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End-of-year fic round-up & meme

Fic in review can be found by looking at my fic list tag.  I'm not quite up to doing that a second time. ;)

Number of fics: 57 (three less than last year, but I only did two major drabble-fests this year...)
Collective word count: (minus some 5-10,000 or so max for the collab pieces) 146,092
Shortest fic: 122
Longest fic: 50,035 (my Nanowrimo, of course...)

Black Fics (includes Draco, Scorpius, and Teddy as well): 40
Malfoy Fics: 39
Epilogue-kid fics: 7

Draco Fics: 32
Snape Fics: 14
Lucius Fics: 10
Remus Fics: 10
Blaise Fics: 4

Harry/Draco: 21
Remus/Regulus: 4
Lucius/Draco: 3
Severus/Remus: 3

: 47
Gen: 7
Het: 3 (including a FF crossover where the pairing is actually a FF pairing)
Femslash: 1

PG: 15
NC-17: 14
PG13: 10
R: 10
G: 5

And the Questions:
Favorite of the year: After Silence.  I have a soft spot for the pairing, and this was one that was written based on characters from a RP that caught my heart.  And Our Truth, which is, encapsulated, my Draco and [info]kabal42's Harry, and their relationship.

Best of the year: A Passing Dream.  I think.  It's pretty different for me, really.  And I love the images in it.  If not Dream, then Return to Me, which was also intricately plotted before I ever set word one to paper.  Possibly Our Truth, as well.

Most underapreciated: After Silence.  Posted in the midst of the move, I don't think most people even noticed it.  Either that or it sucks more than people are willing to tell...

Most fun to write: Draco's Dreams, though I still hate that title.  I'll have to find something better when I edit it...  And Fireworks, because I had a such a gorgeous picture as inspiration.

Sexiest fic: Holding On.  I'm not good at drawing out the sex, but this fic manages it just right.  Must be all those Malfoy genes.  And the fect that there are three of them helps stretch it out a bit. ;D

"Holy crap, that's wrong even for you": The Condition of Love, and maybe Return to Me.  Rather heavy BDSM, chastity devices, and double-penetration, and first-time, rough anal inscestual sex.  Hm...  Oh, and Our Truth, for crossing the GS line...

Fic that shifted my own preconceptions of the characters: Tea and Hospitality and Claimed by a Malfoy.  Tea because for once I had to do the hard-edged Remus I always knew was there, but have never really played with, and Claimed because while I've been doing a lot of that pairing since July, it's always been understood between them.  This one was different because the ending takes Draco by suprise a bit, and he had a lot of thinking to do at the end.

Hardest to write: A Silent Voice.  I had the story idea in mind before I started, but it twisted on me so many times...  I do like what I ended up with, but I still think it's not quite perfect.

Biggest disappointment: Marking Time.  I loved the story, but I tried to be different, and what I tried really didn't work.  Oh, well.  Live and learn.

Biggest surprise: The Softest Sound.  It came out of practically nowhere, and I absolutely love it.  And apparently others agree.  Also, Collecting Potter, which also came out of nowhere, was supposed to be a drabble, but turned into a full-length fic.

Most telling: The Condition of Love.  Basically because it shows my adoration of those three, my love of BDSM, and it was also a RP scene that my Blaise never got to have, and always wanted.   And Our Truth, as stated above.  It still chokes me up when I read it.