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Fic: Marauderteers, Gen, PG13 Chapter 3

TITLE: Marauderteers
AUTHOR: Elf Flame & Foodie
SUMMARY: The Marauders take a trip to Disneyland in the Summer of 1977.
A/N:  This was done as a round robin between myself and Foodie.  Each chapter follows the same pattern.  Each one of the Marauders gets a point of view for part of the story.  The order, in case it's not obvious, is James, Sirius, Remus, Peter.  No slash at all here, sorry.
The story has ten chapters.  I will be posting one a day, and any concrit would be highly welcome.

3 - Many Adventures


“Okay, Padfoot, now let’s go to the Haunted Mansion,” James called as he moved quickly through the crowd.  The ride was in what appeared to be a huge old house.  It was slightly dilapidated, but put him in mind of some of the Pureblood homes he’d visited with his folks as a boy.  The line for the ride was long, so the foursome stood and talked as they waited, planning where to stop next.  Peter wanted to see what a “Dumbo” was, and Remus wanted to check out the Alice in Wonderland ride.  Sirius was going on about the Matterhorn, and James had to agree with him.  It had looked impressive even from Main Street where they had seen it upon entering the park.  The only other edifice in the park that was as impressive was the castle.

Finally, after a quarter hour, the foursome gave their tickets to the ticket-taker, and followed the rest of the crowd into a small room.  There were pictures on the wall, but nothing seemed particularly scary.  James assumed that their guide would meet them here, and lead them through the house, or something.  Though where the guide would take them was anyone’s guess, as there hadn’t been any doors along the hall they’d come in through, and the door they’d come through was the only one to the room.  Then the doors to the room were shut, and a voice came out of nowhere.

Peter squeaked in fright, and trod on James’s toe.  “Shush, Pete.  It’s just a ride.”

The voice continued to speak, telling them how haunted the house was, and then began to speak about the pictures on the walls, which James now noticed were getting longer, eventually showing the occupant of each picture in be in mortal peril.  “Is this haunted room actually stretching?” he heard the voice say.  Then suddenly there was a shriek, the lights blinked, and there was a flash of lightning.  James looked up, and felt Peter jump against him.  There was someone hanging from the ceiling.  The voice spoke again.  “There’s always my way…” 

Maybe this was a bit much for Peter, James thought to himself.  Oh, well, even if it was, it was too late now. 

A new door on the opposite side of the room opened, and now they were in a different hall, lined with creepy paintings that would change depending on where you stood.  James was used to magical paintings, which could move about at will, but this was nothing like that.  These were Muggle paintings.  How, exactly, had they managed it?  It was ingenious.

They soon found themselves in another line, and James and Peter ended up in a carriage together.  The carriage moved through the house, and James was amused by the tricks they’d used to make the house seem haunted.  The wallpaper was painted to look like eyes—it rather reminded him of Sirius’s folks’ house, actually.  There was a window looking down on a ballroom filled with what the voice told him were ghosts, though they looked nothing like the ghosts he knew.  Nick would have blown them all away with his fancy footwork.

There was also a woman’s head gazing out from inside a crystal ball.  Her eyes were huge, and she had great poufs of pale hair floating around her face.  She was talking in an ethereal voice, and James chuckled, thinking that Thanos would have sneered at this.  He always made sure to tell the students how “dignified” the noble art of Divination was, and that its poor image was due to some of the crackpot women who insisted on playing up the “spooky” image, rather than actually working on looking to the future.

Then there was a graveyard, with singing ghosts, and every kind of ghoulie the Muggles could come up with.  Finally, they passed in front of mirrors as the voice told them to watch out for hitchhiking ghosts.  Peter shrieked in terror when the mirror showed a ghost sitting between them.  James just rolled his eyes.


Sirius was having the time of his life.  He’d never known Muggles could be so cool. 

The group decided that there was time for one more ride before they needed to go to lunch.  “Where should we go next, mates?” he asked curiously.

“I saw there was a multicultural ride here.  It’s called “It’s a Small World.”  We could go there,” Remus suggested.

“I still want to see what a Dumbo is,” Peter exclaimed as he shifted from foot to foot to work off his nerves over the Haunted Mansion ride.

“There’s a fast-paced ride called the Mad Tea Party.  It’s based on Alice in Wonderland,” James piped in.

“Oh, I like the sound of that one.  Let’s go on that!” Sirius declared as he looked at the map to find where the ride was.  “All right, if we turn back around we can go all the way back through New Orleans Square and cut through Frontier Land back to Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.  Once we go through that we’re into Fantasy Land and it’s part way into that.  Let’s go,” he cried, blazing a trail through the crowd that the three other boys quickly walked through.

It took a while to get there, and when they hit the line, the boys got a chance to see how the ride worked before getting on.  People sat in gigantic tea cups and saucers that whirled around quickly around in jerking motions on the platform.  The cups were also controlled by a wheel that the riders could turn to move it around in circles at the same time as it was moving around.  Peter covered his mouth.  “Oh, I know I’ll get sick if I go on that one,” he murmured before slowly backing away from the boys in the line.  “I’ll just stay and watch you guys go, OK?”

