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The Drabbles from the Movie Quotes meme

For [info]mimiheart: I actually haven't read any epilogue era kid fics. (Outside of them being mentioned in adult fics that are epilogue era.) So... no het and surprise me.

273 words

Family was important. Teddy knew that for a fact. He could see it in how sad his grandmother was that his grandfather and parents had died in the war. And also in the letters she sent her remaining sister every year. Letters which were returned unopened every time.

Gran and Harry were the only family Teddy had ever known. Sure, there was Harry and Ginny's family, and all the Weasleys, who had also adopted him because he was Harry's godson. But even so...he found as he grew older, that what he wanted wasn't family. He could feel alone in a room full of people, and he hated it.

The only person he really felt comfortable with was Harry. Harry understood what it was like to be alone in the world. Granted, he didn't have to go through what Harry had, but there were so many similarities between them. Not to mention that their dads had been best friends at Hogwarts. His favorite days were when Harry took him out somewhere alone, just the two of them, and told him stories about their dads, and about his cousin and Harry's godfather, Sirius Black. Sometimes it even made him almost feel like he belonged.

He just wished he had someone who looked at him the way Harry looked at Ginny. Or the way she looked at him. Sometimes he even pictured himself in Ginny's place, though he tried not to think about the implication of that too much. Harry was his godfather. And not only that, but quite happily so. Still, maybe someday someone would.

Even though he really wished that someone would be Harry.

For [info]kabal42: H/D
1755 words

The place was a dump, and Draco didn't want to stick around here any longer than absolutely necessary. All he could do was hope that the desk clerk had actually known what he'd been talking about when he said a man fitting Harry's description had come here a few days before.

6312...6313... Draco was doing his best to keep his hands or robes from brushing the walls. God knew what sort of fluids or other disgusting substances had been rubbed on them. Half the wallpaper was coming off. It was repellant.

6314...6315...6316. There. That was the door. Draco stepped over a puddle of something he wasn't sure he wanted to identify, then knocked hard, not sure if this was the sort of door that was more like paper or like brick. Frankly, he didn't care if he knocked it down, so long as he got Potter's attention.

When there was no answer after a moment, Draco knocked again. Harder. After all, the bloody thing hadn't been disintegrated with his first knock.

When it opened enough to show bleary green eyes, Draco sighed with relief. "What do you want..." The eyes opened wide in shock. "Malfoy?" Draco hid the flinch at the name. Then Harry was scowling. "Go away." He tried to shut the door, but Draco shoved his foot into the opening.

"No. It's taken me almost a month to find you. Shacklebolt says if you don't come back..."

"Tell him I quit. And get your foot out of the way," he growled, trying to close it again, slamming it hard against Draco's foot.

Draco's eyes watered, but he didn't pull away. "I said no, Harry..."

"Stop it!" The attempt to close the door ceased at that. "You have no right!"

"Why, Harry? Because I want you?"

"Fucking..." Harry's words became mutters as he realized they'd attracted a bit of attention. "Just...go away, Malfoy."

"No. Not until we talk. Which we can do in this hallway, or..."

Harry looked like he'd rather eat broken glass to break his fast, but he finally nodded and stepped back, pulling the door wider so that Draco could enter.

The room wasn't much better than the hall, and Draco cast a surreptitious cleaning spell on the only chair in the room before settling into it and looking up at the man who was now glaring down at him, his hair even more a mess than usual, and only wearing a pair of track pants that looked like they'd seen better days. He put on his glasses, though he still looked quite out of sorts. And angry. "So? Say what you've got to say, then get out. Cause I don't want to see your pointy face any longer than I have to."

Draco sighed, then dug in a pocket, and pulled out a vial, holding it out to Harry. "Here."

"What is it?" The expression on Harry's face said he clearly expected it to be poison.

"Veritaserum. Enough for twelve hours."

"What for?" Harry asked, not reaching for the vial. "I'm not taking it," he said sullenly.

"I wasn't going to ask you to. It's...for you…if you want to use it on me," Draco said, keeping an iron control on his feelings at the moment. If Harry chose to use it on him, he'd likely wind up a mess, but he intended to stay in control of his emotions as long as possible.

"You? And why would that make a difference, Draco? It wouldn't change what happened."

"No. But it might change your feelings about the fact it did. Harry...I liked being friends with you. I never--"

"Right," Harry snarled.

"You don't believe me? So use it! I'm not lying. I had no clue...If I had..." Draco licked his lips. "I'd have done something sooner."

Harry scowled, considering this. "Fine." He held out the bottle. "Take enough for an hour."

Draco nodded, surprised that Harry wasn't going to insist he take the whole thing. He swallowed several drops, then closed the vial, handing it to Harry and letting the feeling wash over him. It was like having fog fill your brain. Not the most pleasant feeling ever. But Harry was worth it. "There. Ask."

