May 2016


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Political Rant--not political, don't read

First of all, I have to say… I LOVE my friends list.  Without it, I would have gone to work much more depressed, and much more certain that I must simply be out of step with this world.  All your hugs and reassurances this morning really helped.  And knowing that I wasn’t alone out there helped even more.

I will say this right up front—I am not so much a Democrat as a Liberal. Many states out there would be horrified just by that one statement alone. It gets “worse,” though. If there were a party out there I could vote for 100% of the time, it would be the Socialist Party—which is something I have yet to see represented as it should be anywhere in the world. I don’t think there can be a truly Socialist Party—that is, a Political Party that works to create and preserve programs that exist to support the people in the country: programs like Welfare (for people, not companies), Social Security, etc. The closest the Democrats ever came to that was during the Roosevelt administration in the 30’s.

That said, I vote Democrat. Always have. I was raised in a Liberal household, in a Liberal city (Seattle), and I have never lived anywhere else. Because of this, I am always horribly baffled by the masses who seem more than willing to allow the status quo which is trying desperately to destroy our country another bite at the apple, rather than go with the evils of the “unknown.”

Just to set the record straight, this does not mean I never vote Republican. Republicans are just like everyone else out there. There are all kinds. However, I can count on one hand the amount of Republicans I have voted for. Simply put, I see most of them as greedy, power-hungry, control-freaks who see no problem in telling others what to think or taking money from big businesses so that they can get reelected. As I said, not all Republicans are “evil.” But I would be willing to bet that ninety to ninety-nine percent of the ones in politics are.

What I simply cannot wrap my head around is why this man, who is ready to pit us against the rest of the world for the sake of our ego, has been elected to a second term. He and his people will not improve anything. People will get poorer, companies will get richer, and more people sent to the Middle East will die. Because there is no way we’re simply going to be able to pull out. We are in deep doo-doo, folks. This man is having a joy ride at our expense, and you would rather pay for his gas, and all the repairs, than elect a driver who would at least try to reduce our speed, if nothing else. We need someone who can repair some of the damage that this man has caused, not allow him four more years to make the rest of the world angrier at us.

On September 11, I was as horrified as the rest of the world when I watched the events unfold. I was pleased that our government seemed to have a plan to protect those in office. This is important. And I was thrilled by the actions of certain political figures. I do not live in New York, but I thought that Guillani was amazing. He was right there, doing what little he could to coordinate things. If I’d been a New Yorker, I might have voted for him (I know there are other, negative things that weigh against him, but that one day made me respect him for that, at least). The whole world mourned with us over this tragedy. We could have done anything, and the world would have been right there with us. So, how did this man use this power? He used it to start a war that will never be over. Our great-grandchildren (if the world makes it that long) will be feeling the repercussions when they are grandparents.

This is not a way to run a country.

This is not the man I wanted to represent me.

To those who did...why?