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Fic: Marauderteers, Gen, PG13 Chapter 2

TITLE: Marauderteers
AUTHOR: Elf Flame & Foodie
SUMMARY: The Marauders take a trip to Disneyland in the Summer of 1977.
A/N:  This was done as a round robin between myself and Foodie.  Each chapter follows the same pattern.  Each one of the Marauders gets a point of view for part of the story.  The order, in case it's not obvious, is James, Sirius, Remus, Peter.  No slash at all here, sorry.
The story has ten chapters.  I will be posting one a day, and any concrit would be highly welcome.

2 - An Exciting Start


James was astonished at the gaudiness of the place.  Sure, it was Muggle, but even they had a sense of aesthetics, didn’t they?  Outside the main entrance was a large grassy area with a huge mouse’s head made out of flowers.  Whole families stood in front of the head and snapped picture after picture with their cameras before walking into the park.  He wondered if Sirius would force them to do the same thing.

Sirius was already barging towards the ticket window, Remus in tow, as they had all agreed that he would carry all the tickets, since he would be the least likely of them to lose them.  James checked around for Peter, and found him gaping around at the scenery, and all the people.  He looked a bit like he was going to wet himself, really.

“Pete!”  He strode over to the other boy and flung an arm around his shoulders.  “What do you think of this monstrosity, eh?”

Peter’s pale eyes blinked up at him.  “Its…bloody great,” he grinned.  “I never knew the Muggle world could be this cool!”

James smiled, and then turned to see where Remus and Sirius were in the line.  There were only two people ahead of them now.  “Come on, Pete, let’s go stand by the turnstile and wait for Moony and Padfoot, okay?”

Peter nodded, his smile still a bit uncertain, but stuck on, as though he was determined to enjoy himself today, no matter how terrified he was.  The other two Marauders joined them a few minutes later.  Remus handed them each their entrance tickets, then tucked the ride tickets into his bag.

Sirius was literally bouncing.  “We got a map, and there’s this place called Adventure Land.  We have to go there first, mates!”

James grinned as they joined the crowd going through the turnstiles.  Sometimes Sirius was just irrepressible.


Sirius had always had a flair for the exotic things in life.  The list of rides and attractions in Adventure Land seemed right up his alley.  He made a mental note to eat lunch at the Tahitian Terrace—they had authentic Tahitian dancers there. 

The boys walked down Main Street, USA and took in all the sights.  There were several multi-coloured facades of old fashioned buildings up and down both sides of the street. which housed stores and restaurants as well as an arcade.  It was all fascinating and amazing to look at, and while he wanted to see everything, first Sirius really needed to see Adventure Land.  There was a Jungle Cruise ride and some place called “The Tiki Room,” and it all sounded like so great. 

When the foursome reached Sleeping Beauty’s Castle—a far cry from Hogwarts, but cute in a Muggle sort of way—they turned to their left and saw a sign that said “Adventure Land.”  There were trees with large leaves and exotic looking plants all around them as they entered and walked down the cement path.  Directly to their left was the Tiki Room, which Sirius insisted they go to.  The show started in ten minutes, so they waited in the covered sitting area set up outside the building.  There was a fountain in one corner, and odd carved statues that Remus told them were called “Tikis.”  Suddenly, one of the Tikis began to speak, and soon the others joined in.  Sirius frowned.  “Is this the show?” he whispered to James, who shrugged.  Then the doors opened, and they hurried into a much larger room, and scrambled to find seats.

Inside the room it was dark.  There were more tikis placed all over the walls here, and soon music began to play and large parrots of varying colours on swings were lowered from the ceilings.  Their mouths opened and closed in time with the words to make it appear as though they were singing the obnoxious songs.  As the show went on there were exotic flowers that moved and more songs and jokes.  None of the moving things were real, and they didn’t really look real either, but they were amusing to watch.  The show was funny as well, in a corny way, but Sirius and James laughed out loud several times and clapped along with the rest of the crowd while Peter sat in utter silence and Remus kept shaking his head and rolling his eyes. 

When the show was over, the boys spilled out of the room and talked it over.

“Those parrots were so cheeky!” James laughed, “‘Si, so low we can’t hear you!’” he quoted in a terrible Mexican accent like the one the parrot who’d said that line had used.

“That bloody song is going to be stuck in my head all day now!” Peter cried while clutching his hands to his ears as though trying to block out the memory of the music.

 “That was so much fun!” Sirius cried, grinning wildly.  “What’s next?”

They consulted the map, and soon agreed on the Jungle Cruise.


The Jungle Cruise was little better than the Tiki Room had been, in Remus’s opinion.  More fake animals, though these at least did not sing.  The tour-guide’s running commentary was ridiculous and obvious.  But Peter seemed to be relaxing, at least.  He even laughed at some of the stupid jokes. 

