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Old fandom meme, revived

Need to do this again.  New journal, things have shifted a bit, so time to re-list my fandoms:

Harry Potter - still my main fandom, and the one almost all my fics are written in.

ETA (4/3/10):
Merlin - has become my secondary fandom, though I still adore Buffy as much as I ever did. Merlin is my second big slash fandom, and more so because it links back to my age-old favorite haunts of Arthurian Legend, even if they are giving it a new twist.

Buffy/Angel - I constantly say that if Buffy were still on the air, it would probably dominate a lot of my posts.  I still love the characters as much as I did in the very first season.  Possibly even more.  For those who follow, my #1 is Willow, followed by Drusilla, Tara, Lorne, and Spike.

Star Trek - the only other fandom where I posted a fan-fic that wasn't a crossover or a drabble.  One of my earliest fandoms, and something that still calls to me on occasion.  God, I hope the new movie won't suck...

Elfquest - second only to HP in the amount I got sucked in, though all my fannish involvment was with people I knew personally.  I wrote, drew, and listed myself to death on this one.  And collected every issue through New Blood, I think.  I'm now out of the loop.  But for me, it really ended with Shards.  Favorites - Winnowill (yes, you read that right), Venka, Cutter, Skywise, Rayek.

Firefly - the further away from its time in prime time we get, the more I wonder why it didn't click with me first time around.  I still haven't officially written fic for this universe, but I think it's only a matter of time now, what with the HP crossover fic I wrote last time I did drabbles.  I had too much fun, hinting at everyones' voices without giving names...  I think it worked pretty well.  Favorites - Inara, Zoe, Wash.

Star Wars - but I haven't played in this world in a long time.  It's more a fall back, where I get a silly-stupid grin on my face, when I remember how I felt about it.  Only the original trilogy, though.  The new stuff... :S

Stargate/SG1/Atlantis - Went to see the movie on a free promo ticket, and really, though it bugged me in some ways, and it took me a few seasons to get into SG1, this is another fandom where I skirt the edges sometimes.  I just love the way they took history and mythology and space travel and mixed it all.  They did an excellent job.  Favorites - Daniel, Teal'c, Rodney, Teyla.

Dr Who/Torchwood - Didn't really get into Dr Who until I started dating my husband.  And I'm very picky about my Doctors.  My favorite, as is with most watchers, is the one who was current when I began watching: Sylvester McCoy.  But I was thrilled when the BBC, after many years of ignoring the franchise, decided to start it up again.  And I haven't been disappointed at all, really.  There have been a few less stellar episodes, but really?  It's been a blast.  And Torchwood?  God, who wouldn't love a show where you get to see Captain Jack every episode?

Forever Knight - Aside from Buffy, still the best vampire show that made it to TV.  Deserved better attention and a much longer run.

Queer as Folk - relatively new for me, but hit me hard with a vengance.  How can you not be captivated by Brian's snark?  (And what is it about snarky men that draws me? :P)

Others -
Anime/Manga -
Star Blazers/Space Battleship Yamato - my first-ever foray into anime.  Still holds a dear place in my heart.
Fruits Basket - zodiac animals, implied slash, and angst.  *happysigh*
Oran High School Host Club - boys boys boys, and twins!
Nana - Love the dynamics here.

Comic Books -
XMen - TV and movies as well, but always it will come back to the originals for me.
Batman - I love how broken Bruce is.  Even when playing the playboy.
Teen Titans - Dick and company.  Not the cartoon, though.  That annoyed me big time.

TV -
Babylon 5 - Ivanova, Talia and Marcus...I loved this series for the first four seasons...
V - Diana was the biggest brat I'd ever seen.  And so fun to watch!
Battlestar Galactica - I never got to watch all the originals, but I did love them.  And I love the new series as well.  I only hope this last season doesn't suck.
Quantum Leap - except for the final episode. :P
Law & Order - I'm such a junkie...
House - Hugh Laurie!
Heroes - Please don't let it be cancelled cause of this strike...

Other -
LOTR, Pirates of the Caribbean, Velvet Goldmine, Labyrinth, Beauty and the Beast (all forms), Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (all forms again), Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, Sims...

Have I gone on long enough? :P


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