For some reason, even though Draco was the one who'd taken the concoction, Harry was the one who looked like a deer in the headlights. It took him a moment to think of anything to ask. "Why did you join the Aurors?"

"To prove that my name wasn't synonymous with the word Death Eater."

"Not to seduce me for your own purposes?"

"Harry...no." He rolled his eyes as the word slipped from his mouth unbidden. "That wasn't...I..." God, he hated feeling this way. "It was separate," he finally growled.

"Separate?" Harry's drawl was disbelieving at best.

"Yes," Draco, managing to keep himself from babbling on about it.

"So...you did want to seduce me when you joined?"

"Not...no...It..." Draco fought the potion pushing at him, but finally conceded, "Yes."

"Ha! I knew..."

"But it wasn't like that!" Even as Draco wanted to explain, he fought it at the same time. Particularly the need to be more honest than he'd ever been in his life. Especially with himself.

"Right. Then what was it, Malfoy?"

The name the way he said it felt sharper than glass, cutting through Draco. He met Harry's eyes. "It was just...a wish. A fantasy. Surely you've had those, Potter?" Two could play at the name game, and he found himself unaccountably pleased when Harry flinched at being called Potter.

"Then why seduce me?" He seemed a bit less sure now, but Draco still scowled at the question. It wasn't one that he wanted to answer. It would reveal too much. But then, he already had, he knew.

"I didn't. Not...exactly. You were just...so friendly."

Harry snorted. "Friendly. You mean drunk?"

"It's not like I force-fed you the things! Or made you keep draping yourself on me..." Even as he said so, he knew that those things didn't matter. The temptation had simply been too much.

He didn't expect Harry to agree with him, though. "No. You didn't." The words were quiet, and the look on Harry's face said that he didn't particularly like the direction his own thoughts were going.


Harry was holding out the vial to Draco now. "Here."

"What is...what are you...why?" After all, he had a very good idea what Harry was suggesting, just not why he would, after everything else.

"Would you trust anything I said otherwise?"

Draco wanted to say yes. But the veritaserum wouldn't allow it. "I'd want to," was the best he could manage.

"Just a drop or two." Then Harry opened his mouth so that Draco could give him the proper dose.

After a moment or two of astonishment, Draco nodded and leaned forward, opening the vial and carefully shaking two drops onto Harry's tongue, his cheeks flushing at the memories associated with that tongue. "There." He capped it again. "So...?" He still wasn't entirely sure what Harry was going to tell him.

Harry took a deep breath. "Draco...I...wasn't drunk."

Hearing his name rather than the acid-laced "Malfoy" Harry had been using distracted him from the rest of the statement for a moment, but when it sank in... "Wait. What? When?"

"At the party. I was so annoyed with Hermione for inviting you..."

"I'd wondered about that."

Harry huffed a laugh. "She said if I didn't tell you that night, she'd tell you herself."

"Tell me?" Draco asked, confused.

"I..." Harry's cheeks went ruddy. "That I didn't want to be your friend."

Whatever Draco had been expecting, it hadn't been that. "Never mind," he said, standing up. "I'll just tell Shacklebolt you were eaten by a bugbear, shall I?" he asked acidly, looking away from him.

Harry grabbed his hand. "No! Wait. I didn't mean that..."

"I don't care, Potter. Just...go enjoy your life in peace. I'll leave you alone, now."

He tried to pull his hand from Harry's grasp, but Harry wouldn't let go. He stood up and pulled Draco closer. "I meant...I couldn't handle being... just friends. It was...driving me crazy."

Draco finally turned to look at him. "Just friends?" he asked softly.

Harry nodded. "Every time I turned around, there you were, Draco. And then, even when you weren't, you were. And..." Harry sighed. "I just...it was driving me mad. So...I thought...why not just get over you."

"Get...over me?" Draco tried to swallow, but his mouth was too dry. "So...did it work?"

Biting his lip, Harry shook his head.

"So...you decided to run away?"

"Well, what was I supposed to do, Draco? You never stay with anyone!"

Draco blinked at that, astonished. "What?"

Harry started counting on his fingers. "Blaise...you two were more off than on, but now you barely even give him the time of day. Smith...what was that, two dates before you tossed him aside? Pansy, Tracey, Pucey, Susan, Boot... None of them lasted." He sighed again, his voice softer now. "So why should I be any different? I didn't want to be another of your conquests. So I left."

If Draco hadn't been so astonished at how closely Harry had obviously been watching his love life, he might have laughed. "Harry...You aren't..." Draco struggled with himself, then pulled Harry closer, his hand reaching up to cup Harry's cheek. "They were just ways to pass time. Since I couldn't have who I wanted."

Green eyes looked up to meet his. "And...who did you want?"

It was the easiest question Harry had asked since he'd arrived. "You. You prat."

Harry still had a bit of that deer-in-the-headlights look, but it smoothed into a smile at the words. "Really?"

"I am still dosed, you know. It's not like I can outright lie."

