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Fic: Marauderteers, Gen, PG13

So, this needs a beta, but I'd love it if people on my flist would give it a once-over, and let me know what they think...

TITLE: Marauderteers
AUTHOR: Elf Flame & Foodie
SUMMARY: The Marauders take a trip to Disneyland in the Summer of 1977.
A/N:  This was done as a round robin between myself and Foodie.  Each chapter follows the same pattern.  Each one of the Marauders gets a point of view for part of the story.  The order, in case it's not obvious, is James, Sirius, Remus, Peter.  No slash at all here, sorry.
The story has ten chapters.  I will be posting one a day, and any concrit would be highly welcome.

1 - Getting There is Half the Fun


It was definitely one of the strangest notions Sirius had ever had.  Traveling halfway around the world to go to Disneyland, of all places.  Sure, it sounded interesting, but there were places closer to home to go to, really.  There was the annual Hogsmeade fair that they could have gone to.  There  were parks and fun things to go in London or anywhere in Britain for that matter.  Hell, if he wanted to go to a Disney park (though why Sirius was so dead-set on Disney in the first place gave James pause), there was always Disney World in Florida, which was at least on the American East Coast, which would have been closer to home.  So why was it that he insisted on going to a Muggle amusement park halfway around the world?

But Sirius had assured him it was just what they all needed, insisting that Remus and Peter tag along, despite the fact that neither could afford it.  Not that he and Sirius couldn’t pay their ways, but still.  James could see how uncomfortable the whole thing made Remus.  It made him wonder what, exactly, Sirius had done to convince him to come along.  James knew that of all of them, Remus was the one least likely to be willing to do something he couldn’t afford.  And he hated charity with a passion.  So how was it that Sirius had convinced him?  James supposed Sirius must have laid on the guilt pretty thick to convince him to come along.  

So, here they were in LAX, and James was feeling lost in the sea of Muggles.  Though he was normally so cool in times like these, he was finding himself feeling overwhelmed at the moment and he was definitely unsure of how to react to everything around him.  It was all so new and foreign. 

Sirius was grinning his head off.  “Come on, mates!” he called, and started making his way through the terminal to the lines to have their passports (magiked up by Sirius, of course) checked and stamped, and their duffles gone through to check for contraband. 

By the time they made it to the car rental agencies, James felt wrung out.  And they still had to find a car (another thing that was making James leery.  Sure, Sirius could drive, but even so, he’d only just learned, and he didn’t really have a license, just a few hours of practice with Remus’s cousins’ old pick-up.  And the one time James had ridden with Sirius in it, he’d nearly wrapped them around a tree.).  At least they had enough money to spare.  The Galleon-to-Pound exchange rate was amazing, and the Pound-to-Dollar was even better.

James watched as Sirius slung his arm around Peter’s shoulders and the two boys hurried towards a Hertz-Rent-A-Car booth.  Sirius was heavily engaged in flirting with the girl at the counter when James and Remus finally reached them.

“So, I’ll need to see your license, sir,” the girl at the counter said, smiling and blushing as he brushed his fingers across her hand.

“Of course,” he grinned.  Sirius had obviously turned on the charm.  And the girl was blonde.  Sirius always went for blondes, so James knew he was having no problem pouring on the charm for this girl.  “Hold on a tic.”  He turned and pulled a small card from his bag, surreptitiously waving his wrist with his concealed wand over it and muttering what James was sure was an illusion charm.  “Here it is,” he said, turning back to her and handing it to her with a broad smile.

“Thank you,” she simpered.  She took a look at the faked card, and then handed it back to Sirius before shuffling through a file in front of her.  “Well, I suppose you’ll want something to seat four?” her bright blue eyes scanned their little group, then she turned back to Sirius. 

He nodded.  “That would be lovely.  Though I’m sure we could fit into a sports car, if you have one?” he grinned.

James groaned.  He knew how small some Muggle sports cars could be.  He certainly didn’t want to sit in a cramped car all the way to Anaheim with Peter sitting in his lap and Remus squeezing his knees between their seats.

Sirius’s smile widened as the agent pulled a slip of paper out of her file.  “I have just the car, sir…”


Sirius grinned as the car zoomed down the highway towards Anaheim.  He’d enchanted it to get them to the hotel without needing a map, which was a good thing because he had no idea where they were going in the first place.  He knew that Disneyland was in Anaheim, but that was the extent of his knowledge. 

