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1. Which character evolution has been your favorite to read, and why?
Severus Snape.  Far and away.  So much information about him.  Echoing both Harry and Voldemort's stories.  It's absolutely fascinating, and every bit she shows us just makes me want more.

2. When Harry was originally sorted, the Sorting Hat told him he'd make a good Slytherin. How do you think Snape would have treated Harry had he been sorted into his own house?
I think it would have taken him time, but I think he would have come to accept him more than he does in canon.  Then again, I think Harry would be dead by now.  Because Draco would have befriended him eventually, and...well, bad road there.

3. Do you give any creedence to the "McGonagall is a spy" theory? Why or why not?
God, no.  All of the things that might point to her being a spy are so coincidental as to be laughable.  At least, the ones I've heard.

4. Which character do you get a sense is JK Rowling's favorite? Why?
You mean aside from Sirius, who she said was her favorite?  Remus, likely.  She's put a lot of herself in him from what little I can tell.

5. We all know that the last word of Book 7 is "scar." Write what you'd love to see as the last sentence, and make sure to include "scar" as the final word!
And as Draco smiled at him, he realized whatever else their rivalry had been about, it had never been about his scar.

(I dunno...doesn't have much punch, but I'm sure you get the picture. ;) )

Who are your five favorite fictional teachers or mentors?

Rupert Giles, BTVS - The range on him...And the British humor...  *sighs happily*  Love that man.  Ripper and all. :D

Remus Lupin, HP - Because, god, who didn't want him for their teacher after reading their first lesson?

Andrade, Melanie Rawn's Dragon Prince Series - Strong, strong woman, not only to resist a man who was the power in her world, but to actually become a power to oppose him?  Great lady.

Polgara, David Eddings's Belgariad Series - Flawed only in that the man writing her really doesn't get women, so her part in the stories was definitely sold short.  The most powerful woman in her world.  Even above queens.

Severus Snape, HP - Because even though he's a crap teacher to the rest of the school, he obviously takes care of his Slytherins when I doubt any other teachers do, and without him, Draco would definitely be dead now.