The smirk that spread over Harry's face at that was quite Slytherin, and Draco's eyebrow rose. "So...if I were to ask how long...?" Harry asked slowly.

There was a momentary flash of panic inside Draco, then he realized the potion had released enough of its hold for him not to have to answer. "Don't push it, Potter."

Harry didn't seem displeased by the answer, though he made a face at the name. "Harry. Please."

"Harry," Draco said with a grin. And then he didn't bother with words any more. He just pulled Harry close, pressing their lips together, their bodies soon dropping to the bed to continue the explorations of each other that had begun a few weeks before. After all, Shacklebolt could wait a bit, couldn't he?


For [info]magic_helmet: epilogue-kid Snape/Potter

590 words

The man once known as Severus Snape lived a solitary life deep in the highlands of Scotland, away from all cities, and most towns. He had few visitors, and rather liked it that way. No one to answer to, protect, or hate any longer.

No one knew where he was. No one even knew he was alive. It was quite pleasant, really. Up to the day that Potter appeared.

It was a lovely day. All his herbs were flowering, so he was in his garden harvesting a few things he needed, and was trying to decide if he should have his usual agent stop by and see if the man was interested in any of the extras it looked as though he was going to have leftover from his garden this year.

He looked up from under his straw hat when he heard the gate squeak...and froze. Damn the boy. Leave it to him to spoil even his "afterlife."

"What do you want?"

The boy blinked at him with Lily's eyes a few moments before moving closer. "Snape?"

"Not any longer," Severus growled.

"But it is you, isn't it? In the village they call you, 'the old sourpuss.'"

"Yes. It's me. Now do your mother's oldest friend a favour and leave me alone."

"You're friends with mum?"

The boy looked shocked. As though he had no clue of the memories, the precious moments Severus had given him before he had 'died.' "What are you on about, boy?"

Even as the boy stepped forward, Severus had a fleeting realization. Too young. And were those...freckles? Not Potter then. His...son?

"I...dad told me about you. All the time while I was growing up."

Severus sneered. "And why would he do that?"

"He named me for you. Albus Severus."

Severus had never been more astonished in his long and dismal life. "Not...Sirius?"

The boy shook his head. "That's my older brother's middle name."

Well, and hadn't that been a short-lived pleasure. Second to that mongrel again. He turned away from the boy. "And what is it that you want from an old man?"

The boy shrugged. Now that Severus had gotten a good look at him, he knew the child couldn't be much older than eighteen. Likely fresh out of Hogwarts this past year. "I...used to talk to your portrait. He...you...said you'd be disappointed in yourself if you hadn't found a way to cheat death. I...had to find out if you were really alive."

"Well, now you know. So you can scamper on home and tell everyone that the evil Slytherin is still alive. And ruin what is left of my life," Severus muttered under his breath.

"Why would I do that?" the boy asked, and Severus looked up into an expression he hadn't seen the likes of since fifth year, before Lily had stopped talking to him.


"I came here to meet you. To talk to you. I...always kind of liked that I was one of the few people you deigned to talk to at school. I'd hoped..."

Severus raised a brow. "Hoped?" he asked.

"That we might....be friends?"

Potter would have apoplexy if he ever found out, Severus knew. And the thought brought a smile to his face. He picked up the basket filled with herbs he'd picked. "I was just about to make some tea. Would you like to join me?"

The boy beamed at him. "Yes. Please!"

Severus shook his head, then led the way into the cottage. Friends with a Potter. But he knew, somewhere, Lily was smiling.

For [info]thepinkrabbit: Malcest - Lucius watching Draco do something random and just contemplating their relationship.

405 words

There was always something to celebrate, particularly when Narcissa Malfoy was doing the planning. Lucius knew she would never let a month go by where they didn't have some sort of gathering here at the Manor. After all, it was what she did best. And truth be told, he found he rather enjoyed mixing with others. It gave him an opportunity to cajole, bribe, blackmail and seduce others to his side of things. A very important benefit, indeed.

Lucius wasn't entirely certain he could recall the excuse his wife had provided for their current little celebration. Likely that their son was home for the summer. Truth be told, Lucius had already celebrated that in his own special way. Alone with Draco.

Draco had been home for two weeks now, and all the spells Potter's friends had cast at him had dissipated. Lucius wished he could access the boy just to find a way to make the child pay for what he had done. Still, his Master's plan would deal with the brat soon enough. Draco was his true concern, now.

His son had been listless and angry in turns since his return to the Manor, and it had only been this party and seeing all his school friends that had managed to cheer him. Looking at him now, confident on the dance floor as he charmed one partner after the next, one would never realize how upset the boy had been. Lucius was proud of him. He was a true Malfoy.

In truth, the realization brought mixed feelings, as he watched his son dancing with the Parkinson's daughter. He was pleased that his son was growing up so well, and yet, at the same time, he felt as though he were losing his son.

