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For anyone interested in writing a story for me:

So...you know those things everyone was doing a few months back for their fest entries?  This is one of those.  Feel free to ignore if you're not writing me a story.

Characters -
  • My top 5 characters to read, in order, are: Draco, Remus, Severus, Regulus, and Lucius. 
  • I prefer Slytherins.  In fact, I prefer a Slytherin focus in general as far as POV.  If I wanted to read a Gryffindor POV, I'd read the books.  Which isn't to say I don't like stories where Harry's telling it.  I just prefer the Slytherin-centric focus. 
  • Other characters I enjoy reading: Blaise, Harry, Sirius, James, Lily, Kingsley, Bill, George, Narcissa, Scorpius and Teddy. 
  • And a character note on Regulus: I’m very fond of Stubby!Regulus, so that is always welcome. 
  • And one on Blaise: I am only fond of canon!Blaise here.  Which doesn’t mean he can’t be a sex god.  Just not a she (without explanation) or white.
  • And a final note on the Lestrange brothers. I love them. Rabastan in particular. And I love Rabastan pairings, even dub-con. However, I am very picky about he and his brother. I can't see them as twins. I see Rodolphus as the older and Rabastan as the younger, and I can't ever see them any other way, I'm afraid. I also see them as being pretty toppy, with Rodolphus the more toppy of the two. Rabastan I see as bottoming only for his brother or Kingsley, on very rare and extreme occasion, Lucius. I am also one of the few who is interested in them that does not see them with red hair. If you do, and you're writing for me...best to just leave that off. That way, we can each imagine them as we see them. Thanks. And yes, I do love Lestrangecest, so that's quite allowed...just...don't add Bella into the mix? Thanks.

Ships, in case the fest is not ship-oriented (though that is less likely) -
  • Harry/Draco, Severus/Draco, Severus/Remus, Lucius/Harry, and Malcest (any combination thereof...) seem to be my top five these days.  I love Severus/Sirius, but those are so angsty these days, and I prefer them as adults, so most don't seem to pull me in as much as they used to. 
  • For Draco, really I don't like to read him with anyone but Harry, Severus, his father or son, Teddy, Blaise, or the two eldest Weasley brothers.  For Severus, any Marauder, male Black or male Malfoy would do. But no Het at all for him.  Lucius I'm less picky about, though I don't generally like het, and prefer the characters listed above.  Remus I prefer with Severus, Lucius, Regulus, Harry, Sirius or James, though in some instances I can stand Het with him; just not with Tonks.  For Regulus, my top two ships are Remus and Sirius, though I also love him with Severus and Lucius, though I wouldn't mind a well-done dark piece with Rabastan Lestrange, if someone were to attempt it. 
  • Oh, and while I'm thinking about it, the only one I'm absolutely particular about being a bottom only is Draco.  I can read him as a top, but I prefer him as a bottom. In contrast, Harry I see as only a top with Draco, but in most other ships, I see him either switching or as the bottom. But I can't stomach fic with Harry as Draco's bottom. Doesn't work for me.
  • For the Epilogue kids, I have a few ships. Teddy with James Sirius, Harry, Draco, or Scorpius, though I wouldn't mind seeing him with other older Order members/Marauders (if you want to go AU). James only seems to appeal to me with Teddy, though I wouldn't turn away a Pottercest with the brothers, or either brother with one of the older Malfoys. Just please make sure to remember that James is the one with red hair, and Al looks like their dad. Thanks. Scorpius I can see not only with with his father and/or Grandfather, but also with Albus (though never James) or Teddy. The only other Next Gen kids I'm interested in are the Scamander brothers, Lorcan and Lysander. I do have specific ideas on them, but since they're practically non-canon as it is, I'm able to give a little on that. I would love to see them in an incest fic together, though...
  • With Het, I'm extremely picky, and as of this moment, there's only one paring that would go on my automatic-read list: Lucius/Tonks.  However, there are others I do lean towards and at least glance at - Blaise/Hermione, Severus/Lily, Remus/Lily, and if done well, Remus/Narcissa.
  • I'm not much into Femslash, but I wouldn't mind reading more Tonks/Luna, and I'm kind of fond of Tonks slash in general.
  • Threesomes – generally, I prefer M/M/M threesomes, though I will occasionally read M/M/F, if she is someone I like, and if it is a loving story.  SS/SB/RL, SB/RL/JP, SB/RL/HP, LM/SS/DM, Pretty much any with my favorite five is welcome. 
  • For more on my shipping preferences, go here.