At one point, they passed by a waterfall, which the tour guide pointed out.  Then, later, they circled around the waterfall and went under it.  The tour guide pointed it out again, this time with one of the many bad jokes.  “There it is, folks.  Something you’ve always wanted  to know what it looked like: the backside of water.”  Both Peter and Sirius were in stitches at this comment, and it made Peter laugh until tears rolled down his cheeks. 

James and Sirius seemed to be enjoying themselves as well.  They had been shouting responses to the rhetorical questions of their guide from about two minutes into the ride, each answer more outrageous than the last.  The others in their boat were beginning to glare at them, and finally, Remus cautiously cast a silencing spell on the two of them, just to keep them quiet. 

When they disembarked, Remus made sure to lead the way, but it was only moments before Sirius caught up with him.  The glare held Remus in place for several minutes before he gave in.  “Fine, Padfoot.  As long as you and Prongs promise to remember that there are other people trying to enjoy themselves here as well.”  Sirius rolled his eyes, but nodded, and Remus looked around, and then quickly cast the counter-spell while no one was looking.

Peter was bouncing on the balls of his feet.  “Where to next, Padfoot?”

Before Sirius could respond, though, James piped in.  He had the map, and was pointing at something.  “I think we should go see this haunted house.  Sounds great,” he grinned.  “I bet they give the Hogwarts ghosts a run for their money.”

Sirius pouted.  “Aw, Prongs, I wanted to go to Tahitian Terrace for lunch!”

Remus laughed.  “We’ve got hours till then, Padfoot.  Come on.  I’ve also heard good things about the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.”

Sirius perked up at that.  “A pirate ride?  Where’s that?  I missed that one!” 


Peter was unsure about going on a pirate ride.  Would there be real pirates?  But his friends were all excited and began to walk off in the direction of the ride, so he went along with it.  They walked along a path with something called The Rivers of America on one side.  It was a huge body of water, at least as big as Hogwart’s lake, with an island in the middle and had boats and ships sailing up and down the waters.  When they rounded the path, they came across an archway with a sign overhead, which lead them into a building.

They walked under the arch and saw more water flowing in a lane next to them.  They had to wait about ten minutes for their turn and during that time they made comments about the sights around them.  “Did you see that crab?  It was moving!” James pointed out to one of the displays when they’d first entered the building.

“I wonder if all the gold is real,” Sirius said, looking like he was calculating over whether to nick some from the display or not.

“I doubt it, Padfoot,” Remus replied while rolling his eyes.

“You don’t think they’ll make us walk the plank, do you?” Peter squeaked.

“Probably, but don’t worry Pete, we’ll make sure they make you walk the plank first!” Sirius cried before breaking into a loud fit of laughter.

  The four boys were finally seated in a boat that floated freely on the water and after a few minutes when the boats were full, the ride started. 

Peter actually managed to relax as the boat floated lazily down the river and passed by a run-down shack with a man playing the banjo sitting in a rocking chair and cheery fireflies sparking in the sky.  The tune playing on the banjo was slow, lazy, and soothing to Peter’s nerves.  On his other side were the chairs and tables of a now-empty restaurant.  This didn’t seem so bad.

The boats continued to go down the river before coming to an archway.  A harsh voice called out to them from out of nowhere, and as they suddenly plunged down into the darkness, Peter heard the haunting voice call after them “Dead men tell no tales…”  He couldn’t help but scream in terror as he fell uncontrollably in the dark.  It made him feel a little better to hear Sirius, who was sitting next to him, screaming as well.

Finally they reached the bottom and hit the water, which soaked them thoroughly.  The ride picked up from there.  The water was flowing much faster, so the boats picked up their speed, rounding corners quickly and splashing more water inside as they went.  They passed through caves full of golden hoards of treasure and skeleton after skeleton, and all the while, singing wafted through the rooms.  “Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me…” It seemed to be repeated ad infinatum.

Soon they came upon a city that was being plundered.  It was on fire.  Women were being chased by cruel pirates and a man was being dunked over and over again in a well by pirates.  There was a firefight between two ships that the passengers of the ride were caught in the middle of.  There were men desperately trying to get out of prison by tempting a dog who had the keys to their cell in his mouth.  They held out a bone to the dog and whistled to gain its attention and affections in order to entice it closer to them, but to no avail.  The dog never moved any closer to them, in spite of their best efforts. 

Seeing this, James nudged Sirius.  “That’ll be you someday, mate, if you keep going the way you do.”

Sirius smirked.  “Which one?  The dog, or one of the men in the cell, Prongs?”

After that, there was a gunfight in a room with kegs of gunpowder where the boys were forced to stop for several minutes as the boats in front of them began to be pulled up a ramp to the top of the ride.  Finally, their turn came to be lifted up the ramp and they were able to disembark from the boat and return to the safety of the outdoors once more.

Peter had never been so glad to get away from somewhere before.



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