In time, Draco would be finished with his schooling. There were only three years left. Then would come his son's marriage...children... Suddenly, Lucius found himself less inclined to share his son with this crowd. He wanted to wipe that simpering smile of the face of the girl his son danced with by showing her exactly who Draco belonged to.

After a moment, Lucius relaxed. Let the girl enjoy her moment. The evening would eventually end, and once Narcissa had retired to her rooms, Draco would come to him, flushed and pleased with the evening's distractions, and Lucius would take the time once more to show him who he truly belonged to.

For [info]fodirteg: Something about the Sword of Griffindor (w/ Epilogue kids?)

589 words

During the rebuilding of Hogwarts after the war, the Headmistress and Minister decided to set up a display case in the Hogwarts trophy room for any artifacts that had been found to belong to one of the founders, apart from the Sorting Hat.

The first artifact placed in the case, was, of course, the sword of Gryffindor. Despite constant legal battles with the Goblins over who it belonged to, everyone felt it deserved a place of honour in the case, particularly due to its role in the final battle.

Another generation of students came and went through the halls, most uninterested in the sword that had been instrumental in ending the war, except the occasional Gryffindor who wanted to see the sword once owned by the founder of their House.

Then, nearly twenty years after the war, two boys came to the school. One sorted into Slytherin, the other into Ravenclaw. Each had his own reasons for visiting the case. The first time they came face to face, both were wary. One the son of a hero, the other descended from a long line of Slytherins. Both, in their own way, feeling a bit lost in this new, large place.

Their first meeting was tentative, the dark-haired boy telling the blond about how his father had found the sword in the first place, and the blond returning the favour by telling him with a smirk how that same man had destroyed the most precious artifact of his own House--Ravenclaw's diadem.

"He only destroyed it to defeat Voldemort," the dark haired boy quickly pointed out.

"True. I suppose it's your House that's to blame, then," the blond continued smugly.

"Your father's House, you mean."

A flash of hurt showed in the blond's eyes at that, and without another word, he vanished.

A year later found the two boys in front of the case once more. They still weren't exactly friends, but neither showed an inclination to hate each other the way their fathers had done. Despite their relations, who egged them into competing with each other, or assured them that the other was irretrievably bad due to their familial influences.

This time, the case was just an excuse to see each other.

"I didn't mean it," the dark haired boy said.

"I know. Neither did I. You know how it is..."

The dark haired boy nodded. "Dad was happier about my sorting when he found out you were in Ravenclaw. I had to bite my tongue to keep from saying we'd talked a few times."

"Yes, father was a bit more pleased at my sorting when he found out we would have been dorm-mates. Kept telling me it was 'for the best.'" The blond rolled his eyes. "You're not so bad."

The dark-haired boy grinned. "Neither are you, Malfoy."

The boys continued to meet in front of the case, sometimes for just a few moments, others for over an hour, sometimes hiding under the cloak that the dark-haired boy got in his third year from his father; keeping out of the sight of roving teachers or Filch after hours.

Then fifth year found the blond stammering out his affection for the dark haired boy, and by sixth, the two were inseparable, despite all the best efforts by both boys' family members.

After that, the two stopped visiting the case, and the sword so prominently displayed there, only returning on the last day of their schooling before heading out to face the world--together, the way they wanted to be.

For [info]real_life_rosy: Snape/Black/Lupin or Snupin

326 words

"There is a castle on a cloud..." - Les Mis

Severus had always assumed that the afterlife would be easier than this. That he would finally have peace, and possibly even be given what he truly wanted.

Of course, the problem was, the "heroes" were here, too. Potter, Lupin...Black... Just thinking of the man made Severus snarl. Oh, certainly he had a chance now and then to speak with his best friend again, but even so...

And then there was the fact that Lupin wouldn't leave him alone. Not Black nor Potter, but Lupin. As though he didn't have a wife of his own.

Apparently, the man had taken it on himself to apologize for every moment in their past where he or the others had upset Severus in any way. Repeatedly.

When he started bringing the mutt along to do the same, Severus finally exploded at him. "Get out! Leave me alone! Didn't you torture me enough in life? Now you have to torture me in death, as well?"

The two Marauders looked at each other, then at Severus. Had Severus had been on more pleasant terms with them, he might have recognized the look as one of pure mischief, and he might have managed to get away in time. As it was, he suddenly found himself surrounded by brown-grey and black hair, lips on his skin, and hands exploring his body.

"Aw, that's not torture, Sniv...this is." Sirius leaned in to suck at a tender point just under Severus’s jawline, and he barely held back a groan.

"Sirius," Remus chided, though he didn't back off in the least, even at the choking sounds Severus was making.

Sirius grinned at his friend. "Aw, Moony, he knows I'm just teasing.”

Severus couldn’t find it in him to disagree. It might not be the afterlife he’d planned, but it wasn’t nearly the torture he’d come to expect. Who knows, he might even come to enjoy it…in time.