Character no-nos -
  • Fenrir (he can be mentioned, even have a bit part, but if he's hurting someone, I don't want to read it.)
  • Bellatrix (again, I can stand her in short bits, but I don't want to read about her and sex at all...)
  • Peter Pettigrew (Marauders-age fics he should definitely appear, though. Just not as part of a detailed romance.)
  • Voldemort (God, please no...)
  • Fudge
  • Umbridge
  • Fleur
  • Hagrid
  • I'm not saying they can't be in the fic, just that I don't think I could stand to read more than a paragraph or two of them, particularly if they're being cruel, petty, or having sex in any way.
  • I'm also not particularly fond of Ron or Fred.  I don't hate them, I just...don't really want to read about them, or anything having to do with them in a romantic involvement in more than a passing way.  Least of all Ron-slash.  The only exception for Fred is Twin-slash with a third party, or on rare occasion, slash with George.
  • Ditto for Ginny.  After DH, I have no stomach for her.  Nor am I much more fond of Hermione.  Some writers make me want to read her, but most, I'd just rather not.

Subject matter -
  • Smut - Love my smut.  Particularly in a relationship that's just coming together, or one where the two are fighting it every step of the way, or where it's twoo wuv. ;)
  • BDSM - I love love love BDSM, particularly D/s, or if really done well, M/s (please don’t attempt this if you don’t understand or like the concept), as anyone who has rpd with me can tell you.  But...don't do it in a dub-con setting, please.  This is something I prefer to see that has built up over time, and where the pair is in love.  Two examples of what I enjoy, just so people can see: Staffroom Seduction and Owned.  Collars, face-fucking, tying up, whipping, all of that is allowed, and even more, encouraged.  No-nos unless you know me very well and know how to hit the kink just right: bloodplay and GS.  They can be serious squicks for me if done wrong.  Biting is a big yes, though.  So long as you don't break skin unless there's a vampire in the story. ;)  Mostly, with BDSM, my main focus is the power and control aspects.
  • Kissing - nothing will get my attention better than a well-written kiss.  So even if you can't write smut, feel free to toss one in. :D
  • Rimming - one of my die-hard kinks.  If it's in there, I will be a happy camper.  For reference, go check out just about anything by Anise.
  • Blow-jobs - Love a well-written blowjob, but they can be mind-numbing if over used.
  • Cross-Dressing and genderplay or genderswitch - for me, this is another die-hard.  My first ever fic I finished in the fandom was a H/D gender-switch fic.  But I prefer something where it's part of the story, like in Jolene, Blaise, or Walking Round in Women's Underwear, and not just entirely random and for no real reason.  My major preference here is Draco, with a minor interest in Blaise, Severus or Remus.  I don't mind girly-Harry, but he's not a major choice here.  And most of the other guys don't really do it for me.
  • MPreg - yes, I love it.  But I don't want to hear the details of stretch marks and varicose veins, and all that lovely stuff.  Just the emotional side, with the two fathers comforting each other and/or coming to realize how they feel about each other.  I definitely prefer Draco to bear if he is ½ of the couple, even though he hates me for it.  Mostly, I love the idea of two guys coming together through a pregnancy, though that's not vital.
  • Shower- or bath-sex - always lovely and quite welcome, especially for a first time.
  • First times – whether between the two coming together, or overall, especially when one is requesting the other be their first ever.  Also includes first kisses.
  • Dirty Talk – always welcome.  Particularly to the point of driving the other of the pair up the wall.
  • Cest - I do like cest.  Lucius/Draco, Draco/Scorpius, Lucius/Scorpius, James (sr)/Harry, Sirius/Regulus, twincest...and, if you consider it so, Sirius/Draco, Sirius/Harry, Lucius/Regulus, and Lucius/Sirius.  But I like it to be loving, if angsty. 
  • Sex magic – yes, yes, yes!  Polyjuice sex, spells during sex, all that grand sort of thing.
  • Bestiality – mostly Animagus!Sex, but I can stomach a few other things, particularly if it’s Moony.  Not into Squid!Sex or Centaur!Sex, though.  And no Giants, please.
  • Parseltongue smut!  And Curse JKR for trying to steal it from us!

