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Memeage gacked from my love, <lj user

Look at your LJ "interests" list. If you have less than 50 interests, pick every fifth one. If you have between fifty and seventy-five interests, pick every seventh one. If you have over seventy-five interests, pick every tenth one. If you have fewer than ten, pick all of 'em. List them on your LJ, and tell everyone exactly what it is about these things that interests you so much.

british television - I remember watching all the British shows on PBS when I was a kid, and my love for them has only increased over the years: Red Dwarf, As Time Goes By, Vicar of Dibley, Johnathan Creek (Danse Macabre is so perfect for that show)...

david boreanaz - I liked Angel from the beginning, and it broke my heart when he became Angelus.  I think he did a remarkable job with the character, and I do look forward to seeing if he can be as good (and a different character) in Bones this fall.

drusilla - I loved Dru long before Spike.  There was just something about her that was fun to watch, and her lines were all so fabulous.

fan fiction - Heh.  What don't I love about it?  I've been writing it since before I knew the term, and I love it even more now that I've become a slasher. :D

gender bending - This one's harder to explain.  My first fic idea once I started writing slash was an idea surrounding Draco changing sex due to an accident.  I find the idea of playing with gender fascinating.  And I think what they teach us in Sex Ed isn't nearly enough, cause there's so much more than simply "Male" and "Female," even if you do take "Straight" and "Gay" into consideration.

ireland - Has been on my "Dream Vacation Sites" list for a very long time.  I'd love to see where some of my ancestors actually lived, but even more, I'd like to see some of the general historic sites there, too. 

magic - Possibly the most simple and complex of my favorites on this list.  I've read Fantasy ever since I started reading.  I have no specific reasons for liking it, it's just one of those things that I find fascinating. 

neopets - Fun, sweet and silly.  It's a great way to pass time, and has sucked more days from me than I can count.  I love my pets. :)

prisoner of azkaban - Until HBP, far and away my favorite HP book.  I love the background we got on Harry's father in this one.  It rather upsets me that she hasn't felt the need to do the same with Lily.

remus/harry - I love the idea of Remus teaching Harry what he needs to know, and Harry healing Remus's heart in return.  They're just so sweet together. :D  And it doesn't hurt that I adore Alpha!Remus...

sims - Sims is one of those things I stayed away from thinking it was silly.  Then I made the mistake of watching my sister show our cousins how to play it one Christmas.  And there went the rest of my life.  I have every expansion pack (though it may take me a while to get Nightlife...)

snape/black - Oh, the SNARK.  I love the past these two have, and how they're so similar, and yet have such different pasts...  If I didn't know better, I'd swear they were twins separated at birth, almost.

the beatles - The musical group.  Never let anyone tell you different.  And I don't say that just because I love them, I say that because all pop since has been built on what they created.  They were the most talented of their time, and they knew when to quit.  The world's a poorer place without them, but I'd rather have good memories than music just cranked out because they had to.  Yes, they built on others' work.  And that is what the best artists do.  Because if you start at square one, you will inevitably hit the same marks anyway.  What they did was start with the best, and make better.

vampires - I couldn't tell you when my fascination with Vamps began, but I've loved them since I was a kid.  I love their immortality, I love their abilities, and I love that their stories can give us greater insight into Mortality and Humanity.