For [info]foodie: The last thing Snape saw was Harry's eyes...and then the world went dark. When he opened his eyes again, he saw four sets of eyes looking down at him. He's now lying down on the floor of Serenity, with Inara, Kaylee, River, and Zoe looking at him. What are his first impressions of him, and their greetings to him?

457 words

Green. Looking at him in astonishment, the expression nearly reminiscent of one he had not seen since his fifth year. Then the world went dark.

He woke to the feeling of metal against his cheek, and the sound of a thrum in his ears. Was this heaven? Hell?

“Captain?” The voice was low and melodic, a thread of strength underlying it, and most definitely female.

Severus ignored the voice and concentrated on taking further stock. The pain in his neck was gone. But so was the magic. He couldn’t feel it anywhere. That made him inclined to believe this was hell.

“Is he dead?” This voice, also female, was far too chirpy for Severus’s tastes, and he cracked an eye open to see what they were going on about.

“Just confused,” came a dreamy voice that reminded him a good deal of Luna Lovegood. He glanced toward the owner of the voice. Her dark hair dangled in her face, and she was staring off in another direction, not even looking at him.

“We were just talking,” a fourth voice said. Severus glanced at the new voice, which belonged to a quite attractive dark-haired woman. Distinctly exotic and confident in her beauty, not unlike Lily.

“Arguing, you mean?” that was the first voice, sounding rather amused. Now that he saw the woman it belonged to, the underlying strength made a good deal more sense. Her beauty might have rivaled the other’s, but the way she held herself was much like an Auror, always ready to fight.

The other woman smiled a bit ruefully. “Debating animatedly, perhaps.”

The chirpy girl broke in then. “Nothing new there. The captain always did like his heated discussions. You and he should just go back to his bunk and get it over with already. Or your shuttle…I bet you’d both be more comfy there.”

This caused the beautiful woman to flush. “Kaylee…”

Severus was reminded just why he had avoided the company of women since his falling out with Lily, and decided this was a good time to butt in. “Excuse me…” He cleared his throat. Something was wrong with his voice.

All four women turned to look at him. “Yes, Captain?” the Auror-like woman said.

Severus blinked. He wanted to ask her why she was calling him that, but decided to forego it now in favour of another question. “Where, exactly, am I?”

The woman blinked. “Are…you okay, sir? We’re on Serenity. Did you hit your head?”

Obviously, something was wrong… “Serenity?” He glanced from face to face, stopping at the distracted-looking girl.

She smiled at him. “Don’t worry,” she told him. “You’ll get used to it.”

Severus groaned to himself. Whatever kind of afterlife this was, it was definitely not good.

For [info]flavoured_glass: SS/LE, Thread

169 words

Severus watched Lily all the time. She knew it, too. She never seemed to quite understand why, though. For her, it was friendship. Simple, uncomplicated. Sometimes he wished it was for him, too.

But more, he wished he could be the one she finally gave her heart to. Even though he watched those green eyes track Potter when the berk wasn’t watching. He knew it would only be a matter of time.

But he kept hoping. Especially when she would offer to sew up the hem of the ragged robes that had been all Severus’s mother had been able to afford for him, or make a picnic lunch for the two of them to share out on the grounds because, “You need sun, Sev. You’re so pale all the time, stuck in that dungeon…”

He tried to ignore the taunts from his roommates about his crush on her. Hell, everyone in Hogwarts knew. Except for Lily Evans.

And it was that, more than anything, that truly broke his heart.

For [info]snapesgirl: SS/RL

858 words

The house hadn’t been lived in for almost four years when Remus returned. He hadn’t lived in the place since going with Sirius to clean up Grimmauld Place between Harry’s fourth and fifth years. When he’d bought it, it had been a place near the Welsh forests to give Moony a place to run during the Moon.

It was finally over, and everyone else could live again. But not Remus Lupin. He’d always known what his fate would be, but he’d allowed himself to hope for a moment that things might be different. Until a flash of green light had ended the life of his bride.

Let Andromeda raise his son. He had no heart for any of it any more. He’d simply come here to die. Alone. The way a werewolf was meant to.

The knock on his door less than a week later was entirely unwelcome. At first he ignored it, but when the intruder continued to knock, he found himself growling out, “Go away.”

The knocking stopped, and Remus let himself relax. But then a voice he recognized far too well answered, “No.”

He had to be hearing things, didn’t he? Remus stumbled to his feet, knocking over the near-empty bottle of firewhiskey so that the last dregs of it dripped into the overly full ashtray, and stumbled to the door. “Sev?” he asked, astonished, as he opened it.

The man on his doorstep made a sour face as he looked him over, still as hook-nosed and sallow-faced as Remus remembered. “Who else?” he asked.

“But…Harry said…you’re dead.”

“Yes. The better to finally live my life.” He glanced over Remus’s shoulder at the mess behind him. “I see you have chosen to stop yours?”

Remus flushed. “Dora…” He swallowed.

“Of course. She is the only person who matters, isn’t she?” he asked sourly.