Sex no-nos -
  • Don't like dub-con much, and I stay entirely away from non-con if I can. 
  • I don't like hatesex.  Angrysex, yes, and a fight that leads up to sex, but not where both hate the other and do it anyway.  Does nothing for me. 
  • Chan under 15 is another big no-no.  The younger the kid is, the more it squicks me. 
  • No Necrophilia or breath-play.  Never like either in any form I’ve read yet.

Other subjects -

  • Love runaway stories.  Either where two run off together, or one goes in search of the other.  Particularly ones where the runaway is found after a long absence.
  • Correspondence.  Just cause someone's on a trip, or in the form of a diary, or a secret admirer...I love letter fics.  All and sundry.  Especially if there's a smutty one here or there. :D
  • Creature fics -- particularly Veela or Vampire, though I have read others I love.  For examples, please check out Beren's fics.
  • On a similar note, bonding fics.  Whether accidentally or on purpose.  Though I do love the accidental ones especially.
  • I like Angst—a lot—so long as there’s generally a happy ending.
  • UST is always welcome, especially when there might be some sort of resolution by the end.
  • Also have a fondness for fairy tales, so anything from the HP universe set in a fairy tale setting would likely appeal.  Or a HP setting with a fairy tale overlay.

Time periods -

  • I adore Marauders-era fics.  Either during school, or before Harry's birth.  Though in that period, I'm mostly fond of Sirius fics with Lucius, James, or Regulus, though I wouldn't turn down a well-written Sirius/Severus or Sirius/Remus--I just have to be in the mood for them.  But all should be Slytherin or Marauder-centric, generally.
  • I don't mind Harry's-school-year fics, though with those, I generally prefer Harry/Draco or Severus/Remus, with only a few exceptions.
  • Post-Hogwarts - this is my favorite era, and the one I have always preferred.  For nearly every pairing.  As for the Epilogue?  I like the kids, but not so much the pairs JKR gave us, so if you want to play in it, feel free. Just please, make sure you're paying attention to the details JKR has given us? I've read through the openings of too many fics that have the kids at the wrong ages (Hugo is Lily's age, not Albus's), or forget somehow that there are two Potter brothers... (Albus is the younger, and looks like their father, James looks like a Weasley. Please don't get them mixed up)  And please don’t make me suffer through too much Ginny.
  • AU – For me, this is a different branch of the same universe, and I love it.  Done well.  As long as there’s a concise idea behind the “what if.”
  • AR – this is a more murky idea—HP characters placed in another setting, with little more than their original personality and looks left to mark them as that character.  Can be fun, but much harder to do well.
  • Time Travel – yes.  When done well.  Please don’t play with a time-turner unless you know just how to work it, though.  I’d rather see a more plausible rationale for it.
  • Pastiche – doesn’t quite go here, but sort of, so I’m putting it here.  I do like these.  Particularly when I already know the story.

Other no-nos –

  • Never ever kill Draco.  Not really fond of Harry, Severus or Remus dying, either.  In fact, if you can bring them back post DH, you will have my ever-abiding gratitude.
  • No crack.  Ever.

Oh, and as for pics, most or all of the above goes as well, but if you’d like specific ideas, please check this list.

Yeesh.  I know it's long, but I tried to divide it up to make it easier to read, at least. 

This list subject to change at a moment's notice...


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