Sirius was about to protest, but didn’t want Peter to get sick on anybody, least of all himself, so he kept his mouth shut and shook his head in wonderment over how Peter managed to function normally on a daily basis.  They moved through the line quickly and soon enough, the three boys were sitting in their own bright orange tea cup, with a saucer at their feet for support. 

Loud music started at the same time as the ride did.  James and Sirius attacked the wheel quickly and soon they were whirling around in tight circles and moving back and forth in between all the other cups and saucers.  Sirius started screaming and laughing as they were whipped around.  James cackled while Remus turned slightly green.  After several minutes, the ride stopped and the boys stumbled over to where Peter was standing waiting for them. 

Sirius was a little dizzy and came to lean on Peter for support.  It was then that he noticed a large pair of black ears on Peter’s head.  They were sewn into a sort of red hat that had his name embroidered on it.  “What the hell is that, Peter?” he asked, pointing to the hat.

“Mouse ears,” Peter grinned, “I bought them while you guys were on the ride.  So, ready for lunch?” he asked wickedly, noticing how green all three of his friends were.


As they waited to be seated for lunch, Remus listened to Sirius grumble about “Damned prejudiced mouse-lovers.  He’d tried to buy his own set of ears—dog ears, of course—but they hadn’t been able to find a single pair anywhere.  They’d scoured every gift shop between Fantasyland and Adventureland, and there had been nothing.  One of the clerks had mentioned something about “Pluto ears,” but Sirius had shaken his head.  “No, Dog ears, not planet ears!”

They had made their way to the Tahitian Terrace, and were led into an open-aired pavilion, then were sat at a table just big enough for the four of them.  They ordered their lunch, and chatted while they waited for the show to start.  Remus pulled out their tickets.  “We’re starting to run a little low on tickets, blokes.  Do we want to buy more after lunch?”

James shrugged.  “It can wait until we don’t have the kind of ticket we need, really.”

Sirius nodded.  “Let’s not waste time until we have to.”

Peter began chattering on about the ghost who had been in his and James’s carriage at the Haunted Mansion, and how he’d checked out the Dumbo ride.  “It turns out a Dumbo’s an elephant.  A flying elephant!” he crowed.

Sirius snorted.

“And exactly how does an elephant fly, Peter?” Remus asked quizzically.

Peter’s eyes grew big.  “With its ears, mate.  They had these huge ears—” he held out his arms to either side, nearly knocking over a couple sitting down nearby, “—and it flies with them stuck straight out!”

Sirius guffawed at this.  “A flying elephant?  What does it use for a rudder?  Its tail?”

Before Peter could explain, the lights went down around them, and soon they were enraptured watching the show.  Sirius even more than the others.  Remus had to restrain him several times when some of the female dancers went past.  The second time, Sirius growled at him and pushed him away, slapping his hand.  The two wrestled for a moment, engaging in a good-natured slap-fight.  Then Sirius, realizing he was missing the show, leaned back to enjoy the rest, ignoring his friends once more.

Once the show was over, they stumbled from the table and exited back out into the park.  They now had full stomachs and plenty of plans to help finish off the rest of the afternoon.


Peter had enjoyed the Tahitian dancing show a lot.  He was still walking around with his head in the clouds when the next vote was taken of where to go.  

“What about Peter Pan’s Flight?” he heard James say.

“No, let’s go on the Pinocchio ride,” Remus suggested.

“Let’s go on the Snow White ride, she’s pretty hot, for a drawing,” Peter looked up to see Sirius leering over the picture on the back of the map.   

This finally snapped Peter back to attention and he added his opinion.  “How about Tom Sawyer’s Island?  They have a cave there,” he suggested.

 “There’s an interesting looking attraction on Main Street called ‘Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln’,” Remus suggested hopefully.  “I’ve read lots of things about him.  He was one of the greatest men in American history.  He fought for the end of slavery,” he explained.

Sirius made a face.  “That sounds interesting, but not too lively.  What about Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride?” Sirius suggested.

“What about that Small World ride Remus suggested earlier?  It would be neat to see people from all over the world,” James said.  With a little more discussion, the four boys agreed on the Small World ride and made their way over to it.

The outside of the ride looked amazing.  There was a smiley face that rocked back and forth and made tic-toc noises like a clock. Every quarter hour, a small parade of children-sized dolls dressed in different clothes from around the world circled the front of the ride.  The building itself was made of quirky squares and rectangles in shades of pink and white that looked as though they’d been haphazardly thrown together to make a solid façade.  The boys boarded another boat and soon they were sailing into the ride. 

They could hear the music from outside and it grew louder as they entered the building.  Small puppets dressed up from different countries around the world danced and moved their mouths to the song.  It was a bit unnerving, as was the music, which kept replaying over and over again.  “It’s a world of laughter, a world of tears…” 

And the ride seemed to go on forever.  Peter looked over and saw James beginning to nod off.  Lucky bloke, he thought to himself.

When the ride finally finished, the boys couldn’t get off the boat and as far away from the ride as they could fast enough.  Peter knew he would have that bloody song stuck in his head for the rest of the day.  “Please, wherever we go next, make sure it doesn’t have any songs!” he cried to his friends as they voted on where to go next.

Sirius grinned wickedly, telling Peter, “At least you won’t have to hear that Tiki Room song in your head anymore!”

@--Next Chapter--@


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