“Spare me.” Severus pushed past him and into the room, his nose wrinkling, then waved his wand and vanished the ashes, stale smoke, cigarette butts and whiskey before turning back to Remus. “Are you telling me that you would rather die than live? That you have no wish to see your son grow up, become as obnoxious as your wife and your friends, marry and get you a whole litter of grandpuppies?”

Wincing, Remus shifted awkwardly in the open doorway. “Sev…I…” He swallowed, looking down. No one had been able to get to him like this. Not since he’d woken after the battle, bruised and sore, but still whole. Just short a wife. But then Sev had always been different.

“Spare me, Lupin.”

The use of his last name caused Remus to wince again. “Why do you care anyway?” he finally asked, morose once more.

“You might have chosen her…”

Remus looked up, glaring. “You had shown what we all thought was your true colours! And…I…did care for her…”

“Yes. Enough to marry her less than two months later? And how quickly was that boy born? Are you certain he is even yours?”

Remus snarled, moving forward, not even aware of what he was doing until he had Severus pressed against the wall. “Take it back!”

Severus sneered. “Why should I? According to my sources, this is the most life you’ve shown since the battle.” His nostrils flared. “You stink of whiskey and smoke. Worse than Black. I would never have thought you would sink so low.”

At the mention of Sirius, Remus deflated, backing away, his hands dropping to his sides. “It doesn’t matter.”

“Doesn’t it? You want me to just leave, so that you can sink even further into your depression?”

“What do you care?”

The hand striking his cheek was unexpected, and he blinked up at Severus. “Don’t you think I could be anywhere by now, Lupin? Why do you think I even bothered?”

“Well, you certainly couldn’t be bothered to tell me the truth,” Remus growled, touching his stinging cheek gingerly.

Severus huffed, then pulled himself rigid. “This was a waste of time. Forget you even saw me…” He turned toward the still-open door.

Even as befuddled by whiskey as Remus was, he was still fast. “No. Sev…” He sighed. “I’m sorry. It’s just…so hard.”

“And you think you are the only one for whom that is true? Your mother-in-law is mourning you, certain you are dead, as well as her daughter and her own husband. And the Weasleys lost a son. You think you are the only one who has suffered?”

“No! But…haven’t I suffered enough?” He sighed, sinking down in a chair, his head in his hands. “Don’t I deserve a bit of happiness?”

Severus was quiet for a long time, then sank down before him, his dark eyes looking up into Remus’s face. “Not if you do not take it when offered, you fool.” It was said softly, the bite in the words but not in the tone.

Remus reached out to stroke his cheek. “Sev…I thought…”

“Shhh…” Severus leaned close, then pressed his lips to Remus’s. Remus sighed, relaxing into the kiss, his heart pounding in his chest at the thought that perhaps, just perhaps, he might not have lost everything after all.

For [info]stonegrad: Lucius/Potter

298 words

James grumbled at being forced to pick up his little brother at his best friend’s home. Okay, wrong word. After all, Malfoy Manor was more about halfway to a palace, really… One could get lost in all these passages, and hadn’t the elf said that Scorpius’s room was just at the end of this hall? Did it end?

He supposed he understood his brother’s friendship with the heir of Malfoy family. They were in the same house, after all. But even so…they’d both grown up hearing their father’s tales of Lucius and of Draco. None of which had been good.

Just as he was about to turn around to go back and find an elf to give him better directions, a door to his left opened, and out stepped Lucius Malfoy. James froze. He’d never seen the man this close up before. Draco, yes. He always came to see his son off and pick him up each year. But Lucius he had only seen from afar, and for some reason, James felt his cheeks heat at the sight of him.

“Potter. Looking for your brother?” His voice was shockingly smooth. From his father’s tales, James had expected a growl.

“Er…yes.” He hated feeling so flustered. He was used to being confident, but somehow, this man seemed to drain every drop of it from him.

Lucius’s lips twisted into a smirk. “I could show you where my grandson’s room is. If you liked?”

Tongue-tied and still staring, James nodded. “Yes, sir.” He couldn’t help but think that he finally understood his brother’s obsession with this family. Maybe having to pick his brother up might not be so bad after all? He followed Lucius down the hall, already planning on how to convince his brother to come visit more often.

For [info]kaykayen: H/D

322 words

Potter looked over at him, surrounded by his family. All those kids. And Weaslette clinging to his side the way she had done at school… Then Potter nodded at him. Well, that was unexpected. Draco blinked, then nodded back, before turning to make certain Scorpius was ready…

Draco woke with a gasp, glancing around for Harry…who was nowhere to be found. It had just been a dream, hadn’t it? The room was the same as he remembered…he wasn’t in his thirties, only twenty-two. But if that was true…had he dreamed the rest of it, and it had just turned into…that?

He stumbled from the bed, making his way down the hall. There had been a party the night before, and he remembered asking Potter to stay after years of slowly coming to terms. But what if he’d dreamed what had followed? He wasn’t sure his heart would stand it…

The light was on in the kitchen, and Draco moved toward it. “Harry?”