He was quite surprised though at the large amount of traffic on the road this time of the afternoon.  Four o’clock on a Friday afternoon, who knew there would be so many people trying to get from one place to another in Los Angeles?  It was crazy.

He was glad he’d been able to get a fire-red convertible from the girl at the car rental place, but even more glad that he’d thought to age himself on the ID card he’d showed her.  Most car rental places wouldn’t rent a car to anybody under 25 years of age, and Sirius was impressed with himself that he’d been able to pull it off.  She hadn’t questioned it at all.

The ride took over an hour.  They passed palm trees, which they’d only seen in pictures before, and beaches with people surfing in the warm July water.  The landscape looked completely different from home.  Sirius had always heard the States were full of crazy, out of control people who lived in concrete towers, and he saw now that it wasn’t far from the truth.  He looked wondrously at the long stretches of highway and the vastness of the cities and tall buildings that looked as though they were made of solid glass and steel, and wondered exactly how many people lived there.  He was utterly amazed at the size and scale of it all.  It made him really glad he’d decided on coming to Disneyland in the first place.  He wouldn’t have missed seeing LA for anything.

When he’d been thinking about where to go for a holiday, Sirius had wracked his brain for places that he’d never been to before; particularly places his family would deign too Muggle or peasant to be willing to visit themselves.  They thought the States was a country full of rude, imbecilic ruffians.  Of course, their opinion of the country only made Sirius want to travel there that much more—if just to spite them. 

In all of his research of interesting places to go in the States, he’d made sure to look into Muggle holiday destinations as well as wizarding ones.  Disneyland had stood out in his research.  It sounded like a great place for him and his mates to go without their families.  Particularly because he knew he and his friends would have a great time on all the rides and attractions there. 

It had taken some time to convince the others to go with him, but in the end, they’d agreed to come because it would be one of the last times they’d be able to have fun and adventures in their carefree young lives.  After the next year of school, they’d all go off and have to get jobs and flats.  The fact that they would start living separate lives, saddened Sirius as he looked around at the best friends he’d ever had.  He wanted things to be always as they were right now.  The best friends each other had ever had.  Realizing he was starting to depress himself, he turned on the radio and tapped his fingers along to the beat of the song on the radio as they made slow progress down the freeway.

The hotel Sirius had chosen was called “The Jolly Roger Inn.”  It just had a ring to its name.  How could he resist staying in a place with a name like that?  How cool was a place called the Jolly Roger Inn?  After all, pirates were damned cool.  When he glanced over at Remus, he noticed the look of dismay on his friend’s face.  “We’re staying at a place called ‘The Jolly Roger Inn?’” he asked, climbing out of the back seat of the car. 

Sirius reached a hand out for Remus to take.  “Aw, come on, Moony.  It’s not that bad.  I mean, it could have been called the Slyther-Inn…” Sirius doubled up, laughing at his own joke.  Remus chose to ignore him, and picked up his suitcase, then walked towards the inn.

James had already jumped out of the car and was looking around.  “Wicked cool, mate!” he grinned while grabbing his bags.  Peter scrambled out of the car before staring in silence at the place, not sure what to make of it.

Sirius just shook his head.  Well, at least someone else appreciated the effort he took in finding the place.  He followed after Remus, who was almost at the main entrance.  “All right mates, let’s go in!” he called back to James and Peter.


Remus rolled his eyes.  Sirius couldn’t do anything halfway.  At least they couldn’t stay here longer than a week.  When Sirius had convinced him to come, he had promised him that they would be back at least half a week before his transformation, so that he wouldn’t need to worry about hurting anyone here.  Not that the Muggles in LA would have believed he was a werewolf…most likely, they would assume he was filming something.  Right up until he tore them to pieces.  Remus shuddered at the thought, and hurried into the building.

Once inside, when he looked for the trappings he was sure a place called “The Jolly Roger Inn” would have, there did not seem to be any.  It seemed fairly normal, really, with tasteful decorations.  Chairs and tables for visitors to sit at while they waited for friends or cars, and plants that simply made the place look serene.  However, Sirius was less pleased.  While Remus was letting out a sigh of relief, Sirius had entered behind him, and was beginning to frown. 

