meeting up with them again.

“You snogged a twelve year old?” Remus asked, horrified.

“I didn’t know it at the time,” Sirus said, embarrassed.

Remus was in the middle of telling James and Sirius about the altercation he’d been part of when dessert arrived.  Peter dug eagerly into his slice of chocolate cheesecake while Remus finished his tale.  “So, the security guards dragged the man away as he was screaming about how he’d avenge himself,” he snorted.

“Wow, Moony, you could have gotten into serious trouble.,” James said while shaking his head in wonderment.

Remus grinned.  “Yeah, well, from now on, I promise to leave that to Padfoot.”  James and Peter laughed while Sirius scowled at him.



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