Harry looked up from the stove where he was…cooking? “Hey. Hope you don’t mind. I sometimes have trouble sleeping. So I thought I’d make us breakfast.”

The relief that it hadn’t been a dream washed over Draco, and he sagged against the doorframe. “Not…not at all.” He couldn’t help the stupid smile that spread across his face at the sight of Harry wearing Draco's “Kiss me, I’m Slytherin” apron. “What time is it?”

“Sometime after six. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to wake you. I was…going to surprise you with breakfast in bed.” There was a slight blush on Harry’s cheek, and Draco moved forward with a smile, his arms going around Harry’s waist.

“You didn’t. And it is a good idea.” He wanted to say he was glad Harry hadn’t left. Or how good it felt to hold him. But for now, this would be enough. Harry was here. And seemed quite content. The rest could come in time.

For [info]ceria: epilogue kids

239 words

George sometimes wondered if he’d let everyone down, never getting married. No heirs of his own to take over the WWW empire after he was gone. Bill and Fleur’s Victoire was too girly to be interested in jokes and spells, and Ron and Hermione’s pair were more like Hermione than Ron, though he still held out hope for Hugo every time he came to visit the store.

James was a possibility. So much like his grandfather that George often expected to hear that he’d gotten his Animagus license before he’d even finished Hogwarts. But James’s true love was Quidditch. No surprise there. It was in his blood on both sides, after all.

His younger siblings were too serious, really. Al was a sweet kid, but didn’t seem to know how to joke to save his life. And Lily reminded George increasingly of his own mother as she grew. So there was little hope there.

Still, it wasn’t too late for Charlie or Percy to have kids…though the thought of Percy having a jokester child seemed beyond possibility, really.

Sometimes, George would stay up late, talking to Fred about what he would do when the time came. He supposed that it was a mixed bag that wizards lived so long. It meant that WWW would be around for a good long time. He just wished it didn’t mean he had to be separated from his other half for so long…

For [info]facecat: H/D

833 words

Things had been wrong in Draco’s world for a year and a half, so why was it that he still managed to be surprised when things got worse? Sure, Potter and his friends had been captured by one of the groups of Death Eaters when one of them had spoken His name, but then things had really gotten bad. He’d tried to avoid revealing Harry’s identity, but it hadn’t helped much, and he’d had to watch his aunt gleefully torture Granger. He’d never liked the girl, but watching someone being tortured was definitely not a favorite pastime, either.

When Potter and his friends managed to escape, Potter had snatched the wands from Draco’s hands. Draco had grabbed back, not caring so much about his aunt’s wand as his own. He felt naked without it.

His stomach had twisted as they Apparated away unexpectedly, and he found himself gasping on the ground, generally in one piece. Weasley had apparently gotten his energy back much quicker, as he felt a sharp blow to his ribs, and curled up in a ball as the other boy shouted at him.

He didn’t want to be here. He wanted to go home. Now. But if he came back without Potter and his friend or without the wands…

He looked up, watching Potter bury the house elf that had helped him escape. He couldn’t help wondering why he cared, but the wand Harry used to carve the headstone distracted him from that thought. “That’s mine!”

Cold green eyes turned on him. “Not any more, Malfoy. Mine was snapped, so I guess yours will have to do.”

In all the seven years he’d known Harry Potter, he’d never seen him so cold before. He swallowed. “And where am I supposed to go?”

Potter stared at him a long time before answering. “Consider yourself a prisoner of war.” He pointed his wand—Draco’s own—at him, then waved him towards the tiny house they’d appeared in front of.

There just weren’t enough rooms for all of them, and Harry made the executive decision that Draco would sleep in his room. Draco wasn’t particularly happy about that. Still, he was surprised how easily he got used to it. And really, for a “prisoner,” he wasn’t badly treated. Just…closely watched. He wasn’t allowed near their little meetings, either, but he convinced himself that he really didn’t want to be involved in all that, anyway.

It wasn’t until the day before they left that he realized he was happier here than he had been at the Manor. Oh, he missed his parents; worried how they were being treated. But the pressure was off. He could relax. But Harry—for he had become Harry somewhere along the line, though Draco wasn’t sure when—still had a long way to go.

That night, he turned on his side to look at Harry’s still form in the window.

“Are you going to sleep?”

“Can’t. What does it matter to you, anyway?”

“You have a lot to do, and…”

“And what do you care, anyway, Malfoy?” Harry snarled, turning to glare at him.

“I care! He has my family. Or hadn’t you noticed that we were prisoners there just as you were?” He’d forgotten this animosity had existed between them. Harry’d avoided him except when absolutely necessary, mostly at meals and bedtimes. But Draco had watched him. He’d seen him with his friends, more relaxed than he’d ever seen the other boy before.

“Right. Too bad you got yourself into that, then,” Harry snapped, turning away again.