“This is ‘the Jolly Roger?’  Looks like a regular hotel to me.  Where are the pirates?  Or at least the skull and crossbones?  And I wanted to see parrots, damn it!”

James cuffed him on the shoulder.  “Oh, do calm yourself, Padfoot.  I’m sure it will be fine.”  He stepped towards the counter to get them a room as the other three looked around. 

Though the décor of the place relieved him, Remus still felt out of place.  It might not be a swank hotel, but the people he saw passing by all looked comfortably well-off, even if they didn’t look wealthy.  He sighed.  At least in Muggle clothing he didn’t look quite as shabby as when he wore wizarding robes.  Everyone here seemed to be wearing t-shirts and jeans, or even more likely, shorts.  And he couldn’t blame them.  It was California, after all.  And even though the sun had already set, it was still a tad warm.  Well, once they got to their room, he’d change.

James returned with the keys to a couple of rooms.  Two bedrooms, each with a set of double beds, and an adjoining door.  Remus sighed again.  He’d probably get stuck with Peter as usual.  After all, they all knew just how much he snored from six years of sharing a dorm with him.  Even Sirius walking in his sleep (something he only did when he was very stressed) would be preferable.


Peter looked around nervously.  This was his first time in the States.  People moved around so quickly here, much faster than back home.  He’d almost been trampled a couple times in the airport, and the car ride down to Anaheim had been far faster than he’d been comfortable with.  Sirius must have been driving almost ninety kilometers an hour!  Peter had been sure he’d not make it to the hotel in one piece.  In fact, there had been a few turns where he had been sure that the car was about to overturn.  At least he had his best mates to keep him company in this strange land. 

He and Remus ended up sharing a room together.  This was fine with Peter, though Remus did have the tendency to growl in his sleep quite often, which always unnerved him.  At least he was more subdued than the other two boys, who were more  than likely to short sheet Peter’s bed, or something equally cruel. 

Once the four boys had unpacked, they decided to walk around and find someplace to eat, since they wouldn’t be going to the park till the next day.  They passed a Chinese food place, but Peter nixed that because he didn’t want to try that kind of food.  The next place they found was a small Indian restaurant, but Remus said the food was too spicy for his tastes.  Sirius frowned at this, but they continued on their way.  There were a few diners and places with American style food, but none of this appealed to any of them. 

Finally, after a short walk, they found a small Italian restaurant that sold pizza by the slice, which none of them could find fault with.  Each boy bought two slices and carried them to a sticky table where they proceeded to eat and laugh until they were so full they thought they’d bust open.  “I can’t believe I’m eating in a place as filthy as this,” Peter said while they ate.

“It’s not so bad,” Sirius replied while shifting in his seat and lifted up his foot, which turned out to have a wad of bubble gum stuck to the bottom of it.  “Well, maybe it is that bad,” he winced, as he tried to scrape the remainder of the gum off his shoe.

“Just take a shower when you get back to the room.  It’s so hot here that we’ll all probably need one anyway just to get cool enough to sleep,” Remus said.

“They have air conditioning in our rooms.  I’ve heard about that kind of thing from Muggleborns at school.  It’s kind of like a cooling spell.  We’ll be able to be as cool as we want,” James informed his friend, grinning.  Remus looked pleased to hear this, and nodded his head.  Peter wondered if Remus was as pleased by the idea of not being too hot to sleep as he was.

It was several more hours before the boys finally went off to bed.  Peter didn’t sleep too well that night.  Perhaps it was having eaten so much food, or that the food had been too spicy, or simply being in a new place.  Whatever caused it, he ended up tossing and turning for most of the night.  In spite of that though, he was excited and energized by the time his mates were awake the next morning, and by the time they had gotten themselves ready for the long day ahead, he had been up for at least two hours. 

The group stopped at the nearby diner for a quick breakfast, which they wolfed down before walking across the car-park to the Disneyland gates. 

Peter couldn’t help grinning as he saw the sign beckoning them ever closer: “Welcome to Disneyland the Happiest Place on Earth” it read.   Waving banners atop a castle were set on top of the words.  It reminded him a little of Hogwarts, being castle-shaped and all.  It didn’t really resemble the school so much as it made him think of Hogwarts.  There was definitely a magical feeling to this park, and Peter hadn’t even made it through the car park yet!



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