“Look, Potter,” Draco growled. “I just…” He sighed, looking away. It didn’t matter. Whatever he said, Harry would take it wrong. “Never mind. Forget I said anything.” He turned away from Harry and closed his eyes. He likely wouldn’t get any sleep, but he was good at pretending. After all, he’d done it all his life, hadn’t he?

“Like it isn’t your fondest wish come true if I die,” Harry muttered.

Draco turned to look at him, stricken. The sharp spike of pain through him at Harry’s words… “It isn’t. I never wanted that, Harry…” He felt butterflies in his stomach as he said the other boy’s name.

Harry turned to look at him, quite obviously surprised. “No? Then what?”

“I just wanted to be your friend…” he said softly.

The surprise in Harry’s face became astonishment. “Well, I suppose it’s a bit too late for that now…” He turned away, but Draco sat up.

“It’s not. I know…we were on opposite sides, but…”

“I’m not letting you come with us, Malfoy.”

“And I’m not asking it! I don’t want to! Personally, I think you’re all bloody mad. But I do hope…after all this is over…Maybe then?”

After a long pause, Harry nodded. “Maybe,” he said softly. “Might even be nice…”

Draco didn’t take his eyes off him that night. But sometime between midnight and dawn, he must have fallen asleep, for when he woke, Harry and his friends were gone.


Dec. 13th, 2007 03:07 pm (UTC)
There are some fabulous drabbles in here. I already told you how much I loved mine! I rarely read anything but HD so while those are my favs, I found some non HD gems here... Albus Severus meeting "Sourpuss" was wonderful. I loved Something about the Sword of Griffindor and how their relationship blossomed despite the pressures of the names and families. And George? *hugs*
Dec. 13th, 2007 03:16 pm (UTC)
Thank you. I'm glad you liked them. I had fun writing them. Particularly the Severus/Albus Severus.
Dec. 13th, 2007 03:14 pm (UTC)
What a delicious sampler of ficlets! (very generous for "drabbles)

I really enjoyed all of them very much. :D
Dec. 13th, 2007 03:16 pm (UTC)
Yeah, several of them are way beyond drabble length. But I wasn't in any mood to try to control them. ;)

I'm glad you liked them. :D
Dec. 14th, 2007 08:31 pm (UTC)
These are really great! (And you know I love mine more than I am capable of saying <3)
Dec. 14th, 2007 10:30 pm (UTC)
:D Thank you, hon.
Dec. 15th, 2007 01:58 am (UTC)
Very good job on all of these. I do like little Albus Severus looking up Severus.

Dec. 15th, 2007 02:27 am (UTC)
I did, too. I couldn't resist, what with the name that woman gave him. Nor could I resist the dig about Sirius *still* coming first... ;D He's just lucky that Harry didn't name him Sirius Severus. :P
Dec. 15th, 2007 02:37 am (UTC)
Sev: Bite your tongue, Woman!

Dec. 15th, 2007 02:43 am (UTC)

*smooches him*
Dec. 15th, 2007 02:48 am (UTC)
Sev: I'd rather Ree snogged me.
Dec. 15th, 2007 03:10 am (UTC)
Ree: Could be arranged... *puts his arms around Sev's waist*
Dec. 15th, 2007 03:18 am (UTC)
Sev: *leans close* miss you so much, Luv.
Dec. 15th, 2007 03:42 am (UTC)
Ree: *hugs him tight* I'm sorry, love. But I'm always here. *kisses him softly* And I'll always love you.
Dec. 15th, 2007 03:47 am (UTC)
Sev: *nuzzles his ear* I know, I know. It's so hard sleeping in the dungeon when you are up in that tower with the others. I wish I'd been sorted with you.
Dec. 15th, 2007 03:48 am (UTC)
Ree: *laughs* I can't imagine you in this dorm. You and Sirius would have slit each others' throats before classes the first morning.
Dec. 15th, 2007 03:52 am (UTC)
Sev: Nope, I'd have smothered cousin Jamie first then tossed Black out the window.
Dec. 15th, 2007 03:54 am (UTC)
Ree: *tries not to chuckle, but doesn't quite manage it* Well...At least Pete and I would have survived the night...
Dec. 15th, 2007 03:55 am (UTC)
Sev: You would always be safe with me. If Pettigrew snores, he'd have been a goner.
Dec. 15th, 2007 03:57 am (UTC)
Ree: *snorts another laugh, clinging to Sev* Then I guess we'd be all alone... *nuzzles him* And whatever would we do?
Dec. 15th, 2007 03:58 am (UTC)
Sev: I think we could come up with many things to entertain us. *snogs him*
Dec. 15th, 2007 04:00 am (UTC)
Ree: *moans softly, his hand moving down over Sev's arse* Mmm...
Dec. 15th, 2007 10:13 pm (UTC)
Sev: Mmm, it right. So good. *licks his neck while rocking hips, frotting against him*